one of my fave movies as a child

Me Before Power Rangers (2017): I like the Power Rangers. You know, I used to catch a few episodes as a kid. It always looked real cheesy, but I enjoyed the few I watched. But I wasn’t ever like obsessed or anything. Hell, I didn’t even know their names. I just referred to them by the color of their suit. I didn’t even know they had names. 



hercules (1997) directed by john musker & ron clements was one of my fave movies as a wee child but to this day it bothers me how zeus was just like.. portrayed as generally goofy/lovable. i know it was a disney movie, for children, and that every greek god was.. the worst, but still. anyway. “i won’t say (i’m in love)”? still goes.. so fucking hard

Beauty and the Beast review and rant

So I just got out of Beauty and the Beast. So here my opinion seeing as my family’s reaction is to say “you need to let other people have opinions to.” as they ignore me.

I liked:

The opening scene. In fact it’s one of my favorites. The costumes are divine and the choreography is excellent.

The fight scene. OMG I couldn’t breath during the fight scene, every time I thought I stopped laughing I started again.

That one guy smiling when Madame Garderobe dressed him up. Little things make me happy okay. Leave my nb child alone.

Madame Garderobe. All time fave. She and her husband are adorable and my fave ship in this movie. Audra McDonald should have been cast as Belle. Yes I’m salty but that’s for the next part.

Agatha/the Enchantress. I enjoyed how she kept appearing throughout the film.

Gaston. Gaston is at the bottom of my list of villains  (who I rank by song). But Luke Evans and the ensemble managed to make Gaston’s songs my favorite out of the movie.

Lefou. I will fight people for Lefou. He is my son now. The part in the ending where he gets to dance with another boy made my heart swell.

The jewelry they paired with the yellow dress was so pretty and I’ll take two ear cuffs please.

The Potts. I love how they showed the spell made Mr. Potts forget, but even then it was still farmilar

The spell. Yes 8/10 on the world building. The edits to the spell were👌👌👌

The cast. There are so many talented people and such diverse ages and skin colors and ugh I want that ensemble to show up at my funeral and sing me to eternal rest okay that ensemble needs an award.

Things that make me salty:

Emma Watson. This is gonna take a while. Look Emma I love you okay, you are a great Hermione but as Belle well you were missing a certain je ne sais quoi.

Namely stays. And to anyone who tries to tell me that stays or corsets are antifemist, all I can say is: Do you (expect women to) wear bras every day? Because what Emma Watson was doing was basically running around braless.

Honey every other woman on that set was wearing period accurate clothing right down to the underpinnings and the fact that you had a defined bust instead of a smooth front was very obvious. You stood out and not in a good way.

The yellow dress. *insert long line of expletives* GLITTER GLUE?! AND TEAR OFF SKIRT?? GO SIT IN A CORNER AND THINK ABOUT WHAT YOU’VE DONE!!!!

 *deep breath*

The yellow dress isn’t all bad. It moves beautifully and the color is gorgeous.


I could see the zipper in almost every shot. The neckline didn’t lie right. What fabric did they use for the bodice? (Seriously this looks like the monstrosity The Play Moms tried to force me into back in 5th grade.) The glitter glue was as obvious as the lack of stays; (I don’t even give a shit about the panniers that almost every other woman was wearing; just are you kidding me with the stays.) Especially next to the gorgeous embroidery on pretty much ever other costume. The tiers are the completely wrong era and the the silhouette is ridiculously modern.

And then she rode off in her formal attire. And RIPPED THE SKIRT OFF!!!! I’m sorry but as someone who is personally handstitching an authentic 18th century outfit FUCK YOU DO YOU KNOW THAT’S MONTHS OF WORK??!!!! AND WORTH ABOUT AS MUCH AS BELLE’S ENTIRE HOUSE???!! Belle would have known that. Clothing was handmade and a lot more expensive so formal wear wouldn’t have been worn on a ride through the forest!

you have a movie where every one is gorgeously costumed in fairly accurate garb and then your heroine looks like you bought all her costumes at a Halloween Express. Emma Watsons singing. She’s not bad. But next to everyone one else she’s obviously an amateur  (also her technique made me want to scream. Your mouth needs to be rounded not flattened). Seriously I could have done better. In case you couldn’t tell I wouldn’t have cast Emma as Belle. Nope. Audra is my Belle it is mycanon. That Lumiere and Cogsworth weren’t a couple. Cursed!Mrs.Potts and Chip are gonna give me nightmares just saying. Why was everyone speaking with a British accent? They’re French? In France? Speaking French? Like they didn’t even have her be born in England and move to France nope evidently England conquered France when we weren’t looking and everyone in France now speaks with a British accent. In the end it was an enjoyable movie. I would watch it again. But I’m SO tempted to start doing historical costume out of spite.
Magic - Harrison Osterfield x Reader imagine

Title: Magic
Pairing: Harrison Osterfield x Reader
Synopsis: Harrison takes you to see the many sights of London.
Word Count: 796
Warning: So much fluff.
A/N: Written for two anons who requested a number of prompts. I put them all into this since it just flowed, hope that’s okay! I also based this off the movie Notting Hill since it’s one of my all time faves and the song Magic by Coldplay. Credit to gif owner.

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we’re about to hit the 1 year mark for bvs

And I wanted to write something deep, but lol who am I kidding. Here’s me waxing poetic about the DCEU

I think a lot about this universe. A LOT. I rewatch MOS constantly. There’s not a day that goes by I don’t listen to at least one song  of the ost (Launch and Terraforming at my faves). Since 2013 when MOS was released, I’ve listened to it. MOS/BVS and now SuSq are on all my devices. I know I won’t watch them EVERY day, but I like knowing they’re there. I have a very random work schedule that sometimes sees me in the subway pass the midnight mark when I either get home in 20 minutes or 2 hours. Most times, I’ll put on one of those movies. Do I want contemplative smol superpowered child in an alien invasion with some romance thrown in? MOS. Do I want visual mind fuck and intertextual superhero madness with some romance thrown in? BVS. Do I want to have introspective fun with weirdos fucking shit up together with some romance thrown in? SuSq. This is on top of the movies/tv shows I also have in all my devices. The stuff that I return to constantly for peace of mind. Sometimes I need it for brain juice. Sometimes I just need something that my eyes will follow for those 20 min or 2 hours. In these movies every frame matters, every choice on the screen adds to the overall construction of the universe. My migraines come to at random with a bunch of triggers. Flashing lights and shaky camera? Almost always can’t fucking take it. Yet I can see the Bruce vs. Clark fight and not gage at all that there are constant flashing lights, because that light is not simply flare for aesthetic tastes. I know I can handle it there, it matters there. I can work pass that trigger there. 

I was going to talk about the critics and the haters, but overall my reaction to that is the same. OK U DON’T LIKE THESE MOVIES THAT’S AWESOME! Because ultimately what matters to me is that a) I LOVE THESE MOVIES and b) THERE’S A FANDOM WHO LOVES THEM AS MUCH AS I DO. Here we are, a year after BVS, four since MOS and just over six months post SuSq, and WE’RE STILL UNPACKING THESE MOVIES. Just the other day I rewatched one of my favorite alien invasion movies, Day the Earth Stood Still, a movie I’d seen a dozen times, and I caught a reference MOS made to it. THIS IS HOW MUCH THIS UNIVERSE CARES ABOUT MY SCI FI LOVING ASS and how subtle and sublime their dedication to building it. I’ve seen MOS and Day OVER AND OVER and I JUST caught that.  I always saw MOS as a hybrid sci-fi/horror movie (in that Znyder uses horror techniques [like Hide the Monster for Clark’s powers] to tell the familiar Supes story, and Day the Earth Stood Still always felt like it influenced it. Is it reaching? Fuck no because it isn’t isolated. There are so many moments in BVS that are pure movie homage, and it’s done to EXPAND on the current story, not just as a cameo (now, this is not a dig at Stan Lee, but what is the purpose beyond OH IT’S STAN LEE!) or a brief har-har look. Dorothy and the Wizard of Oz? 2001: A Space Odyssey? King Kong? Frankenstein? These are all literary and movies powerhouses that changed the course of movie making, that SHOULD be acknowledged and copied, over and over (if you think copying is bad then go back in time and tell that to Shakespeare). Stories make other stories stronger. Watch Day the Earth Stood Still and you’ll understand more about MOS/BVS. Watch Metropolis, you’ll understand more about SuSq (where the fuck did this wants to be Tarantino/Ccorsese rap influence come from lol?) ALMOST CERTAINLY Seven Samurai will be a HUGE influence over Justice League because HEY SO HAS EVERY FUCKING TEAM MASH UP SINCE 1957. The strongest stories are those built on the ones before, the ones that use the best and more favored pieces and tell the same story differently to get varied versions. And you’d think comic book movies would embrace this because sequels are a given? But they just don’t. Marvel discovered their formula and COPIED IT ENDLESSLY to enormous success. But I don’t care about that formula almost as much as I don’t care talking about the MC lol so moving on!

Every time I rewatch MOS/BVS/SuSq it never feels the same. I wonder about moments, question them, reassess and reconsider and wonder about them. There’s just SO FUCKING MUCH. And I’m still not tired. I’m still not done. AND  IT’S JUST THE BEGINNING. Think about this DCEU fam. THIS IS JUST THE BEGINNING. And what do we have? Just at the top of my head: eugenics vs. freedom of choice. Exploration of diaspora. Media affecting mass perception. Depiction of PTSD in a hero. Exploitation of prisoners by the state. Responsibility of a hero, the mass destructive consequences and accountability for those actions. How power manifests itself, from the extreme physical impossibilities of Superman to Lex Luthor’s economical and social power to the extreme governmental authority of Amanda Waller. These are explored to varying degrees IN ALL THESE MOVIES, built upon the other, reflective of the issues and never with a bow that explains it all. The audience is not a passive participant. We are engaged to ask and consider these incredibly important, universal questions and philosophies.


let me tell you all about USSR’s “Treasure Island” cartoon

to me it’s one of the best animated movies i have ever seen 

and i’ll tell you why 

but if you want to watch it before this review (it’s going to be little bit spoilerishplease don’t look for english dub

here i’ve got you covered with subbed version

i don’t ever advise you to watch the dubbed version because it was done by monkeys who don’t have eyes or ears or heads for that matter & the only thing they can do is to shit all over your mom’s carpet and call it a dub

but let’s leave handicaps aside and jump right into the juice 

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get to know me✨🌟💫

i was tagged by my lil angel @havingacuppa thanks sim💓💞💓💞

Rules: answer the 30 questions

Nicknames: robby, bertie ermmmm these are the main two that come to mind lmao

Star Sign: libra 💛💫♎️

Height: omg im acc rlly short 😭😣 im like 159cm/5’2 asksjkd i wanna be taller pls

Time: 17:20

Birthday: 14th October

Favourite Bands: i have a soft spot for coldplay but rn my fav is exo like i honestly love these boys with all my heart 😣💓 oh and destiny’s child lmao idc that they’re not together anymore 👀

Favourite Solo Artists: there’s a lot lmao but drake, Roy woods, beyonce, sza, my boy dean and jay park too!!

Song Stuck In My Head: Likey by Twice lmao

Last Movie I Watched: Princess Mononoke, it’s one of my faves and it’s so good😣💞

Last Show I Watched: Hunter x Hunter

When Did You Create Your Blog: ermmmm I’ve had tumblr for aaages like probably 7 years so i can’t exactly remember when I made this blog bskshsj oops

What Do You Post: kpop with some aes pics and relatable text posts lmao oh and some nsfw stuff I guess?? Idk my blog is a mess lmao

Last Thing I Googled: empirical referents for this stupid essay I need to write 🙃🙃

Do You Have Any Other Blogs: nope

Do You Get Asks: v v rarely lmao pls ask me stuff😂😭

Why Did You Choose Your URL: i rlly love the meaning of the word sophrosyne

Following: 463

Followers: 1363 but I think some don’t even use tumblr anymore Idek shskshjsjs

Favourite Colours: yellow!!! 💛🌟✨💫🌻

Average Hours of Sleep: 5 hrs

Lucky Number: 12

Instruments: none

What Are You Wearing: grey pjs with this cute lil robe and it’s got little bear ears on the hoodie shskhsj im rlly bad at explaining but it’s so cute!! 😣💞💓💞💓

How Many Blankets Do You Sleep With? 1 or 2

Dream Job: hmmmm well rn im studying midwifery but I wouldn’t say it’s my dream job anymore, idk what my dream job would rlly be tbh

Dream Trip: Malaysia, Bali, Mexico and Japan

Favourite Foods: Pizzaaaaaa

Nationality: Half Italian- Half Somali🇮🇹🇸🇴

Favourite Song Right Now: Okay by Jackson Wang and Say less by Roy woods

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Strangers in the Night (ao3 link)

A Stranger Things au

What started out as an ordinary day at the movie plex that Kylo managed turned into something else entirely when a young woman showed up asking for his help. Little did he know that he had met this girl before. She held the answer to what happened to him when he was abducted as a teenager.

Triggers: mentions of child abduction, forced medical testing, horror

Aesthetic by the lovely @kylorenvevo

Submitted by: @reylorobyn2011

cheniasims  asked:

Hi! Once you get this SHARE 6 facts about yourself and send it to your 10 favorite blogs ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

Hey Chen!! I think you know that but you’re one of my faves too! love you!!

  1. I have the very bad habit of working at night. I procrastinate all day and then I put on some calm music and I start working around 10pm
  2. I love romantic movies, I’m an hopeless romantic for sure so you’ll always find me curled up in bed with a romcom!
  3. When I was a child, I wanted to be a singer. As a teen I wanted to be a journalist and now I’m studying to become an educator for little children. What an evolution!
  4. I have a dog named Whysky and before him we had his father, Maurice.
  5. I have a little sister, she’s 4 years younger than me and her name is Lucia.
  6. I have an obsession for everything stationery, especially notebooks!


One of my fave scenes of the first hp movie is that one where snape said “up to something” the entire scene is gold because we got snape, in a time where he did not got along so badly with the trio just yet and he just goes to them and be like : the fuck u kids are doing inside in a nice day like this? we live in fucking england a warm day here happens like once in 1000 years  and they all just stare at him and is so awkard and harry stares at him like the devil’ child and snape was not even outrage rude or mean in this scene and he seems so ofended to harry’ angry stare like: 

“wow excuse me little shit, good day to you too, dear lord i was just saying hello, so very rude.”

Tag Game

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~Post the Rules.
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1.Em… Books or Movies?
Books, usually, but I have encountered the rare movie that is actually BETTER than the book it was based on on occasion.

2.Favorite video game?
I have a lot of favourites. I don’t have just one. ^^;

3.A song you liked as a child? (or still like, I suppose!)
Mighty Morphin Power Rangers theme song. Still catchy to this day.

4.Favorite flower??
Sunflowers…and no, this isn’t for favour points; I do legitimately like them the most. XD;

5.Hair color?

6.Ghosts or vampires?

7.Purple or Green?
Purple, ‘cause it’s my fave! 8D

8.Earbuds, headphones, or speakers?
Speakers, preferably, but I use headphones when I can’t listen to things openly. Earbuds are okay, but they do irritate my ears after a while and don’t really block enough sound from the outside to work efficiently for me.

9.Do you like to draw?
Yes! Though I have been bad and not doing it lately. ;x;

10.Are you tired???

My Generic Questions, GO!:
Pokemon or Digimon?
Favourite cryptid?
Daytime or Nighttime?
Favourite Dog Breed?
Favourite Cat Breed?
Best horror film according to you?
If you could be anything in the entire universe, what would you become?
Are you enjoying these questions so far?
What timeline do you think we’re on?
How much wood could a woodchuck chuck, if a woodchuck could chuck wood?

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anonymous asked:

I want to know, since you're the authority here, what are your favorite interviews with Sebastian? I love all the gifs, but I want to watch him live and in person. It's just that there are so many, I don't know which ones are the good ones. And I bet I'm not the only one. 😊 Thank you!

Honestly, if you watch these in order you’re gonna go on quite the ride bc the growth in his confidence from the TFA interviews 5 years ago, to the interviews for The Bronze and CW, is amazing and like the cutest thing honestly, he just gets so much more comfortable in himself and doesn’t second guess himself as much anymore and i’m endeared. ANYWAY, here you go

Pre - TFA Interviews:

  • Kings Comic Con 2008 (x)
  • Antenna Cam, A Conversation with Sebastian Stan (x)

TFA Interviews: 

  • The Interview with The White Shirt™ that I would die for (x)
  • The Other Interview with The White Shirt™ that I would die for (x)
  • The Interview with The Grey Shirt That Was Kinda Like The White Shirt But Not Quite (x)
  • Winter Soldier vs Captain Italy (x)
  • Sound Bite from the TFA Extras (x)
  • TFA Premiere Interview (x)

TFA-TWS Interviews: 

  • Sebastian and James Wolk on Political Animals (x)
  • Political Animals Red Carpet (x)
  • Picnic - About The Show (x)
  • SDCC 2013 Interview (x)

TWS Interviews: 

  • The One Where Seb Says Iron Man when asked the most attractive avenger (x)
  • The One Where Seb and Mackie Try British Accents aka The Winter’s Children Interview (x)
  • The Stoned Soldier Interview (x)
  • The Winter Soldier Meets The Summer Soldier, London Prem (x)
  • One Where He’s Wearing The All Black Suit (x)
  • The One that gif of him saying he doesn’t know anything ever is from (x)
  • “You guys, are the fucking best fans that anyone, anyone, could ever wish for” (x)
  • Huffpost Interview where the small child asked him how it felt to betray his friend (x)
  • Morning Buzz where he cemented himself as my fave by saying he didn’t care about Ross and Rachel and that Monica was his favourite (x)
  • WW Philly 2014 Panel with Mackie (x)
  • WW Chicago 2014 Panel with Mackie (x)

The Bronze + The Martian Interviews:

  • The Bronze, JoBlo Movie Trailers Interview with Sebastian and Thomas Middleditch (x)
  • The Bronze, ScreenSlam Interview with Sebastian and Thomas Middleditch (x)
  • The Bronze Red Carpet When He Wore That All Black Suit Again (x)
  • ColliderVideos Interview on The Bronze and Civil War (x)
  • MoviePilot Live Stream That Changed My Life (x)
  • The Martian at NYFF 15 (x)
  • The Martian Weibo Interview (x)
  • ColliderVideos Interview on The Martian and Civil War (x)
  • Sebastian Discusses Astronauts (x)
  • The Time He Got To Talk To Astronauts (x)
  • SLCC 2015 Panel (x)

Civil War Interviews: 

  • Team Cap LA Press Conference (x)
  • People Magazine Live Stream (Aka, where he literally calls Donald Trump an alien and his Publicist has to ask him to take it back) (x)
  • “I can’t even walk through a metal detector” (x)
  • BTS Interview (x)
  • “those steel blue eyes let you know where home is” (x)
  • The One Where Sebastian Talks About A Magic Carpet (x)
  • “What are you talking about, Bucky has looked homeless for 2 movies straight” (x)
  • Anthony crashes Sebastian’s Interview (x)
  • Seb, Mackie and Chris in Beijing (x)
  • Joe Russo/Mackie and Seb/Chris in Beijing (x)
  • Idek how to describe this one, Seb and Mackie were just doing The Most (x)
  • “Who eats the most?” “Sebastian” “…..I’ll take that” (x)
  • “Who’s sexier, Chris or RDJ?” (x)
  • “Who hasn’t been kept in a icebox for 60 years?” “I’d like to know where you’ve been kept.” “I’m 75 years old homie.” (x)
  • Papichulo (x)
  • The Time Sebastian met my childhood love, James Corden (x)

Okay I’m gonna have to stop there bc every single interview from the Civil War Press Tour was gold, and I’ll be here all day, but there you go, there’s a few to enjoy! 

Inspired by @herbartwest to do up a cute lil thing with all of my fave horror movie boys and sons . Turns out we have similar fave spooky boys! 
EDIT: i sorry i forgot my one spooky boy so I took out one of my other spooky boys. Sorry Donnie

Update: wow, okay, it looks like I have a very similar taste in men… well okay then. Dark haired dorky babies.

Must Reads

-A million little pieces by james frey - detailed memoir about his drug addiction. My friend leonard is the next book and its awesome as well. So is his book a bright shiny morning. read all of them he’s awesome.

-Anything Jodi Picoult. she’s an amazing intelligent writer. Change of heart is my favorites. 90 minutes, my sisters keeper, picture perfect, keeping faith, salem falls, the patch, perfect match, handle with care, house rules, and the plain truth are some awesome reads from her. 

-Unbearable Light by Portia De Rossi. currently reading it and can’t set it down. its about her journey through fame, sexuality, and her crippling eating disorder. love it. 

-Lovely bones and lucky by alice sebold. lovely bones was also made into a movie. its a novel about a girl that was rapped and murdered and looking down from heaven. lucky is a memoir ( i think ) about the rape.

-Scar tissue. must read if you’re a red hot fan. its a autobiography by anthony kiedis. one of my faves. goes into great detail of his drug use. 

-every book by ellen hopkins is good. I’m not the biggest fan but they’re quick reads. 

-the four agreements by miguel ruiz. had to read this at boarding school. great for seeking peace understand love & happiness. 1. Be impeccable with your word. 2. Don’t take anything personally. 3. Don’t make assumptions. 4. Always do your best.

-A child called it and the lost boy by dave pelzer. graphic detail of one of the biggest abuse cases in the world. very fucked up and gruesome. 

-girl interrupted by susanna kaysen. great movie too. book about a psych ward and mental disorders. 

-tweak by nic sheff. book about his meth addiction. his dad wrote about it from his point of view in beautiful boy. both great reads.

-tommyland. tommy lees crazy autobiography. 

-looking for alaska by john green. loved it. a love story that takes place at a boarding school. 

-heroin diaries by nikki sixx. super graphic about his heroin addiction. lots of awesome porn. 

thats enough for now ill post more later book worms

11 Questions Meme

I was tagged by the amazing @storyknitter. Thanks for the tag doll face!

StoryKnitter’s 11 questions:

1. What song could you listen to on repeat for hours on end?
Oh this is a difficult one, i tend to listen to all kinds of music. Sometimes a song will catch my attention and just move me down to the soul, last one that did this was Piece By Piece, by Kelly Clarkson

2. What’s your favorite dessert?
LOL i have a few but Cherry Delight is the choice right now. Its like heaven in your mouth.

3. What was your favorite Disney movie growing up? Now?
Well now i loved most of the Disney movies growing up, I still do in fact. But my favorite one when i was a child would have to be….Mulan. As an adult? Hercules is my fave now XD

4. If you could go anywhere in the world (and not need to worry about finances or language barriers) where would you go and why?
A couple places have been crossed of my list already but the number place i have always wanted to visit is Egypt. I would absolutely love to check out all the history there, the ruins, all of it.

5. Tennis shoes or flip-flops?
Tennis shoes. XD I cannot stand the feel of that flip flop thing between my toes haha

6. What do you generically call a sweet carbonated beverage? Soda, coke, pop or some other variant?
When i refer to a carbonated beverage in general? I use Soda. Usually tho i tend to say the name of the soda, like Dr. Pepper. XD

7. What was your first email client? (e.g. AOL, Hotmail, Yahoo, etc.)
um…Aol i think. like way back when. XD With the dial up sounds and everything

8. How many internet tabs do you have open right now?
Believe it or not, i have only one tab open. I dont like having too many open at one time as it will slow stuff down.

9. What’s the last book you read that you enjoyed?
The last book i enjoyed was Star Wars: The Old Republic: Annihilation. Theron FTW. XD

10. Can you drive a car with a manual transmission/stick shift?
Nope. I cannot and im scared to even try to learn that XD

11. Pineapple on pizza – yay or nay?Imma go with Nay. *gasp* Scandalous i know. But im not fond of fruit on my pizza. However, its not like i can’t eat it. Supreme pizza however, no thanks. XD

Alrighty My 11 questions:

1. What is the third line of your WIP?

2. What is your favorite OTP to write about?

3. How do you take your coffee?

4. Easy squeeze cheese on Crackers? Or just cheese on crackers?

5. Have you ever dressed up as Santa Clause or Mrs. Claus?

6. What is your favorite holiday?

7. Are you a morning person?

8. Have you ever sang in the shower? What was the song?

9. When do you allow christmas music to be played in your house?

10. What is your idea of a great date? (not just a good one, a GREAT one)XD

11. What are the next three songs on your shuffled playlist right now?

alrighty im not tagging 11 ppl. XD but i will tag, @greyias @soulventure91 @aearyn @rinskiroo and @keldae