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I agree with you. I want to SEE more with Jonathan. One of my fav scenes with him was in s1 when he went to see his dad about Will. THAT was showing, not just telling. & I get it, like the kids are the draw and the show only has so much time, but they did decide to have this many characters. It's only fair to treat each one right. As screen time goes, he didn't get much, and most of it was spent on a relationship, which is great, but I want to see more. Please let next season have more!!

That scene with Lonnie in s1 is so crucial to understanding Jonathan and it’s a perfect example of showing, not telling. You get so much of their past history, and it’s clear that Lonnie used to physically abuse him, but you don’t get it through exposition. You get why the trust issues are there for him, but also how much he struggled against and made a choice to not be anything like his father. Those same trust issues were just relegated to a jokey line as part of a rom-com-ish scene in s2. Why would you just play that for humor after what you’ve established in s1? It’s a weird writing choice. 

I mean the reference in s2 we get to Lonnie and what Will and Jonathan truly experienced is that incredible castle byers monologue–how they built it when Lonnie left, and they were both sick for a week afterwards. That’s pretty heartbreaking. And that’s the Byers family–they have heartbreaking things happen and keep going. And Lonnie’s bullying and abuse is an important context for the kind of bullying Will is experiencing and how Jonathan and Joyce react to it. It just feels like there’s still a lot to explore there, and not sure why the writers wouldn’t want to. Also, if you are going to bring Billy in and show how he also experienced abuse, but has become a racist and abusive himself, then land the contrast: Jonathan and Will grew up with abuse and precisely did not become like their father. But they sorta dropped the Jonathan contrast part of this, and just made his trust issues a punchline.

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Have you seen the last episode of Supergirl? What did you think about it? I would love to hear your thoughts about it. Also did you see the cute Sanvers cuddling scene. I would LOVE to see that moment drawn in your art style, if it isn't too much to ask for...

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Do you think you could draw more of Sanvers? I really like your drawings of them! ❤️

Anonymous said:
Do you think you could draw Sanvers cuddling? (It’s find if you don’t want to, I just really like your art style)

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draw alex danvers, please!

To answer your question about the episode, it’s taken me so long to answer this ask that I’m trying to remember what ep this scene was in. If I recall correctly, it was in my least fav episode of the season, but it was followed by what I think has become my favorite episode of the entire series, so it balances out. EDIT: I don’t remember what ep this scene is in and I’m pretty sure I’m not describing the right one but whatever.

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I am totally in love with your art and I was just wondering if you would draw the danvers sisters and Sanvers hanging out together! I love them all and I wish they would get more screetime all three together!

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Hey can you draw some Maggie and Kara moments? Like Maggie ‘big sister-ing ’ Kara, making sure she’s taken care of, just like Alex does

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You’re drawings are awesome! The one of Maggie and the bonsai tree may have given me a diabetes thanks to how sweet it was :)

Maggie totally gives them pruning lessons.

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Could you please please please please draw the sanvers dancing head-touch? Pleaseeeeeee

Yeah ok.


best/fav moments from behind the scenes debut mission!!

there were too many good moments so i just chose my favs.  love how baby chick seonho is in a lot of them haha

noh taehyun imitating ha sungwoon is the best thing ever along with yongguks face when seonho hugs/latches on him

i think one of my very fav behind the scenes DW stories is, back when nick briggs and gary russell & co were making doctor who audiovisuals they had fuck all money cause they were all students, so at first they just recorded in people’s living rooms

after the first couple of seasons they started recording in an actual studio and I and most of the people involved in the AVs figured they’d just like, got permission to use it for free or smth

BUT NO it turns out what happened is, they wanted to record in a studio, located a studio, and started using it on the regular and if anyone asked what they were doing they’d just confidently state that they had permission to be there and no-one ever questioned this

& i love this because, the doctor would be so proud of them

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I just wanted to tell you that highly respect your willingness to kill of characters. It might be painful to watch but it shows you have guts and are willing to make sacrifices to make the story better. Keep up the good work!

I appreciate your words!

But keep in mind guys, while making a story, you don’t need to kill a character to make it “better”. One of my fav anime of all time Hero Academia, has 2 season 2 far, I think I’ve passed out of excitement a couple times and it hasn’t killed any characters so far, even tho the protagonist has a sort of plot armor the tension each episode remains there.

It doesn’t matter if you kill a character, if it has plot armor, if you revive them, if you pull ex-machinas all over the place, it ALL goes in how you execute a scene. That’s the true difficulty of making a story.


Once Upon A Time: Pilot 1x01
“Oh, you want to know what sucking is? Being left abandoned on the side of a freeway. My parents didn’t even bother to drop me off at a hospital. I ended up in the foster system and I had a family until I was three, but then they had their own so then they sent me back.”

Deleted Danny (1) (2) (3) (4) (5)

Going back and watching the earlier seasons plus DVD special features, I’m finding lots of deleted scenes that had great Danny moments.  

This one I just had to do a video edit instead of gifs because its just too sweet.

This is one of my favs, and I’m so mad that it got cut from the episode.  


This is just an appreciation post for my beautiful strong, female characters from one of the best Cinematic Universes of all time (in my not so humble opinion). 

We got Natasha Romanoff, ex KGB, spy, assassin, beautfiul and strong and powerful. 

We’ve got Wanda Maximoff, who is young and scared and feels alone, but would do anything to help her family, even those she doesn’t know. 

Sharon Carter, who took after aunt Peggy and saves life after life, first as a SHIELD agent, now as a CIA agent. 

You got Peggy Carter who takes crap from literally no one and who knows her own worth. She is such an inspiration I can’t even. 

Then look at Karen, who was so meek and now she’s a boss.

 And Claire, my love Claire, who is so done with superheroes but still loves them. She is so underappreciated it hurts. 

Colleen who beats people up and doesn’t give two craps because she’s so amazing. 

Jessica Jones has gone through so much and done so much for her loved ones, she gets too hurt too many times for everything she’s done. 

AND MISTY KNIGHT she slays everything. Like that gif is one of my fav Misty scenes because she just proves all these guys wrong and slays while doing it. She doesn’t follow blindly, she goes off her gut and evidence. I love her so much. 

And SKYE/DAISY JOHNSON who is my daughter and who must be protected at all costs. She’s so beautiful and has grown so much since season one it physically hurts my soul.

 Melinda May is just so powerful and she just hits people with sticks and is everyone’s actual mom but doesn’t let anyone inside except Phil and she just needs love, okay?

Bobbi Morse is super great and she loves Hunter and that’s all. She is a strong woman and a very tall one. 

Joy Meachum is just so done???? with Danny??? and her brother??? beautiful

Patsy Walker takes care of herself. She’s not a defenseless, weak woman. She’s strong and she’s trying so yeah. 


(unpopular opinion but I really liked aida so much as a villain)

and, um, GAMORA??? SLaying everything all the time

and her hecka awesome adopted assassin sister, Nebula. 

don’t get me started on my fav awkward alien MANTIS who is so awesome. 

JANE FOSTER that’s all

Darcy Lewis is pretty rad guys. 

And SIf is always awesome, She puts her duties before her emotions, without neglecting her emotions entirely. May and Nat could take a cue from her, 

AND GUEEN FRIGGA who is always so beautiful and so awesome. She gives loki so much more credit than he deserves and she loves him even though he actually sucks. 

Pepper Potts literally doesn’t let Tony give her any crap and is constantly putting other people before her. She’s so selfless, but so strong willed and so willing to save. 

Quick appreciation for Phil’s cellist girlfriend, Audrey who still loves him even though he’s not there. 

And Hope Pym is so awesome. She just wants to prove herself and show her dad that she’s cool. 

And I know we haven’t met Janet yet but she’s gonna slay. 

I’m hecka excited for Valkyrie and Hela. They gonna be great. 

Nakia, Okoye, Ayo, Shuri, and all the other women who are gonna be in Black Panther I can’t breathe I’m so excited to see them on screen I love them so much. 


UM ARE WE GOING TO TALK ABOUT MARIA HILL no well I love her and we should

so much hype for Captain Marvel 

Raina who has powers and actually sucked for like three seasons was so cool 

The Ancient One who acted out of the goodness of her heart and made mistakes. She sacrificed her life for the well being of everyone else.

 May was so funny and cooky I love it

Helen Cho, a scientist, a WOC, caught the attention of a murder bot how cool is that

laura barton just loves her husband and she gets so much hate for no reason


Antony was a girl okay and she gave everything to Scott Lang

Ana Jarvis loved her husband so much and she cared about peggy forever she is so cute

Can we get hyped for Dagger?

THOSE are only the females that I could name off the top of my head, guys. there are so many more. Marvel loves their girls and I love their girls and their girls are so inspirational to so many people. So whoever tried to tell me that Marvel didn’t care about women in their movies and gives them minuscule parts that don’t matter but tell me where the men we see and love just as much, where would they be without the women in their lives? Steve wouldn’t have gotten anywhere without his mom, for one, and even no where-r without Peggy Carter. Tony would still be an alcoholic without Pepper. Luke Cage, Danny Rand, and Matt Murdock would be dead in a ditch without Claire. SHIELD would have fallen completely and HYDRA would have risen without May, Skye, Nat, Hill, etc. They are so important. They are so important. THEY ARE SO IMPORTANT, and by saying that Marvel doesn’t care about them is literally saying that they aren’t important at all, and it’s not Marvel doing it, it’s whoever says it. Kay, so that’s all. 


(i don’t own the gifs I just found them on google images haha)

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Top 5 WestAllen kisses

I think I’ve done this particular top 5 at some point in the past, but here we go again!

1) “I love you, Barry” - “I love you, too, and I always will.” (2x23)

Originally posted by captainswaan

This moment is just so sacred to me. It means so much, and even in season 3 to the very end we saw how it is such a sticking point for him. The first time Iris told him she loved him (in a romantic sense). She was willing to wait for him. She put him first. And he was able to reciprocate that love and that desire to be with her. It may have been just a simple brush of the lips, but it was everything. (plus music + slow mo = WIN)

2) “I have not been able to stop thinking about you…I didn’t want to.” - “I’ve never stopped thinking about you.” (1x15)

Originally posted by quickflash

I don’t think I really need to explain this one, but uh… heightened near-death experience, Iris finally realizing what she wants and it’s Barry, Barry not even needing a full-on love declaration because he understands, him reciprocating even though two episodes back he insisted he didn’t have feelings for her anymore, the swoonworthy facial expressions both before and after, Iris literally having tears streaming down her cheeks when it’s over… oh, and then follow that up with Barry revealing to her that he’s the Flash - himself. Oh, and epic music and the 360 camera rotating angle. Um, yes. So much to love here.

3) “You’re just really handsome.” - “You are not so bad yourself.” (3x04)

Originally posted by soniaanguez

I don’t think I really I need to explain this one either. By far the hottest makeout session (or the only one?) in all of season 3. I still have to fan myself watching it.

4) “Now that is the Barry Allen I know and love.” (3x21)

Originally posted by awestallendevotee

Second hottest kiss of season 3. I’m done. END ME.

5) “I love you.” - “I love you.” (3x14)

Originally posted by nikascott

This whole scene was EVERYTHING. The little kisses, the ILYs, Barry being extra as hell, Iris being shook to the core… The whole thing was just so sweet and domestic, I DIE. This kiss in particular is my fav b/c you can see Iris’s little bit of tongue peeking out, making the kiss unbelievably adorable with that little bit of sizzling hot. A++

Those are my top 5 westallen kisses!! Thank you for being the first to send something in, Anon! :D

If anyone else wants to know my top 5 or 10 of anything, send your ask in!

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I can think of Mikasa as Akane in season 2, the famous " Ear scene".

Oh my god, that scene is one of my fav scenes OF ALL TIME. The music, the  voice acting. IT’S FUCKING AMAZING.

I’ve been playing that scene over and over again. I just LOVE it.

And I couldn’t help myself but to do this:

Rivamika x Psycho pass CROSSOVER 

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Shamy - Prom 💫💙

There’s no denying that I have feelings for you that can’t be explained in any other way”

I´m keep watching season 8 and I´m have so much feelings, that season was so amazing, funny and sweet for all the characthers (really one of my favs). But this episode is trully amazing, Sheldon and Amy had a big and romantic step on their relantionship, Leonard and Penny had one of the sweetest scenes, dancing together in the rooftop, and Howard and his cousin, so hilarious, love it, simply perfect!. Can´t wait for know what season 11 has for us! 💕💕 

I hope you like it and have a wonderful day!! 😘😘