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*whispers* sitsc fandom

LMAO you knew I was just waiting for it right?

1. The first character I first fell in love with: Chihaya Koda, he is a good cook and he is good looking, what else does a girl needs?
2. The character I never expected to love as much as I do now: Ryoichi Hirose, is my first ever Voltage inc bias but Satsuki is definitely one character that has grown on me as the seasons passed
3. The character everyone else loves that I don’t: I know Trevor Konno never came out in English but I was never attracted to him
4. The character I love that everyone else hates: Hm, also Ryoichi, I think he can be a bit too strong of a personality for some
5. The character I used to love but don’t any longer: Noel Aijima, I had like the biggest crush on him but he has moved on to the friend zone
6. The character I would totally smooch: Hibiki! He is the tsundere and kinda shy. I like to taunt shy characters lol
7. The character I’d want to be like: Ryoichi, he is often the voice of reason in many stories, I admire his depth and knowledge of life and people 
8. The character I’d slap: To tell you the truth Atsushi is a bit of an asshole in the beginning one the route and I really wanted to slap him at one point
9. A pairing that I love: Ryoichi x MC, they are canon to me n SITSC
10. A pairing that I despise: Not in SITSC, I love everyone so damn much, i love that app so damn much

  • what she says: im fine
  • what she means: scorpius and rose being together is the biggest load of heteronormative bullshit i have ever seen in all my years on this God forsaken planet and i will not stand for it. its so clear in the beginning that rose cares for no one but herself, and especially dislikes scorpius - scorpius, who imagined albus when surrounded by dementors trying to get him back. scorpius, who was heartbroken when albus said they couldn't hang out anymore. scorpius, whose only friend was albus and felt a pang of jealousy when watching him talk to a girl he had just met. the very thought that scorpius had a crush on rose, even after her mistreatment, is outrageous and the fact that she actually said yes to him is ridiculous
Theatre Troubles

 For all my life, I’ve wanted to be a big actor. Acting was my number one passion and I loved it more than anything else in my life. However, I just didn’t have the body for it. I was short, fat, and ugly. Anybody who I told I was an actor was very surprised and told me to give it up because “only pretty people make it in Hollywood.”

I was constantly getting tiny roles, mostly couple-line useless characters, who did absolutely nothing for the plot. One of these roles was in a play which had my biggest crush, Jordan as the lead. He was dreamy, tall, and built with huge muscles. He was one of the most amazing people I’ve ever met and it was a dream come true to be able to work with him.

On the day of the show we both got there early because being the crazy theatre kids we are we do that. I got into the dressing room and he was standing there in just his underwear, looking for his costume. I knew that if I stayed there too long I’d get way too turned on and it just would not be a good idea. So, quickly, I grabbed a costume I thought was mine and ran to the bathroom so he wouldn’t see me without a shirt on. 

I got to the bathroom and began to put on the costume but then realized it was not my costume. In fact, it was Jordan’s costume. We both were wearing black suits for our costumes so it was easily mixed up. Being incredibly turned on by Jordan, I decided just to try it on. For some reason, his underwear and socks were also inside the costume. I pulled his giant socks on first, geez, he has giant feet, and somehow they fit my tiny side 7 feet.

Then, I slid into the underwear, which was at first extremely tight on me but somehow began to feel like it fit me. Then I put on the rest of the costume, which miraculously fit me too. I felt like a completely different person and I thought what the hell? let’s just keep it on. Maybe somehow my same costume will fit him instead as his fit me, somehow. I glanced in the mirror and what I saw shocked the hell out of me.

I. Was. Jordan.

I almost screamed but it turned into pleasure almost immediately. I was extremely turned on and ripped off the suit being just in my underwear and socks. His extremely ripped body was showing to me and I could see his extremely giant cock through his underwear. Or should I say my underwear. 

I took many selfies on my phone, which somehow was now his phone actually, and being so incredibly turned on, jerked off right in the theatre’s bathroom. I exploded cum everywhere, cleaned up and went back to the cast changing room where I saw my old fat self standing in my suit. ME AND JORDAN SWAPPED BODIES.

I began to freak out because I obviously didn’t know Jordan’s lines but somehow it all began to flood into my mind and I had all of his memories.

So now I’m Jordan. I get all the leads that I want and I have all the sex with my gigantic horse cock that I want. And yes, my sexuality came with me so it is gay sex. I have never been happier.

One Direction Asks
  • What Makes You Beautiful: Name three things you love about yourself.
  • Gotta Be You: Talk about your crush!
  • One Thing: What's one thing your dream girl/boy HAS to have?
  • More Than This: What's the bravest thing you ever did?
  • Up All Night: Talk about the craziest night of your life.
  • I Wish: What's your biggest dream?
  • Tell Me A Lie: What was your most recent lie?
  • Taken: Talk about your last relationship.
  • I Want: Name three things you want in life
  • Everything About You: Who's your biggest celebrity crush?
  • Same Mistakes: What's your most common mistake?
  • Save You Tonight: Which three things would you save if there was a fire?
  • Stole My Heart: Have you ever fallen for someone you shouldn't have fallen for?
  • Stand Up: What's your favourite sport?
  • Moments: Talk about something good that recently happened to you.
  • Another World: Which fictional world would you want to live in if you could?
  • Na Na Na: What's one thing you can never say no to?
  • I Should Have Kissed You: Is there something you regret?
  • Live While We're Young: Talk about a childhood memory.
  • Kiss You: Tell the story of your first kiss.
  • Little Things: Name five things you find attractive in others.
  • C'Mon, C'Mon: What's your dream destination for a good vacation?
  • Last First Kiss: Do you want to get married? If so, talk about your dream wedding.
  • Heart Attack: Are you jealous?
  • Rock Me: List your ten favourite bands.
  • Change My Mind: Are you good at making final decisions or do you easily change your mind?
  • I Would: Name three guilty pleasures of yours.
  • Over Again: Talk about your first love.
  • Back For You: Talk about your best friend.
  • They Don't Know About Us: Share a secret!
  • Summer Love: Talk about a summer memory.
  • She's Not Afraid: What's your favourite horror film?
  • Loved You First: Are you a possessive person?
  • Nobody Compares: Who's your idol?
  • Still The One: What's one thing you can't seem to get over?
  • Best Song Ever: List your ten favourite songs.
  • Story Of My Life: List five things you can't live without.
  • Diana: What would you name your children?
  • Midnight Memories: Talk about a dream you recently had.
  • You & I: Talk about your OTP.
  • Don't Forget Where You Belong: Where do you feel home?
  • Strong: What are your three best qualities?
  • Happily: Name three things that make you happy.
  • Right Now: Do you miss someone at the moment?
  • Little Black Dress: How would you describe your style?
  • Through The Dark: What helps you when you're feeling down?
  • Something Great: Where do you see yourself in ten years?
  • Little White Lies: Talk about your #1 sexual fantasy.
  • Better Than Words: Do you read fanfiction? If so, what's your favourite fanfiction?
  • Why Don't We Go There?: Which big cities have you been to?
  • Does He Know?: Would you be up for a threesome?
  • Alive: What's one thing you'd never tell your "real life" friends?
  • Half A Heart: What's your favourite lovestory? ( Book, film, etc. )
  • Steal My Girl: Did you ever steal anything?
  • Ready To Run: If you could have one super power, which would you choose?
  • Where Do Broken Hearts Go?: Talk about the best concert you ever attented.
  • 18: Do you wish you were younger or older?
  • Girl Almighty: What makes you sexy?
  • Fool's Gold: Do you fall for people quickly?
  • Night Changes: What's one thing you don't ever want to change?
  • No Control: Can you control your temper ?
  • Fireproof: What scares you?
  • Spaces: Did you ever let someone go for good?
  • Stockholm Syndrome: Name five kinks of yours.
  • Clouds: What's your star sign? Does your personality match it?
  • Change Your Ticket: What would you do with a million dollars?
  • Illusion: Do you believe in higher powers?
  • Once In A Lifetime: What's three things you want to do before you die?
  • Act My Age: Do you consider yourself mature?
  • Just Can't Let Her Go: Name five turn ons.

“What is your biggest fear?”

Not being able to live out every little part of this life that I want to. Waking up one day realizing it’s too late. Realizing that I didn’t go on that amazing road trip with my friends, that I didn’t get the best kiss underneath the moonlight or that I didn’t do all the mistakes that I needed to do to get the best rights I ever could.

It’s terrifying, you know? Thinking that the best day of my life can be around the corner and I can miss it. But I’m getting rid of that fear in a minute, you’ll see. I’m going to give myself all the best days of life, because at the end of the day I’m the only one who can do that. All the wanderlust, dreaming and longing will not stay in this chest of mine, I need to put all my wanting and needing on the line.

—  t.j. // All the words I don’t say #10
DeForest Kelley: A True Southern Gentleman and A Cowboy!

DeForest “De” Kelley (January 20, 1920 - June 11, 1999) is one of my biggest crushes ever since I started watching Star Trek: TOS and he’s a true Southern gentleman who never let Hollywood get to him.

Somebody else Part One(Anakin Skywalker x Reader)

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Word Count: 905

Pairing: Anakin Skywalker x Reader

AN: My first Anakin fic! I don’t know why it took me this long since he’s literally my biggest fictional crush but I hope you like it :) you can read part two here

You had been Padme Amidala’s best friend ever since she rescued you off of Tatooine three years ago. The day she found you alone on the streets she couldn’t find it in herself to leave you there, her heart was too good. So she took it upon herself to find you a home, bringing you back to Coruscant with her. During the ride there you and Padme talked for hours, laughing at each other’s jokes. It was the beginning of a beautiful friendship.

When you first arrived at Coruscant you stayed in Padme’s apartment as the big city you now lived in frightened you as you knew no one but her. A few months after your arrival the she offered you the chance you become her apprentice. To study and learn from her in hopes that one day you would to become a senator yourself. You gratefully accepted the offer and have been working as her assistant ever since. 

Right now you and Padme were waiting in her apartment for two Jedi to arrive. Someone had been plotting to assassinate senator Amidala so the Jedi council called in Obi-wan Kenobi and his padawann Anakin Skywalker to protect her. You had never met Anakin, but had heard stories about him many times from Padme and Jar Jar that made you eager to meet him. Padme thinks of Anakin or Ani as she likes to call him as a younger brother.

You were nervous about the Jedi’s arrival, you had only met a few Jedi in your life and you were nervous to be in the presence of two in barely a few minutes. You’d always admired the Jedi and often caught yourself wishing you were one. Padme must have noticed your nerves. “Don’t be nervous Y/N. Obi-wan and Ani are very kind and old friends of mine, you have nothing to worry about.” She placed a hand on your shoulder, sending you a reassuring smile.

You nodded a little embarrassed at how you were acting, it wasn’t very professional. “Sorry, Jedi are just so cool and I can’t help how nervous I am right now.” Padme laughed at her friend finding her admiration cute. 

Just then doors opened to reveal your friend Jar Jar Binks, causing you to smile. “Jar Jar it’s so nice to see you.” You rose from your seat and rushed over towards him, almost knocking him over with your hug.“Y/N! Meesa missed you so much! I heard that Ani and Obi are coming.” 

Padme made her way over, not being able to hide the huge smile that appeared on her face at the sight of one of her oldest friends. “Yes, they should be here shortly. Lovely to see you Jar Jar.” She also greets him with a hug making Jar Jar feel welcomed home. 

The sound of the doors to the elevator opening and Jar Jar’s excited squeal caught you off guard a little.  He was looking at something behind you and you could take an easy guess at what, well who it was. “Obi! Ani!” 

“Jar Jar Binks, it’s been too long.” An older voice greets seeming happy to be reunited with his old friend.

You gulp nervously and finally turn around to see the Jedi. Padme is already hugging her old friends and you’re kind of just standing there. My gosh that boy was attractive, you assumed that was Anakin as he looked significantly younger to the man beside him. His dark hair was grown out so it just touched his shoulders and a small scar ran down the right side of his face probably from a battle. His jawline was sharp and his smile was the purest thing you’d ever seen, you found yourself becoming lost in thought looking at the boy.

”Ani? My goodness, you’ve grown.” Padme gushes as she cups his cheeks.

“So have you, grown more beautiful… for a senator, I mean.” Oh he definitely has feelings for her you thought. 

Padme laughs at the teenagers response as she pulls her hands away from his face.“Ani, you’ll always be that little boy I knew on Tatooine.” Well if that didn’t clarify that he was in the friend zone I don’t know what does?

Anakin looked a little disappointed at her statement, the older Jedi notices this and speaks up to change the topic. “I believe we haven’t met before miss. I’m Obi-wan Kenobi, the Jedi in charge of keeping the senator safe and this is my padawan Anakin Skywalker.” You realized he was talking to you and sent him a polite smile as he shook your hand.He seemed like a very kind man, someone that you could trust.

“It’s a pleasure to meet you Master Kenobi, I’ve heard many great things about you. I’m Y/N, Padme’s assistant.” A snort escaped your best friends mouth at that statement, she hated when you introduced yourself as her assistant. “Oh please, you’re also my best friend Y/N, you’re more than just my assistant you’re family.” She smiled, placing an arm around your shoulder.

You realized you hadn’t spoken to the other boy, clearing your throat and sending him a smile. “So you’re the famous Ani I’ve heard so much about, it’s nice to finally meet you.” 

“You too, I look forward to getting to know you Y/N.” He sent you a smile causing you to go weak at the knees. The things hot boys can do to you. 

The signs w their celeb crush/fav character

(Also check moon/venus)

Aries: *flys 3000000 miles just to see them*

Taurus: *draws them 24/7 and watches every interview ever and learns every single thing about them*

Gemini: *writes erotica about them*

Cancer: *sobs when something bad happens to them* WHO FUCKIN W MY BABIES

Leo: *covers their entire house w posters of them* art

Virgo: “can I see your phone” yea one sec *deletes 1000000 pictures of them*

Libra: *is basically the biggest groupie*

Scorpio: I love them so much it hurts to look at them look at that smile what the fuck who do they think they even are if uckin wanna punch them so hard right in their pretty little fa-

Sagittarius: *faints when they see them in person*

Capricorn: there’s the love of my life no one else matters no one

Aquarius: *looks at them* … *moans loudly*

Pisces: what do you mean we aren’t going to have 23 kids 2 cats a unicorn and live in a mansion

do you ever have that one OC you made when you were like 11-12 and you were still in that ‘everything has to be straight’ phase

and think back to all of the same sex “”friendships”” the character has?

and think to yourself.

holy fuck she would have been so gay for all of them what i was doing 

100 Writing Prompts

1. Describe the color green and what it makes you feel.
2. What do you feel at midnight?
3. Talk about one guilty pleasure movie.
4. Describe your first crush.
5. Talk about what it’s like to fly in an airplane.
6. What state is your favorite? Why? Have you ever been there?
7. What is one book no one knows you like?
8. What does your favorite fruit taste like?
9. Describe the mannerisms of your best friend when they are angry.
10. Do you like musicals or plays more? Why?
11. Describe the most easy going or relaxed day you can remember.
12. Do you believe you have a soul mate?
13. The biggest lie I have ever told is…
14. My parents’ religion has played a role in my life by…
15. What was your favorite show as a toddler? Do you remember the values of the show?
16. How important are your grandparents in your life?
17. If you could control everyone’s emotions would you?
18. What does no one know about you? Why is this a hidden part of you?
19. Have you ever questioned your sexuality?
20. Listen to Novo Amor’s song “Holland” and describe how it makes you feel.
21. Are you a good singer? Why do people sing?
23. Talk about your favorite instrument.
24. Can fame bring you happiness?
25. Is happiness only temporary?
26. Think about a character in your head and write a paragraph describing what they’d think about your life.
27. Do you wish you could read more? If so, why don’t you?
28. Is school worth it?
29. Who is the most influential teacher you have ever had?
30. Is it important to have a plan in life? What is yours?
31. Write a metaphor for Donald Trump.
32. How does gender expression play a role in your life?
33. Do you like walking barefoot in wet grass? Why or why not?
34. Write a paragraph describing lips. Feel free to include a drawing.
35. What do you image you mother was like at your age?
36. What is your dream car? Why does it’s aesthetic appeal to you?
37. Describe what snapping fingers makes you think about.
38. Talk about the nicest thing anyone has done for you in the recent past.
39. What is an experience you would hate to repeat but do not regret living through?
40. Do you have a hunch about when you are going to die? If so, discuss it.
41. What is your ideal afterlife?
42. Write a scene describing a car crash.
43. What is your favorite point of view to read a book from? (This would be either first person, second person, or third person.)
44. Do you over complicate/ over think things in your life? How does this affect aspects of your life?
45. Do you wear makeup? Is makeup gender specific?
46. Create a set list that makes you feel calm.
47. Ask a companion to write a list of emotions you have made them feel. Reflect on this list.
48. When you feel under attack do you tend to become defensive quickly?
49. Can you see yourself working a 9 to 5 job in an office cubical? What connotations does our society have about office jobs?
50. What is one movie or television show that your parents have introduced to you?
51. Describe your favorite place in your city or town.
52. Have you ever considered going vegan or vegetarian? How would this impact your daily life?
53. Create a set list that can make you cry.
54. Write about your first impression of someone you would now consider a trustworthy friend or mentor.
55. Are you optimistic or pessimistic? Does your view change based on the situation?
56. When you give advice, is it advice you know the receiver wants to hear or advice they need to hear? Why?
57. Make a list of words that can hurt you.
58. When is your favorite time to write?
59. Would you consider your self more artistic minded or scientific minded? Is it possible to be balanced in this way?
60. Why do we as humans fear death?
61. When do you seek human touch for comfort?
62. Does the idea of undergoing surgery scare you or excite you?
63. What is your economic background and how has it influenced your views on money today?
64. What are your favorite numbers? Why?
65. What is the most defining feature of someone’s face?
66. Is it possible we are living in what would be considered another dimension’s dystopia?
67. Describe your dad’s music taste. Feel free to include a set list.
68. Talk about a dead musician.
69. What is a famous classic book that you have read either on your own or in a class that you found to be not worth the hype?
70. Would you consider yourself to be conservative or liberal? Do you think that either of these categories perfectly describes your beliefs? What are common misconceptions about the category you identify with?
71. What is ignorance? How do you respond to it in your day to day life? How have you become less ignorant over time?
72. Create a list of places in your own country that you’d like to visit.
73. Listen to slam poetry. (My favorite place to do this is on the Button Poetry channel on YouTube.) Find a poem you connect with and talk about the speaker’s voice.
74. Create a set list of songs only created before you were born.
75. What are you favorite names? Why are these your favorites?
76. Watch the movie “6 Years” on Netflix, describe the problem of domestic violence on men in our society.
77. What is a phrase or word that you commonly say? When do you say it?
78. Do you believe in unconditional love?
79. Make a list of quotes you find solely on Tumblr.
80. Spend 20 minutes resting quietly with music playing if you’d like and just let your mind wander. What did you think about? Was this time beneficial to you in any way?
81. Do you believe opposites attract? Has this ever happened to you or a friend?
82. Discuss your biggest insecurity and why it is an insecurity for you.
83. Describe the social concept of virginity and how it plays a role in your life.
84. Write a letter to your past self.
85. Write a letter to yourself 3 years from today.
86. Talk about rejection. How does it feel to reject someone? How does it feel to be rejected? Write about rejection in multiple aspects of your life?
87. Have you ever gone though a time of depression. Write about that feeling. If you haven’t talk to someone who has a write about what you learned from talking to them.
88. Talk about traits you find physically beautiful.
89. Write about your favorite words. Create a list and discuss their meaning, the way they sounds, and the connotations you have about them.
90. Do you have an accent? Describe your accent.
91. Talk about three people you find entirely miserable and try to understand why they are that way.
92. Describe the act of holding hands.
93. Discuss the following quote by Mahatma Gandhi, “Your tomorrow depends entirely on what you do today.”
94. Is hate too strong of a word to use? Do you use it in your day to day life? Create a list of words conveying the same meaning as the word hate.
95. What is one experience that has taught you a lot about being grown up?
96. How do you learn best? What do you need from a teacher?
97. Can you write from the point of view of someone with a mental illness if you do not have that mental illness yourself? Is this an ethical issue?
98. Do you think our society is over sensitive or under sensitive? Why do think we are this way?
99. Write a list of things you do not know.
100. Write a list of things you have learned from solely your own experiences.


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This isn't really a question I just need to talk about it but anyway. I have this huge crush on one of my best friends and it sucks. It's the biggest crush I've ever had, and honestly I think I might be in love with her. But I can't tell her because she's straight, I'm not out, and she's crushing on a guy. It just sucks and I have nowhere to talk about it bc I'm not out and real life friends follow my tumblr and it physically hurts to think about how badly I want to date her and just ughhhh why

hey its okay, you can absolutely talk to me and if you want you can message me so you can vent. i’m here okay? and it may be hard to get over her, but i believe in you and you’ll be fine and you’ll fall in love for a sapphic person and they’ll like you back and its gonna be great, i swear!!

Business (Part 2) (Peter Parker x Reader)



PROMPT?:  Absolutely loves business make a part 2 you’re amazing at writing 😍 and (..) I was just wondering if there would ever be the possibility of a part 2 of business where the reader finds out his identity or something in that sense? (..)

A/N: wow! there was another few requests about doing a part 2 and I’m so proud and happy you want a part 2??! **post write** i think this is one of my favorites I’ve written? aside from namesake. jfc i am such peter trash

WARNINGS: cursing, harrassment, this is basically scooby-doo with spiderman, a lot of sexual tension, kissing and large amounts of fluff

It hadn’t even been days. But Pete was getting anxious. He already had the biggest crush he was sure Midtown High had ever held and he was terrified you were onto him. Sure, you were somewhat distracted by your group of friends, mainly the people you sat by in Stats. Pete felt blessed to be in the group, mainly with Jack, the jock who commonly used to beat him up, and you. Especially you. He loved being with you. Nothing elated him more. But the possibility of you putting two and two together about him being Spider-Man? Trying not to touch you was hard enough. Pete often felt like you thought that he hated you, often avoiding your touch and eye contact. He would gladly text you and hang out, but the constant voice in the back of his head made him worried that you wouldn’t think of him the same if you found out. He wasn’t about to ruin Spider-Man for you.

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My crush is super tall!! he's Filipino and absolutely adorable with slightly wavy dark hair. He always makes sure to see me at least once each day and it melts my heart. He's the biggest nerd ever and love Star Wars/the fifth element and wears this super cool vintage Japanese Star Wars shirt allll the time!! He always makes sure I'm doing okay and one time even offered his sweatshirt to me because I was really cold He's so sweet and I have the biggest crush on him

ahh!!! this is so sweet!!! that’s absolutely adorable, i’m so glad you’ve found someone that really cares about you!

Alphabet Tag

I was tagged by this lovely @leeminpuppy and @hyungnu thanks fam! You can always tag me stuffs okay even if you want to tag everything just tag me I loveeeee it <3 xD


A - Age: almost 22 

B - Biggest Fear: feeling sick is not really biggest fear but yes still big for me

C - Current Time: 3:23PM

D - Drink you last had: water

E - Easiest person to talk to: my bestfriend, Waty

F - Favorite Song: always stuck by monsta x

G - Grossest Memory: I have decided to give up my teeth 2 years ago and asked the doctor to just pull it out I don’t want to fix it anymore (It’s the second teeth from the back. the one we use to crush our food lol hahahahah)

H - Horror yes or Horror no: HORROR YES. I ALWAYS ALWAYS LIKE HORROR but so far ever conjuring can’t shake me that much

I - In Love: yes with monsta x no in real world

J - Jealous of people: jealous of pretty flawless girls but actually am not really a jealous person maybe once in a while xD

K - Killed someone: glad killing someone is illegal so no

L - Love at First Sight or Should I Walk By Again: what is love at first sight? i don’t believe that I have to walk 4 times at least lol

M - Middle Name: …

N - Number of Siblings: 4 including me

O - One Wish: I want to meet Monsta X / I want to go to Momo Coffee / I want to meet my tumblr friends PLS

P - Person you Called Last: dad

Q - Question You’re Always Asked: what are you doing now hahaha bc I’m always at home so yeah

R - Reason to Smile: moving out for university next month yayyyyy!

S - Song You Sang Last: i wish wjsn

T - Time You Woke Up: 9:45am this morning

U - Underwear Color: I have to check for this one :P red hahahah!

V - Vacation Destination: South Korea obviously yes and Australia Japan and everywhere

W - Worst Habit: I can sleep everywhere and anywhere and anytime I just sleep

X - X-Rays Had: yes of course 

Y - Your Favorite Food: probably chinese food and sushi yes sushi just like you @leeminpuppy 

Z - Zodiac Sign: Taurus

I want to tag………… @monstaxie @wonhos-monbaby @farshoreloser @im-all-in-for-you and everyone who want to do this idk who else to tag hahah!

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My crush is super tall!! he's Filipino and absolutely adorable. He always makes sure to see me at least once each day and it melts my heart. He's the biggest nerd ever and love Star Wars/the fifth element and wears this super cool vintage Japanese Star Wars shirt allll the time!! He always makes sure I'm doing okay and one time even offered his sweatshirt to me because I was really cold ahhhh

oh my god im jealous he sounds perfect and it sounds like he likes u back so i hope it works out because i already ship it so much!

I don’t know what is compelling me to type this. Maybe because it’s truly one of my biggest fears and I get random anxiety even thinking about the topic…?

Cheating on others.

Just don’t fucking do it.

In my own opinion, it’s one of the absolute worst, most heart-wrenching, heart-breaking, crushing things someone could ever do to another human being.

Just don’t do it, ever. To any extent, it is never right. Ever. No excuses. Don’t cheat. It’s not hard to stay faithful. Don’t do it.

One Day I'll Tell Him

One day I will tell him how he has changed my life, how he has affected me, how he is one of the most beautiful human beings I have ever met with he biggest heart, how he has the greatest smile I have ever seen and a laugh that can just lift your mood, how he helped me in a time when I don’t think anyone else could of, how he helped me out in a time where he was in no way obliged to and he was probably hurting himself but he is still did, how he did everything in his power to make my life better, how much he has helped and how much I love him…