one of my fave luke and lorelai moments

Reasons Luke is the Greatest To and For the Gilmore Girls

So I know there are some gifsets with the great things Luke has done for the girls, but I decided to make a (fairly) comprehensive list. 

  1. 1x05 - Brings food to Cinnamon’s Wake. Luke think stuff like that is stupid and yet there he was, bags of food in hand for Babette, Morey, and the mourners.
  2. 1x06 - Bakes Rory a coffee cake and blows up balloons for her birthday + brings ice to the party. Luke hates social gatherings and birthdays but goes out of his way to make Rory’s day special.
  3. 1x08 - Brings the reenactors hot drinks even though he has vocally disapproved of the reenactment. Not only that but he proceeds to take their orders and bring them special sustenance.
  4. 1x10 - Makes Lorelai a Santa Burger because she is upset then takes her to be with her fam and stays with her + take Rory home even though he hates hospitals.
  5. 1x17 - Bans Dean from the diner after he dumps Rory. I mean yeah a grown man shouldn’t fight a teenager but it’s kinda sweet.
  6. 2x03 - Builds Lorelai a chuppah even though she is getting married to Max.
  7. 2x11 - Offers to fix the termite damage at Lorelai’s + front her the money. She declines but he tries really hard to get her to accept.
  8. 2x13 - Buys Lorelai’s basket for $52.50 at the town auction to save her from the eliglble bachelors + brings food from the diner since her basket is lame as hell.
  9. 2x17 - Okay so technically Luke isn’t doing anything but it’s because of the great things he’s done that Lorelai and Rory pitch in and help him out to the Nth degree when his uncle Louie dies. Lorelai gets the reenactors to come to the funeral after they initially refused + she gives him a pep talk at the funeral to assure him he is not Louie (why are they not dating).
  10. 2x20 - Gives Rory coffee and donuts even though he is fighting with Lorelai.
  11. 3x17 - Lets Lorelai crash with him after the inn catches fire and she is temporarily homeless + lets her take the bed not the couch. Also need to mention the Proud papa moment he has when Lorelai says Rory got into all 3 Ivy Leagues she applied to.
  12. 4x01 + 4x02 - Helps Lorelai move Rory into Yale + lets her borrow his truck even though he “needs” it.
  13. 4x13 - Comes to fix Lorelai’s broken window + gives her special earrings. Also, another non-Luke moment, but the way Lorelai comforts him and calls out Jess when Luke is drunk and upset about Jess being a jackass is super great.
  14. 4x14 + 4x15 - Comforts Lorelai when she has a breakdown before the dinner wherre she was gonna ask for 30k + gives her the 30k.
  15. 5x02 - Gives Lorelai a necklace that matches her earrings. “A perfect match.”
  16. 5x03 - He kept the horoscope + takes Lorelai to Sniffy’s - a truly great L/L episode
  17. 5x04 - Allows Jackson’s campaign committee to gather at the diner despite originally saying “you cannot gather here.”
  18. 5x11 - Builds Lorelai an ice rink after she has a crappy day (even though she lied to him about being with Christopher)
  19. 5x18 - Volunteers to help with the Twickham house because he wants to buy it for him and Lorelai and their future children.
  20. 5x21 - Makes a big deal about the inn being on the cover + is great at the party where they celebrate the inn + competes with Kirk for the Twickham house
  21. 5x22 - Makes a plan to keep Rory at Yale + is ready to help Lorelai in any way to help with that situation
  22. 6x07 - Comforts Lorelai when she is mourning Rory’s 21st birthday + gives Rory his mother’s pearls
  23. 6x08 - Sponsor’s a girl’s soccer team and makes a big deal out of their attire + comforts Lorelai when Paul Anka gets sick
  24. 7x13 - Rushes to Lorelai’s aid when he finds out Richard had a heart attack + does a million things to make it easier for her and her family.
  25. 7x19 - Goes with Lorelai to pick out a new car then gets her a good deal on a Jeep just like her old one
  26. 7x22 - Plans Rory’s going away party then stays up all night sewing tarps etc. so that the party can still happen since it is supposed to rain + opens up extra early to make the girls breakfast before Rory leaves for her job.

Honorable Mention/Generally Sweet Moments:

1x12 - Lifts Lorelai’s spirits after the disastrous date with Rune

1x14 - Sweetness ensues when they are planning how to paint the diner + also comes over to help Lorelai find stella even though it initially was because he thought it was a booty call… :)

1x16 - Doesn’t press Lorelai about climbing out the window at FND. 

1x20 - Not technically a Luke moment, but Lorelai shops for Luke and gets him great stuff in addition to getting rachel a present

2x07 - Fixes the runway for the Chilton Booster’s fashion show

2x08 - Gives Lorelai a pep talk about opening her own inn.

2x09 - “At least I think I have -” “You do.”

2x10 - The sleigh ride during the Bracebridge Dinner

2x12 - Goes to Doose’s to get Lorelai a grapefruit to get Lorelai’s father off her back.

3x01 - Forgives Lorelai + listens to her lament about Christopher and gives her a donut and coffee to console her and tells her that he knows that she is going to get the whole package someday.

3x07 - Gives the Gilmore Girls secret super strong coffee + fixes Lorelai’s heel when it breaks. Also the “if you find the right person” kids conversation is truly A+

3x12 - Teaches Lorelai to fish for her date with her boyfriend uh *looks at smudged writing on hand* Alan

3x22 - Goes to Rory’s graduation and cries.

4x05 - Goes to movie night at Lorelai’s + gives Rory good advice for her awkward AF date.

4x11 - Shovels Lorelai’s walk + helps her break the bells even though they were kind of fighting

4x20 - Pep talk about the inn + gives her coffee at 5 AM.
4x21 - Takes Lorelai on the sweetest date of all time

4x22 - Brings Lorelai flowers at the inn’s opening and duh the best first kiss ever.

5x01 - “Dear God yes.” Very nice phone call.

6x01 - “Kids would be good.”

6x03 - Is v understanding about Lorelai not setting a date for the wedding + takes off his watch to check on Paul Anka and rushes him to the vet when he discovers the dog has eaten chocolate

7x12 - Again, not a Luke moment per se but Lorelai’s character reference is A+++

7x18 - Hay Bale Maze conversation is v nice

7x21 - Gets Rory a graduation present and gives Lorelai a gift as well (even though he doesn’t give it to her)

This is just the big and super sweet moments. Then there’s the times when he is great to Liz and Jess and really just the townspeople (mostly Kirk) in general. 

Is Luke perfect? No - he totally has flaws. However, I am 100% sure he is still one of the greatest human beings on the planet and he is most definitely in my Top 5 of problematic faves.