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Okay so this is super cliche lol but could I ask for hc's on how MTMTE Rodimus, Swerve, and Rung would react if they found out that their human s/o could turn into a cat anytime they want?? 😻😸

you have chosen two memers and a psychiatrist for this……… good luck…..

Rodimus ( MTMTE )

  • Okay, the first time you turn into a cat, he bursts into the room with exciting news! Which… sadly startles you into transforming into your cat form omg.
  • This then causes everyone in the room to freak out, which makes you freak out for a bit, as a cat! Rodimus is going “DID THEY JUST TURN INTO A CAT? I CAN’T KISS A CAT!!!!!!!” [scoffing Ravage noises in the background]
  • Then, he calms down a bit and scoops you out of the center of this drama mess. He brings you back to your shared habsuite and there, you become calm and turn back into your human form. Which is much to the awe of him! 
  • You can control this? I thought humans didn’t have alt modes! Wait, only you can do it? I HAVE THE BEST HUMAN S/O EVER!
  • Rest assured he loves to try to startle you into your cat form now. It’s annoying, but it feels nice when he gives apology pets and belly rubs. 
  • He hates letting anyone else hold you as a cat. You’re his kitty!
  • [regains composure] Okay, but despite that, he really does prefer you in your human form for cuddles. More room for roaming hands that way ;3c (holomatter of course)

Swerver ( MTMTE )

  • You accidentally turn into a cat when you’re feelin’ sleepy and waiting for him to finish cleaning up at the bar so the two of you can head to his habsuite to sleep. You fall asleep and it just… sort of happens.
  • Deadass, the boy thinks he broke you. You’re gone. All that’s left of you is this cat now. He doesn’t know anything about humans! He doesn’t know how this works! He thinks this is it. His s/o is gone
  • Instead of him holding you to calm you down, you wake up to him freaking out and you try to talk to calm him down but you just meow. Which you get frustrated and turn back.
  • You have to raise your hands and rest both of your own on his hands and calmly explain your abilities to him all while apologizing for not telling him sooner.
  • After it, damn, he thinks he’s the luckiest mech around. You’ve explained that other humans can’t really do this so you’ve gotta be cooler than the rest of humanity! How lucky is he to have scored the best human around?
  • Now he’s given you pet names like kitten, kitty, pussy cat, whiskers… every cat name you can think of. It’s a little annoying, but mostly endearing.
  • Endless cat related puns.
  • Though, unlike Rodimus, he doesn’t try to turn you. He simply scoops you up every time he sees you’ve turned and cuddles you.

Rung ( MTMTE )

  • Mate, you weren’t even with him when you turned. You’d been in a crowded room and got tired of everyone, so you sort of faded to the background and stalked out.
  • But it occurred to you that you hadn’t told your lover yet! Why not have a bit of fun?
  • So you sneak (some how being unseen by anyone) all the way to his office and paw at the door. And of course, Rung hears it. He opens his door to expect Ravage or something, but he looks down to see a cat with [your hair color] fur!
  • Curious! How did an organic human pet get on board? Oh, well he can’t leave you out here! This ship is too dangerous for such a tiny, fragile creature to walk around.
  • So he scoops you up and sets you on his desk. He thinks aloud to you as a cat– Hmm, how did you come here? Perhaps you came on one of our last dockings. Not that I complain, you’re quite an adorable creature. I can see why humans enjoy your company. Quiet, calm, and welcoming.
  • Oh at that, you decide to show him just how shit cats can be. You begin to paw at his data pads and his collection of ark models (not enough to damage them, of course).
  • Once you hear him sighing and giving a soft smile, you feel warm. He’s not even that mad. That’s why you love him. Calm, understanding, and collected Rung.
  • So you turn back and giggle at him.
  • Aw, Rung it’s me!
  • But he just smirks when you do. What! He’s not surprised?
  • Hah, sweetie… while this was a surprise for me at first, I figured out you were the cat after you began to mess with my things. Though I didn’t know humans could do this.”
  • Man, him being a know it all was kinda hot.

I’d like to believe that the reason that the Amazons have the most EXTRA fighting style in existence is because they’re a warrior people with no war to fight so instead of just doing basic training like normal people, Antiope is like, “And now I’m going to teach you how to BACKFLIP off of a MOVING HORSE,” because they have to fill their time somehow.