one of my fav parts in this interview

Meet Zane Pittman

Meet Zane Pittman, a 31 year old, self employed tattoo enthusiast from Greensville, SC that truly has a smart ass.

(IFAR) How old were you when you got your first tattoo?
(ZP) 22

(IFAR) What was it of?

(ZP) It was a sad tribal band

(IFAR) Sad as in a poor excuse for a tattoo?

(ZP) Ha yes

(IFAR) Ahh, a tattoo lovers worst nightmare, bad ink.

(ZP) Ha yes

(IFAR) Was it covered up for fixed?

(ZP) I went through it on my sleeve

(IFAR) How many tattoos do you have?

(ZP) Ehhhh about 160 hours. Not sure the number. I have went 73 weeks straight letting my friend tattoo my left leg.

(IFAR) Thats very impressive!

(IFAR) What’s your favorite one?

(ZP) I have a portrait of einstein on my right butt cheek he’s my fav. Because im a true smart ass.

(IFAR) HA! Clever.

(IFAR) Is there any part of your body you wont get tattood?
(ZP) The main part of my face

(IFAR) Ive yet to interview someone willing to get their genitals tattood. Are you saying you would?

(ZP) Yep i have plans to tatoo the base of mine and possibly my balls. Im tattoing my gooch as well (the area between your asshole and balls)

(IFAR) What are you getting tattood down there?

(ZP) “Almost there" around the base. (for deep throaters) gooch is still undecided

(IFAR) You lived up to your word as a smart ass haha

(IFAR) What tattoo hurt the most?
(ZP)  Armpit or sternum

(IFAR) Sounds painful for sure

(ZP) Ive been in my armpit area 4 times now

(IFAR) Keep going back for more pain?

(ZP) lol touchups and color

(IFAR) Got it

(IFAR) Do you think tattoo’s contribute to sex appeal?
(ZP) Not sure about sex appeal, maybe it gives some people confidence and confidence defintely equals sex appeal.

(IFAR) Good answer

If you want to get a hold of Zane here’s some social media information

And as a bonus, here’s the smart ass for real

Imstagram: toothlessterror

Facebook Zane Hammer (page) Zane Hammer Pittman (personal)

Twitter: tooflessterror

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i'm really digging that russ is getting more attention this phase (at the expense of attention for noodle which sux). He was my fav part of the interview. He's grumpy and tired and got hurt feelings when the lads ditched him at New York and needs to be settled down but he's the only one who actually knows anything about the album. I was the anon who said muds and russ remind me of my two dads and russ was exactly like my dad this interview. It was wonderful.

my favourite bit of the recent interview was when he called murdoc and 2D boneheads………he loves them but they piss him off…………..bless


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