one of my fav parts in this interview

so because there’s not ever enough natalie dormer appreciation, the admins of dailydormer have worked together and come up with an idea to celebrate one week of natalie dormer appreciation!

basically from 19th may to 25th may, we will be following the following meme, you can, and should, join us too! 

the meme:

  • day one: natalie + role(s)
  • day two: natalie + quotes
  • day three: natalie + interviews
  • day four: natalie + photoshoots
  • day five: natalie + fav. outfits
  • day six: natalie + hair porn
  • day seven: natalie + random (whatever you want!)

guidelines and rules:

  • the date is from 19th may - 25th may
  • everyone can join in!
  • it can be in the form of edits, graphics or gifs
  • tag your posts with #natalie dormer appreciation week so we can see them and reblog them onto this blog!
  • use the tag within the first five tags! so it can show up!
  • please do take part!