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The Night Court - Inner Circle ~ The court of dreams

“The people who knew that there was a price, and one worth paying, for that dream. The bastard born warriors, the Illyrian half breed, the monster trapped in a beautiful body, the dreamer born into a court of nightmares. And the huntress with an artist’s soul.”

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Love Me Like You Do-Baekhyun (T)

Royal AU

AU List

word count: 11,662

rated T for mature themes, but nothing too explicit.

a/n: here’s my new project! I decided to put it all in one go, but I added breaks so it might be easier stop and come back to :)

You’re the cure, you’re the pain
You’re the only thing I wanna touch
Never knew that it could mean so much (x)

Sitting in the high backed chair trying your best to keep a perfect posture, you keep your eyes down focusing on your meal; which was the food in front of you and not the handsome boy sitting at the opposite end of the table. You felt his eyes on you, watching you, not sternly but protectively. In case the slightest mishap were to happen, you knew he would come up with something to divert the attention from you without hesitation.

Because the eyes of your peers were always on you.

Because you didn’t belong.

Because you were only here to entertain the prince. And entertain the notion that just maybe, you meant something to him.

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1/?: Sherlock/Poirot similarities & parallels

you’ve seen me crying and meta-ing about tony’s hair before but what you don’t know and what i myself had forgotten is that i literally used the arc of pepper’s hair as a sort of framing device for the longest fic i have ever written in my entire life oh my god

This goofy OC has a story behind him.

Basically I dreamed I was in a Walking Dead-esque scenario, I was in a group and we wanted to survive the walkers, later I found a city where there were GOOD zombies who could talk and be normal lived among the living and the city looked like a very traditional rural Mexican town, with all the decorations and people in folkloric outfits and idunno one of the undead who greeted me looked like Jack Skellington but in a mariachi outfit. 

My group of survivors didn’t trust the undead, whispering and muttering that “just wait and see how they’ll turn against us too.” We were later on a humble werehouse/home thing and got served fried beans and tortillas. 

We ate and then the Mariachi Skellington guided me and we found ourselves on the town Main Street and then I decided to enter the library and they were playing some obscure 90s “kewl” high school version of Scooby Doo that was considered lost media, some lady in there was re-constructing and retracing old posters or lost books of that particular show. And because I do graphic design, she asked me to help her. Then one teenage werewolf gothic character from this non-existent scooby doo show my dream made up, turned out to be Mariachi Skellington when he was alive.

This character is the werewolf from the dream.

“You can dress up like Tron all you want, but he’s still dead.”
                                 “That’s what they tell us.”

Tron Uprising - 1x01 Beck’s Beginning

i had another dream where i was back in highschool and there were all these open vending machines outside. and i was quickly stealing sodas from it and shoving them in my bag, and planning on getting arbys on the way home, etc

and then the dream suddenly……. transitioned and it was a different ‘me’ and this guy and we were both shirtless, in this dimly lit room. and like i had this thing of black lipstick which was apparently poisonous so you could kill ppl by kissing them, and he was having me use it to draw like. heart shapes around his nipples? and then i woke up


Bucky Barnes X Reader

A/N: The song is Patsy Cline’s ‘Crazy’. I sang this at a karaoke bar, recently, and it’s been stuck in my head… so I figured this would be the song I would use for this fic… Hope you like it! ALSO I do the same thing as her… I totally stress bake LOL

Y/N = Your name. Y/M/N = Your middle name.

Not really a song-fic, just includes the song for the plot… unless that still counts… I DON’T KNOW!!

Warnings: She swears, a lot…? Fighting, blood, etc.

Word count: 3,340ish… oops.


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Finally, some peace and quiet, I thought to myself, sitting in the empty Cryo lab that held the frozen Winter Soldier.

Things had been hectic in the last couple years. My sister, Sharon, had recruited me to sit in Wakanda with her “we don’t talk about what we are, but we are” boyfriend, Captain-fucking-America, and I was less than pleased. Before all of this, I was a 23 year old who was just starting training to become a SHIELD agent. Then, things went to shit. S.H.I.E.L.D disbanded, and I was forced to lay low, because I was another Carter associated with them. My sister had joined the CIA as a cover, and I was stuck trying to figure out what else I wanted to do with my life.

I had just started classes at a community college when the Sokovian Accords caused a Civil War. Sharon had made me go into hiding, because she was worried that I was going to get hurt. As if I didn’t know how to defend myself. Then she had to go and get herself fucking involved. She had decided it would be a great idea to help Steve, who was a fucking fugitive at the time. When that shit was over, she sent me to Wakanda to be protected with King T’Challa.

So, here I was, two years later. Sitting in the lab, again, doing online college work under an alias, with my headphones in, trying not to let the frozen soldier freak me out.

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huh, I played Craig's route, got a bad ending at first, fixed it and then got the good ending. I thought it was adorable and really sweet. Then again, I kinda b-lined it for Craig because the friends to lovers trope is my weakness but I thought it was a great ending.

Craig is great!! I’ve only gone on the first date with him (I’m gonna need something lighthearted after all of the Joseph trauma), but man, what a guy. And his kids are adorable.