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Is it weird that even tho Levi is my fave character I want him to die soon?

Hello Anon, no I don’t think it’s weird at all, if it’s any comfort, I feel that way myself.  Apart from Hanji, Levi has lost everyone he ever loved or cared for; his mother, his closest friends and surrogate family, his Squad, countless soldiers, Kenny, and finally Erwin; his commander, his leige, the one man who Levi chose to follow and fight for, the one man he dedicated his heart and soul to.  Even by the grim standards of the SnK universe, the sheer scale of loss that Levi has suffered is shattering. 

Erwin carved a place in the world, in the Survey Corps, for Levi, and Levi alone.  He gave him direction, purpose and a path to follow. Now Erwin is gone, the flame of hope snuffed out, and it’s no wonder that Yams has said that Levi is left “drifting” without purpose, with “nothing to do”, unable to fulfil his vow. 

On the one hand I would love Levi to live on in peaceful retirement, to see Erwin’s memory and sacrifice honoured as it should be, but it appears that he has already been forgotten.  It just seems too cruel that Levi should live on to suffer alone in endless limbo. Grief is a heavy burden for one man to bear alone, even if that man is Humanity’s Strongest.   Let him rest. 

les mis was so fantastic i cried the entire time and i was just mesmerized i wish i could relive that moment forever i was in AWE😭 stage was fantastic and i was so shocked… everything was perfect💕💕💕 AND HAYDEN TEE AS JAVERT ONE OF MY ABSOLUTE FAVES HE WAS SO GOOD!!!!! he was extra agressive? and had lots of fun small gestures. MY FAVES WERE HIM… EPONINE(wondERFUL I CRIED SO BAD) and the marius who was soooo cute. at “im doing everything all wrong” he ran sway and tried calling for eponine and climbing the fence. and grantaire was also good… he was so fun. he slapped bousset’s ass in red and black and like 👌🏽 also enjolras kissed his cheek and neck in drink w me i thought that was nice. ALL IN ALL I CRIED AND IT WAS PERFECT SORRY FOR RAMBLING THIS HAS BEEN MY DREAM FOR A WHILE😭😭😭💕💕💕

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Top 5 Gleggie moments? Have you been asked that?

1. When he checks her for scratches will always be my ultimate fave ❤️

2. The first time he tells her he loves her after escaping the farm.

3. When they do the dirty dirty in the garage and the shower scene.

4. When Maggie runs into Glenn’s arms after Merle harassed her. At that moment Glenn is the only one she feels safe with.

5. When Glenn is sick in the prison during the outbreak and Maggie runs back in to get him and saves his life ❤️

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Percy's Legacy

Percy took Vax’s death the hardest, not because he couldn’t stand to see Vax go in particular or because he thought the Raven Queens deal was unjust, but because what scared him most was a life cut short, was an unmoving unchangeable fate set by higher powers. But in the end he accepted it, that maybe he would not live the life he dreamed of, maybe the future he saw for himself and his lineage wouldn’t come to be. But it wouldn’t be the worst thing in the world. He has a life full of love, friends, and family. He helped save the world. Vax did enough and lived enough in his short lifetime to die contentedly, so he could surely do the same.

Percy as a young boy wanted to be a clockmaker. He always wanted more time. He berated Keyleth for focusing so much on the methods when what mattered to him was the long run effects. In the end, he didn’t kill all the Briarwoods. But that’s not his life’s purpose anymore. He built his clock tower, he married the live of his life, he filled Whitestone with the sound of children’s laughter again, and he modernized Whitestone to make it a prominent city in Tal'Doorei once again. However it’s not really for the end result that he did any of these things. He just wanted to live as best he could in the time he has. His clocktower and his children will carry his story through the next generations and the ripples of good he has spread with Vox Machina, saving lives and connecting communities across Exandria will spread a legacy of change throughout the world. Whether or not anyone in the next millennium will know the name of Percival Fredrickstein Von Musel Klossowski III, whether or not Whitestone still stands, whether or not the clocktower still rings, he can safely know that the world is better because of what he and his friends have done.

Percy was always so curious. When he knew there was a surefire way to speak to a bonafide God he had to take that opportunity. However he was crushed when the Raven Queen told him he had always been broken, that no vengeance would make him the perfect innocent child he thought he once was again. Percy saw himself starting off on the right track to an ideal life and that it was all changed by the Briarwoods. But a man with that level of curiosity may have always been the one who would invent weapons of destruction. Percy saw himself as two opposites, one side attached to guns demons and violence and the other represented by intelligence eloquence and compassion. The latter self being who he was before the Briarwoods and who he would return to being after he got his revenge. But life is not so black and white. He always had a mix of these qualities and it was the much harder matter of choosing for himself which to follow. As Vex so beautifully explained to him, all people are broken and flawed and they need each other to fill in their gaps and make them whole. If I were to pick any message from the series, this would be the key theme on which everything is based.

what love is

“love stayed away for years. and when love finally reappeared, i barely recognized him.”

(aka the one about how jinwoo learns a new love; the ins and outs of a new person; part 2 of the when love arrives series)

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a mega cut of my visit to the goldfish place 🖤🖤🖤 ugh i was watching that one big orange and black one with the nice tail on the site they’re sold from… on one hand a lil sad he’ll never be mine, but on the other hand at least i got to see him irl!

they just got a new shipment in today so all the goldies seemed a lil more stressed than they usually are…

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Top 5 Glenn moments? :)

Thank you!

1. Season one. His very first line. Before we even saw him. That’s when I knew he was gonna be my fave. Had me smiling within 5 seconds of being on the show. When I first fell in love with him ❤️


3. The scene where he checks Maggie for scratches! It defines him in so many ways even though it’s like a 30 second scene. My kind hearted baby.

4. When he comes crawling out from under the trash after two weeks of thinking he was “dead.” Not only was I crying tears of joy, but my knees were weak because how good he looked all dirty and bloody? Boy had me shook!

5. When he tells the group they bury their people and don’t burn them. That was a huge pavement for the rest of the show. Like when we see them burying their people now all I think about is how Glenn made that happen. If it wasn’t for him setting that rule, they would be burning them. The heart of the show.

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long-haired boys (*´♡`*)