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do you know any good Yuri visual novels?

Yes I do anon. Yes I do. In fact, I wrote a great response to you with links and pictures and descriptions and funny commentary. But then my computer was an ass hole and I lost it all. Now I’m bitter, but I still want to share these awesome yuri games with you. So I’m gonna keep it shorter on my blurbs and trust that you can google stuff on your own and hopefully my response won’t get deleted this time. Also, I’ll be including dating sims/otome games in this list too, just to give you some variety.

1. Sono Hanabira Ni Kuchizuke Wo (A Kiss for the Petals)

The epitome of the yuri visual novel game franchise. Very cute, very NSFW and great voice acting. There are currently 13 games in the original series, plus drama cds, mini novels, an OVA, two spinoff series, a separate game available on Steam and so much more. I have played games 1-8 and loved every second of them, though my fave couples are Kaede/Sara and Eris/Shizuku. The 11th game in the series is the longest, with a main route for Risa and Miya and then spinoff routes for all the other couples. All the other games are focused on one couple. Since there is so much content in this franchise it’s hard for me to put everything you may want to know in one concise blurb so please feel free to send me questions or ask for links to things! 

2. Kindred Spirits on the Roof

As much as I have been dying to play this game, I still haven’t had the chance yet. Seriously, I have wanted to play this game since the PV was first released. Now that it’s finally licensed, translated and available on Steam I can play it but only once I get the money *cries gay tears* The story for this is super cute but has quite a few NSFW elements. A high school girl helps two ghosts on her school’s roof play matchmaker with other girls in the school so they can create a yuritopia and fulfill their dying wish of consummating their love. I’ve heard amazing things about this game and I can’t wait to play it.

3. Huniepop

This game is more of a dating sim than a visual novel but it’s really fun. And hilarious. And NSFW. It’s available on Steam and is fully voice acted. You can play as either a male or female who, with the help of a love fairy named Kyu, tries to have sex with all the women in town. And since there are only 8 women in town, your goals are totally achievable. There’s pretty decent diversity in this game, and by that I mean there are 4 WOC and they all have different personalities. There are also 4 unlockable characters that are super fun to play too. Keep in mind though that this game was written with male players in mind so some of the writing is a bit…weird or offensive. But all in all, I think this game is definitely worth the money, especially if you buy it now during Steam’s summer sale.

4. Astoria: Fate’s Kiss

Do you want to be able to date fictional people on your phone?!?! Yes? Me too! Do you want both a female AND a nonbinary option? YES? Me too! Do you want the story to be filled with action and magic powers and Greek Mythology??? YES TO ALL?!?! Then this is the game for you! It’s a decent mix between a dating sim and a visual novel, with two ending routes available for each story. The female option is Medusa, a kind and gentle woman who used to be a mob boss and the nonbinary option is Alex Cyprin, your very cute and charming boss. I’m actually behind on Medusa’s route because life and money *cries more gay tears* but what I have played is 10/10. AND you eventually get to get married!!!!! There are a few NSFW moments but a majority of the game is SFW. The writers put so much heart into these characters and the art is great and it’s definitely worth the money for all the content you get. It’s easily found in the app store! Highly recommend it.

5. Gangsters in Love

This is a game by the same people who make Astoria and it is just… the best. Trust me. The plot is: you’re kidnapped by some gangsters who claim your parents are up to some bad shit. You then choose a gangster to look after you while you are under their protection. There’s only one female option but she is worth every penny. Aurora James is the sexy, super gay hustler for the Valentine Gang and she won’t let you forget it. I swear, reading some of her dialogue has almost killed me it’s that gay. Like Astoria, this game is full of action and hilarity, just minus the Greek Myths. Again, the writers are awesome, the art is awesome and it is totally worth the money.

6. Sugar’s Delight

I won’t sugar coat it (ha!), this game is purely smut. But it’s a visual novel and I’ve played it so I figured I should put it on the list. In this game you’re a girl who dreams of owning a cafe and you get a job at Sugar’s Delight to learn the ropes. The cafe owner slowly but surely starts putting the moves on you. It’s not a terrible game but it’s not amazing either. I mean the art is cute and it’s fluffy and harmless. My biggest problem with it is…how to say this…um…they put a lot of edible things where edible things shouldn’t go. And I get it. It can be totally sexy to eat an entire slice of cake out of another woman’s vagina. But the whole time it’s happening in the story I’m just cringing in fear of how much that’s gonna suck for the girl who had the pastry in her pussy. I can’t really focus on how hot it is when I’m feeling second hand yeast infection anxiety. But other than that, it’s pretty cute.

7. A Little Lily Princess

I haven’t played this but oh my gosh do I want to. It’s a pretty new release on Steam so I haven’t been able to read much about it from other player’s perspectives either. It looks so adorable and sweet, plus the art is very similar to the art of Akiko Morishima, one of the yuri mangaka godessess. The game play looks multifaceted and fun with a nice ojou-sama type feel that I can always get behind. I’ll totally try to write a review when I finally play it!

8. Pacthesis Dating Sims

Okay, so this is a flashback into the depths of my teenage years. Like “these games helped me come to terms with my homosexuality” kind of depths. I at least wanted to mention the creator. Pacthesis is an artist on deviantart who made these dating sims that I used to play when I was younger; you were a girl and you had a few male options. Then low and behold, one day she adds a female character option to a game and I’m like “Yes???? Yes.YES!” And then my whole life got very gay from there. These games are cute and easy to play and SFW. I think only three of Pacthesis’s games have female options (Chrono Days, Lunar Days and Number Days) but they’re super creative and have a special place in my heart. Check them out if you can.

I think that’s about it. I mean, there are a few other games I’ve heard of here and there that have yuri/ wlw couples but none that I’ve played or can name off the top of my head right now. I hope that my followers take the time to check out some of these games. They’re all worth the time and money, in my opinion!

If there are any yuri type games I didn’t mention here that people think I should play, I would love recs! Also, if anyone has an questions or wants a more in depth review of a certain game, like one of the Sono Hana’s, I’d be happy to oblige. I can also help find you links if you need :) Just shoot me an ask! May the yuri be with you!

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In your opinion, what are Lee Dong Gun's best dramas? I know that after Queen for Seven Days I will want to watch one of his dramas, but I don't know which ones to watch

Do me a favour and pick my eternal fave drama, When It’s at Night. It’s not the best drama or anything, but I love it to bits and the main couple is my otp. Dong-gun’s character in it is super charming, and always gets his ass kicked by the awesome female lead.

Lauis, Real or Fake?

This is just a humble opinion of the supposed relationship between Lauren Jauregui & Luis F. Santos. I say “supposed” because it’s not a secret in the Harmonizers fandom that the majority of us doesn’t believe it’s a true relationship, but a PR which is likely called in the media. It’s Lauis who didn’t begin with the right foot, being friends for a long time it only took the month of December to find the mutual love, even when Luis was in a relashionship with Mel, I don’t think so. Everything looks like Lauren realized the attention that the fandom gave to her close relationship with Luis that a few weeks later she was announcing on a Twitlonger that he was her boyfriend, yes her boyfriend. Could he really end a two year relationship to be in another one with one of his best friends in just a couple of days? Weird, I know. But that’s how things happened.

His first tweet was dedicated to her:

In Facebook they also had a relationship

Do you remember when Mel practically gave us a hint she was still Luis’ girlfriend,  by favoriting this? (Tweet says: “Before you ask, yes, im so pathetic that I stalked Luis Felipe’s girlfriend”) 

Luis denied this, calling Lauren’s attention who gave her opinion about this: (@tacoswithcamila “It’s sad that Lauren is going out with someone who leaves his girlfriend and find another one in just a week”

@LaurenJauregui “if you really don’t know what you are talking about, it’s better not to talk, right?”)

Luis and Mel “weren’t” in a relationship, they became “good friends”, sure that’s why they spent Valentine’s day together:

Let’s not forget that Lauren and Camila disappeared like a magic act that day too.

All good, let’s see recent events. They haven’t interacted too much and when they do in any social site it can be noticed how dry are their interactions just as their pictures.

Forced smiles, eyes that don’t express anything, good friends gestures. Nothing compared to when Luis was going out with Mel, for example:

Ironic how in the last photography you can see the three of them having fun at a party and then become  a love triangle.

Days ago Luis posted a picture saying that he missed Lauren and he had a big smile on his face and was next to his ex (It was Ultra days).

But even though Mel & Luis say they ended, they haven’t stop seeing each other or interacting, even more than Lauis does. The mayority of Mel likes, faves and comments on her Instagram, are Luis’.

They tweet each other

They tweet the same

Casuality? I don’t think so. I’d like to be in a relashionship like that one, being  good friends with my ex, that left me for a famous girl friend who casually is my best friend’s best friend (Alexa) How tangled! Yes, that’s how Lauis is.

Now, going back to Lauis, since the last girl’s visit to Miami, we haven’t had drama like the one we had a couple of days ago, it seems like EVERYTHING, absolutely EVERYTHING repeated like a movie script. Luis visited Lauren in L.A. We were expecting pictures of them together which we actually got. They showed they were together the day of the Boom Drama, Camila and Dinah went to 5SOS concert (it’s not a secret for anyone that Camila always goes away when Luis is coming, without mentioning her mood changes drastically). Anyone could notice with our hearts broken how sad her face was and her watery eyes, let’s thank Dinah that is always with her in moments like this one, same with Austin’s concert last time.

During that day, Lauren and Luis were hanging out in Santa Monica

The girl who took pictures with her said they weren’t alone but with friends.

Hey, you don’t see your boyfriend in weeks and you hang out with him and someone else. A little privacy wouldn’t be bad for the couple, right? Same thing last time when they hanged out with Chris.

After this, Lauren posted this photo with Luis

Then Luis posted a second photography the next day (the caption was so romantic, and so was hers, they should stop with so much romanticism *sarcasm*) which made everyone decide to support this relashionship when no one said a thing about it before. First, Taylor, defending her sister, then normani with her tweet, Dinah on IG and her tweet which sounded sarcastic, let’s see..

Taylor likes Camren (picture not seen before because it was saved for a moment like this one)

And Dinah always showing who the captain of the ship is.

Going back to the Boom Drama, Mama Dre y Sinu also congratulated them, I’ve never felt such promotion and the need to impose this relationship to everyone. Why have they never supported this way Trolly or Dope? Why want to make Lauis look like the perfect couple? As we see, Camila just stays away from this. Too much publicity when the same Lauren Jauregui said a million times she doesn’t like people to know about her private life. Then, why does she do it now? Sometimes she just acts a way no one can understand.

Her comment was out of place when someone mentioned Camila in tumblr. She could’ve just ignored it but she sent us to ship delusionssss.

When Luis posted the picture with Lauren, Mel twitted “If you only knew”, she liked a fake Camren picture on IG. Coincidences doesn’t exists but hints do. Many of you would say she’s is the typical spiteful girlfriend or something like that, but I think she is the girlfriend who is tired that her boyfriend is the screen her famous friend uses to cover apariences. Mel knows more than she shows.

Those drama days, Camila wasnt very present on twitter and on tumblr she only rebbloged something that I think she felt exactly at that moment (clearer is impossible)

But Lauren is one of those people who constantly is justifying her life, and that’s why there’s a constant war between the harmonizers and her. Everyone knows she wants to show her hetero side in anyway possible. Something that hasn’t worked out very good.

Everything changed when Luis left LA. We know Camren and Ally went to The 1975 concert and we got many pictures of Camila in which we could see she was way happier than the last concert and Lauren was also exploding of the good mood she was carrying.

Camila started rebbloging again (I’ve always thought that her tumblr reflects her mood in a 100%)

And the one that explains everything:

Let’s not forget the likes and rebblogs of 5H’s tumblr:

Everything exposed, I reach to two theories:

1| Lauren really has a relationship with Luis to convince herself of her sexuality and that she isn’t in love with her best friend (typical, it’s what any other girl her age would do in a negativity state)

2| Everything is a screen, PR, theatre, an act or however you want to call it, to hide Camren, so that they could hang out, hug and interact without people judging, criticizing, or pressuring with Camren’s subject.

What do you think?

I think that Camren is real, without any doubts, otherwise there wouldn’t be any problem that they could continue their friendship like nothing happened, that they could take pictures and interact, there would be no Camaustin nor Lauis, Camren wouldn’t be tabu or anything like that. They are only friends, right? So always remember:

Hope you have an amazing day beautiful people, just a humble and sincere opinion. Any critics, suggestions or opinions are welcome, just don’t be rude.

Written in spanish by Andrea Orellana // Original version in spanish:

Tw: @AndyBahFelicia // 

Translated to english by

Tw: @mahjaureguii

So  what  is Gimple’s theme this year?  Two meaningless relationships and for what?  Jessick was horribly mishandled. He should have stuck to comics on this one.  It was crystal clear in the comics that Rick was NOT in love with Jessie in any way shape or form.

Now we have Carol and Tobin.  So I’m supposed to like that Carol is using a man because he makes her feeling nothing?  That she goes to him because she can hide who she really is?  I’m supposed to be liking this story?  I mean WTF…Carol has been in this same crisis mode for almost 2 seasons. When the hell is she going to catch a break.  It’s been since The Grove.  I mean I like a meaty drama but watching one of you faves being constantly dragged through the emotional ringer is not my idea of a fun Sunday night.  

Couple that with the constant Glenn near death experiences and I’m like wrap this shit up already so I can watch rainbows and puppies on YT for the next 6 months and get my sanity back.

The only good thing to come out of this season is Richonne and Jesus. That’s it. The rest has been a horrible fucking mess of a show. If it wasn’t for the two above mentioned positives, I think this would be my last season of TWD.  

I’m going to let Tim Gunn sass me out of this post.