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Hallucination!Oswald fic recs

Everybody knows I’m obsessed with hallucination!Oswald. I decided to make a rec list of my fave hallucination!Oswald fics. Mostly because I want people to add to it because I’m desperate for some more. But here are the best ones I’ve read so far: Seriously though, please add your hallucination!Os fic recs to this!! I need more.

“A Ghost of TIme” by @backwardabyss

Summary: The Riddler wins and wins by day, but loss haunts him at night. Post-3x14 fic in which Edward Nygma grapples with grief, terror, and the ghost of his dead best friend who refuses to obey the physical laws of his usual hallucinations.

Listen up, friends. This is actually my favorite Nygmobblepot fic. I rec it to people all the time. I think of it as like the ultimate hallucination!Oswald fic. So read this. It’s super well-written, a little dark, hot, and just goooooood.

“The Ghost of Us” by @riddlerbird

Summary: A recollection of events post Oswald’s death. Edward is trying to embrace his new life as ‘The Riddler’ but is being haunted by a ghost of his past. 

This one is very well-written and lengthy. It also happens to be the only fanfiction that’s made me cry. So just saying, some serious trigger warnings for suicidal thoughts. But this is suchhh a good fic and gives us insight into Ed’s mind post-3x14.

“Could Have Been Real” by @endless-nygmobblepot

Summary: The hallucination of former Mayor Cobblepot will disappear from Ed’s life for good, but after he does one more arduous and intimate task for Edward.

Ella wrote this for nygmobblepot week’s sexy theme and boy is it sexy. Definitely on of my fave hallucination!Oswald fics. Read it, guys.

“I’m Not Crazy, I’m Just a Little Unwell” by @dsilza

Summary: Weeks after shooting Oswald at the docks, an intrusive hallucination forces Ed to come to terms with his own feelings, whether he wants to or not.

This one is short, hot and fun to read. I prompted this and it was everything I wanted. There’s this line in it that’s “do you ever wonder what if it would be like?” And if that isn’t the hottest thing then I don’t know what is.

“It Worked in Theory” by @rose-for-dead-alice

Summary: Ed wants Oswald to leave him alone, the ghost of his dead ex-friend offers some solutions and theories on ways to make him leave for good.

Alright, this one is reallyyyy fun to read. It’s based on a funny post @rose-for-dead-alice made about Ed asking what it’ll take to make him leave and hallucination!Oswald makes suggestions such as kissing him, etc.

Just a few more Stevie gems I felt like sharing.

(embedding is disable on this one, but it’s her singing After The Glitter Fades in the studio. I love studio stuff.)

Probably my favorite ever. From a Rolling Stone shoot. It starts off with her singing part of Love In Store, then she just goes off with Wild Heart. It’s like a video demo. I love you, I love you, I love you, I do…blame it on my wild heart…

Classic footage from the Cal Jam where she joins Bob Welch on Ebony Eyes.

My other fave. This is from the Tusk documentary. Angel is my favorite song on that album. I love the part when she’s talking about the line “til I become…” and she does a harmony. I ALWAYS sing it that way now lol.

AMAZING studio footage of Blue Lamp. The first part is so cute with Sharon and Lori, and around 1:30 Stevie shoots them both the finger lol. (HAVE I MENTIONED I LOVE STUDIO FOOTAGE?)

Okay that’s good for now. Enjoy :) x

A random sampling of some of my unrestrained tag-flailing about Cassian Andor:

#my smol murder child


#did you mean: my competence kink

#showing the fuck up is what cassian andor does best

#(THE MAN DOES. NOT. QUIT. when will your fave ever)

#this beautiful man is what happens when you take a double handful of my bulletproof characterization kinks and put them in a blender

#would punch a space nazi

#he’s charm he’s grace he will shoot you in the face

#let him rest

#god save me from this tragic beautiful movie and this tragic beautiful man

#my bottomless font of separatist feels

#grim striving selfless revolutionary of my heart


#GOD. what a man. what character. when will your fave ever


…I may have a problem.

root-shaws  asked:


1. First Impression: a rlly pretty shoot blog with a cool btvs url hdkdk

2. Truth is: lexa you are the sweetest human and one of my fave mutuals on this site. & u don’t deserve the discourse you gotta deal w sometimes bc you’re a true good! also when you changed your url i was sad bc i thought you had deactivated for good but i was so happy when u popped up again.

3. How old you look: idk? do you have a face tag or somethin?

4. Have you ever made me laugh? ye from some of the stuff you say in your tags

5. Have you ever made me mad? nope!

6. Best feature? your icons, your pan!fred headcanons & posts, your love for amy acker, and your general demeanour

7. Have I ever had a crush on you? No

8. You’re my: mutual whom i love & will support till the end of my days

9. Name in my phone? n/a

10. Should you post this too? ya did ⭐️

some ladybug lbgt+ fic recs

Do you like slash and femslash and everything in between? Do you like things that are just not het? Well, this is the rec list for you! And really, these people are just awesome and I learn new things from them! :)

@unluckyfortunes is one of my favorite writers for Miraculous Ladybug, but they also write a lot of awesome fics that explore other parts of the LBGT community. Check out snapshots for when Alya lets Marinette in on a part of her identity & green shoots on mountain tops for a cute chole/alya soulmates!au & two face, same coin for Marinette learning more about her gender identity and what it all really means (honestly, it’s one of my faves)

@667darkave writes the most amazing aylanette. Just….it’s so precious and perfect and cute. It’s honest and sweet and I don’t have enough words really. check out new year’s eve because Alya gets dolled up and I can’t handle. 

@glitterglamspark draws the cutest, cutest alyanette ever. She also ships Adrien, Alya, and Marinette hardcore! 

@bounemr is famous for The Lord and the Lady series on AO3 about a non-binary Marinette and Ladybug. It is seriously really eye opening for someone like me so I really recommend it! 

@aslan-altan is your HQ for femslash. This cutie is femslash queen! Her Sinbox series is just that…pure sin ;] 

@runningoutofink is famous for many ladynoir stories, I fell in love, in true love with untouchable face that focuses on Alya’s feelings for Marinette. It is very sad, but I feel that is something a lot of people in her position end up feeling. 

And, finally, my JuleRose fic sometimes because JuleRose is precious. 

But anyway, this is not a complete list and I wish I had more, but it’s hard to find content about all the lbgt+ ships! Feel free to let me know who else I should read and/or rec!

Had a freaky ass dream like first off I was on a date apparently? and it was with a dude named nick and it wasn’t a planned date but it started happening and I was like wait is this a date and I was planning on telling tumblr like yoo went on a first date! but Then suddenly I woke up in a court with a bunch of people and guards and the guards had guns and could shoot anyone they wanted and then certain other people had guns and it seemed like you could use it once and then. I went with this girl I apparently knew and then someone tried to shoot her and then me and I was like crying and screaming in my head  and the gun has like a big barrel and she has it against my arm so I was just like shit my arm is going to break in half and then shooter was giving this big dramatic speech and my apparent friend starts talking all dramatically and gets the gun to her and then I start trying to hide behind pillars and then this other girl with red hair who I felt was the one everyone hated and everyone was trying to get her like even this guy tried to shoot but I remember he had shot earlier so I guess he used all his bullets but he shot right when I was running in front of his to hide and oh I forgot to mention my friggin government teacher was there aka my fave teach ever and so the chick runs in front of his desk where apparently hes just sitting doing paper work!? and then they everyone goes gun crazy and shoots the hated girl and then my teacher gets shot and I start crying and run to him and he just gets up and everybody gasps and he says what you actually think I would risk getting shot and he has this stuff his belly he called taff on his stomach it hardened (btw totally something he’d do) and then I run down to the seats where my friend is and apparently survived and I just start telling her I don’t know what the hell is gong on that I was on a date then I opened the door and I was here and she just looked so confused and I just got the feeling of the hunger games and that one crappy movie where once a year we all do this gun thing and Like everyone could get shot if you don’t have a gun but you can get one and then I just felt like I was targeted because I always stayed quiet even when my friend was doing bad stuff 

and then I woke up and I know how weird this sounds but I swear that’s how I remember it 

anonymous asked:

Ay so like how would junkboy,hot topic and cowboy react to their s/o only having one eye or having heterochromatin and being really insecure about it (your blog is like my favourite thing ever btw )

I love people with heterochromia like it’s my fave mutation

Junkrat: Would find it totally cool either way, and would offer to make them a new eye if they were missing one, or would promise that their two toned eyes were perfect just like the rest of their body and personality. Is a huge fan of their eyes no matter what, and defends his s/o all the time

Reaper: Wouldn’t think anything of it, and would legit shoot anyone that makes fun of his s/o bc of their eyes without hesitation. Doesn’t get the whole thing of being insecure about things, and insists that they have more confidence in themselves.

McCree: Promises that they’re gorgeous, and it ain’t a lie when he says it, since he loves them and everything about them, forever and always. Kisses them all over and makes sure to kiss their eyes bc they’re kinda his favorite part of them, then hurts anyone who says it’s not cool as all hell.