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Can you recommend some of your favourites Taylor's interviews ?

OHHHHH BOY SO MANY!!!! I’ll have to go back and revisit some older eras to make a comprehensive but here are a few of my favorites from the 1989 era plus one or two others I love. These are all video, btw, but if you want, I can do my favorite written interviews as well. 

I put in bold the ones that are my absolute favorites out of this list. 

my favorite post on this website was one in 2012 when someone said “no one wants to interview aaron tveit for his role as enjolras in les miserables because no one can pronounce his name, the name of the character he played, or the name of the movie he played it in” aaksjsksjdjdjjdjd

Alrighty then. If that. It’s some great shade, and the infamous gif has been circulating as truth/proof for two years. I questioned the lip-movement, though, and went back to the original interview. (You hear what you hear, and if you hear ‘if that’ then hey, there you go. Keep on keepin’ on.)

I don’t think the caption has any bearing on the fandom’s reading of Louis in late 2012. He and Harry were both clearly miserable about Haylor and one doesn’t need this particular fifteen seconds of interview to know that.

(Impartial listener report after the jump.)

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What do you think is the most significant Larry proof?

Oooh… that’s really hard. My personal favorite is the Barbara Walters interview where she asked ‘Do all of you want to be married and have children… even as young as you are?’ And Louis and Harry looked at each other like this:

External image

Still, even though this gif is pretty blatantly obvious, it is technically subjective evidence, so I wouldn’t say it’s the most significant.

I think this might turn into a masterpost… because I think that the most significant evidence are the things that weren’t played up.

One argument that antis use a lot is that in 2011-2012 (when Larry was at an all time high, just being reckless) Louis and Harry joked about Larry and they played up the bromance for the cameras. This, to me, is what makes subtle, secret, moments SO huge. Subtle, romantic, gestures undermine this entire theory. 

One of my personal favorites is their secret signal. A lot of Larries (myself included) believe this to be their own rendition of the sign language for ‘lover’, however, that is subjective. Regardless, there is no denying that this signal is VERY loaded. None of the other boys do this. This is a Louis and Harry thing.

This one is fucking ridiculous and kills me. Louis signs ‘mine’ or ‘my’ and Harry responds with their signal ughhhh 


Right, let’s just sign ‘forever’ to you bro pal.

I have no fucking idea what this means BUT STILL

I can’t find the gif, but there was one time on stage when Harry missed a note and Louis signed to him ‘don’t be sad, not a big deal, Hazza’ something along those lines, and literally called him Hazza wtf my heart.

So yeah, pretty sure that signal and the sign language in general are VERY important.

Anyways, back onto what I was saying, secret touches, gestures, etc.


I mean, he BLOWS A KISS.

So yeah, l’d go with the secret touches and signals… Ughhh


Okay this will be forever my favorite interview. I mean, his smile in the first picture and the look in his eyes in the second one. HOW CAN PEOPLE HATE SUCH A SWEET CREATURE? 


It’s interesting because if you’ve grown up with Star Wars, it provides you with a vocabulary to deal with situations that you might find yourself with in life. […] When you love those movies, you can’t help but have that philosophy. It’s kinda in your DNA…a little bit. You can’t help that. [x]

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Here’s my story for you Bryan I know I already sent one in but I like this version better & made the picture a little bit bigger so that you could possibly use it. But anyways, in 2012 I had become really depressed for a while and I no longer had an escape. I started self-harm because I felt as if I was alone. After about a year of self-harm I had decided to quit because I realized so many people cared about me, like my favorite band members and youtubers. You were a strong impact on me stopping self-harm because your interviews and videos always make me laugh and smile and make me feel better. You always tweet the most inspiring things and make me feel better when I’m upset. I don’t know what i’d do without you. On 7.15.14 I got to meet you at Vans Warped Tour along with a few of my other favorite youtubers. That was truly the best day of my life and meeting you, one of my biggest inspirations. You were so nice and sweet and I really loved talking to you. I was really nervous which sucked because I totally could’ve talked to you more if I wouldnt of been so nervous but theres always next time. :) Thank you so much for everything you have done for me and your other fams as well you mean the world to me and I love you so much! I hope I get to meet you again soon. <3

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Hey do y'all know where the interview is that Adele did with Anderson Cooper back in 2011 or 2012? I've only seen little clips.

oNLY MY FAVORITE ADELE INTERVIEW IN THE WORLD 60 MINUTES I CAN LITERALLY RECITE THAT SHIT DO YOU WANNA HEAR IT? …no? okay. well prepare to be enlightened (i’ve linked all the overtime parts as well bc they’re pretty quality, aside from anderson committing a cardinal sin by not eating adele’s cupcakes #mattlauerwouldvedoneit):

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- Suzannah

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Why is everyone so salty about lilo lately? It makes me sad because they are one of my favorite pairings. Like, I know it's annoying that Larry can't interact, but that's super old news, and it's not productive to project frustrations onto Liam and Louis friendship. It just creates more bitterness.

Thank you, this.

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Why are people acting like we haven’t been having separate interviews since 2012?

Thank you, this.