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I feel ya need a break from Dumbchurch s3; lets speak of happy story telling. I notice you like Aardman animation. What stories ya like from them, and why? Creature Comforts is a personal fav of mine for the simplicity of it, and all the nutty things kids says.

Chicken Run has been my favourite movie since I was a kid, and I love all of Wallace and Gromit. The evil Penguin is one of the greatest and most menacing villains of all time. Oh and the Shaun the Sheep movie! A more recent masterpiece. I don’t know why but I find it very soothing to look at the sheep’s wool in that.

Let me tell you a little story.

When I was teenager (so long ago) I loooooooved Jackie Chan movies. I specially loved the ones he did with Owen Wilson, Shanghai Noon and Shanghai Knights, ‘cos of the nice friendship and humour and Owen’s character was funny and useless (and the fights, oh my god, those fight scenes!)

Well, there was a kid in the second movie who was just so cute, like incredibly cute

He was still too young, but I told myself this kid is going to grow up hot.

Fast forward ten years, I’m looking to my new fav marvel actor’s IMDB page AND I SEE THAT IT’S HIM, IT’S HIM AFTER TEN YEARS

I said that he would grow up hot and boy




Why I’m glad the new Ghostbusters exists:

I didn’t really think it was a great movie, it was really a pretty typical Paul Feig flick, parts of it landed and parts of it didn’t. Enjoyable all around, but not really my fav movie of his.

But when I was a kid, I mean a really young kid, we’d often play pretend based around the movies and TV shows we had seen. Back then, it was Disney movies mostly. So we’d have a class of a dozen or so preschoolers, and we’d all have to pick a character to be. Every girl would have to fight over the princess. Because those movies would have only one female character with a speaking role. If you were lucky, when we played Lion King, one girl would get to be Nala, and another girl would get to be Sarabi, and that’d be like, it. Or when we played Beauty and the Beast, one girl would be Belle, and the rest of the girls would have to be the bimbos who follow Gaston around because there were no more female characters. Those girls I’m pretty sure didn’t even have names. 

Even by the time I hit kindergarten things were changing. The Powerpuff Girls were around. Sailor Moon was around. Heck, The Spice Girls were around. No one would have to fight over who would be the Pink or Yellow ranger anymore. We had a whole squad of badass girls to be. 

So it makes me really happy to see that things have come so far. Today there are all kinds of shows with lots of female characters like Steven Universe. Today there are movies with lots of women playing lots of roles. Today little girls can run around and be their favorite Ghostbuster, and you don’t have to have 3 Cinderellas or girls pretending to be characters that didn’t have speaking roles. Mind you there’s still ground to cover considering the backlash this got, and I know my perspective lacks intersectionality (the limited experiences of a white girl, I can only imagine this problem is exponentially worse for POC) but I’m happy to see things changing, little by little.

Incoming Disney Princess Merch. Rant

ok so for those of you whose classic disney is a bit rusty. this is my gal aurora:majesticsassyeyebrow game: STRONG

ok so, long story short. i made the mistake of looking up princess aurora barbie dolls on google and i just…not too bad but looks more like rapunzel than aurora. and always with the pink dress goddamn that was like a whole 30 seconds of the movie.the fuck is that dress supposed to be?are you shitting me. look at the “new design” pic as well just… no, why.most accurate dress. unfortunately it’s terrifying.

and i get it, i get that kids are gonna wreck these anyway and chop all the hair off. but it’s infuriating knowing that my fav princess since i was 3 gets the shaft when it comes to merchandise and they remove every bit of her original personality. like they couldn’t have ONE proper collector’s edition or something that is actually fairly accurate to the movie???

and it’s not like they haven’t managed to get at least a few decent dolls for their other princesses. so why does aurora always ALWAYS get messed up? is it because she has the ‘standard barbie blonde hair and blue eyes’? so they just use the model for any other random doll, curl her fringe, and slap the disney label and a pink dress on her? is that what’s happening here?

needless to say i was feeling pretty low.

but then, a miracle happened.

buried amongst the blinding pink and blank stares of the other pictures. i came across this:this magnificentGLORIOUSre-painted and styled doll by Lulemee

and my faith in humanity has been restored! THAT IS HOW IT’S DONE.


Pinocchio’s one of my favorite Disney movies (terrified me as a kid, so that adoration and love came much later when I was in high school), and I feel like it doesn’t get the appreciation it deserves from the Disney fandom, probably because there aren’t princesses, it’s got its freaky parts, it’s episodic and simple…but I feel it’s one of the best Disney’s ever made.

Jiminy’s my fav but I also really love Pinocchio himself. Not only is his design appealing, his animation is stunning and beautiful, they really nailed giving him the body language and behavior of a little boy who knows nothing of the world, but I feel in the last third he really does prove himself tremendously. He shows that he’s actually really clever and incredibly brave and selfless. As soon as he knows his father’s in trouble, he doesn’t hesitate to go save him. When Jiminy tries to talk him out of it, he doesn’t even listen, just says his goodbye to his best friend because he knows he might not come back. And of course, being the bestest best friend ever, Jiminy doesn’t waste any time in coming with him.

I like to imagine what Pinocchio’s like growing up and learning his father’s trade. He’d probably excel at it, even though I imagine his ironic weak spot is wood carving because of the occasional existential crisis. He’s probably great at mechanical stuff though (if mostly because I want to draw him wearing gloves and using a magnifying glass and tinkering like Tinker Bell). But yes, movement probably fascinates him a great deal: he wants all his toys to seem alive. So hopefully some more Pinocchio stuff from me some day, and Jiminy and all the rest.

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