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zimbits facebook au

Here’s some ramble for a zimbits (what? whoda thunk) alternate meeting thing.

Samwell has a missed connections page on Facebook. All our favs follow it, mainly for lols and as a procrastination method. Like any good zimbits-at-samwell au, Bitty is not on the hockey team. He’s just a regular, non-athletic student (well he’s athletic, but, like, not on a team on campus, you get what I’m saying).

Jack takes photos still because I love incorporating photography into my fics. So he takes a photo, let’s say of some geese, and when he’s looking through the photos later, he notices Bitty in the background of one of them. It’s not in a creepy, “oh my god that person is so sexy I’m want to date/bone them” way, more like “do I know this person from somewhere?”

So anyway, Jack maybe mentions it at team bfast and people are like “we’re going to solve the shit outta this case! Let’s get us a floral van and a dog!”. Impressive sounding, but really all they do is post the photo to the Facebook page (Samwell Campus Missed Connections) with like a “if anyone knows who this is, please let the hockey captain know because he recognizes you but can’t remember where from and it’s bugging him and driving us mental”… or something to that effect.

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Ships! (Short imagines included)

-Matt ship (Mdotespinosa)

-Shawn ship (Maydaymydarling)

-Cameron Ship (Arebelsheart)

-Hayes Ship (omg-thatgirl-world)

-Gilinsky ship (Heart-eye-emoj-i)

-Nash ship (daily-grier)


Cameron dallas sexual(ish)

Cameron dallas-modelin and shit

My youtube video on seeing Matt!

Cameron Dallas being hot (as usual)

Nash/Jack/Jack, drug addiction confessional (Tw drug mention)


Matthew Espinosa- I could make you Happy. (Tw: Domestic violence)

Cameron Dallas imagine

Hayes Grier (kinda smut-kinda not)

Cameron Dallas- you overwork yourself

Jacob whitesides- is this love (WITH MUSIC AYE)

Jack Gilinsky- jealous 

Dillion imagine (tw warning aniexty, self imagine issues, etc.) Part 1  Part 2

Taylor Caniff (tw selfharm)

Shawn Mendes- walk

Cameron Dallas (tw self harm) Part one Part 2

Jack G- Pregnant 

My Gifs/pictures!

Imagine Matt looking at you like this (gif)

Fav gif of Matt (gif)

Matt being a cupcake waving to fans (gif IN CHICAGO)

Matt eyefucking MY camera (gif)

Matt at the Verizon event in Chicago (photo) 

Matt at the Verizon event in Chicago (photo 2)

Preferences! :D

Getting caught together 1

Getting caught together 2

How you cuddle

How he holds your hand

The way he kisses you

What body part he likes about you

How he looks at you

How he comforts you

The way he talks about you when you’re not around

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I feel like this needed to be posted

Gavin’s holding a lava bucket

Michael’s holding a pick

Ray is ovs holding a Rose

Ryan is holding the hide of Edgar after the mad king struck and murdered him

Geoff is holding some rootbeer because JD isn’t in the games

and Jack is holding some stairs bc fuck it he built a house


An assortment of photos from yesterday at LFCC! The first two were taken by willwebbful and the last one by @katsu-x5 !

tbh this con was just “right which rhys ship are we doing now” like the gun pics were inspired by chapter nine of my fav rhack fic “never looked better”

Rhys: giuseppimezzoalto
Jack: johnnyfuckinggat
Fiona: moist-von-lipwig
Vaughn: shaun-riley