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Random thoughts on Bungou Stray Dogs

Ok so as some of you have noticed, I’ve just binge watched the two seasons of BSD and I feel the urge to scream a little:

  • THIS ANIME IS A MASTERPIECE. Like, truly, it’s one of the best anime I’ve ever seen, it went straight into my all time faves anime top 5 for sure
  • The art style is amazing, completely different from all the other anime I’ve seen. Not to mention the character designs. They are one more stunning than the other.
  • The soundtrack. Like, wow. The songs of the OP/ED are dope, I can’t stop singing them. Also I loved the use of those specific songs in particular moment of the anime, it added even more epicness to the scenes 
  • Not to mention the animation of especially the closing titles. They are incredibly suggestive. 
  • I come from NGE which is quite frankly the most philosophically elaborated anime ever created, but BSD too is filled with cultural reference that are (gladly) easy to grasp. I’m still in awe thinking about how much thought the team has put into assembling all of that. Really. Amazing. It educated me on so many levels.
  • The plot is incredible, it has lots on unexpected twists. I got nervous, I was shocked, I laughed, I screamed, I was hurt (DAMN IT EPISODE 4), I squealed, I cried (like, A LOT) has everything an adult audience is searching for. 
  • It has the kind of characters that stay with you forever and, Agency or Mafia, you end up loving them all. It’s sort of a Karasuno vs Aoba Johsai dynamic. You…really can’t decide a side to pick. You know it should be the Agency but ???  
  • Yes, you’ll end up adopting a whole Armed Detective Agency (Kenjiiiiiii!!!!!) and a whole bunch of Mafia Executives, I’m warning you. Make some room for your new sons. 
  • I’m hopelessly, desperately, in love with Edogawa Ranpo. 
  • If you are a fan of the Darry dynamic, I’m gonna give just two names: Atsushi and Akutagawa. BYE. 
  • “Why are you here?” “To kill you” he says 5 minutes before using Rashomon to save his life (all of this while screaming JINKO with a voice almost choked by tears). 
  • “Die, Jinko!” he says, as he wraps Rashomon around his arms to make Atsushi’s fist deadly enough to win against their strongest enemy.
  • Ok then. 
  • And they’re supposed to be enemies. Like Mafia vs Agency and stuff. 
  • Yes, I’m a huge Shin Soukoko trash. 
  • Frigging quote of the year: “I’m familiar with your attacks, your timing, your thrusts”. *softly but with a lot of feeling* …what the fuck
  • As you can see, the otp game is strong here
  • If you’re a fan of enemies to lovers dynamic, Chuuya and Dazai are your boys. 
  • Yes, I ship Soukoko hard like…really hard. They are like an old married couple with their two little sons who are 100 times more mature than the two of them combined. I LIVE. 
  • Listen I could stay here and list all the reasons why you should watch BSD…but just do like I did, take a leap of faith, you won’t regret it, I promise. 
Hallucination!Oswald fic recs

Everybody knows I’m obsessed with hallucination!Oswald. I decided to make a rec list of my fave hallucination!Oswald fics. Mostly because I want people to add to it because I’m desperate for some more. But here are the best ones I’ve read so far: Seriously though, please add your hallucination!Os fic recs to this!! I need more.

“A Ghost of TIme” by @backwardabyss

Summary: The Riddler wins and wins by day, but loss haunts him at night. Post-3x14 fic in which Edward Nygma grapples with grief, terror, and the ghost of his dead best friend who refuses to obey the physical laws of his usual hallucinations.

Listen up, friends. This is actually my favorite Nygmobblepot fic. I rec it to people all the time. I think of it as like the ultimate hallucination!Oswald fic. So read this. It’s super well-written, a little dark, hot, and just goooooood.

“The Ghost of Us” by @riddlerbird

Summary: A recollection of events post Oswald’s death. Edward is trying to embrace his new life as ‘The Riddler’ but is being haunted by a ghost of his past. 

This one is very well-written and lengthy. It also happens to be the only fanfiction that’s made me cry. So just saying, some serious trigger warnings for suicidal thoughts. But this is suchhh a good fic and gives us insight into Ed’s mind post-3x14.

“Could Have Been Real” by @endless-nygmobblepot

Summary: The hallucination of former Mayor Cobblepot will disappear from Ed’s life for good, but after he does one more arduous and intimate task for Edward.

Ella wrote this for nygmobblepot week’s sexy theme and boy is it sexy. Definitely on of my fave hallucination!Oswald fics. Read it, guys.

“I’m Not Crazy, I’m Just a Little Unwell” by @dsilza

Summary: Weeks after shooting Oswald at the docks, an intrusive hallucination forces Ed to come to terms with his own feelings, whether he wants to or not.

This one is short, hot and fun to read. I prompted this and it was everything I wanted. There’s this line in it that’s “do you ever wonder what if it would be like?” And if that isn’t the hottest thing then I don’t know what is.

“It Worked in Theory” by @rose-for-dead-alice

Summary: Ed wants Oswald to leave him alone, the ghost of his dead ex-friend offers some solutions and theories on ways to make him leave for good.

Alright, this one is reallyyyy fun to read. It’s based on a funny post @rose-for-dead-alice made about Ed asking what it’ll take to make him leave and hallucination!Oswald makes suggestions such as kissing him, etc.

Okay, to be honest after reading tumblr before getting home, I thought the episode would be worse for Robert’s character.

He’s been way, WAY too nice to Rebecca since the incident, we all knew that couldn’t last. I don’t feel for Rebecca at all, this situation is at least half her fault. 

I fell in love with bad boy Robert, because I loved that he had a dark side to him. It’s easy to love a character like Aaron, because he’s almost too good. Even when he’s being violent, and taking drugs, he’s the good one because of how ED portray it. Robert takes work and dedication to really support, and he’s my fave, because I never did things the easy way.

Robert is dark and complicated, and when things don’t go his way, he is single minded and focused on fixing it. Despite the fact his plans and schemes have never ever worked for him, (home farm burglary, dangling from a tree etc). At the moment, he’s single minded on trying to keep Aaron and him happy, nothing else is entering his tunnel vision.

I love the two sides to him, I have always loved that he’s not a perfect person, and yet with Aaron he tries to be better.

Plus, as an aside, I really hope I’m not the same person I was four years ago, because people in real life grow and change.

double-0-8  asked:

Hi! I don't remember if I asked you or not, but do you have any recommendations for good or important Riddler comics? I'd like to read some more comics about him. :)

Okay, Imma preface this with a disclaimer: I have not read all the Riddler comics, nor am I even trying to, because it’s not like they’re generating a huge amount of Riddler content to be devoured.  So I’ve read a lot, but not all of them.

The Arkham: Riddler compilation has a few good ones, notably

  • Brave and the Bold #183, “The Death of Batman” - Shows how far he’ll go to get the answer to a riddle.
  • Batman #362, “When Riddled by the Riddler…” - I just really like the pictures in this one, it has my second-favourite cover.
  • Detective Comics #822, “E. Nigma, Consulting Detective” - The first story where he’s a PI, I think; anything with PI Riddler is awesome
  • Detective Comics #837, “Honour Among Thieves” - PI Riddler again
  • Joker’s Asylum II: The Riddler #1, “The House the Cards Built” - A lot of people don’t like this one, because on the one hand it seems a little OOC; however, I like it because it again shows how far he’ll go to get the answer he’s looking for.  He basically is willing to become the perfect man, and he will spend years doing it.  It’s both fascinating and sad.
  • Batman The New 52 #23.2, “Solitaire” - It really demonstrates some of the sadness of being a supervillain.

There’s also:

Legends of the Dark Knight Chapters 77-79, “Herded Limits’ - It asks if the Riddler is really crazy, or if he’s just even smarter than he says he is.

Gotham City Sirens #1, 3, 8, 9, 10 - There’s a few arcs there, all the issues are collected in two volumes and he’s just in the first book, but those’re the issues he appears in.  Issues 9 and 10 are a story called ‘Pieces of the Puzzle’ and it gets very sad for the Riddler at the end.

Batman #452-454, “Dark Knight, Dark City” - If you want to feel sorry for Ed, that’s a good one to read.

Detective Comics #828, “Shark Bite” - PI Riddler, is it sad at the end?  It sure can be.  Anything with PI Riddler is good, or anything Riddler by Paul Dini, except for Batman #697-698.  That is not a good story.  But Riddler by Paul Dini is generally a win.

Batman: Arkham City #5 has one of my fave pictures of the Riddler ever in it; he’s not really IN the story, but that’s a really good picture.  A story that goes with that is Batman: Arkham City Digital Chapter #3: “Riddle Me”, which is good merely because it shows him WALKING into Arkham City of his own free will.  The art isn’t that good though.

Batman ‘66 #1: “The Riddler’s Ruse“ just has some AMAZING expressions in it. 

Batman #608 - 619, which is otherwise known as Hush; he only appears in two issues (#615 and #619) but of course it won’t make sense if you don’t read the whole thing.

Detective Comics 1995 Annual #8: Questions Multiply the Mystery: This is one I own but haven’t read yet; it’s one of the only, if not the only, real Riddler origin stories (unlike other people like Scarecrow, for instance, who has at least three that I can think of off the top of my head)

There’s also Batman: The New 52 #21-33, “Zero Year - Secret City and Dark City” (There is a book called Zero Year, but it is more the Joker’s origin and I don’t think the Riddler is in it); I don’t personally recommend this story - I don’t really like it - other than the parts in the first book where he isn’t the Riddler yet.  You might like it, you might not, but it never screamed Riddler to me.  About the best thing this series did for me is bring the red hair back.

He also has a place in two issues of The Long Halloween, which I mention because that story is popular, but I don’t like them.

There is also a book - not a comic, a book - which is a prequel to Arkham Knight, The Riddler’s Gambit.  It’s very good.

I hope that helps!

anonymous asked:

isn't it so perfect how their knees are ever so slightly touching in that scene with andy by the grain pit? the one you said was the precursor to their relationship. i do and i don't miss the days when them being physically affectionate was rare, because it was such a nice cherry on top of their amazing chemistry.

i don’t miss those days at aalllll BUT if they were to randomly break up for a bit and then go back to having scenes full of sexual tension and longing and FEELINGS for a few hours/days/weeks before they inevitably give in to the inevitable all over again…. then….. you know….. that would be fine


anonymous asked:

Do you have any dance song suggestions for someone who had a bad day? :(

i’m so sorry if you are the person who had a bad day. i hate those days but they are inevitable. here’s a whole damn playlist of dancey-songs or general feel-good songs and i hope you feel better! if you ever want to talk, i’m always open xx 

btw i will italicize all my personal faves to both dance & sing along loudly too

  • bailiando - enrique iglesias
  • crazy in love - beyonce & jay z
  • that’s what i like - bruno mars
  • galway girl - ed sheeran
  • right girl - the maine
  • happily - one direction
  • temporary fix - one direction
  • naive - the kooks (this has been my ringtone for years oml) 
  • sarah smiles - panic! at the disco (my boys.. gah this song makes me sway in my seat) 
  • girls/girls/boys - panic! at the disco
  • shatter in the night - vesperteen
  • overwhelming - jon bellion
  • caroline - aminé
  • young volcanoes - fall out boy (!!!!!!!) 
  • carnaval - maluma
  • the great divide - the mowgli’s
  • whenever, wherever - shakira
  • one dance - drake
  • santeria - sublime
  • lay you down easy - magic & sean paul
  • love on top - beyonce 
  • my type - saint motel (aka my junior prom anthem) 
  • glad you came - the wanted 
  • bad chick - cro
  • traum - cro
  • no lie - sean paul & dua lipa
  • say less - dillon francis & g-eazy
  • rather be - clean bandit
  • obsession - vice & jon bellion

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