one of my fav pages in comics



1- Just wanted to draw my fav boy with his hair down, it was alil experimental because I dont really know how his hair works and just fucked around until it looked half decent~

2- A version of him w/o glasses just for funsies.

3- Chibi Erasermic smooches before they have to go to work

4- MidMic doodle comic. Aizawa isn’t the only one who gets him. I hc that Mic lets his facial hair grow when he is not doing so well and Midnight knows this. (This can be either platonic or romantic, I like both so…)

5- Erasermic filled sketchbook page, how Mic and Aizawa  went from rivals who hate eachother for pety reasons to best friends. 

6- Another Erasermic filled sketchbook page, Platonic gifts that mean the world.



Part Three, I guess?  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Part One ✮Part Two ✮

It turns out I played myself, I checked the amount of pages these needed and it went over 10 and if I were to stop it at that point it would literally cut off a page or two so I’m splitting the finale in half which I guess is good since it leaves part three at a very interesting cliffhanger. What will Adrien say in our part four finale?? All i have to say is;

These and other outfits you will be able to see them in my skam fanzine… with some of my fav fashion of the show and fav moments that you can see like comic pages that i did to illustrate those moments

What if I were to make kinda-comic pages of each chapter in the acotar series? Is that too ambitious? Should I just do acomaf because it’s my fav? Is one book still too ambitious? I feel like it’ll help me with things I’m terrible at drawing? It’ll be cool to draw what I picture?
Input please??????????

“Shizu-chan the legend of seven fleas”

Because on twitter pointed out that Eris from an animated movie called “Sinbad the legend of seven seas” is a totall Izaya


Plus this is a cartoon that was one of my fav in my childhood so I decided to redraw one of the scenes from the movie. 

Shizuo as Sinbad and Izaya as Eris, a goddess( he can be a god, a goddess, whatever) of chaos

On the side note god damnit why does colourful pages take SO much time to be done

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i loved your last mini comic of GOT!!!!!Did you ship jonerys???

Awwww thank you anon!!!!everytime i try to draw doodles i always end up drawing one of my fav scenes like a comic page… rare….and yes i ship JONERYS!!!!!SINCE SEASON 1!SO I WILL Draw MORE JONERYS MOMENTS SOON!

“Naruhodo, I-” Asougi took a step closer to his friend and Ryuunosuke took a reflexive step back. The sense of anticipation rang even more clearly, and the excitement of something about to happen hung in the air. Ryuunosuke didn’t know what it was, but he could feel it. The tension had changed from a dark, overbearing weight to a fast-paced excitement, and Ryuunosuke’s heart pounded.

But Asougi cut himself off and didn’t finish the sentence. Ryuunosuke wanted nothing more than to press him, to wring whatever it was he had been about to say out of him, but he knew that it would only make Asougi clam up even tighter. Asougi refused to meet Ryuunosuke’s eyes.

“We should go inside. It’s getting cold.” The two parted ways at the entrance of Asougi’s dorm building, and the night suddenly felt incredibly empty.

Love Makes Fools of Us All - Ch 11

Initially I was just going to redraw a mini comic (of two panels) and ended up what feels like manga page (I tried)

Give it a read! It’s such a fun and cute fanfic and let’s hope for that sequel :,D

seriously, these are some of my fav layouts in history

the way the “conversation” between metropolis and the question plays out is one of the best uses of panel layout ever. the top of the page is taken up by the other characters and is arranged in a traditional comic book sort of narrative-story style while one of these runs along the bottom of each page

Finally! ! A lyric comic to one of my fav songs for one of my fav games :) the comic starts around 1:45 in the song, god imagine how long this would be if if i did the whole song? anyways, enjoy!! more under the cut :)

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100 things art challenge for myself

by catrockchen Rules: I can complete more than one challenge within a day, but I must complete 1 daily. I can skip around. Each drawing must live up those of the previous day by being better or different. They must all come from life.
Each day I will have to draw an environment in addition to the daily challenge.

1. Self portrait (3 versions)
2. Houses (5 studies)
3. 6 body parts
4. Shoes (7 studies)
5. Color
6. Trees (7 studies)
7. Body variations
8. Cars (9 studies
9. Feet in 11 different styles.
10. No pen/black. Only shapes. No line.
11. Electronics (20 studies)
12. Hands in 10 color palettes)
13. Daily environment/life.
14. Animation concept
15. Animation character design
16. 3 environment studies
17. Pattern study
18. Redesign clothing I am wearing that day
19. Animation storyboard
20.vespas and motorcycles
21. Hyperealism
22. Shadows from foliage
23. Repetition with color
24. Two t-shirt designs
25. Birds eye view
26. 3 OC designs I plan on using
27. Storytelling in one image
28. 10 comic strips
29. 20 surfaces and textures.
30. My 3 meals
31. Gross vs beautiful
32. Space vs underwater
33. 3 environments from 3 different personality’s perspectives
34. Every single Disney princess
35. Shoulders, necks, and chin studies
36. Three fav sports
37. 10 improvements of 1 study
38. 8 pants studies
39. 9 shirt studies
40. 12 dresses
41. 4 computers
42. 8-bit content or style
43. Distortion and exaggeration or fisheye
44. Motion study as a complete illustration
45. Redraw 1 sketchbook page as completion
46. Large painting in acrylics
47. Some hats
48. Water on surfaces
49. Seasons
50. Holidays
51. Imaginary things in real environment
52. Ugly sketches made likable
53. What’s in your bag
54. Hair studies (20 versions)
55. More vehicles
56. Draw your dream
57. Super exaggeration of 16 bodies on one page
58. Cultural studies
59. Animation idea/concept 2
69. Animation idea/ concept 3
70. Patterns on background
72. Fleshed out animation sceneries
73. 5 different styles of backgrounds for animations
74. Bag full of love and heart
75. Stories I like
76. Childhood events
77. 20 eyebrow studies
78. Freebie (whatever I want)
79. Aging of 3 faces
80. Decaying objects
81. Light and shadow with extreme perspective
82. I exaggerated animated action under 5 seconds
83. Redraw an old story idea with a new style
84. Draw a person in 6 different dimensions.
85. Put myself multiple times in 1 drawing
86. Draw tiny and draw big
87. Animate an inanimate object
88. Animate something (freebie)
89. Sketches in homework and lecture notes
90. Time lapse of tech in 1 image
91. Animate emotions
92. Pretend to pitch a show idea
93. Fully animated scene.
94. Animate an illusion
95. Artist inspired
95. Animate an artist inspired
96. More background art
97. OCs based on animals (5)
98. OCs based on shapes (5)
99. Fantasy vehicle
100. Fantasy house

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Heya! Gotta ask since you seem to be a famous blogger! You know any good UNDERTALE artists?! Btw. Love your stuff! :D Thanks!

I am in no way famous lol haha :’D BUT…I DO KNOW of AMAZING artist!!!! Since I am currently in UT abyss, I’ll list my favourites who draw tributes to it.

@sansybones  creates AMAZING storytelling and art, she really knows her stuff well and also uses traditional art ♥ Her comics inspire me a ton and you should realyl check her things out if you still haven’t - you missing out on a lot!!

@22o22 art has absolute mesmerizing style, the art is very original though it might be a tad disturbing for some because of the violence (I am also not fond of fontcest but most of the art is safe). Nevertheless, they are very unique!!!

@onieon creates really wonderful sans art filled with lot of emotion and style! ♥ they also do lot of cute sansfrisk art. I could list here so so SO many blessed asian artists. I can list @noahxica  (//;__;// tears of joy all time) // @ain0000 (seriously gasping) // stumbled recently upon @lazuen93 who breaking my heart with cute sansfrisk art.

@nyublackneko // @junkpilestuff  always enjoying their work, both have their uniqe drawing style - while Nyu has very clean, readable art that immediately captures your heart and she has great humour! Her mob AU is one of my most favourite things currently. Junkpile has a style that somehow pulled me in on first look (still unsure why) - there’s just SOMETHING special in it that I identify my self with. She was also great inspiration for me w Echotale (and I have a terrible crush on her stoneface :’D)

@velocesmells makes me SPEECHLESS ♥ Her art is so so good it makes me cry at times haha. And she makes very heartwarming comics about Floweypot and blind Frisk

@elictsins  makes me cry too…. though for more pathetic reasons that u will understand once u click on her page.. Her art is stunningly attractive ///@__@/// and now I don’t just say this because she draws the hottest G!sans that ever existed but it is quality art. I have to warn about the nsfw things though *sweats*

If you want to know my favs from not Undertale related pile, here they go >> each and every one of them has given me great inspiration and embodies something I strived for ♥ They are all worth checking out!

@emmyc  - was my first artcrush and I still can’t get enough. She’s not very active lately because she works as storyboarder (also on Gravity Falls) but you can check her old works// @chechula  - her lineart flows so smoothly and is so very interesting with shapes and colors ♥ // @moosekleenex - quality inking and very clever and wise advice, also something I realte to personally// @burdge - RAD ART WITH PENCILS // @seventypercentethanol - one of alltime favourites. Her snippets of travelers and lovers in different worlds is a theme I have a very personal connection to. She also one of main inspirations for Echotale in a way. // there are many many more but I can’t remember some of the nicknames so I end the list here, because I could continue forever >__<;;; I admire TON OF PEOPLE. Really.

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I know that asking this on Anon probably reduces my chances of getting a response but here goes. Ive been reading Blindsprings for a while now, and its quickly grown into one of my fav webcomics. For a while now Ive been working on my own comic, though I haven't started it because Im afraid of how people will react to it, and that my skills as an artist wont be able to do it justice. Ive worked on it for a long time now (almost 3 years) and I dont want to let it die. Any advice on what to do?

First of all, I’m really glad you like my comic!

Secondly– making the decision to go from your head to the page is a hard one, because it goes from fun idea that you enjoy to extremely hard work that you hope others appreciate. I actually first started producing pages for Blindsprings in 2009 and quickly stopped after I realized how much work and thought has to go into the story.  After that, I started actually writing things down and drawing story ideas, planning costumes and backgrounds. So it’s taken a really long time, even after I made that first decision to pursue it as a comic!

I don’t think the art skills thing is an issue tho! Many comics started out really roughly (look at Paranatural’s first pages!) and the artists gained skill as they progressed. I’ve changed a ton since my first page of Blindsprings, even if I might be the only one who noticed it.

One thing I will suggest is since this is a comic idea you’ve been working on for so long (I started working on Blindsprings in 2007) and you seem to be worried about doing it justice, the biggest change for me from “maybe I’ll do the comic again” to “I’M DOING THE COMIC AGAIN” was that I participated in a comic anthology project and produced a 30 page comic PRIOR to working on my own idea. It helped me work out the kinks and figure out how long things took to produce and a bunch of things I figured out for time saves then I still use today.  It gave me a lot of confidence, and I wholeheartedly suggest working on some short comics unrelated to your magnum opus to start! 

We are many, and we’re not the same!

My name is Ana Luiza Koehler, 37, I’m from Porto Alegre, southern Brazil and I’ve been reading comics since I was a small kid. It was then that I feel in love with the medium, and later became an illustrator and comic author myself. I love to share this passion with othes and see more people getting interested in and contributing to this field.

That’s why we need more stories, different stories. We need diversity so that more and more people can relate to and see themselves and their imaginary on the pages of a comic book, and feel welcome and respected to make their voices heard.    

As a kid my absolute favs were New Teen Titans, X-Men, Justice League International, Suicide Squad and many others; more recently the french Bande Dessinées series “Amours Fragiles”, “Sur les Terres d’Horus”, “Le Chat du Rabbin”, “Aya de Yopougon”, have taken over but there’s room for them all! 

As one of the curators of one of Brazil’s biggest comics’ conventions, the Festival Internacional de Quadrinhos de Belo Horizonte (FIQ-BH),my work is focused in the inclusion of all audiences in the medium, and I strongly believe we have a lot more to gain by doing this than by segregating or excluding.

We all love comics, and we all deserved to be included and respected, because we are comics!

Hashtag your post “#i am comics,” or submit your photo here!