one of my fav flowers


You said you’re ashamed of your body
You’d rather die than show me
But I would love you in any
Form you take

You said that they say you’re disgusting
That they told you you were fat and unworthy
Well, my love, I hope you trust me
When I say you have a perfect body

Protect these boys under any cost, they suffer the most for absolutely no reason and are too pure for this world ♥


So I went back to watch Little Gift Shop of Horrors (s02e06) again, and that story Grunkle Stan made up about Waddles reminds me of another genius in his life.

Of course the story itself is likely to be a nod to Flowers for Algernon (which is one of my fav Sci-Fi stories), but I doubt Stan ever read that. Besides, he did say something about wanting to make Ford dumber in Dungeons,Dugeons,& More Dugeons, right?

I happened to catch Haruna’s birthday was May 24th while looking up some things, and that was all the excuse I needed to draw this cutie!
Happy birthday ya big dork~! (´▽`ʃƪ)♡