one of my fav parts in this interview

colubrina  asked:

Post 10 facts about yourself + pass it onto 10 favs 💕

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1. I offered a spirited defence for the assertion that reading Bridget Jones’s Diary was just as important as reading Jane Eyre or any other ‘classic’ novel about being a young woman as part of my entrance interview for university.

2. I am good at catching because one of my best friends once spent a day pelting me with tangerines to ‘keep me sharp.’

3. I consider any distance two miles or under to be walkable.

4. At the age of about 15 I went through quite a serious shoplifting phase.

5. I teach yoga.

6. Cheese makes me retch.

7. I’m going to be dog-sitting my friend’s Italian greyhound in a couple of weeks and I’m so excited I could die.

8. I’m a total theatre nerd.

9. I’m also a massive snob.

10. Sometimes it feels like all my friends are lawyers. Except for the aforementioned tangerine-throwing friend, who is an opera singer. You can tell why he’s my favourite.

I get the impression that I’m so behind on this pretty much everyone has been tagged or asked by now?? BUT YOU ARE ALL MY FAVOURITES 💙💙