one of my earlier gifs

All right all right all right–so this is my part of my art trade with @underflake@geeflakes-modblog!

Now, the catch is… this is only part ONE of my art trade with them! You see, their birthday was earlier this week and since I was already planning on doing a painting for them… I felt the need to do a little animation for them as well!

This is their AMAZING Frisk–which they wanted a Monofell version for–so here they are!

Dark Harbor (1998) is one of his earlier movies and one of my favorites. It’s one of those movies in which you must pay close attention to appreciate all the carefully planted details.

There are only three actors in the whole movie. Besides Norman, it stars Alan Rickman and Polly Walker. Norman plays a mysterious young man who drifts into the life of a married couple.

Gif created by me, using Tumblr.

Poke Atsume

Pokeddexy #19 - Favorite Eeveelution - Sylveon!

I already used Sylveon for favorite fairy type!!! But come on, how could I resist? Especially since I started animating my pokemon after I did the earlier Sylveon? This is my most complicated one yet? I had to draw each frame, which is something I haven’t done yet, since I’ve been doing much more simple things like eye blinks. 

I based this on the ball-rolling animated pose on Neko Atsume. But for some reason, when I made it as slow as the app, it seemed to look weird? So I sped it up again.