one of my fave characters dressed as my otp thank you

10 Ridiculous Prompts From Things My Friends Have Actually Said/Done (feel free to use them or whatever)

1. “Quick! I need a two wedding dresses, and someone to drop my parents off at the Closest Church. Pronto!”

2. “I don’t always hide beneath your desk sir, but when I do, I feel very safe.”

3. “Don’t question me! Do you know what this is? THIS IS SPARTA— oh shit! Sorry, I didn’t see the ditch before I kicked you…”

4. “You! Yes you, with the face. You will adopt a child with me and we will name him Angel-Spike, in honour of my two favourite childhood characters. What do you mean you don’t know me? That is irrelevant— I HAVE SPOKEN ARTHUR! That’s your name, by the way.”

5. “Is there a problem officer? *whispers* Yes I am very aware that this is a McDonald’s drive thru, but my dad’s on the phone and I need you to play along.”

6. “If I draw a mustache on that guy’s face with ketchup, will you pay me twenty bucks?” *doesnt wait for answer and draws mustache on random guy’s face* “Why are you always pressuring me into things, god!”

7. “For a Mrs _________, we have your son by the checkouts. Thank you. *Liam Neeson voice* If you don’t bring the one million dollars and curly fries to checkout four within the next ten minutes you will never see your son ever again. Wait— what do you mean the speakers still on?”

8. “You want my honest opinion? I would, full-homo, so do you right now if we weren’t in the middle of this store and that old lady wasn’t giving me the evil eye. REALLY KILLING THE MOOD! Oh and the jeans look fine.”

9. *gets in car* “Dude, play along, okay?” *shouts out window* “AND GUESS WHAT, THIS GUY HERE? HE’S MY BOYFRIEND AND WE TOTALLY DID IT ALL OVER THE DINING TABLE, SO LONG, BITCHES!!! Floor it before Dad gets out the shotgun. Go, go, go!”

9. “I dreamed you were all pregnant with my child. It doesn’t matter that most of you are guys, it was a dream okay? You are all metaphorically up the duff because of my dream spunk and that’s that.”

10. “Okay, what’s your name?”/“Daddy.”/“I am not writing Daddy on this cup.”/“Okay, okay…. Stud Muffin.”

kathryntalbolt  asked:

Just wanted to say I love your blog & I'm really glad I found it. After seeing Suicide Squad it sucked to come online & find lots of hate directed at Harley/Jokers relationship as it was one of my fave things about the film (alongside just Margot Robbie in general because she was amazing as Harley Quinn). So it was great to find your blog & see someone with a similar view of them :) Also wondered what your favorite Harley/Joker scene was? I loved when the joker jumps into the vat to save Harley!

Thank you! I appreciate it. And yes, it really sucks that we’re being attacked even more than before now. We just have to stay strong and stick together to try and be positive and ignore them.

My favourite Joker x Harley moment from the movie HAS to be the Ace Chemicals scene. Absolutely everything about it was just so amazing, and the characterization (including the character development from Joker in that scene alone) was great. The music was also very well used during that scene, and it was visually stunning. That might just be my favourite scene in the movie overall.

But I also loved the helicopter scene a lot, as it shows how much he loves and cares about her. The “Come on, baby!” and “You got all dressed up for me?” “Oh, you know I’d do anything for you,” and “By the way, I’ve got some grape soda on ice and a bear skin rug waiting,” lines (as well as all of their other shared lines, really, lol) made me want to DIE!!! And of course, the club scene. That scene really shows to us not only how jealous and loving Joker can be, but how manipulative and downright brutal he and Harley are by playing Common’s character and murdering him.

But I mean, let’s be real: ALL of their scenes are pure gold and they’re the reason I live.