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Fangirl Challenge: [1/15] Dances » 1.13 Francis and Mary

♪ “Come to me with secrets bare
I’ll love you more so don’t be scared
And when we’re old and near the end
We’ll go home and start again” ♪


We think of our emotions like they’re these unique, personal phenomena, that no one has ever felt what we have felt. There is a basis in science for every emotion we feel. Anger, love. As a scientist, I know there’s nothing magical about what makes us feel something for someone else. 

But then I see her smile. 

Man, that cannot be science.


every westallen scene ever (133/?)

Taehyung fanfiction recomendation list

I’m including here only the high quality stuff so even one star means it’s still good. Of course this whole list only my opinion and you don’t have to agree with me on my ratings.

Most of this is smut don’t judge :)


  • one good purr (deserves another) by @kimtrain
    Taehyung!FoxShifter series; smut, university life; has 4 chapters now; it’s really cute even though the whole 4 chapters is basically talking about being horny af; really well made; the author is my fav, she’s so talented ❤
  • impatient by @bxebxee
    royal au smutty work of art; it’s sooo good ❤; also check out author’s other works for your smutty needs and her draft tag for mindblowing short sneak peaks of the aus she’s coming up with (my favs: Tae’s sugar mama au and hybrid au)
  • carried away by @bxebxee
    just a smut oneshot but this one makes you feel some type of way
  • eternitarian by @maytae
    Smut, angst, piece of life, oneshot; really long but definitely worth reading; you find everything you ever wanted in this one; prepare for the cutest first time scene and the ocean of tears; piece of ART
  • zaddy by @btssmutgalore
    smut, daddy kink long series; if you’re a Taehyung stan who likes read smut and you don’t know this series or the author you’re a spy; first few chapters are bassically smut centered ;) and in later chapters more interesting things happens between characters which makes the series more fun to read
  • nude by @btssmutgalore
    pure smut series; my personal fav among the author’s works ❤; really good stuff!
  • poles apart by @xiuminsm br>★★
    oneshot; Taehyung being a cute weirdo ❤; makes you feel butterflies in you stomach; I’m not saying more to not spoil anything ;)
  • good boys like bad girls by @wildernessuntothemselves
    SubTae! school AU smut series; made realize how much I like sub Taehyung >.< really kinky ;) also I recomend checking out other works of the author because she has really interesting stuff you won’t find anywhere else!
  • pretty, pretty please, nice, motivated by @dwanrex
    she writes short but very powerful texts; her sub!Tae drabbles are my absolute favs ❤; give her more love
  • conditioned by @noona-la-la-la
    another sub!Tae series but this one is more… sensual; has a unique feel to it
  • christmass drabble by @versigny
    smut; too long to be a drabble and definitely too dirty to be a christmass drabble but i love it ;) I’ve read it probably 20 times or more already, it’s so good
  • not a little difference by @versigny
    dom!Tae smut this time; BDSM; not as rough as you would suspect it’d be
  • i need a fix by @versigny

    demon au with smut in the second chapter; I usually don’t like demon aus (yes, even the smut ones) because they tend to be just meh but this one is kinda refreshing? idk but their whole conversation in first chapter is really interesting, the second chapter just makes it all even better ;)
  • sleeping in, literotica by @noonatrash
    one-shot boyfriend Taehyung smuts; one cuter from the other :)
  • library mystery by @noonatrash

    smut; Taehyung being a cute librarian ❤; check out author’s work for more!
  • home for the holidays by @tripteach
    RA Taehyung smut; Taehyung being a cute dork; I’m kinda weak for college/university stuff so… :3

to be continued :)

[edit 30/03/2017] ADDED FEW MORE!

that sequence where mylene & jackie singing is spliced with thor & dizzee painting each other was literally one of the most beautiful and artful sequences i have ever seen in my life

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starting after the 4x03 hand snuggle scene except clarke asks bellamy to stay with her? :)

Because of Bellamy.

Thanks for the prompt anon. It’s one of my fav bellarke scenes ever and adding up some only made my heart warm up for them. Also s/o to @asavelveteen for beta’ing my fic again <3 (There will be a second part soon guys! Just wait for it!)

We are still breathing.

Clarke drops her gaze from Bellamy to the list again, staring at her name adorning far bottom of it. She is on that list now, she is going to be saved, along with Bellamy. Then she feels Bellamy’s hand on her shoulder, giving it a squeeze.

It’s in that moment that Clarke realizes that she is not saved along with Bellamy. She is saved because of Bellamy. And with that realization, memories of the numerous times Bellamy saved her life come flooding back. He has saved her from too many times to count, from anything from traps to grounders and now he’s going to save her from the second apocalypse, too.

She lifts her hand up and give his hand a squeeze too, then tilts her head and rests her cheek on their clasped hands, showing how grateful she is to have him by her side, now more than ever.

“Get some sleep.” Bellamy whispers some moments later and Clarke lifts her head up again, letting go of his hand and looking up at him. He is staring back at her with the same sad smile he’s worn since they discovered that Jaha’s bunker wouldn’t save anyone, and that the list would have to be made after all.

Clarke gives him a nod and his hand releases her shoulder, the weight of saving the human race returning heavier than before because now, she must carry the weight of forgiving herself and keep living with the decisions she’s made.

She watches as Bellamy steps to the side and heads for the door and worry washes over her face. “You can stay.” She says quickly, making Bellamy to freeze and turn to look at her. “If you want.” She adds waveringly.

Bellamy just stare at her, studying her to find what is bothering her. “Clarke…”

“I just don’t feel like being alone tonight.” She interrupts him, eyes dropping again to the list still on the table.

Bellamy gives her a sad smile again, only this time Clarke doesn’t notice it, eyes glued to the list in front of her. With a sigh, Bellamy walks back to her and lifts the list from the desk, folding it in half and setting it down underneath. “We did the right thing, Clarke.” He whispers. “Let’s hope that we don’t have to use it after all.”

Clarke stares deep into Bellamy’s brown eyes, wondering how can he comfort her like that, how he can find the right words to take some of the weight off of her shoulder when she need him to. How he can still be so strong after everything he has been through. How he still has hope.

“Are you staying?” She asks some moments after, standing up from the chair she was sitting on. The nod she gets from Bellamy warms her heart.

“I’ll take the couch.” He prompts. “You take the bed.”

Clarke wants to protest, she doesn’t want him to have an uncomfortable sleep on the couch so she can sleep in the first place. But she knows better to fight him on that. He would prefer sleeping on the floor over making it slightly awkward for them to sleep next to each other on the bed. So she just nods her head in agreement and walks pass him, making her way to the bed in the far corner of the room.

She turns her back on him and she can hear him taking off his gun belt and jacket as she does the same. Once out of their boots too, Bellamy and Clarke sit on the couch and bed respectively and glance at each other.

“Do you want me to turn off the lights?” Bellamy offers.

“No. I- I prefer to sleep with the lights on.” She tells him, trying to hide her vulnerability.

“Okay.” Bellamy nods. “Good night then.”

“Good night, Bellamy.” And with that, the two exhausted leaders lay down. To her surprise, Clarke falls asleep almost instantly.

What is not a surprise though, is the nightmare that wakes her up a couple of hours later. The first thing she seen when she comes back from her nightmare is Bellamy’s worried face, eyes wide open and concern taking hold over every muscle on his face.

“It was just a nightmare.” He whispers, cupping her cheek and tucking some stray hair from in front of her eyes behind her ear. “It’s okay, you’re okay.” He promises, coaxing her to him and guiding her head to rest on his shoulder.

Clarke lets him calm her down, she lets him comfort her for the second time tonight and she lets herself free, too. She doesn’t really realize they’re both sitting on the bed, but her arms find their way around his torso immediately and she lets the tears out without a second thought. In her cries, she feels Bellamy’s arms holding her close to him too, stroking comforting circles on her back as he whispers, “Shhh, it’s okay. You’re okay.”

She doesn’t really know how long Bellamy has been holding her and letting her cry on his shoulder, or how long he has been whispering comforting words to her before she pulls back from him. She can’t bring herself to look him in the eyes as she wipes the last tears from her own and lets go of his shirt.

“You okay now?” He whispers, hands falling on bed between them.

Clarke only nods, eyes glued on the floor. “Yeah. Thank you and…” She pauses. “I’m sorry about this.”

“Clarke.” Bellamy says and with one hand, he hooks a finger under Clarke’s chin and nudges her to look at him. “There is nothing to apologize for. We all have our moments and we all need someone when we do.”

“I know. I just- You’re probably tired from working all day and I kept you up, and…” She decides to stop talking before she says something she’ll regret later.  

“It’s okay. Really.” Bellamy insists. “Do you want to talk about it?”

Clarke stares at him surprised. Does she want that? She isn’t sure at first, but she quickly thinks it over and decides against it. “No, it’s okay. As you said, it was just a nightmare.”

“Okay.” Bellamy says lowly, not wanting to push her on the subject.

They sit in silence for a couple of minutes, Clarke’s heavy breathing finally ebbing. Neither of them want to break the silence. It’s a silence they both feel comfortable in and maybe just a little bit safe, too. It’s Bellamy who finally breaks it though.

“I guess we should go back to sleep then.” He proposes, slowly pushing himself off the bed.

“No.” Clarke protests instantly, reaching to grab his wrist. “I mean… Can you stay here, please? I don’t want to fall sleep alone again.”

Bellamy stares down at her, blue eyes pleading him. With a nod and a small smile, Bellamy climbs onto the bed and pulls Clarke to lay down with him. A moment later, Clarke has her back pressed into Bellamy’s chest and his hand around her torso, holding her close to him as his hot breath hits the back of her neck.

“Get some rest, princess. I won’t let anything near you again.” He promises, knowing that Clarke is already sleeping and she won’t hear him. Sleep comes easier for him too that night.

My favourite french movies #1

Hello! An anon has asked me to make a list of french movies I like. I like lists and I love movies. So ty mate keep up the good work. Those are mostly old but you can definitely find them with subtitles (eng or fr). Good luck!


This is an experimental movie made by Chris Marker (who died a few years ago and left me an orphan). It’s quite slow so you should be able to get it. It’s odd and beautiful, it’s about a man with a forgotten memory.

If you find this one too sinister, let me point out that Chris Marker, who’s mostly known for his documentaries, is the absolute shit. He made Joli Mai about Paris (he walked around and asked people stuff), Sans Soleil (compares Japan, Guinea, Cape Verde) or Le Fond de l’air est rouge (political, about the New Left party in Europe and the US and protest movements everywhere).


Yeah. Of course. I’ve talked about this one already. No one is surprised.


This one is from the seventies and is a free adaptation from my favourite play, Ruy Blas (VIctor Hugo - also my fav author as you know already, 1838). Also I’ve been in love with the guy who sings ever since I was 8 yo. Yup.

The scene takes place at the spanish court (imagine the costumes and decors!) during the 17th century, the old man (our Chaplin) from the extract works for the king and is a cupid little asshole who gets fired and wants revenge. Very funny, music by Michel Polnareff (french legend if you didn’t know), absolute gem.


This one was directed by Philippe de Broca (who also made L’Homme de Rio which is very similar to Indiana Jones!) and is about a writer who is trying to write (and we live whatever he’s writing as well) but keeps being interrupted. Hard to explain but pretty fun (and also, Belmondo, right?).


Belmondo again. This one was directed by famous Jean-Luc Godard! (and you should definitely watch Breathless (A bout de souffle) if you haven’t already because it’s also quite good)(but this is VERY good). A poet, bored with his life, runs away with his lover and ends up chased by the police. Very pretty/poetic.

Other posts about french movies will follow. Do you have requests?

as a kid i felt so alienated bc of the orientalism throughout the scene as well as the fact i felt like i never looked like anyone. i never looked like anyone in the scene, i never looked like any popular bloggers, i never would ever look like the ideal scene girl (skinny, pale, long straight hair). my fav member of mcr was ray toro for the longest time just because he was the closest i got to someone who looked like me. 

it’s so fucked up that when i ask someone if they know any alt/emo bands with members of colour they can’t name any off the top of their heads, but no one seems to realise this