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↳ Night in the Woods (2017)

“You know after I sent that kid to the hospital years ago they said I had an anger problem, but that’s not true. I was angry because of something else. Something I’d lost. Trying so hard since not to be angry got me all defenseless and I lost more, and more, and more… that’s not getting better. I want to be angry. When I ran home from college, on the bus I had this dream… or maybe I saw it out the window, last leaf on the tree finally blown off. I’m so scared all the time, and the fear hurts, feeling like everything is over… was over long before I got here, so long, hiding or trying to outrun this. I get it. This won’t stop until I die. But when I die I want it to hurt. When my friends leave, when I have to let go, when this entire town is wiped off the map, I want it to hurt. Bad. I want to lose. I want to get beaten up. I want to hold on until I’m thrown off and everything ends. And you know what? Until that happens I want to hope again and I want it to hurt. Because that means it meant something. It means I am… something, at least. Pretty amazing to be something at least.”


“Soulmates aren’t the ones who make you happiest, no.
They’re instead the ones who make you feel the most.
Burning edges and scars and stars.
Old pangs, captivation and beauty.
Strain and shadows and worry and yearning.
Sweetness and madness and dreamlike surrender.
They hurl you into the abyss. They taste like hope.”

- victoria erickson  (x)


b99 week // day 3
favorite episode: 2x17 - Boyle-Linetti Wedding

EXO as Assassins

A/N: I really wanted to do the assassins i did. hope thats ok with u ^^

Name: Kim Minseok

Code Name: Xiumin

# of Successful Assassinations: 99

Personal: Extremely intelligent, Xiumin uses his nonthreatening baby face and sharp wits to easily take down the targets. His smaller stature but surprising strength make him a quick fighter, hard to pin down and therefore hard to take down. Because of his older age, he has had a lot of field experience, and never goes into a job unprepared. Works with Chen on occasion.

Name: Kim Jongdae

Code Name: Chen

# of Successful Assassinations: 21

Personal: A bit of a loud mouth, Chen has trouble controlling himself when it comes to bragging about his latest successful mission and will sometimes use his title as an assassin to get the ladies. Because of this, he had been in numerous tricky situations. The only reason he has gotten out of them with all limbs is because of his part-time partner Xiumin bailing him out of the treacherous holes he’s dug himself into.

Name: Byun Baekhyun

Code Name: Baekhyun

# of Successful Assassinations: 4

Personal: Also known as The Flirt, Baek loves using his charms to lure in his targets. In a way, he likes to get more personal- this advised against however, because they usually makes the targets harder to eliminate. Not for Baekhyun. He claims he genuinely enjoys talking to them; he likes hearing people’s stories before he finishes them.

Name: Park Chanyeol

Code Name: Chanyeol

# of Successful Assassinations: 61

Personal: Pretty obvious in a crowd, Chanyeol still prefers to blend in. However, his boyish looks and clumsy charms make him less than subtle, and he’s compromised many missions because of how obviously he eyes the targets. He enjoys working with others, particularly D.O. He insists that D.O calms his nerves and helps him concentrate- D.O has no comment on the matter.

Name: Zhang Yixing

Code Name: Lay

# of Successful Assassinations: 10

Personal: The most soft-hearted assassin you’d ever meet, it’s hard to believe that Lay has killed anyone in the first place. He refuses to go after any “innocent target” ie: just because they’re wealthy, businessmen, lawyers, etc. The only targets he will take are the actual bad guys: burglars, rapists, terrorists, etc. Refuses to work with anyone because he’s scared they would get hurt on his watch.

Name: Do Kyungsoo

Code Name: D.O

# of Successful Assassinations: 12

Personal: Quiet, humble, reserved. D.O will only work with Kai and Chanyeol- and that’s if he’s feeling generous. His favorite catchphrase is “shut up”, which he will usually utter before eliminating his targets. When not on the job, he’s quite sweet and cute, and enjoys whipping up a celebration dinner after every successful mission.

Name: Kim Joonmyun

Code Name: Suho

# of Successful Assassinations: 1

Personal: Don’t let his low head count fool you: Suho is one of the deadliest assassins out there. The one kill he has was an internationally-wanted criminal, whom Suho iced without batting an eyelash. He enjoys helping the newbies mostly, especially Sehun. When he first started, his best friend, Xiumin, would give him pointers, and Suho see’s himself helping the rookies as “paying it forward”.

Name: Kim Jongin

Code Name: Kai

# of Kills: 88

Personal: Playful and boyish, is Kai even an assassin? His number of successful missions would say ‘yes’. Using his unassuming nature and surprising muscle to his advantage, Kai is a fighter. Able to take on more than three men at once with ease, it’s no shock that Kai has one of the highest head counts. He claims his inspiration for joining was D.O- who has no comment on the matter.

Name: Oh Sehun

Code Name: Sehun

# of Kills: 94

Personal: Suave, tall, and chic, Sehun’s a bit of a pretty boy. It’s no secret that his high number of kills is due to Suho’s help, however he only shrugs off the rumors and keeps at it. He has an annoying tendency to whine about basically everything (the hotel, the food, the pay), which always guarantees that he works alone. He insists that he’s a loner anyway, though he’s been caught facetiming Suho when he’s bored more than once.


goodbye glee meme [4/7 ships]: Sam Evans & Mercedes Jones
“Just know that whoever I’m with or whatever I’m doing, I’d rather be doing it with you.”


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