one of my fav parts in this interview


I’m going to type out the chat first so you can reference back to it while reading-

I: KJ, what flavor of milkshake do you think would bring the most boys to the yard

K: [laughs] my fav… [laughs] what? who said that?

-they then figure out who asked the question-

K: banana probably

I: [starts laughing]

K: banana is my favorite 

I: [laughing] okay

K: banana is my favorite…uh…milkshake

I: I’m gonna let the fans read into that whatever they want-

Okay, this interview has been discussed before, so I’ll keep this part brief. Once the interviewer asks the question, KJ becomes visibly nervous and starts to laugh. We’ve all seen KJ laugh and this one seems to be a pretty fake and nervous one. 

KJ goes on to ask who wrote that question and works out how to pronounce her name. Seems like he’s trying to distract from the question. Then he answers “banana”. As I wrote above, he repeats his answer (not asked to, just did) and pauses for a moment between “favorite” and “milkshake”. 

His second time saying it had more of a “no I’m serious it’s just the fruit” vibe. Which, didn’t work out for him when he started to stumble on his words. Why the pause? I don’t think he was even going to say milkshake. 

End of that. Now, we all know a new promo for Riverdale 2x02 just came out x. It features The Pussycats singing “Milkshake” while Kevin, Archie, Ronnie, Jughead, and Betty were in the crowd. There’s one part I want to focus on. 

The lyrics at this time in the promo are “what the guys go crazy for”

Jughead looks over at Archie with a big grin on his face. I can’t imagine that this was scripted. Archie did not look back. It was not a moment they shared showing how happy they were to be with their girlfriends. Archie was focused on Ronnie and Jughead was more focused on Archie than he was his own girlfriend. Riverdale would not skip out on BH time to tell Jughead to look over fondly at Archie. 

This seems like Cole, not Jughead. KJ’s interview happened well before the filming of season 2 began. Cole looks like he remembered what KJ had said and looked over at him to catch his eyes, but when KJ stayed in character and went to kiss Ronnie, Cole looked back to the Pussycats. 

I guess some shared jokes stick with you no matter how much time has passed. I’d say Cole probably teases KJ about it all the time. It’s nice to finally have content showing that this part of the ET interview really was about him and Cole. 

Meet Zane Pittman

Meet Zane Pittman, a 31 year old, self employed tattoo enthusiast from Greensville, SC that truly has a smart ass.

(IFAR) How old were you when you got your first tattoo?
(ZP) 22

(IFAR) What was it of?

(ZP) It was a sad tribal band

(IFAR) Sad as in a poor excuse for a tattoo?

(ZP) Ha yes

(IFAR) Ahh, a tattoo lovers worst nightmare, bad ink.

(ZP) Ha yes

(IFAR) Was it covered up for fixed?

(ZP) I went through it on my sleeve

(IFAR) How many tattoos do you have?

(ZP) Ehhhh about 160 hours. Not sure the number. I have went 73 weeks straight letting my friend tattoo my left leg.

(IFAR) Thats very impressive!

(IFAR) What’s your favorite one?

(ZP) I have a portrait of einstein on my right butt cheek he’s my fav. Because im a true smart ass.

(IFAR) HA! Clever.

(IFAR) Is there any part of your body you wont get tattood?
(ZP) The main part of my face

(IFAR) Ive yet to interview someone willing to get their genitals tattood. Are you saying you would?

(ZP) Yep i have plans to tatoo the base of mine and possibly my balls. Im tattoing my gooch as well (the area between your asshole and balls)

(IFAR) What are you getting tattood down there?

(ZP) “Almost there" around the base. (for deep throaters) gooch is still undecided

(IFAR) You lived up to your word as a smart ass haha

(IFAR) What tattoo hurt the most?
(ZP)  Armpit or sternum

(IFAR) Sounds painful for sure

(ZP) Ive been in my armpit area 4 times now

(IFAR) Keep going back for more pain?

(ZP) lol touchups and color

(IFAR) Got it

(IFAR) Do you think tattoo’s contribute to sex appeal?
(ZP) Not sure about sex appeal, maybe it gives some people confidence and confidence defintely equals sex appeal.

(IFAR) Good answer

If you want to get a hold of Zane here’s some social media information

And as a bonus, here’s the smart ass for real

Imstagram: toothlessterror

Facebook Zane Hammer (page) Zane Hammer Pittman (personal)

Twitter: tooflessterror


My fav. 5sos tumblr posts part 1


Job hunting while working sucked majorly. I was not allowed to bring my phone into class at my old job and I had been training my replacement, so a lot of times I couldn’t respond back to a recruiter until till late, or couldn’t do a Skype interview within a recruiter’s work hours, so they would just drop off the face of the planet. It’s kind of annoying because I am a frickin great candidate, I just need them to work with me.

One recruiter’s slow response time cost me a job interview though. I saw this great position for part time and only elementary (my fav age group to teach). I sent her a message to check if they sponsored E2 visas and they did! So I sent an email right back saying I could do an interview that same day if need be or the next day. The recruiter didn’t respond back. So I checked in with her today. That’s when she finally talks to the school only to find out that someone was hired yesterday night. That could have been meeeeee. TAT

This long holiday is going to put a serious wrench in my job hunting plans, but I’m hoping that as soon as it ends, I can get a job quick because I’ll be totally available for any and all interviews at that point. I only have October to search for a job and the closer I get to my visa expiry date the more nervous I become (can’t go on a D10 because of the stupid rules to get the F2). T_T

my fav SJW GETS LOGIC’D compilations are the ones where most of the content is an sjw calmly explaining their entry level cookie cutter mtv progressive viewpoints and the interviewer immediately getting flustered and jumping to the most insanely exaggerated conclusions and talking over le sjw whenever they try to say that thats not what they meant, and theres like sean hannity and piers morgan in it

and the rest is just like painfully slow moving ideological stalemates that are smaller in number but take up more space through sheer length than the parts where stuff actually happens