one of my fav lyrics ever


from a mountain in the middle of the cabins // panic! at the disco (x) (x)


the lyrics are just heartbreaking. still my fav tabi song ever and one of my fav bb songs 

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“two hearts in one home it’s hard when we argue we’re both stubborn i know” (sweet creature)

“this sting upon me howl like a beast you flower you feast” (woman)

“even my phone misses your call by the way” (from the dining table)

“i’ve been praying i never did before” (ever since new york)

“hard liquor mixed with a bit of intellect” (kiwi)

“it’s new york baby always jacked up holland tunnel foreign noses always backed up” (kiwi)

“same red lips same eyes blue same white shirt couple more tattoos” (two ghosts)

“we’re just two ghosts swimming in a glass half empty” (two ghosts)

“i just left your bedroom give me some more of you” (meet me in the hallway)

“you look pretty good down here but you ain’t really good” (sign of the times)

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Marteeee I miss you talking about music! Would you maybe share some of your favorite songs you are currently listening to? 💖

helloooo, lovely!! 💖 omg this is sosoosoooo sweet?? ofc i l o v e talking abt music (^:

rn i really love american beauty by girlpool (girlpool in general is fucking fantastic, pls check out before the world was big - great album). their new singles are rly great too. 

one of my fav artists, kaja gunnufsen, just came out with a new single and it’s fucking fantastic - it’s called unik!! her lyrics are iconic, as usual

i’m rly into the party & the after party by the weeknd! it’s so fucking good, probably one of my faves by him.. it samples master of none by beach house, which is one of my fave songs ever. i just?? love?? how he blended it w the beat and yeah i just have a lot of feelings abt this song 

i just recently found this band called moses gunn collective and i rly like shalala

i also rediscovered daniel jonhston and i listen to true love will find you in the end and some things last a long time while crying - it is a m o o d

the expanded edition of either/or by elliott smith came out recently and i adore all the live versions on that record and especially i don’t think i’m ever gonna figure it out. it’s not on this record, but i’ve also been listening a lot to alphabet town by him. 

i love karpe diem, as usual. rn i love sakte film, piano and gunerius (which i’ve pretty much been obsessed with since it came out last year)

OHHH i almost forgot, but i’m super into no long talk by drake ft. giggs!!


YA AINT GOT IT (that’s probably one of my fav lyrics ever)

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Again, I LOVE the ones you chose this time as well ^-^ And omg don't apologize for not replying haha :) AANYWAYS. Favorite song? I don't even need a minute to think about that. 5 fine frökner and o helga natt. Well 5 fine frökner is like the most iconic song ever! I completely forgot to point out that the kitchen scene is definitely one of my favs so I obvs love the song too. I literally know the lyrics by heart. I think this perfectly describes my love for skam haha. So what's yours? ♡☆

(Part 2 of the previous ask)ok I haven’t watched s1 and s2 fully for various reasons, so let me chose from the fourth one. So I’m fell in love with “fy faen” and it’s my favorite from s4 so far. I’m trying my best to learn the lyrics so I can sing along but it’s HARD. Hahaha

damn! mine is O Helga Natt, too. what can i say i am a simple person :D i also like “Lantern” by The White Birch (the song from minute for minute) ♥ (btw i dont think i can ever learn 5 fine frökner’s lyrics so great job♥♥)

in s1- run boy run (this also played in 13rw and i can’t help but smile which was a little bit awkward because…you,know the show is about a dead girl..anyways)

s2- more than words NOORAAAA♥♥

and i can’t believe i forgot s4????????ohmygod?? i think i still can2t believe it started asdhj

and s4- fy faen (it’s so gooood. i dont think i can learn the lyrics but i can pretend sajgdhas) and i really liked the Kiss Me by ed sheeran (tension betwwen sana and yousef was surreal ajdhas)

fav outfit?


Hey thanks @an-alien-or-sutin for tagging me in this. I love talking about my favorite albums! and like you, this will probably take me hours. HERE WE GO. (aside from #1, theyre in no order. Im listing them as they come.)

Jakes TOP 10 ALBUMS (for now)

1. Frances the Mute - The Mars Volta : This is still my favorite album after years. The first time I heard this, it blew me the fuck out of the water. I didnt know albums could be this large in scale. All the songs flowed perfectly, and the amount of instrumentation was just dizzying. Its a challenging listen to most, but spend time with it and you’ll see.

Fav track : Miranda, That Ghost Just Isnt Holy Anymore

2. Hot Fuss - The Killers : This may come as a shock, but this is one of my most beloved records. Every song stands out. Its a pop record, but It goes deeper than that. Brandon Flowers voice on this album is just heavenly. The final song on this record, “Everything Will Be Alright”, has brought me through so many things and for these reasons, it makes the list. It just has a nice sound.

Fav tracks : Everything Will Be Alright/ Glamorous Indie Rock and Roll

3. Mellon Collie and The Infinite Sadness - Smashing Pumpkins : This record has been a recent addition to the list. I dont even have to say how huge this fucking record is. It incorporates so many different sights and sounds that span the albums massive 2 hour length, and its almost as if half the songs are Echo and The Bunnymen meet Black Sabbath, and the other half are the sweetest songs you’ve ever heard. Its just a great mix.

Fav tracks : Bodies/Farewell and Goodnight

4. You Are My Sunshine - Copeland : This album brought me through the most difficult year of my life so far. It hold so much value in my heart and mind, and every track is the perfect amount of dreamy mellotron lines and sharp lyrics. From start to finish, its almost entirely perfect. Ive been at risk of wearing every one of these records out, but this one, I can always come back to.

Fav track :On The Safest Ledge

5. Lonerism - Tame Impala : This album is exactly what I think when I hear the term “psychedelic”. This album is layered in so many thick synthesizers and noisy guitars, and its done in the most perfect way. The lyrics all over this album are very personal and relate-able to pretty much anyone in my current age group, and thats why this record has held so much weight lately. And it also helps that the instruments make you feel like your’e floating. This album is just fucking colorful.

Fav track : Music To Walk Home By

6. …Like Clockwork - Queens of The Stone Age : Now, this isnt the most groundbreaking record on this list, but it doesnt have to be. Every last thing about this record absolutely hits it’s mark and doesnt go over board. Its such a tight experience with songs that stick in your mind FOREVER. As you can tell, Im a sucker for good lyrics, and this record does not lack in that regard. From hilarious lyrics like “I got my own theme music. It plays wherever I are” to lyrics that cut my heart in two like “I go missing, No longer exist. One day, I hope,
I’m someone you’d miss“. Its just so well put together.

Fav track : I Appear Missing

7. St. Vincent - St. Vincent : This is the album that made me realize that pop music isn’t all that bad. Annie Clark inspires the hell out of me. She’s put out 4 incredible records that all stand on their own. This particular record best exemplifies St. Vincent as a whole. Every single song is strong. Shes riding the line between dissonant/ugly and harmonious/pretty. It’s surprisingly minimalistic in its approach as well, with not nearly as many auxilary instruments or over dubs as her previous work, yet, its still so powerful and demented. Its honestly a perfect album. Thank you for inspiring me to continue playing music, Annie.

Fav track : Severed Crossed Fingers

8. Congratulations - MGMT : I can’t NOT include this. I love this album so much. It’s one of the most “me” sounding albums that I can think of. So many quirky things all over this record. I absolutely adore the instrumentation and tone of each individual instrument. Andrew’s voice is top notch on this one too, and his lyrics are a little too real for my sad self to handle sometimes. “If youre concious you must be depressed, or at least cynical” like FUCK. This album is super 60′s and I love every last minute of it. I always will.

Fav tracks : Siberian Breaks/Flash Delirium

9. The Family Canvas - Aneirin : No one reading this will know who this band is, but that is ok. Aneirin were a local band from my town from about 5 years ago. Before I heard this EP, I was legitimately one of those kids who would comment on youtube videos and say ‘music today sucks. there is no good music past the 80′s”. I was THAT kid. And then this 4 TRACK EP came along and changed my fucking life. It changed everything. My outlook on modern music. My outlook on music that had screaming or weird guitars in it. Even my entire guitar playing style changed after sitting in my room for HOURS trying to figure out the insanely catchy and difficult guitar parts that adorn every song on the album. I will always love this. Go listen.

Fav track ; The Family Canvas

10. Come Now Sleep - As Cities Burn : Its hard to describe what exactly this album to did to me when I first heard it. But trust me, It did something crazy. This, along with the Copeland record that I mentioned were there when nobody was. I know thats mega cheesy to say, but its the truth and I dont like it either. This album really helped to inspire me musically back then as well. It pulled me out of so many slumps. The guitar playing on this record changed my life. As far away that I get from it nowadays, I will still always love this album. Just dont listen to it when youre sad. You’ll hate yourself.

Fav track : Contact

AHHH im done. That took forever. Thanks for caring. Do this if you want! @mbdtyler @evnbwrs @blessyourheart-forbeating @ibleachednirvana


This is probably my fav song from Assassins Creed Black Flag.
And to be honest, one of my faves in general.

I like the way it sounds and have you ever really listened to the lyrics?


Kind friends and companions
come join me in rhyme
come lift up your voices 
in chorus with mine
come lift up your voices,
all grief to refrain
for we may or might never 
all meet here again

so here’s a health to the company
and one to my lass
let us drink and be merry
all out of one glass
let us drink and be merry
all grief to refrain
for we may or might never
all meet here again

here’s a health to the dear lass
that I love so well
for her style and for her beauty
sure none can excel
there’s a smile on her countenance
as she sits upon my knee
there is no man in this wide
world as happy as me

so here’s a health
to the company
and one to my lass
let us drink and be merry
all out of one glass
let us drink and be merry
all grief to refrain
for we may or might never 
all meet here again

our ship lies at anchor
she’s ready to dock
I wish her safe landing
without any shock
and if I ever I should
meet you by land or by sea
I will always remember
your kindness to me

so here’s a health to the company
and one to my lass
let us drink and be merry
all out of one glass
let us drink and be merry 
all grief to refrain
for we may or might
never all meet here again

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For the "Story Ask" meme! <3 Tell me about: The book you're reading - A poem/song lyric that won't leave your head - The weirdest thing that ever happened to you - What are you excited about? (if that's too many, then just pick one XD)

oh!! actually you’re the one supposed to tell me about those things lol but that’s fine!

- book i’m reading: rn im trying (and failing) to finish the lightning thief
- “i’ll be there for you til my heart is black and blue” is something i always remember from one of my fav songs ahsfj
- weirdest thing….one time i was in my room and i very clearly heard my name being called and the only other person at my house at that moment had been my sister next door in her room, but she insisted that she never called me
- i’m going on a road trip to nevada (possibly this summer) and i’m really looking forward to that!!

Tell me things.

Air tight bag my heart is all in it
And I hardly fall apart but this time I’m diminished
And I’m partially distraught from this vibe you replenish
But I don’t ever wanna be here again, I’ve just finished
So why u gotta bring me back? I don’t get it
You know exactly how I work
I shoulda never let you in, I shoulda never met you
Shoulda never stepped a fucking foot up in that venue
Now I regret you
—  Ritchie With A T

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do you know other jenny lewis videos danielle is in? love your blog :) xx

thanks and sorry because idk when you sent this but yeah!!

She’s in pretty much every Jenny Lewis video from the second half of 2008 to the first half of 2009 that was taken in the US. Except April, idk what happened in April.

I took forever on this because I love watching Jenny videos and this post kind of became more for me than you. Here’s just some:

She had a cool guitar part in Just Like Zeus and she always had a goofy smile and her age was apparent. She’s so happy. It’s fun to watch her play with Jenny’s other guitar player in this one. In this one she’s wearing shorts and short sleeves but also a bigass scarf and consequently spends the whole song throwing it behind her, she’s so weird. And here’s another.

Her and Barbara of The Belle Brigade sang in Trying My Best To Love You X X. She’s baaaaarely in these X X but she sounds great. And this one is one of my favorite Jenny videos ever because she fucks up the lyrics and Danielle tries to help her but Jenny mishears her the first time and ignores her the second time. It’s really funny!

Guitar and vocals in Sing A Song For Them X X, forward to the end of this.

Acid Tongue X X X X, lol at the comment on this one.

Born Secular!!! This one’s my fav because Jenny ends with this one. She leaves the stage and leaves Danielle and Barbara battling it out on the drums and it’s badass. X X X X X X. You have to forward to like the last minute and a half. 

Baby solo in Pretty Bird X X (same vids, two angles), that stupid scarf, and the camera guy zooms in on the wrong guitarist but she still sounds great in this one.

And forward to the last 30 seconds of Handle Me With Care when Danielle whips out her harmonica X X X X X.

aaaaand The Next Messiah, this song is so hott X X. Another one of my faves, especially at 4:00: check out her moves.