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My best friend asked me if I ever saw myself being with you again. I smiled, and I told her that you’re the kind of girl who crosses by a guy’s life once and then never again. I don’t know what it is about you that made me feel that way, but I know that we will never be able to pick up where we left off because it’s been so long and we’ve changed so much.

I told her that even if I wanted to be with you, I’m not sure I can - because you broke me. And if you were the one for me, you wouldn’t have left me.

I told her that in time, I’m going to carry on with my life. I’m gonna go out into the world because there is so much living to do - so many places to go to, lots of people to meet, and dozens of things to cross off my bucket list. 

“And to find the person you’ll love forever?”, she asked.

I looked at her, smiled and answered, “I already did.”

—  LA // excerpt from a book I’ll never write

This was my entry for @destieldrabblesdaily fanfic contest! I’m seeing everyone sharing their amazing work so I thought I’d jump in too :)))

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“Hey Sammy, did you see this?” Dean shoves the crumpled piece of paper in Sam’s face.

“Is this…”

“Cas wrote a bucket list. Ain’t that cute?”

“Are you sure we should be reading this?” Sam makes a face. Party-killer. Dean just happened to find the damn thing on the floor. It’s not like he could leave it there.

“Yeah, I mean… The guy’s got tons of wishes,” he says then. “And he’s a frickin’ angel, why is he wasting time when he could be doing all of this in a week? We should take some time off and help him.”

“Right, and that Wendigo in South Dakota is just going to hunt itself…” Sam mutters under his breath, but then as he reads his tone changes and he smiles. “You know what? I can take care of that myself. I’ll ring Jody, maybe Claire will come along too. You go play genie.”

It beats Dean why Sam would give up all the fun but he just shrugs and thanks him.

Then again, he and Cas don’t spend as much time together as they used to, so this could be good for them.

 1. Learn how to bake pie

“Hey Cas, you got a minute?” Dean’s prayer is short of details, but he doesn’t want to risk giving anything away. Cas appears in the bunker’s kitchen after seconds. He tilts his head, probably confused as to why is he seeing Dean wearing an apron and facing piles of flour and sets of eggs.

“Dean, what are you…” Dean promptly shows him the piece of paper. Cas’s eyes grow wide in surprise and Dean could swear he even blushes a little.

“Did you read it?”

“Just skimmed the first points. But I took the week off, and God help me, I’ll help your lazy angelic ass to go through all of this bucket list.”

“Bucket list?”

“That’s what this is, right?”

“I guess,” Cas shrugs. “So I assume this is…”

“Baking pie, hell yeah. I got you an apron.”

As Cas glances at the green apron and smiles, Dean lets out a breath of relief. He’s happy Cas didn’t get mad at him for poking around his things. He had wanted to do something nice for Cas in a long time.

“In my defense,” Cas jokes. “I always thought they’d taste better without the effort of making them.”

“Well, you’re wrong. Some baking is good for the soul. Now break this egg.” Cas follows through, with slightly more strength than Dean imagined. Enough strength to make the egg explode all over them.

“I said break it, not smite it,” Dean laughs.

“I’m sorry,” Cas says, his face even cuter with that ridiculous orange bits in his hair. Weirder, Dean meant. Not cuter.

“Do you have other ones?” He asks, hopeful, and Dean nods.

“Sure Cas, we got plenty.”

 2. Go to a Led Zeppelin concert.

“If you had time-travelled to a Led Zeppelin concert without me I’d have kicked your ass,” Dean warns him. Since when did Cas even like Led Zeppelin?

“Glad that’s not the case,” Cas says. He puts his hand on Dean’s shoulder and suddenly, Dean reckons at a first glance, they’re in Oakland, California, on 24th July 1977. The crowd is insane, wearing some of the weirdest outfit Dean has ever seen. Although he and Cas must probably look like the most out-of-place types in there.

“Is it like you pictured?” Cas screams in his ear.

“Yeah, it fucking rocks!”

They’re playing Thank You and Dean just closes his eyes, letting the melody sink in. When he opens them again, he can’t help but look at Cas, and for a moment he doesn’t care about the stage at all.

3. Try Peter Luger’s Bacon Burger.

Dean is sitting on a bench in Central Park, eating America’s best bacon burger and thanking God for ever letting him get rescued by Cas.

“I can’t believe I’m trying a burger worth a 100$ dollars.”

“I doubt it costed that much, but it is indeed very tasty,” Cas ponders.

“Man, did you see how fancy that place was?” Dean’s mouth is stuffed with delicious bread. “You’re wasting your invisibility gift. We should sneak into Hollywood, not just steal burgers, I’m telling you.”

“We can add that to the list, if you’d like,” Cas offers, looking at his feet.

“Maybe later,” Dean answers, playfully bumping Cas’s shoulder. “I like it here.”

It’s late at night when Cas finally suggests they zap themselves back at the bunker.

4. Watch a “chick-flick”.

Dean can’t help but laugh whole-heartedly at this one.

“You and Sam use that term all the time…” Cas protests, putting on a grumpy face.

“Guilty, it’s just funnier if it comes from you,” Dean turns on the laptop. “So, what do you wanna watch tonight, babe?” The term leaves Dean’s lips as a joke though he can’t help but feeling a little heat rush to his cheeks.

“I’d suggest something with Swayze.”

“Something Swayze is alright,” Cas shrugs, unbothered. Dean snorts: the guy’s got a lot to learn. He looks up “Dirty Dancing” and figures he should start from the top.


One hour, twenty-five minutes and many questions later, the big scene comes on and Cas is adorably smashed against the screen in trepidation. Dean has seen it so many times - not that anyone knows - that he automatically hums along to it.

You’re the one thing, I can’t get enough of… ‘Could be love ‘cause I had the time of my life…” Cas’s eyes suddenly leave the screen and dart towards him. He doesn’t say anything. He just stares. It’s something Cas does rather
often, so why does this time feel so… Urgent? Dean gives him a little smile and keeps humming, for some unknown embarrassing reason.

So we’ll just let it go, don’t be afraid to lose control…” 
Cas’s eyes aim lower now; Dean can feel them all over his moving lips.

I know what’s on your mind when you say stay with me tonight…” Their foreheads are touching now. Dean doesn’t know if it’s Cas’s skin tingling or just his own. Then the crowd in the movie erupts into an applause and Cas jumps a little, surprised, thus breaking the magic.

Dean clears his throat.

“Maybe we should just move to the next point, what do you say?”

The previous tension is now so awkward that he can’t even glance at Cas. He grabs the bucket list and reads.

5. Just kiss him.

Ouch. That cuts deep.

“Maybe I should explain…” Cas starts, but Dean cuts him short.

“It’s fine, Cas, really. Clearly you’re into someone. A guy. That’s… That’s great, really. I’m - I’m sure he’ll appreciate your baking skills.” The smile he pulls on is probably the fakest he ever pulled, but he can’t help it. He had read too much into those past days. After all the time they had spent apart some old feelings had risen and he had been an idiot for listening to them. They never got him anywhere.

“Dean, listen. I have to be honest with you. That “bucket list”, as you called it… They weren’t things I wanted to do for myself. They were, uhm, possible ideas… For dates. With this guy.”

Dean definitely needs to get away from the room before he bursts into tears. Not only his pride is hurt, but he feels like a giant idiot for making himself the third wheel.

“You see, this guy…” Cas continues, without mercy. “He loves pies. He listens to Led Zeppelin all day long, it’s pretty annoying to tell you the truth. And don’t get me started on bacon burgers, his liver will collapse one day. Did I mention he’s a sucker for chick flicks? He even knows the soundtracks by heart.”

Oh. Oh. Dean really is a giant idiot.

“So, would you like to help me with that final point?” Cas’s tone is more insecure this time and Dean doesn’t have the heart to leave him in agony for too long. He looks at Cas until their lips are millimeters apart.

“Consider it done,” he whispers before Cas kisses him. 


One of my favorite parts of preparing for the DCP has been making a bucket list for when I get down there. I love to bullet journal, so I bought a brand new notebook for this year and got to work picking out things to do in each of the parks and around the resorts/Orlando. For each park, I made a list of all the shows and rides, plus other experiences I want to make sure to do - such as specific restaurants, tours, etc. - and left some space to add in pictures, Epcot passport stamps, and whatnot.

The gist of it is that I want to meet all the characters, go on every ride, watch every show, and see every animal at Animal Kingdom, plus some more specific experiences only available at Walt Disney World or for members of the College Program.

I’ve seen lots of these lists online, but I wanted to make my own to customize it to my interests. For example, I don’t drink, so drinking around the world at Epcot doesn’t sound very exciting to me. Instead, I’m going to eat around the world at all the snack locations in each country. And I collect Peter Pan books, so one of my bucket list items is to buy a copy of Peter Pan in Orlando and have whatever Peter Pan characters I can meet sign it.

I can’t wait to get to Florida and start crossing things off!

Imagine….. Niall and Harry at a New Year’s party.

Not a big one, nothing fancy, just a decently sized group of friends gathered to ring in the new year. There’s been plenty of alcohol and laughs, kisses and cuddles.

It’s past midnight so everyone is settling down. Someone brings up resolutions. A few people groan and roll their eyes, but mostly everyone has something they’d like to do. Harry teases a few people, the ones that have the same resolution every year, encourages others who genuinely want to better themselves.

Niall’s watching Harry, who’s leaned in to Lou and grinning at her saying she wants to give up men for the year after her latest relationship flopped. He teases her only a little bit, but ultimately says he thinks it’d be good for her, and for Lux, to have some quality time alone.

“I want to learn a new language.”

“I’d like to knock a few things off my bucket list.”

“I wanna travel more.”

Niall hears everyone, but can only stare at Harry, with his still short hair (that is steadily growing out, much to Harry’s pleasure) and dimples and charisma. His chest flutters. Niall thinks of all the times they’ve shared, all the memories they have together, before and after they began dating, thinks of everything that could have split them apart but how they fought through it all. He knows he loves Harry with his whole heart and soul.

Still, there’s no real explanation for why he says, “I wanna get married.”

Harry’s gone silent next to him, turned back around to gape at Niall, eyes wide and questioning. The rooms fallen silent too, at Niall’s declaration, watching with rapt attention as Harry fumbles for words.

“Excuse me… what?” is what finally manages to make its way past Harry’s lips.

Niall feels his grin widen, didn’t know he was smiling to begin with, but isn’t surprised, since all he can do when he looks at Harry is smile. He scratches behind his ear and shrugs. “Dunno. Been thinking about it lately.” Harry huffs a humorless laugh at that. Niall bites his lip to keep from grinning too hard. “What do ya say, Harry? You wanna marry me?”

Harry releases a breath, not realizing he’d been holding it, and exclaims, “Of course I do, you buggering idiot!” He throws himself into Niall and kisses him senseless. Their smiles make it difficult, but they don’t really mind.

Their friends cheer, throw old confetti from the countdown, pop new bottles of champagne. Harry breaks their kiss to request Nick grab the orange juice because he wants mimosas to celebrate with. Nick rolls his eyes but he obliges.

After all, two of his best friends just got engaged.

Sex Bucket List

Summary: this was for @winchester-smut‘s August challenge! My prompt was shower/bath/pool, and I chose pool for this one :-)

Pairing: Castiel x reader

Word Count: 3.3k

Warnings: smut, slight dirty talk, language

A/N: this kinda sucks imo idk I hope y'all like it!

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You finally had a day off from the world of hunting, which was a very rare occurrence, so you decided to live it up by relaxing aaaall day long. Specifically, you were going to spend it relaxing by your private pool at your house.

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So my sisters friend has been calling her all day asking her random questions like “favourite colour? favourite chocolates? what are things you really want to do/achieve in 2017?” etc etc.
We were all very ???? about the whole situation but just ignored it.
Fast forward to 5:30pm and my sisters friend drops this off at our door. Its a late Christmas present for my sister whose been feeling rather down recently with school and relationships.
Inside the package is;
A hot chocolate scented candle
A box of Favourites chocolates
And a jar of 365 cute little notes (one for each day of 2017) which are colour coded to what my sister wants to read.
The categories range from “cute quotes + lyrics” to “things we have to do/bucket list” and “reasons why I love you.” 
I honestly think that this is the cutest thing ever and tbh I aspire to be this kind of friend. 

People Who Attend Concerts

Got any tips for someone who hates crowds?

I just bought tickets to the Game of Thrones concert, which should be fine, but I’m in the process of buying Radiohead tickets and just the thought of it makes me want to throw up (It’s a bucket list thing though, I must see these guys). 

So against my instinct, I’m buying tickets. 

Having been to all of ONE concert in my life (it was horrible), I’m looking for some protips. 

…and go?

Gerard’s latest Instagram post:

Thanks to anyone that has ever given me a book (or anything for that matter but let’s talk about the books). Sometimes I discover really cool things that way, like this copy of Momo by Michael Ende that someone gave me. Bandit and I are reading this now and it’s becoming one of my favorites. I like it even more than The Neverending Story so far (also by the same author), and we are a little more than halfway through. It’s inspiring stuff. It feels very close to the type of writing I like to do, the non-comic kind. Writing a book is probably one of the last things on my bucket list in terms of things I’ve always wanted to create, and I feel like, in a lot of ways, writing more and more comics has started to build up my discipline. So I’m working toward that goal. 
I’ve really taken to reading over time. I’ve always loved to do it (and I have a ton of them), though it used to be a struggle— I feel like it took me a while to re-wire my brain to be a better reader and really embrace it. In fact, I wasn’t fully comfortable doing it until about three years ago. Too much noise in my head. But I did notice the more I read, the better I got at it, and the easier it became to focus. Books are great gifts. I have difficulty watching TV so they are pretty much my only form of entertainment. If you have a hard time focusing while reading, just know it does get better, and sometimes it’s a matter of finding the right book to unlock your reading potential. 

#books #reading #momo

why you should be friends with the signs
  • Aries: They're going to be the only one to tell you the truth right away while everybody else is too scared to tell you.
  • Taurus: They know where the good food's at. If that isn't enough for you, I don't know what is.
  • Gemini: They will give you an endless supply of fun things to do to the point where they basically made your bucket list.
  • Cancer: The ultimate mom-friend. They will care for you, nurture you, and just be the one person that feels like home.
  • Leo: They'll definitely make you laugh all the time. The party doesn't start until they walk in ;)
  • Virgo: They will keep you in check. They will make sure you are attended for. They will organize the shit out of you and you will be so thankful.
  • Libra: They're so chill. No drama, nothing. They like to go with the flow, and they're great to talk to! They're probably good at being wingmen/wingwomen!!
  • Scorpio: They will keep your secrets and will still like you at your worst. They're your true friends. They will see the ugly in you, and still love you.
  • Sagittarius: They will literally go miles and miles to make you happy if they care about you. They're so protective, yet so reckless. You'd have SO much fun with them.
  • Capricorn: They put you on the right path. They'll call you out when you do stupid shit. They'll give you the reality check you need time to time.
  • Aquarius: You can tell them the weirdest things and they will like you more. You can truly be yourself with them and you can have interesting conversations!!
  • Pisces: They will always care for you, almost to a fault. They will most certainly sacrifice certain things to keep a friendship, even if it hurts.
conversations with momma

me: oh and there was this one grandma on the glass who had a poster that said “number one on my bucket list is a kiss from sid” it was really great
mom: sid??? sid’s not even the cutest player on the team! letang or dumoulin, though… i could teach them a few things if you know what i mean


 Like Real People Do 

AU. Harry is Louis’ soulmate but Louis isn’t Harry’s - it takes Harry a while to figure it all out. (you know i have a thing fo soulmates AUs)

take my hand (and my heart and soul) 

Or, the one where Harry hasn’t spoken to his best friend in sixteen months and can’t remember why. (THE FUCKING AMNESIA FIC YO)

No One Does It Better

Harry’s an alcoholic and Louis is a bartender. The first time they meet isn’t the first time they’ve met. (THE ANOTHER AMNESIA FIC.. yes apparently I have a thing with amnesia fics too)

These Rays Of Light Begin To Intersect

After Harry’s first experience of heartbreak, he creates a break up bucket list that he gives himself a month to complete. Shoplifting, Streaking, Spending too much money, and getting revenge are just a few that Louis has agreed to help him out with, but the number one item on the list makes Harry much too nervous to reveal.(Au. Harry’s just gotten out of a suffocating relationship and to make himself feel better, he enlists Louis on a bucket list mission of uneventful adventures.)

Won’t See It Coming Til It’s Already Gone

The ring that Louis hadn’t been able to stop noticing in the loo weighs heavily on his hand. His left hand. (ACCIDENTAL MARRIAGE AU…. who knows who wrote this *wink* *wink*)

If Tomorrow Never Comes (We Had Last Night)

“Accidentally called your number while drunk asking for a ride and you actually came au”  (THIS IS GOLDEN!!)

(Massively Fattening)

Audio 10: My Feeder Bucket List

Okay you guys so this one is going to be a little more casual and hopefully I don’t ramble too much! So far I haven’t had the pleasure of being a full-time, long-term feeder to anyone so there’s quite a few things I wanna do, a feeder bucket list if you will. I guess we can start with the numbers. I would love to help someone gain 100lbs, just so I can say we hit that three digit milestone. I’d also love for them to be at least 100lbs heavier than me. That’ll probably come first depending on their starting weight. Of course some of this is dependent on height and stuff too, 100lbs could be a lot for someone but I can’t resist those big numbers. I’d like to help someone get to 300lbs, 350, maybe even 400. And when we get there, I want to celebrate with a huge weekend feeding. Maybe set a goal of 15000 calories over the course of 48 hours. That would mean funneling lots and lots of calories into my piggy which is another goal of mine. Even better if I can tie them up. I want to keep track of their gain too… I’ve always liked the idea of a chart on the fridge that way every time they go for a snack, they can see their progress. We’d have weekly weigh-ins, plot the little point on the chart, then go out for dinner to get a head start on the next week’s gain. I’d want my piggy to wear something tight when we go out, just tight enough for them to be aware of how fat they’ve gotten. Of course I’d want to get a booth because I’m hoping their huge belly would be pressed up against the edge of the table. I want to order for them, or at least order something extra they aren’t aware of so when the server brings it to the table, my big piggy pretends to be confused but is secretly turned on at the thought of having an extra entrée. I kinda hope other people in the restaurant will be staring, amazed at my fatty’s size and appetite. If they aren’t staring then, they’re certainly going to be staring when we go to the buffet together. I’d want them to eat at least five full plates, and I’d wanna be in charge of the dessert courses. Afterwards I’d help them waddle to the car and we’d go home for another weigh-in. It might not count for the little tracking chart but I’d curious to see how much weight we can add with a huge public stuffing like that. Speaking of the scale, I’d really love to see my feedee break one… seeing ‘error’ show up on that little screen would be one hell of an achievement. I’d also like to see them break a chair or two. Even if it means purposefully buying some cheap flimsy thing for the sole purpose of collapsing it. I’d want to record it too, with their permission of course. It doesn’t even have to be posted anywhere. I just want to document my piggy’s accomplishments for our own personal enjoyment. Now, with how quickly they’re going to balloon for me, we’ll need to make a few trips to the mall. Of course I’m going to dote on them, be very sweet and encouraging when picking out new, bigger clothes, but I’m definitely going to sneak in a few too-small items in there too. I’ll ask them to come out and show me how everything fits, just so I can see how snug that 3XL shirt is now. Well that’s about all I can think of for now, I’m sure there’s more. You guys will definitely hear about all the other things I want to do with my future fatty when I think of them!

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Time Where You Are Now: 11:25 PM

Last Thing You Watched On TV: Currently watching American Dad

Favorite Color: Blue

Favorite Ice Cream Flavor: Mint Chocolate Chip

What You Ate For Dinner Tonight: Taco casserole 

What You’re Currently Wearing: Sweats 

Favorite Movie Character: Piper from Charmed

Top Places To Visit On Your Bucket List: I really want to stay in one of those huts on the water

Harry Potter House: Ravenclaw

If You Read FanFic, Last One You Read: I don’t read fanfic, but I still see a lot of Teen Wolf Derek+Styles gif sets on my dash

Favorite Sleeping Position: Any position as long as Adam is cuddles up next to me

If You Could Instantly Teleport Yourself Anywhere Right Now: ANYWHERE WARM! Fuck this winter shit!

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reapingwithjoy  asked:

47, 22, 5 idk I just chose random numbers

5: Five male celebrities you find attractive.

Evan Peters, Jensen Ackles, Dylan O’Brien, Alex Gaskarth, Logan Lerman

22: Name one thing on your bucket list.

Seeing a couple of my fave bands live (Placebo, Panic, Rise Against, top)

47: What are your hopes for the future?

i just want to be happy and have a lil money

joy message me back you lil motherfluffer👀💟

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This isn't a question I just wanna tell u and anyone who read this but the top thing on my bucket list is to one day when I get a girlfriend go to a big homophobic crowd or homophobic church and kiss my girlfriend in front of them and have friends take pictures of there reaction! Just to show that I don't care what u think and I am happy

Omg that would be amazing just be careful babe ❤️