one of my fave photo

Citizen @ Zaphod’s // Ottawa, ON

December 16, 2016

35mm fujifilm disposable

please keep the credit!!


Just One Word Book Photo Challenge // by just0nemorepage // January 2017

Day 17: Prized.

My fave vintage book that I own. Bought it in London 10 years ago. This edition was published in 1914 and contains personal scribblings of the original owner, dated May 1914, all the way to the 1930s. It’s full of newspaper clippings that the owner cut out and inserted here, little articles and news about Dickens. It’s a majestic copy ♥


bts au; royalty au;
min yoongi as prince of the northen islands & kim seokjin as prince of oceanna;

“Yoongi has known this would happen for the entirety of his life—never, once, it has been a secret. That one day he’s going to be entitled as the king once he got betrothed, because royals are wed to royals, that’s simply how it goes.”

insp: [ain’t no prince charming] by @keemcandy