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favorite canonically lgbt+ characters (in celebration of pride month)
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Title: Subtle Jealousy
Character: Danny Rand
A/n: I didn’t wanna make it exclusive so the author character in this is totally made up.

“So, what’s happening again?” Danny asked as he watched you run around the main floor of the shop, shoving books into shelves with impressive speed and accuracy. He had offered help, but you refused, wanting to get it done as soon as possible.

You huffed, placing the last few books where they needed to go and turned to him. “One of my favorite authors came in earlier today, him and I started having small talk whenever I ran him up and he invited me out to coffee whenever I was finished here.”

Danny looked up at you. “I thought you always locked up the shop? Unless it was an emergency.”

“I told Layla about what happened and she offered to cover for me,” You explained, smiling at whenever you were finally finished. “Besides, I think I’ve earned a night off to myself don’t you think?”

Danny gave you a small smile, watching you hop about the shelves. “What’s his name?”

“Neil Melville, he wrote these great couple of books a couple years ago when he was still in college,” You explained, your fingers flittered around a couple shelves until you located the first one and tossed it to him. “But he’s really great, you’d like his stuff.”

Danny looked down at the cover, it was brightly colored and showed various mystical creatures all over it, so he knew it was fantasy.

“Where are you two going?”

There a short humming noise from your end while you tried to get the store situated before you left. “I don’t actually remember the name, I’m gonna give him a ring before I go.”

“You have his number?”

You gave Danny a short smile before passing him with a short nudge on his shoulder. “Listen, I’ll make sure to call you if anything happens. But you really shouldn’t worry.”

Danny looked over to you and saw that you were adjusting the collar of your shirt over your cardigan and fixing up your hair. He didn’t even notice he has started to frown whenever he looked up and saw how grumpy he looked in the mirror.

He hopped down from the counter, sliding the book on to it. “I think I’m gonna head out,” Danny said, placing his hands into his pockets and giving you a small smile. “But lemme know how it all goes.”

“Why exactly does this matter to you so much?” Colleen asked as she tried to measure up how much duct tape she would need to fix the one arm of her punching dummy. “And more importantly, why did you think to come to me? I get I’m your friend, but relationships aren’t exactly my specialty.”

Danny, who was sitting crossed legged on the floor, looked down at the mat and shrugged. “I dunno, you’re the only person besides (Y/n) that I talk to.”

Colleen tore a long peice of duct tape from the roll and turned back to him. “From what I’ve heard, this seems like a textbook example of jealousy, my friend.”

Danny’s posture straightened up and he frowned. “Why would I be jealous? That doesn’t make any sense.”

Colleen gave him a coy smile. “Yes it does. You have feelings for your old childhood friend, simple.” She turned back and began taping the wooden arm to it’s proper place.

Danny jumped to his feet. “No I don’t! I’m just concerned about her well being!”

“Mhm,” Colleen looked up at him skeptically. “Alright then, answer me this,” She started, leaning against the center of the training dummy once the arm was secure. “If (Y/n) were to continue to see this guy,” She instantly saw the shift in Danny’s eyes but kept going. “And eventually she starts spending more time with him than you, how would you feel?”

Colleen smriked at the grumpy frown that started to take up his face. She knew all about Danny’s feelings for you when she saw the way he looked at you when he brought her to your shop one day.

You and her got into a lengthy discussion about some novel and while you were going on a tangent, Colleen glanced over at Danny and saw him giving you the most enamored expression she’d seen on a person that wasn’t in a film.

Danny thought about it, and the answer was pretty simple. He hated the thought, it was bad enought that tonight was when the two of you usually went out into the city to do something together, but now the idea that someone would take up all of your time made him upset.

“I wouldn’t like it at all.”

Colleen nodded, pointing the roll of duct tape at him. “Then I hate to break it you, but you’re jealous.”

Still in denial, Danny looked up at her. “I don’t think she’d start going off with someone all the time, she’s not the type.”

“People change when they’re in love.”

“Who said anything about love?” Danny’s tone might have been a tad more sharp than be anticipated because Colleen was smirking again.

“Oh yeah, classic case of jealousy.”

Danny looked across the street at the coffee shop where you were seeing Neil. Not long after you got there, you sent Danny a small message letting him know where you were and that everything had been fine so he shouldn’t worry.

Still, everything about the situation seemed off to him. There was a nagging feeling in his chest that screamed that it didn’t like what was going on.

But it was all new to him, he had never felt this sort of way before.

But he knew he didn’t like it.

Especially since even across the street he could easily you and Neil sitting at a table next to the window. You and him appeared to be chatting up a storm, and Danny had never seen your eyes light up so much around another person.

Deciding to take the initiative, Danny crossed the street and entered into the busy coffee house, hiding himself behind a tall bookshelf so he could see exactly what was happening.

You two must have been discussing one of Neil’s books, because you began bringng up character arcs and other literary terms Danny didn’t fully understand.

But then, there was a brief moment when Neil’s hand brushed against yours and it prompted Danny immediately to walk over to the table without even thinking.

You saw him instantly due to your seating, and you gave him a confused expression when you did. “Danny? What are you doing here?”

Danny blinked, not exactly sure why he came over or how he was going to talk his way out of it.

“Are you a friend of (Y/n)?” Neil asked, prompting Danny to turn his attention to him instead.

“Yes! I am! A very close childhood friend!” Danny said, introducing himself as the two of them shook hands.

“I hate to interrupt, but Colleen had something happen at the dojo and we could really use another hand.”

You turned back to Neil and gave him an apologetic smile. “I’d hate to cut this short, but would you mind if I stepped out?”

Neil shook his head. “Of course not, we can always make time to talk again.”

Danny watched the two of you bid each other goodbye before Neil left the coffee house.

“So, what’s up with Colleen?”

Danny’s eyes widened for a moment when he remembered his small white lie. But his phone went off and when he looked at the screen it was a message from her asking where he ran off to.

“Actually, she just let me know that she called a guy to come over to look at the thing.”

You looked puzzled again. “Really? Maybe I should call Neil again then.”

Danny perked up. “Well on my way here, I saw that the movie theatre down the street is showing your favorite film, thought you might be interested in going with me since we’re already here.”

You smiled at him. “Today’s when we usually go out isn’t it?” You asked, to which Danny eagerly nodded and held his hand out to you, making you chuckled and placine your hand in his. “Lead the way.”

Danny laughed and the two of you left the coffee house, once outside you gave his hand a small press.

“You don’t have to go through all that trouble and lie to hang out with me, just let me know next time.”

Danny flashed you a guilty smile. “It worked though, didn’t it?”

Imagine flying home to Chris early. (Part A)

A/N: Part 4A has arrived 🙃 Before you read this, keep in mind that an author does everything for a reason. 💕 You can read the related mini-series and the previous parts here: (Mini-series - Masterlist; Mini-series Spin-off: ‘Unexpected Reader’, ‘Little Ways Away’, ‘She Said Yes’, and ‘Miss Graduate’ - Masterlist; ‘Something Blue’: Part 1/Part 2/Part 3A/3B)

You’d decided to fly home a day early seeing as the search for your dress didn’t take as long as you’d expected. You didn’t see the point of staying when your fiancé was back home waiting on you; there were still plenty to do for the wedding. You’d checked online and managed to get a economy seat back to Los Angeles at 12:42PM on Delta 423, which you were now waiting for in the departure hall after Ava and Sebastian dropped you off.

Speaking of Ava and Sebastian, they were to keep your dress safe until they came to LA next. Ava was flying over next week, and she was going to bring the dress to hide at your old apartment; it had to be as far away from Chris as possible until the wedding day. You didn’t want to risk having the dress at your home, knowing very well that his impatience and curiosity would cause him to make a rash decision and sneak a peek. Although it really wasn’t that big a deal if he did see it, you knew he’d regret it if he ruined the surprise for himself. So in order to not let his satisfying of his temptation upset him, you asked Ava and Sebastian for the big favor. They were both hesitant because it was a huge responsibility, but you managed to convince them with a lot of pouting and puppy dog eyes.

It was 12:30PM, another twelve minutes until you could board the plane. You decided to call Chris to check in with him, as well as remind him that you were coming home today and not tomorrow. He probably didn’t need the reminder considering how happy he sounded over the phone when you told him you were coming home one day earlier, but you wanted to hear his voice anyway.

“My love,” he said upon answering your call. “What are you doing calling me? Your flight on ‘Delta 423’ to Los Angeles, California is in eleven minutes.” You covered your mouth, stifling your laughter. “I know I know,” he chuckled, “I’m a needy dork who has separation anxiety. But can you blame me? Have you met my fiancée?”

“I have, and I really don’t see the appeal.” You quipped then laughed when he scoffed. “I’m just calling to check in, they’ll be boarding the fancy people and families first anyway.” You heard Chris let out an excited squeal, which he tried to hide but failed to. “I know, you’re excited ‘cause we’re going to be a family and soon we’ll be the ones being called to board first. I don’t know why you’re excited about boarding first, you’ve always been a board-first-fancy-man. Haven’t you, Mr. Evans?”

“Not always, Mrs. Evans.” He retorted and you smiled at the use of ‘Mrs. Evans’. “Whatever, I’m just excited at the idea of it. I always envied those families who get to board first, but I guess it’s not because they get to board first. I suppose it had to do with them having cute kids, that was always the life plan.”

“Having kids was part of your life plan?” You gasped sarcastically. “What a shocker, I have never heard you say that before.” You chuckled because you could practically hear him rolling his eyes. “Anyway, how’s things at home? How’s my boy?”

“Everything’s great, nothing’s burned down. Oh, and I checked a few more items off our wedding checklist. And to answer your latter question, I am- Wait, you meant Dodger when you asked that, didn’t you?” He asked and you hummed a “mm hm”. He chuckled softly, “yeah, like that wasn’t obvious. Dodger’s great, he misses you much like your other boy. Or should I say, man?”

“Boy will do,” you teased him.

“Ha ha ha,” he bit sarcastically.

“You know I love, Peter Pan.”

“I know, Wendy,” he smiled.

You looked up when you heard the attendant announce, “'Delta 423’ is ready to receive passengers from the economy class. If your seat is between twenty to twenty-nine, please make your way forward.” You glanced at your ticket, noting that you were in seat 6D and would be the next group to be asked to board therefore allowing you to talk to Chris a little while longer.

“Is that you they’re calling?”

“Nope,” you leaned back in your seat, crossing your legs. “I’ve still got a little bit of time to talk, but not too much because I think my phone’s running out of battery.” You took it off your ear and confirmed your suspicion, it was at twelve percent. “I couldn’t sleep last night and Ava put on SpongeBob for me, I fell asleep watching it and forgot to put my phone on charge. Honestly, I’m lucky just to be able to make this call.”

“You and SpongeBob, I swear,” he laughed and you scrunched your nose, smiling. “Well, don’t worry. You don’t need your phone, 'cause I’ll be waiting right outside the arrival hall with flowers and a clipboard. You won’t miss me, and I won’t be late. Your plane is said to land at three forty-two, so I’m going to be there at three forty-one.”

“Just 'cause my plane lands at three forty-two doesn’t mean I’ll be out at three forty-two, you don’t have to be so on the dot. It’s like peak time, there are going to be so many planes on the runway and customs is going to be flooded. Take your time,” you urged him, knowing how boring it’d be for him if he waited there for you. “I can wait at Starbucks if I have to.”

“I’ll be on the dot if I want to be on the dot.”

“You’re such dork,” you giggled then looked up when you saw more passengers lining up to board the plane. You figured it was people from your boarding group, bringing you to gather your stuff, and onto your feet. “Okay, I think I should turn off my phone. If I let the battery die completely, I’m afraid it won’t turn back on. It’s starting to fritz out, I’m thinking I need a new phone.”

“I tried to get you an iPhone seven but you said you didn’t want it because you like your six. 'Chris, the EarPods look stupid’,” he mimicked what you said to him when he offered you a new phone. “'I don’t want a new phone, I like my old one’.” You rolled your eyes. “You know I can hear you rolling your eyes, right?”

“I’m sure you can,” you quipped sarcastically. “Okay, babe. I’m in line to board the plane, so I’m going to hang up now and I’ll see you in a few hours.” He hummed a 'mm hm’, smiling eagerly at the thought of holding you in his arms. “I love you.”

“I love you too.”
• • • • • • • •
Chris had a shower before he grabbed his car keys and headed out for the day, making sure he filled Dodger’s food and water bowl before he left. It was 1:38PM and he had quite a few errands to run before he had to go to the airport to pick you up. He got into the car and immediately turned off the radio, plugging in your iPod instead so he could listen to Ed Sheeran. He was an avid fan now, especially with your constant playing and raving of Ed’s songs.

Chris’ drive to the supermarket was quiet without you, even with Ed Sheeran playing- it was quiet because you weren’t there to belt out the songs with him. A smile surfaced when he thought of you, which was no surprise because you were the light of his life. Everything good in his life had something to do with you, you were the reason he woke up happy each morning. Just like he was your reason to live, laugh, and love. It was comforting to know he had you to spend the rest of his life with, as well as experience the wild ride of parenthood. Just thinking of parenthood darted his gaze to the rear view mirror, his smile widened when he realized that this time next year- there would be a car seat in the back and a baby- your baby sitting inside it. He meant it when he told you, “Jack or Charlotte, I’m just excited to meet our little one.” It really didn’t matter to him if the baby was a boy or girl, because it was going to be your baby; a perfect mix of the both of you.

Chris spent about half an hour at the store, repurchasing groceries and household items you’d run out of at home. Before he made his way to the counter with his sensible purchases, he headed for the candy aisle to snag a bag of Starburst Jelly Beans for himself and a bag of Yupi Gummi Bears for you. He didn’t know if you still felt like your favorite candy now that you were pregnant and having weird food aversions, but it was the thought that counts.

2:12PM meant that Chris could head to the florist to pick up some roses before he started his drive to the airport. It was about fifty-four minutes from where he was depending on traffic, which according to his GPS- didn’t consist of much. He would be able to arrive by 3:06, find parking, then hang out at Starbucks until you came walking out. He’d say with your wedding dress, but he had a feeling you’d left it under Ava’s care as you didn’t want him to peek and spoil the surprise. He was secretly glad because he knew himself and he’d definitely peek and regret it as soon as he did. He wanted to be surprised, he wanted to have that reaction that all grooms had upon seeing their bride walk down the aisle in the dress they’d never seen before. But if Chris was being honest, you could’ve worn that dress every day and he’d still have that look each time he saw you. At the end of the day, it wasn’t about the dress- it was about the person wearing it.

Your iPod’s battery died ten minutes away from the airport, causing Chris to change from AUX to Tuner. The song 'If Tomorrow Never Comes’ by Ronan Keating was playing on the radio, forcing Chris to think about what would happen to you and the baby if something were to happen to him; or worst, if something happened to you. He wanted to cry just thinking of the hell that would be his life if he lost you, if he had to raise the child without you. Though if anything happened to you now, he wouldn’t even have a child to raise by himself and remember you by.

“What the fuck, Chris?” Chris chuckled and scolded himself as he wiped a tear from his cheek. “Why are you even thinking about this? Your girl’s twenty, if anyone were to die first- it’d be you, you old man.” He found a park as the song faded out, pulling into the spot and killing the engine. The radio was still playing, he was yet to turn the car off completely. “You just make sure she knows you love her enough to last her past your lifetime.”

“'Delta 423’ experienced some engine difficulties on its course from New York back to Los Angeles.” Chris’ heart skipped a beat when he heard your flight on the radio, he quickly turned up the volume as the broadcast continued. “Unfortunately, the plane crashed before a turn around could be made.” Chris’ heart dropped and tears filled his eyes. “It is unsure how many surv-”

He turned off the radio before the broadcast could finish and found himself staring blankly into nothingness. It took him awhile to finally registered what he heard; his vision blurred and his stomach flipped. His hands gripped his steering wheel tightly, so tightly his knuckles turned white. He leaned forward, attempting but unable to process the information he’d just been given. Then, it all hit him at once and he started to sob, choking out a single word.


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Part 4B

Title: Unknown Feelings

@abbessthegoddess requested: this is a request. Maybe one where Negan is a closeted homosexual and he meets this one guy who makes him confused on his feelings

Character(s): Negan and Zach (original male character)
Summary: Negan takes notice of one of the new Saviors during their weekly game night with the rest of the guys. Though, what he doesn’t expect is the feelings that follow…
Word Count: 1,130
Warning: Negan POV
Author’s Note: Thank you, @abbessthegoddess for requesting this! I love it when Negan gets all confused about his own feelings for some reason. It’s like he loses all control and I love it so much haha. I also decided to do this story in Negan’s POV and give the male reader a name. I hope you enjoy this! :-)

Forever Taglist: @disfigured-it-out || @chunex || @jasoncrouse || @oceanicseries || @dixonsbait || @negan–is–god || @see-you-then-winchester || @sable-the-trans-ham || @k4veggies || @labyrinthofheartagrams || @purplemuse89 || @ladyynegan || @scentofpineandhazelnutlattes || @may85 || @a-girl-interupted || @spn-cw123 || @multireality || @ashzombie13 || @constellationsolo || @isayweallgetdrunk || @fyeahashley88 || @sweetsweetpeach || @heartfulloffandoms || @myheart4ever47

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I’ve learned a new thing today, you can make gifs out of burst shots.
So here is one of my many failed shots to get a good photo of myself earlier today. In all its gif glory.
I’ve had a really lax couple days, but I’m ready to kill this next week! Starting with a burpeepalooza tomorrow night because we are due for a storm so I can’t go out and run.

All right all right all right–so this is my part of my art trade with @underflake@geeflakes-modblog!

Now, the catch is… this is only part ONE of my art trade with them! You see, their birthday was earlier this week and since I was already planning on doing a painting for them… I felt the need to do a little animation for them as well!

This is their AMAZING Frisk–which they wanted a Monofell version for–so here they are!

Star Wars and Tony Stark. Never thought I’d see the day. I also live for Steve being confused by modern references (oh, and Clint being a disgruntled and sassy bird). Anyway, thank you to @awkward-wayward-daughter for requesting this. Enjoy, my darlings!

Prompt: Could you write a one shot where the reader and Tony always bump heads and don’t like each other, but then Tony finds out about the readers love for Star Wars and builds her a R2-D2 as a peace offering. And fluff! Thank you if you can! Even if you can’t, you’re amazing!

“A New Hope”

“There’s got to be something we can do.” Steve groaned. Clint’s head was on the table with his arms draped over it. You and Tony had been arguing for hours in the other room and ultimately everyone had taken themselves away. They congregated in the dining room to concoct a solution but hadn’t been able to escape the noise completely. When there appeared to be a brief moment of silence, Barton’s head lifted in hope – only to hit the table once more when Tony’s raised voice could be heard once more. Clint let out a strangled moan in exasperation. Natasha petted him sympathetically on the head.

“There’s nothing that we haven’t already tried or thought of,” said Bruce, who was surprisingly calm. “We just have to accept that those two are doomed to bump heads forever.”
“Then give me the gun now so I can end it.” Clint’s muffled voice responded. Steve couldn’t determine who he intended to shoot – Stark, (y/n), or himself. Either way, they needed a solution.

“Don’t they have mutual interests? Hobbies?”
“If they did, would they be at each other’s throats all the time?” Bruce sighed, pushing his glasses up his nose. Steve turned to Natasha.
“You’ve got to be able to find something. Lay some traps, set a scene – find something that they’ve got in common and set them up to figure it out.”

Nat shrugged.
“I might be able to do some digging.”
“If not for us, then do it for Barton. Look at him.” Steve gestured to the archer who was softly banging his head against the table, letting out a muffled cry with every strike. “They’re driving him insane.”

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Dark Harbor (1998) is one of his earlier movies and one of my favorites. It’s one of those movies in which you must pay close attention to appreciate all the carefully planted details.

There are only three actors in the whole movie. Besides Norman, it stars Alan Rickman and Polly Walker. Norman plays a mysterious young man who drifts into the life of a married couple.

Gif created by me, using Tumblr.

Video chatting with JB but SOMEONE *cough, Got7 cough* keeps interrupting.

“I miss you way more then I should.” You say to your boyfriend of 2 years while he’s off doing stuffy stuff with his group.

“Yeah I know, but when I get back we are going to have a wild movie night and we are going to do fun stuff and go ou-”

“Or we could just lay in bed and enjoy each others company, dont need you moving around too much” you said laughing at his plan.

He nods. “Sounds like a date” he gives you a adorable smile and laughs.

As you too were just talking and enjoying life, a disturbance in the force comes along: the rest of Got7.

How did you know?

Jackson yelling.

“BUT ANYWAY I WON THAT ROUND AND YOU CAN’T TELL ME OTHERWI- guys he’s talking to her again, quick get him so we can meet her!”

Everyone ran but your boyfriend was quicker and found an empty room were you guys could be alone…..until.

“HYUNG” Junior yells and hugs JB from the back.

All three of you laugh. “How long have you been in here? You didn’t leave with the guys?”

“Since this morning and nope because I was still sleeping” he says looking at you. “She’s pretty. Is this your mystery girlfriend?”

JB looks at you and smiles.

“Yeah (y/n) this is Junior, Junior this is (y/n).”

You both wave and share hellos.

“I CAN SMELL YOU IN THERE!” you hear Jackson yell. *dramatic music for dramatic person*

“Wait a sec.” You hear Juinor whisper to you guys.

He goes to the door, opens it and leaves you both.

“Well I finally met one” you say smiling.

“Yeah I just want to wait until we are all face to face to introduce you more better” you says winking at you

You look at the clock and see you have to go to work in 15 minutes.

“I have to go my love” you say causing him to pout at you.

“Why baby”

“That dreaded thing called work” you say and pout causing him to laugh at your cuteness and give you a kissy face.

“Awee okay jagi, I have to calm these losers down anyway.” He laughs and you can hear Yugyeom and Jackson screaming in the distance and them demanding entry.

“Yep that’s my que by-”

“Wait a sec Jagi”

You stop what you were doing

“What’s wrong?”

JB pulls out a little purple box.
“I wanted to give it to you when I got back but I can’t wait.” He says scratching the back of his head.

He sighs

“Jagi I-”

“THEY ARE COMINGGG” you hear Juinor scream and see you both in a moment.

“Oh…was….did…I…just…gonna…bye” he goes back to the door.

Your boyfriend sighs again and as soon as he opens his mouth again.

“You might want to hurry up though” Juinor says once again.

“OKAY BYE!” JB yells to get privacy with you.

Once again *sigh*

“Jagi the past two years have been amazing and I love you so much and you have never let me down in anyway and you have made me so happy and I hope I have done the same for you and you mean so much to m-”

“AWEEE” Juinor screams around the corner.

JB looks at you then at Junior annoyed


“…..sorry continue”

“Since I love you so much I decided to get you this” he pulls out a silver promise ring with a small lavender butterfly crystal on it.

You cover your mouth, tears forming in your eyes.

“Baby you didn’t-”

“Yes I did, just to remind you that I’m always going to love you an-”

“WE’RE IN!” you hear the rest of Got7 yell.

JB looks back at them then at you.


You both kiss the camera quickly and before the rest of them come you end the call.

Staring at a blank screen trying to process everything that just happened, you get a text from your boyfriend.




You put your phone down and hear another ring.

JB: This is Jackson. I will find out who you are and I will meet you Jb’s mystery girlfriend mwhahahaha

Then you get a call…..from JB…

Or is it…


*le Got7 at dinner*

“Soooooo what’s her name?” Youngjae
asks causing the rest of Got7 ( Except Jackson hmmmm I wonder) and Coco to look at JB.

He looks up to see him being stared at by 12 eyes. Then Jackson walks in on the phone apparently waiting for someone to answer it.

“Fine I’ll tell you that much” he swallows his food.“

“It’s (y/n)” he says smiling at the thought of you.

“You guys have been dating for … what 2 years and we never got to even hear her name until now?!?!”


“WHY” Yugyeom asks.

JB shruggs and the everyone’s attention is on Jackson.

“Hi, hello is this (y/n)?”

JB looks at him confused. “What are yo-”

“Shhhhhh he’s on the phone” Mark says.

Youngjae moves to Jackson to over hear the conversation.

“Hi I’m Jackson Wang rapper for Got7, no big deal, kind of is, BUT ANYWAY I hear from a little birdie that you and JB have been together for 2 years, and surprisingly we never even knew you existed, my feelings are quite hurt since I will be the best man at the wedding……….yes I’ll hold” he taps his foot and waits and puts you on speaker and sets the phone on the table.

“Hello?” JB can hear you say on his phone that Jackson clearly took.

Before he could say anything BamBam came up.

“Hi this is BamBam also from Got7” he says laughing.

“Yes, yes the one that can dab and whip” you say and they all laugh.

“ YES THAT ONE” he screams.

“How are you?” He asks.

“I’m good and you”

“Great, just peachy”

JB gets up to grab his phone but Junior grabs it.


“Yes, yes my competition”

“……yes, I absolutely am your competition.”

JB grabs the phone and runs into his room and locks the door,all the guys run and bang on the door.

“Hey baby girl it’s me” he whispers and goes to his bed.

You laugh “Hey, that was…. something. ”

“I’m sor-”

“No don’t apologize, its okay trust me, best phone call ever.” You say laughing.

“LET US IN” you hear the rest of the guys yell and Coco scratching at the door.

“I got to let you go baby but I love you, soo much” he says and kisses you through the phone.

“Love you too babe bye” you say and hang up and place the phone on the bed and smile at how lucky you were to have Jb in your life, and how unlucky he is at the moment probably being attacked by 6 people and 1 dog.

AN: The ending was pretty bad because I don’t know how to end such chaos but….ANYWHALES. I hope you guys like it.

Poke Atsume

Pokeddexy #19 - Favorite Eeveelution - Sylveon!

I already used Sylveon for favorite fairy type!!! But come on, how could I resist? Especially since I started animating my pokemon after I did the earlier Sylveon? This is my most complicated one yet? I had to draw each frame, which is something I haven’t done yet, since I’ve been doing much more simple things like eye blinks. 

I based this on the ball-rolling animated pose on Neko Atsume. But for some reason, when I made it as slow as the app, it seemed to look weird? So I sped it up again.