one of my favorite aaron moments


Unrefined collection of favorite Steve Jobs things: Acting choices

“This image is something Michael and I talked about and we developed on the day. It was kind of like the idea of speaking through the computer, seemed like an obvious thing to do. Michael wanted to lie down for a moment, seeking variation in there.” – Danny Boyle

“Michael Fassbender said on this particular day ‘Aaron, I’m going to take off my shoes and wash my feet in the toilet’ and I said 'Why, why are you asking me’ and I didn’t understand what he was talking about and he said 'Because it’s a thing that Steve did.’” – Aaron Sorkin

“Everything he does with the flowers was all Michael on the day, it may have been in rehearsal. But it was all Michael, he just started having fun with the flowers.” – Aaron Sorkin

“There’s actually a scene in act three and in the middle of the scene he starts doing a little bit of yoga. And that was not scripted at all. He just decided to be extremely experimental that day. He came in the morning and was like 'I’m going to try a bunch of stuff’” – Kate Winslet

Aaron Taylor-Johnson’s favorite superhero amongst the Avengers is Chris Hemsworth. Taylor-Johnson was impressed by Hemsworth saying, “The only one who has an otherworldly superhero physique is Hemsworth. The size of his arms is like the size of my thighs. Just to be an actor and transform your physique and body to that level, he’s essentially a god. Everyone in the cast is charming and brilliant, but you look around the room and you go ‘that guy is definitely the superhero.”

Then that strange moment when you realize that Aaron’s right.