one of my fave friendships tbh

pynch recs

so lately I have been reading a lot of pynch fanfictions (re-reading them lmao) and i decided to make a list of my faves:

why p101 season 2 is worse than the first one

one of the things i like the most in p101 is seeing the friendships between the participants bloom. lighthearted moments between them are my fave. tbh produce 101 s2 has been really bad compared to the 1st season. not because the trainees are worse but mainly bcs of how much shit mnet is trying to stir this time around. you can see how it mentally breaks the participants (daehwi and hyunbin are the best examples). you can literally see the happiest and most passionate people crumble under all the hate they’re getting. stop hating on the participants please. we only see the exact few snipplets mnet chose to show us out of the time they spend there. they could be practising 23 hours out of 24 hours. if mnet only shows you that one hour where they took a break you wouldnt even know and call them lazy. thats how powerful editing is.

bail and padmes friendship is one of my fave things about the clone wars/prequels i just really wish we’d got to see padme and breha interact too ?!?! or breha at all tbh ?!?! give some inclination what leia’s mother was like


How did [he and Eric’s] friendship flourish like that?
Dele: I think it sort of come from as soon as I joined the club. It was one of them things. Obviously, I was young, I had just moved to London. [Eric] was quite new to the club and uh, I don’t know, maybe he just felt like he needed to look after me - and he did.

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1. Jeremy for the thingy 2. Is everybody just gonna be a cinnamon roll in your eyes?? -🐻

Send me the name of a character and I will tell you my:

1: sexuality headcanon: Asexual Biromantic

2: otp: Boyf riends

3: brotp: Him and Jake (he gotta get some advice as the man’s homeslice ya know maybe a friendship blossomed)

4: notp: Jeremy x Squip or Chloe tbh

5: first headcanon that pops into my head: Me, pounding hands against the table: Genderfluid Jeremy or Agender Jeremy

6: one way in which I relate to this character: Voice cracks up the yingyang and honestly I would do about anything to be popular

7: thing that gives me second hand embarrassment about this character: Bitch deadass makes a dad joke to Christine 

8: cinnamon roll or problematic fave?: Problematic Fave

So ok I know I’m in a really small boat here but I have a lot of OTP feelings happening right now so just ignore me while I rant about one of the most underrated Friendships/Ships in the ENTIRE LOK FANDOM OK HERE WE GO

One thing that pissed me off about the last two books (mostly book 4) in the LOK series was the lack of general character interaction like as friends between the crew. The one that I feel most deeply is the lack of Bosami. The friendship between them stared kind of simple which made it feel natural and relatable. Like you don't have to meet your soulmate/best friend in a wild chance accident (like hitting them with your motor bike or sneaking into a pro-bending match). They just knew each other.

We saw them both go through so much heartbreak and pain and through it all, they always seemed to constantly be ok with one another. Like Mako hurt Asami and Korra hurt Bolin. Mako hurt Bolin and Asami and Korra were at odds all through book 1. But through it all, Asami and Bolin had each other.


So to make things even more intense, like when Asami is facing the most difficult situation imaginable, fighting against her father, the only family she has left, when she is down and out, who comes to her rescue? wHO HAS HER BACK ALWAYS?!

You’rE GOTDAMN RIGHT ITS BOLIN! This is the moment I started shipping them. Not because they were the “side characters” and they didn’t have anyone, but because Bolin knows how much this is hurting Asami. He isn’t doing this to impress her or for any gain of his own really. He does this because he is disgusted at how Hiroshi treated his daughter (“You are a terrible father!!”) and he knows that Asami deserves better. He truly cares about her.

Afterwards, in book two, I was so grateful to see their friendship being explored again. SO GLAD that bryke didn’t fudge it up (yet).

Originally posted by katabatics

Bolin goes along with Asami to help promote her business. He genuinely just wants to help and dang son that’s just so sweet. And he does more than help! He pretty much solidifies the deal with Future Industries and thennnnn….

BOOM! ONE OF MY FAVE SCENE IN THE WHOLE SERIES TBH!! It’s so real! So innocent! So BEAUTIFUL!!!!! She is so thankful to have a friend like Bolin by her side and she isn’t afraid to show it. The way she leaps into the hug. The way she ruffles his hair. His goofy smile at her I JUSTTTTT !!!

And it doesn’t stop there! They go one to have some very heartfelt moments later on in Book 2. They confide in each other. They comfort each other. They TRUST EACH OTHER

Once again, when everything is falling apart around them, they have one another to lean on. AND THEY SUPPORT EACH OTHER! Asami goes to Bolin’s mover premier! Bolin is her Future Industries assistant! Neither outshines the other! They’re equals in their relationship and that is super important.

I mean lets not forget that he’s an idiot/dork and she’s always right next to him, ready to let the world know that “Yeah he’s an idiot, but he’s my idiot my god what did he do this time?”

IT THANKFULLY, DOESN’T STOP THERE!!!! There are some great Bosami moments in B3 too! Like how can we forget their reunion after being separated in the desert?

Look at how big his smile is How he ran to her so fast, he didn’t give her time to open her arms. He missed her so much, he grabbed her, arms and all, and LIFTED HER UP!! IM YELLIIINNNNN

Like ok imagine this: Bolin has liked every girl on the show so far. Korra, Eska, Ginger, Opal… My ideal OTP set up would have been he goes through all those relationships and ends up hurt every time. He wonders if he’ll ever find someone and finally, he just looks at Asami and knows. Like a “you’ve been there the whole time” type thing how fricken cUTE WOULD THAT HAVE BEEN THOUGH YOU GOTTA ADMIT

Bosami is literally that BR/OTP that will spend hours, competitively playing Mario Kart Pai Sho

How can you tell me that this friendship that grew so strongly from Book 1 until Book 3 just fizzled out in the final season? How could two people who care about each other so fricken much, who’ve ALWAYS BEEN THERE FOR EACH OTHER have less than five minutes of conversation total in an entire season?

Bosami is underrated and I don’t think I’ll ever forgive Bryke for crushing their beautiful relationship

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lukas and 8

Send me the name of a character and I will tell you my:

1: sexuality headcanon - i can see him as pan tbh. 

2: otp - i like a lot of ships w/ him but tbh my fave remains as jesskas

3: brotp - lukas and the other ocelots! also him and olivia tbh i wanna see more of that friendship

4: notp - ?? i don’t really have one i dont think.

5: first headcanon that pops into my head - he was childhood friends w/ jesse. that one’s been around in m head since i joined the fandom tbh

6: one way in which I relate to this character - i wanna say that i can do things in the moment but in reality i freeze up and can’t do much.

7: thing that gives me second hand embarrassment about this character - i dont actually get secondhand embarrassment from him? he’s one of the few characters that don’t that i can think of atm
8: cinnamon roll or problematic fave? - cinnamon roll all the way lets be honest

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Foxglove and windflower?

hey, thank u for askin!!!

foxglove: what is your favorite color and in what shade?

i really love purple!!! especially lighter shades like this one :’’)

windflower: list your 5 favorite blogs and why i like them.

oh god ok here we go………..

1. @bratsims honestly the woods legacy is what really got me to start this blog and i rly love arthur like he is my own son,,

2. @cinemasims the rookies are my FAVES GSJKGHDF i lov ben i hope his suffering will end soon he deserves all the happiness in the world tbh

3. @peonypyxels another big big inspiration in my decision to make a simblr, i LOVE the sparks legacy and athena is bae

4. @msqitotrap moth is one of the friendliest people here i’ve ever spoken to tbh i’m not one to really branch out and make friends but she came to me and stole my friendship and im super glad she did!!!

5. literally everyone i’m following (yes this is a cop-out) y’all inspire me in new ways every single day and i love everyone im emotional

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sexuality: pan (also a trans boy) !!

otp: not really anything…

brotp: with anyone, tbh! all steven friendships are the best!!

notp: with any gem

first hc that pops into my head: since hes half gem, hes got lil baby fangs! 

one way i relate: Depression 

secondhand embarassment: no! never!!

cinnamon roll or problematic fave: in the middle! he is nice and tries his best but messes up sometimes! 

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okay one what is the thing with u and bridges i don't understand two i really want to see spiderman but with my bestie but she's in FUCKING CANCUN UGH three WHERE DO U WATCH B99 BC I WANNA WATCH SO FUCKING BAD four i have so much hw to do and im hela procrastinating its bad and five ilysm just wanted u to know

1. ok let me explain the bridge thing lmao, I met one of my tumblr bffs (my wife @chewbqcca) talking about bridges, I was a smol blog and I didn’t have friends and I just asked her what her fave bridge is and then we just sorta friendshiped (?? sure whatever the point is it worked so… idk that’s just bridges😂😂 also yo bridges are cool as shit!! They’re magic, like roads but in the sky I mean??!

2. omg!! I am so so so sorry!! (tbh I’d just watch it by myself and then watch it with the friend but that’s probably just me lmao

3. I have this thing on my tv, it’s like a mini cpu called remix it’s pretty cool, and we have installed a thing called kodi that searches all available streams… you could probably find a stream online or you could download the episode (streaming would probably be better for your computer’s storage though)


5. tysm!! I’m on mobile so I don’t remember exactly what #5 said but it was something nice about my blog and I appreciate it a lot!! Thanks!!

pls help me fite boredom

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tbh one of the reasons that musashi and shigeo are one of my fave ships in mp100, they both inspire each other in ways and theyre both super nice and i can see them being really cute <3 but not just their ship but their honest and beautiful friendship is so extremely good, and how musashi protects shigeo there too, and knowing that shigeo will protect the body improvement club and musashi just as much as well just GIVES ME THE FUZZIES I LOVE THESE BOYS

honestly!!! same!!!

How I see the signs

( from an aries’ pov )

Taurus : lmao ur so boring
Gemini : ur not funny…..
Cancer : CHILL
Virgo : Some of you are ok….
Scorpio : you hate me.
Sagittarius : ALL TIME FAVE
Capricorn: I hate you
Pieces : I don’t like you guys tbh..

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1-5 for the skam questions :)

1. favourite character


2. favourite sesong


3. least favourite ship

probably eva and jonas tbh

4. otp

i’ve had like one otp per season, but my die hard is always gonna be noorhelm (but they’re pretty much tied with yousana now)

5. favourite friendship

oh gosh, so many good friendships… i think tbqh sana and elias might be my faves

skam questions

Clone Club Appreciation!

I’m late (AS ALWAYS), but I really, really wanted to show some Clone Club lovin, so let’s do this!

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: I’ve never been in a fandom like Clone Club before. From the moment I started expressing an interest in the fandom, I was welcomed in without hesitation. I’ve been in fandoms before. None of them have ever been so easy to adapt to, nor have I ever made friends so quickly. Clone Club is incredibly unique and it’s all because of the people who are constantly making me laugh and smile - especially when I need it the most - and who make my life all the better just by being themselves. Clone Club, you’re super rad, and I’m always going to be grateful to have met the people that I have already and will (hopefully!) continue to meet in the future.

Although delayed, here is my massive list of people that I’ve got lots of appreciation for, ranging from the people I talk to all the time to the people that I admire to the people I see on my dash and hope to get to know better someday. I’ve inevitably forgotten many people and, if I have (I’M SORRY D:), know that I genuinely feel that everything I’ve said above applies to you as well.

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♑:five female faves

I only care about the female characters tbh

1. Sakura Haruno
 - I love Sakura like really love her. For 10 years she’s been one of the only things that made me stay in such a shit series that treats the females poorly. She’s my number one because Sakura’s flawed, so flawed and realistic to me. She was a fucking mess, so vile and gross and I loved her so much for it even during her gross 12 year old stage (She was 12 guys chill on her). I love flawed characters (that’s why i’m pro team 7 lol) because I can connect with them even if Sakura is so fucking problematic, she will always be fave. Sakura got so strong and beautiful in Shippuden (although I really hate shippuden). She was a role model to me, with all her flaws, but that was Sakura Haruno

2. Ino Yamanaka
- Can I get an A-MAN for A+++ best friend and rival? I honestly loved Sakura’s and Ino silly rivalry and friendship. Honestly, Ino is not only awesome she’s just really fucking cool. I like her jutsu and her style. Her personality is just one of my favorites and should’ve got more screentime tbh.

3. Tenten
- Tenten doesn’t get enough love! I really love Tenten because she had alot of wasted potential and her personality was so vibrant! She was a sweetheart and seemed to get along well with others. Honestly,she had main character potential and it sucks she didn’t get that attention in the series.

4. Temari no Sabaku

- Daaaaaamn Temari was a BAMF from the get go. I loved her bombastic personality and character design (her hair is so fun to  draw). She reminded alot of Sailor Uranus (Favorite in Sailor Moon) which would explain my attatchment to her. Again, didn’t get enough time to shine just like Ino and Tenten but she was still awesome.

5. Tsunade
-Just…amazing. She was BAMF. She had strength and her emotions on control. My favorite out of the Three sages and Sakura was lucky to have her as a teacher. Tsunade has flaws and that’s fine! That’s what makes a character to me.