one of my fave poems omg

dear dad, if i should even call you that
because you know you were never a dad, nothing more than rat
you were scum, you were a liar, you were a cheater, you were a jerk
and mom and me, we tried, but being a family shouldn’t be so much work
why’d you do it dad?
why’d you hurt us so bad?
all we wanted was your love, why was that so much to ask?
why was us being a family such an impossible task?
i’ve always wanted a dad, what i got was a father
it used to tear me up inside, used to destroy me like no other
but thank god i’ve got my mom, she’s twice the person you ever were
she’s a real class act despite everything you did to her
she was there when you weren’t and i know she always will be
so why am i crying over you? you aren’t crying over me
i don’t need you, i never did, and i know i never will
that doesn’t mean it doesn’t hurt sometimes, doesn’t mean it doesn’t hurt still
but i’m stronger than you realize, and i’ll make it without you in my life
mom and me, we’ll be okay, even though your betrayal cut us like a knife
so fuck you dad, fuck you for all the pain
all the hurt, all the tears, all the bruises, all the strain
fuck you for everything you did to my mom
and excuse my language but how can you expect me to be calm?
because damn it dad, i’m angry, and i can’t help but to hate you
do you even blame me? after everything you put me through?
do you even care? do you even feel remorse?
or are you just thankful that mom finally asked for a divorce?
are you going to miss me – your own flesh and blood?
because i won’t miss you; our blood was never thicker than mud
your blood may run through my veins
i may carry your name
but i’ll never be yours; i’ve had it, i’m through
i’m not your child anymore, there’s no more “me and you”
so dad, this is goodbye, i wish you all the best – actually, no i don’t
i just wish you’ll get our head on straight, but i feel as though you won’t
i’m not holding my breath, i’m not waiting for a miracle
excuse me for being nothing but cynical
but you had your chance; again and again you did
and you never thought to change, not even for your kid
so dad, this is it, there’s nothing left i have to say
and for what it’s worth, let me add: happy father’s day
i hope this letter opens your eyes, i hope you finally see
but until then, this is it. goodbye, and sincerely, me
—  happy father’s day iii - @weepiingangel
(cc, 2017)

I came up with this when I saw the corrupted Toriel, and I couldn’t stop myself from sending it in. (Assumes Chara left Toriel to die instead of killing her outright.) It’s kinda mean to Sans, since I figured he would have to deal with her dying, since, y'know, he is god of death.

Tick-Tock, goes the clock -
He cradled, and, he rocked, her -
Tick-Tock goes the clock -
‘Till Death, will take, the Giv-er

Tick-Tock, goes the clock -
They worr-ied, and, they won-dered -
Tick-Toc, goes the clock -
But no, help could, they find, her

Tick-Tock, goes the clock -
They struggled, and, they toi-led -
Tick-Tock, goes the clock -
But all, their efforts were foi-led

Tick-Tock, goes the clock -
The dark-ness, now, grows near -
Tick-Tock, goes the clock -
Amidst, their grow-ing fear

Tick-Tock, goes the clock -
‘Twas the grea-test of i-rony -
Tick-Tock, goes the clock -
The one, who killed her was he

Tick-Tock, goes the clock -
They tried, to stop, her fall -
Tick-Tock, goes the clock -
But the End, must come, for all.

I’m sure you can figure out the tune, and the dashes and commas indicate breaks and pauses.

omG OW MY HEART ;A; To have been there trying to save her but not being able to– URGH THAT HURTS. and the imagery in this omg ;w;