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#ok but like i thought people would talk about this more #how she from the second she saw prince ali thought it was aladdin even if jafar said he killed him #this movie is so clever because these three times are the moments she’s convinced it’s him #the first moment she recognizes his hair because let’s be honest, aladdin has a lot of it #the second time, the most obvious one, is when he pulls that ‘do you trust me’ line and move #and then my favorite which a lot of people don’t actually notice when watching the movie #THE DAMN APPLE MOVE HE SUBCONSCIOUSLY DOES TO BE ROMANTIC AND HER DAMN FACE WHEN SHE KNOWS IT’S HIM AND THINKS ‘I GOT YOU NOW, STREETRAT, YOU AIN’T FOOLING ME’ #honestly though bless this movie

I’m more excited for The Incredibles 2 than I have been for any other reboot of a 90s/00s Disney movie. So pumped for more relatable gifs courtesy the absolute queen that is Edna Mode

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I’m also down for more of Frozone and his wife, because honestly, iconic:

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Wildflower Alice~

“La puerta es intransitable no imposible” /The door is impassable not impossible"

First illustration of 2017 (complete not just doodles) Alice is one of my faves because all the knowledge behind the craziest things and in my mind happens the same and the art of course, I really like the animated movie from Disney.Also this year I’m challenging myself with more backgrounds so the first one is “Garden” enjoy please!

hercules (1997) directed by john musker & ron clements was one of my fave movies as a wee child but to this day it bothers me how zeus was just like.. portrayed as generally goofy/lovable. i know it was a disney movie, for children, and that every greek god was.. the worst, but still. anyway. “i won’t say (i’m in love)”? still goes.. so fucking hard

I’ve been meaning to do this for a while so have some Disney movie hcs cuz both Voltron and Disney will always own my ass (shout-out to @angst-in-space @kryandr and @leo-lance for giving me some good suggestions and just screaming about these with me in general)

  • Lance’s all-time fave Disney movie was the Little Mermaid and he always belted out ‘Part Of Your World’ in the shower every night
    • Pidge: well at least it’s not “Let It Go”
    • Lance does get kind of offended that no one else thinks this movie is the best Disney movie
  • Lance and Hunk would cry over the Fox and the Hound every time they watched it as kids
  • Coran, Lance, and Hunk all loved the Emperor’s New Groove
  • Keith loved Beauty and the Beast, Zootopia, Oliver and Company, and the Rescuers
    • he also was the one kid who remembered and loved the Rescuers Down Under (it’s because of Shiro tbh)
  • Shiro was the one who introduced Keith to Disney movies
    • the Lion King was Keith’s first Disney movie because that one was Shiro’s favorite; he cried watching it
    • Keith also cried watching Bambi and Dumbo
  • Shiro and Keith both loved Tarzan and Big Hero 6
    • Pidge loved Big Hero 6 too
  • Allura, Lance, and Keith loved Peter Pan
    • Especially Allura and Keith; they both loved it for the adventure
    • Allura loves Peter Pan because all the magic and fantasy reminds her of her childhood and of how much she misses being a kid
    • Meanwhile, Keith gets sad watching Peter Pan because of the Lost Boys being abandoned by their parents
  • Pidge loved the Great Mouse Detective and Black Cauldron
    • Listen, she DEFINITELY was the kid who loved all of the underrated/obscure Disney films, especially the ones from the 70s and 80s
    • She would watch those kind of movies with Matt late at night
  • Pidge and Hunk bonded over Robin Hood
  • Keith and Pidge bonded over Meet the Robinsons
  • Hunk, Lance, and Keith all loved Hercules
  • Hunk adored Princess and the Frog
    • New Orleans jazz aesthetic is HIS aesthetic
  • Hunk was the kid who loved the older Disney classics a lot
    • His favorites were Lady and the Tramp and Cinderella
    • He likes Snow White if only for the songs; he sings ‘Whistle While You Work’ whenever he’s fixing something in the castle
  • Hunk absolutely loved the Jungle Book
    • He and Lance watched it so many times together as kids that they broke the videotape
    • He introduced the movie to Coran, who immediately loved it 
    • they both sing all the songs together whenever they’re working in the castle
  • Shiro was definitely the 90s Disney movie geek
    • He had all the 90s original OSTs on CD
    • He was obsessed with the Tarzan OST and Phil Collins for the longest time
  • Allura loved Mulan, Tangled, and Alice in Wonderland
    • She likes Cinderella too; she watched it with the mice the first time around
    • She and the mice have tried re-enacting some scenes from the movie
    • She isn’t the biggest fan of Sleeping Beauty but she does sing “Once Upon a Dream” whenever she’s alone
  • Allura and Lance loved Aladdin
  • Coran and Allura loved Atlantis
    • Shiro was the one who first showed them that movie
  • Coran and Lance sometimes sing some popular Disney songs together as duets
    • like “Be Our Guest” and “Kiss the Girl”
  • One time, Coran and Hunk blasted “Can You Feel the Love Tonight” in front of Keith and Lance. Take that how you will ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  • Everyone unanimously loved the Lion King, Treasure Planet, and Lilo and Stitch. No contest
    • Sometimes, when things feel too slow in the castle or everyone is too tired from saving the world, they would hold a late night movie marathon and would watch these three films
    • The ultimate comfort movies for the space fam 
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Name: Gabby
Age: 19
Country: USA

Hi I’m Gabby and really just want friends. I’m in college for psychology and sociology and hope to become a multicultural counselor. I want to travel but I’m willing to live bi-curiously through other people.

I love animals and my beautiful pets. I love watching game shows, RuPaul’s Drag Race, cooking shows, Food Network shows, HGTV, Stranger Things, Freaks and Geeks, Dear White People, The Get Down, Degrassi, and many others. I love the movie Heathers and the musical. I also love musicals! I’d love someone t share this love with. I also love love love anything Disney. And I love Youtubers including dan and phil, thomas sanders, h3h3, kingsley, troye sivan, rebel taxi, blameitonjorge, and most simmers.

I spend my time playing sims, listening to music, playing with my pets, sleeping, drawing, watching the stuff I listed, and really just anything I’m in the mood for. For music I listen to anything but country. My faves are One Direction and their solo material, troye sivan, the 1975, bastille, all time low, ariana grande, big time rush, kendrick lamar, childish gambino, nicki manji, blood orange, fall out boy, patd, any girl group, jonas brothers, and many many others.

Please contact me if you want to talk or anything :)

Preferences: just dont be a jerk

Hello beautiful people! Me and Julia decided to make our first awards together! Since we both adore Disney we wanted Disney Channel Original Movies as the theme! Let’s begin ~


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  • Zapped - Best New Discovery
  • Cheetah Girls - Best Under 2k
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So let’s get this fairy tale club started! March’s fairy tale will be my ultimate fave, Beauty and the Beast. The movie retelling will be the new Disney film, but I cannot decide on the book retelling. I’ve narrowed it down to a few options. Please let me know your opinion on this post, to make it easier for me to count votes!

Beauty by Robin McKinley- one of my personal favorite novels, it’s a straightforward fairy tale retelling. Disney’s animated film took many bits of inspiration from this novel (uncredited, of course, but read it and you’ll see.) However, I’ve already read it and though I love it, I can say it can be slow-paced for many readers. It’s also very much a straightforward fairy tale retelling, no unusual twists or turns. However, it could be fun to compare it to the animated classic and then the ensuing live action. 

Of Beast and Beauty by Stacey Jay- a new, YA retelling of the fairy tale with Asian influences and a blind Beauty. I have not read it, so I cannot comment on possible triggers. It looks like there may be a war between races, which can always skew super racist. But I won’t know until I read it! I like this option because it is the least Disney option and most unlike the original tale.

As Old As Time by Liz Braswell - a Disney-approved Disney author’s retelling of the Disney version, which suggests that Belle’s mother is the enchantress who cursed the Beast. 

There are other YA retellings out there, but so many of them seem to have an abusive Beast- I understand that the nature of Beauty and the Beast as a story invites possible abuse (even in the Disney version), but eh. Feel free to offer other suggestions but know I have probably already looked at them and decided against it for various reasons (A Court of Thorns and Roses and Cruel Beauty, to name a couple).

Future fairy tale months will not be so Disney-heavy, and most likely with no Disney influences at all. However, I couldn’t resist the chance for all of us to discuss the new movie and enjoy all the BatB related stuff coming out in the next month!

What do you vote for - 1, 2, 3?


One of my fave - Photo shoot for Pretty. Odd.

Okay they look so not real to me, esp Ryro looks like he’s a character from some Disney movies like Alice in Wonderland and oh my gosh Alice Through the Looking Glass is coming soon…is he gonna watch that 🎩

Mad as a Hatter. Thin as a Dime.

mush meyers headcanons

im crying i was working on these and then the loml @spotsies​ gave me this url so now they’re celebratory headcanons!

  • he’s dyslexic and autistic
  • he has a speech impediment
  • he’s diabetic (thank u @timetogoslumming​ for this hc)
  • hes a huge animal person- but he ESPECIALLY adores dogs. like, absolutely adores. he wants to own so many dogs. i cant put into words how much mush meyers loves dogs
  • he’s gay. he’s gone on dates with girls before, b/c girls like him because hes sweet and funny, but they always felt like he was just chatting with a friend or awkward to him, and he hated the expectation that he had to kiss them at the end. turns out, he enjoys going on dates with boys much more
  • modern era mush? he’s terrible with technology. he’s just really bad at figuring it out and it takes him a while to get the hang of it. he adjusted the volume on his phone in settings for months
  • he loves sweet food and pastries a lot
  • his favourite movies are dog movies. especially talking dog movies. hotel for dogs is one of his absolute faves. he also loves lady and the tramp, beethoven, air buddies, beverly hills chihuahua. as long as its happy he loves it (he hasnt watched marley and me and he refuses to)
  • he also likes old disney films, the ones with the really cute animation styles like aristocats, bambi, robin hood, peter pan… lady and the tramp crosses over into that category
  • he loves puns. dumb jokes (like jacks “on my back”) always get to him. he laughs about blink listening to blink 182 for weeks
  • he doesnt fight often at all, but if he does? he’s really good at it. mush is super strong and knows how to defend himself. he’s had to prove it- and he felt really guilty afterwards, because he genuinely doesn’t like hurting people. but if he has to stand up for himself, the people he loves, or something he truly believes in? watch the fuck out
  • modern au mush would wrestle and play baseball. he’s so strong
  • he believes in ghosts, and if the newsies in the lodging house tried to use a ouija board (probably race) he would be very very opposed and scared. the next month would be mush telling race that he’s going to die
  • he asks lots of questions. he wonders about the world a lot and though at a young age he realised no one really cared about his questions, blink always asks him what he’s thinking and he always answers honestly- questions like “do you think ants have feelings?” and “do you think animals have different noises like we have different words?” and “why do i know paint isnt tasty if ive never eaten it?”
  • he goes on a run every morning. he loves the way the morning feels- crisp air and the morning dew on the grass and the freshness of the day all just appeal to him. even the slight cold that always manages to get a shiver out of him even in his warmest coat is something he loves, and it wakes him up so that by the time he has to go out selling he can smile at the world
  • when he gets a dog, the dog accompanies him on these morning runs and he LOVES it so much. he loves being able to run alongside a dog and play fetch and stuff.
  • he also would bring his dog selling, and he’d bring his dog to dog parks in the afternoon. he and his dog would be BEST FRIENDS and inseparable
  • he and blink co-own the dog and theyre the best dog dads you could ask for
  • he’s known for being dependable. mush keeps promises and doesnt break deals. people have probably taken advantage of this before, because hes also kind :(
  • he’s also known for being resilient. it’s not easy to genuinely insult mush- a lot bounces off him and he laughs it off or just carries on his day. though there are certain topics that are sensitive to him, but it’s difficult to see unless you know him well- he prefers to lie in bed and think about these late at night than react on the spot
  • he scrunches his nose a lot. when someones jokingly teasing him, when he’s upset, when he laughs, and a few of his smiles
  • mush meyers is an amazing guy