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Your drawings always have the best expressions, I love them so much! Thank you for letting us see them : ) do you find yourself making the same faces you draw?

Thank you so much! Giving characters lots of expression is one of the main goals I aim for in my work, so I’m really glad you’re enjoying them :)

I haven’t caught myself making the same faces (yet), but I do make them on purpose while I’m drawing them and also when I’m figuring out dialogue in my head. I was making snarling faces and wild grins while stuck in traffic a few days ago because I was thinking up some Jason lines, and I’m pretty sure the driver next to me thought I was going through some weird form of road rage. So there was that.

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Based off my blog, what other characters could you see me Roleplay as? ;;


Things coming up...

Friday (tomorrow) is the shop update with wire wraps- high end pieces! I’m giving these pieces my all… there won’t be too many of them, but the ones I have are going to be my best wraps yet. (And don’t worry, I always offer payment plans & layaway 💖)

Then on Tuesday we’re going back to the crystal warehouse! We have a much better plan this time around (last time was more an experiment than anything) We’re going to go around the warehouse and take pictures of the best deals and post them here, and then once everything is posted, we’ll start taking orders. That way to avoid confusion, we’ll just take all the orders at once.. it should work much more smoothly this way, and we’ll have the time to post a lot more. I’m really excited for that!

World’s LONGEST day and it’s not over yet

I started my field experience today where I work with a student in ESOL and conduct a case study on them over the next month, and I ended up at THE BEST elementary school. I talked a little about the director on Twitter, but she’s a dang angel and we emailed a bunch before meeting so when I met her today it was so lovely. Right away she called me an old soul and when introducing me to all the other teachers would say “watch out for this one, she’s quick” and “I’m trying to get her to move in”. I was basically offered multiple positions on the spot lmao, so when things die down I’m going to work on my substitute application because the principal and a bunch of other teachers said they would use me all the time. Before I had my interview with my corresponding teacher as well as the student I’ll be working with, the director asked if I wanted to volunteer in a kindergarten class and help administering assessments. Turns out, this wasn’t just a dream because I want to teach kindergarten, buuuut, the testing I did is literally what I’ve been learning about all semester in my literacy class so I’m feeling really awesome about that. The kindergarten teacher also said whenever I want to come in an help out I’m always welcome, and gave me a bunch of solid advice. So overall, best first impression and I’m so dang excited to be in a school again and I just can’t wait to finally teach. Oh! And the student I’m paired with is adorable and I’m really excited to be a positive influence and help him feel more comfortable in the classroom. We bonded over having the same name, liking pizza, and thinking sharks are cool. After all this I came home, had lunch, took a nap, and started writing my psych research paper which is due tomorrow. Luckily I just finished, so now it’s past 10 and I’m beginning to prep for a presentation tomorrow AND I still have to study for my math test. DOING THE DANG THING, Y’ALL.


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10 upcoming 2016 releases by and/or about POC

American Honey
Directed by: Andrea Arnold
What it’s about: A wild teenager (played by newcomer Sasha Lane) who joins in with a group of similarly crazy kids who travel around the U.S. working for a multi level marketing scheme. This is also known for being the movie that Shia Labeouf cut his hand on. If the description isn’t enough to convince you then you should be convinced to watch it by Arnold’s talent alone. She’s an Oscar winning director who’s best known for Fish Tank and two of her previous films have played at Cannes. Crossing my fingers this one makes it there too.
Release date: Undetermined as of yet but A24 says they’re dropping this in the fall (so maybe they have an Oscar push in mind?)

The Fits
Directed by:
Anna Rose Holmer
What it’s about: An 11 year old tomboy named Toni who falls in with a dance troupe while she’s supposed to be boxing at the gym. But things start to go awry when the girls in the dance troupe succumb to violent fainting fits. The film already got rave review at Venice last year and is getting positive review at Sundance.
Release date: Undetermined so far but indie distributor Oscillope bought it before its festival premiere so the good news is this will be hitting theatres in limited release in 2016. Follow @TheFitsFilm for updates.

The Invitation
Directed by: Karyn Kusama
What it’s about: A man attends a dinner party thrown by his ex-wife and her new husband and slowly suspects that they have sinister intentions towards him. The low-key thriller stars Tom Hardy look-alike Logan Marshall-Green along with Michiel Huisman and Emayatzy Corinealdi. It has a mostly white cast but Kusama remains one of the few Asian-American women to have a strong and continuous career as a film director.
Release date: March 25, 2016

Directed by: Meera Menon
What it’s about: A female wall street trader played by Anna Gunn who is mired in a world of corruption, greed and scandal. Billed as the first wall street movie centered about a woman this has a predominantly (possibly entirely?) white cast however director Meera Menon is Indian-American.
Release date: No official date yet but this was picked up by Sony Picture Classics before its official Sundance premiere.

Directed by: Jeff Nichols
What it’s about: Real life couple Mildred and Richard Loving who married when interracial marriage was still illegal in their state and became plaintiffs in Loving vs. Virgina, the court case that made interracial marriage legal within the whole of the U.S. Ruth Negga plays Mildred with Joel Edgerton as Richard.
Release date: None yet, but this will probably head to festivals sometimes this year looking for a distributor.

Miles Ahead
Directed by: Don Cheadle
What it’s about: A passion project for Cheadle the movie examines the life of Miles Davis as he is interviewed by a Rolling Stone reporter, played by Ewan McGregor, in the 1970s. This one got mixed reviews when it played at festivals but by all acounts Cheadle’s performance is awards worthy.
Release date: April 1, 2016

Directed by:
John Musker and Ron Clements
What it’s about: Ayoung woman who sets off on an adventure helped by a famed demi-God. The nice thing about this one is that not only is it about polynesians but the main vocal cast (which includes Dwayne Johnson) also are of polynesian ancestry.
Release date: November 23, 2016

The Queen of Katwe
Directed by:
Mira Nair
What it’s about: A biopic based on Ugandan prodigy Phiona Mutesi who grew up in a slum and then turned her life around after her teacher taught her how to play chess. It’s also going to be Lupita Nyong'o’s first live-action role post-Oscar and also stars David Oyelowo.
Release date: Undetermined but this is owned by Disney so it will likely get a wide release sometime this year.

Directed by: Stephen Hopkins
What it’s about: A biopic on Olympian athlete Jesse Owens during his time at the 1936 Olympics in Hitler’s Germany. Owens is played by relative newcomer Stephan James, and the rest of the cast includes William Hurt, Jeremy “I’m a sexist creep” Irons, and Carice van Houten.
Release date: February 19, 2016

Songs My Brothers Taught Me
Directed by: Chloe Zhao
What it’s about: Set in the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation the film, about a young girl who goes looking for a father figure after her father drinks himself to death and her older brother starts making plans to leave for a better life, played at Sundance in 2015. This got great reviews but it struggled to find distribution until director Zhao announced she would self-distribute in 2016. The even better news? Indie distributor Kino Lober stepped up to give it a proper release!
Release date: March 2, 2016. Follow @songsthemovie for more info. 

What's our goal on this trip? To catch Robin!!!

This dress is the one piece of clothing that always makes me feel good. It has been with me for three years and every time I put it on whether pregnant or not, I feel like my best self. It was not expensive yet something about its flow just works for even the worst days. Plus Lue gasps when I put it on and literally always holds her round cheeks and says, “oh Mama! Spin, Mama! Spin!” I love her magical view of the world and it forces me to take an extra minute to relish in the simplest nothing’s of life. 🌰

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The Moral and Social Implications of Free Education in a Capitalist Economy
flowerduck replied to your post: “Thank you…..”:

Do you think wikibooks or other open textbook projects can cut around the barriers by making a quality free learning product that addresses standards without bowing to white supremacy?

Well, short answer, yes. Are we there yet? Omg, not even close.

Not only that, but we also need to take a good, hard look at who is getting paid for anti-racism education works, and who is not getting paid OR credited for their activist work.

As a non-Black person of color who writes (maybe too often) about Black people in art and culture, I absolutely try to be hyper-aware of how I fit into the context of my writing.

I do my best to metaphorically eat this article for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Gradient Lair is one of the academic blogs I owe an unpayable debt to, as I have mentioned before.

If you look at the history of activism in the U.S., a clear pattern emerges of Black Americans, especially Black women, blazing a path, and then being plagiarized, spoken over, and rejected from movements they created. This rather disgusting trend has perpetuated itself in the information age, via social media.

I know for a fact that many academic blogs run by people of color are regularly plagiarized by white academics for their own benefit. It is a racist double standard that white academics are expected to make a living off anti-racist activism, and yet Black activists are expected to do these things for free, despite the double burden of experiencing racism while trying to teach or write about it.

The disgrace isn’t that social media is at the very cutting edge of academia today, it’s that the same people are benefiting at the expense of others, i.e. white supremacy in action. A white, male anti-racist educator commands a higher fee to speak than a Black, female anti-racist educator, and that is unacceptable.

I say all of this because, unwittingly, your question is extremely loaded. Bloggers of color are very familiar with the experience of creating activist theory and providing priceless content, then having it stolen and sold back to us by the white supremacy you mention. And yet, we keep going because the alternative is to be silenced completely.

The basic and most essential crux of this problem is that whiteness itself is framed by our culture as “objective”, no matter the topic. As if the less something effects you, the more of an authority you are on it? And yet, this only works one way: A white male is an “authority” on racism, but a Black woman’s writing on white patriarchy can be dismissed, ignored, or stolen without credit?

A “free learning product that addresses standards without bowing to white supremacy” would require that the above issues be addressed and corrected before that could be possible. You can’t achieve equality by adding three pounds to each side of a weighted scale. To address standards, we must change what we think of as “objective”, because objectivity doesn’t exist.

If you think that I am objective, dispassionate, calm, polite, or neutral, you are wrong.

And if you think any of the sources I use to either support what I say OR that I use to demonstrate bias in education are objective, dispassionate, calm, polite, or neutral, you are wrong.

I’m doing my best to analyze what we consider “facts” by stuffing them back in the mouth they came out of, and taking a good look at the source. The recent development of an avalanche of accessible info redirects the responsibility onto the learner to think critically about what they choose to accept as facts. In many ways, we need to consider how what we give our voices in support of says about us, which narratives we accept and which we reject, and how that functions within society.

HAPPY 22nd BIRTHDAY to my fave (and yours) Liam Payne!! This year, I’ve compiled a list of my favorite moments of his 21st year. Enjoy and cry with me!

1.When Liam took my phone. And blessed me with selfies.

2. This look. Clark Kent realness. Let the glasses thing become a little more permanent.

3. THIS NIAM video. Look at him. What a great birthday present.

 4. Steal my girl. Liam’s wonky cast has been immortalized in a video. The drum major look was great tho.

5. Terrifyingly accurate Joker costume. Liam slayed Halloween again by sticking with what he knows best. BATMAN.

6. Um…this freaky return of 2012/2013 Liam is one for the books. I’ll never unsee it or get over it.

 7. YES. This remix (as well as the ones for 1D and his other work with producers) opened up yet another aspect of Liam’s talent that needs to be further explored. He saved the hell out of this song, and I’m so mad it wasn’t realeased as a single. I honestly can’t wait to hear him do more of this stuff as well.


9. I was in a drive thru for In-n-out and this picture happened. I’m certain that drive thru employee suffered some hearing damage that night. I’m so sorry.

10. Remember when Liam got tired of Lou doing whatever she was doing to his hair last year, and went off to find someone else to bring back his baby curls? If you don’t, HERE IT IS AGAIN:

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Important Updates on Ferguson

It feels like my body is entirely filled with fire. The anger I feel is sickening and it continues to grow as I read the tweets of what’s happening. I’m angry, hurting, and teary eyed but I’m going to try my best to channel all of that into something that makes sense. If you have any extra information please share it.

Within the last few hours a lot has happened. The residents of Ferguson began a peaceful protest that was quickly changed by the ulterior motives of the pigs. Ulterior motives being that they want to make us look as dangerous as possible. They have the guns yet they have the power to make us look like the bad ones. See how that works? 

With the help of the media this has been made possible. Tell me why the news decided to focus on the fact that people were looting nearby stores instead of focusing on what type of environment the pigs created?

I don’t give a damn if people are looting stores.
I don’t give a damn about what’s on fire.

I care about what these cops are doing to this community and I care about how what they say infects the minds of viewers at home. It is TOO easy to steer a viewers line of vision from what’s important as opposed to what isn’t. You have the pigs breaking laws that are meant to be enforced and disrupting the peace and the news is going to focus on people looting stores? Fuck that.

The pigs started shooting rubber bullets and releasing tear gas into the crowd. They have also demanded that all reporters leave the area and threatened them with arrest if they didn’t comply with their orders. One of the cops also called referred to the crowd as animals. 

Pigs out here breaking laws, taking lives, committing genocide and they have the audacity to call us animals.

Are we committing the mass murder of Black people and other people of color on a consistent basis?

Are we upholding the racist society we live in?

Take a good look at this.

Now the pigs aren’t letting anyone go home. They blocked the exit out of the god damn neighborhood.

Again, they demand that all reporters leave the area and threaten them with arrest. Why do they want the reporters to leave so badly? What don’t they want viewers at home to see?

They’re destroying our freedom of assembly that was being put into practice (important point made by @ShaunKing on twitter).

And to make things even worse, they maced a pregnant woman in her car, along with passengers, threw her to the ground, and held her at gun point ( (

You have frightened kids trying to find their way home because the fucking exit is blocked off. Luckily this woman, Patricia Bynes (@Patricialicious) is actually helping some of the kids get home. 

Now, if you don’t see the antiblackness that lives, breathes, and plagues the lives of Black people in Amerikkka then I’m left to believe that you’re forcing yourself not to see it. It is ugly and it is blatantly in your face. This country doesn’t give a damn about us. Anyone has the capability to see that. 

When I talk about this I place my own personal opinions in here because it’s my blog. I don’t expect everyone to agree with my opinions so here’s some more information that I have that will allow you to make your own judgement on the situation.

1) There isn’t too much media coverage
2) Even when there is you have to be able to see through the bullshit that they will try to throw at you. Please see through it. Pay attention to the headlines. Don’t just read. You need to comprehend what you’re reading. Ask questions.

Twitter is where you can find the most coverage because you have people who are actually there tweeting as everything unfolds. Here’s some of the people I follow/RT a lot of information from. I hope it helps.





@BrittanyNoble (DEFINITELY follow brittany_noble on instagram) 






(I’m going to keep adding to this list whenever people give me more names)

If you know of anyone one else please post their name. Any important information you have let it be known. Spread this information and any information you know yourself. Sharing what I know is the most I can do right now. If I’ve gotten any facts wrong let me know so I can correct them.

Whether it be through RTs or even writing up your opinion


not only is the merlin fandom the nicest fandom i’ve ever joined but it’s probably one of the best examples of the power a fan has over something

the show will have ended 2 years ago come this christmas eve, 2 years ago

yet my dashboard is constantly filled with everything from photosets to fanfiction, that’s incredible

we have no new material to work with but we continue to find ways to celebrate the show and that’s incredible.

yes, the show was amazing and the cast was but you have to pat yourself on the back for managing to create this buzz, this energy about a show that finished awhile ago. 

you’re incredible and i love you, merlin fandom

28,000 Signatures!

Two one thousand milestones achieved in under 24 hours?! I.. I have no words. Wander Over Yonder is getting all of this attention just before its finale.. I’m so happy and yet also upset that it’s ending…

Let’s keep that number going! Let’s get to 29,000 then 30,000! Let’s do our best to SaveWOY! It breaks my heart to see the crew so upset. They truly loved working on this show so much and they deserve to have a third season! Disney were so cruel to cancel their beloved show for such a silly reason and now it’s up to us to put things right and get them their third season!

This is an emotional day for everyone involved with WOY, the crew and the fans.. but we need to keep fighting. Look at all of this extra support we’ve gotten! I feel overwhelmed just thinking about it. 

@crackmccraigen @owner-of-wendys @suspendersofdisbelief @atalkingmagpie @noveltymusicservices @benbalistreri

Craig and crew, look at how many fans your amazing show has! Look how many people want to give you that third season! Look at how many people are fighting to save your show! Don’t you feel proud?! Because you should! Ratings might not have been too good in the past but now look at how far your show has come! It’s loved by thousands! I truly hope this brings you some comfort as you prepare for the premiere of the finale tonight.

and I hope that one day in the future you will all return to work on that third season and show us more of Wander, Sylvia, Hater and Peepers’ adventures!

I cannot believe that I produced this image. It is by far not the best I have seen but is definitely my best yet.

My new scope works wonders and I was able to capture both The Orion Nebula (M42) and The Running man Nebula (NGC1973/5/7) in one frame. This is 2 hours worth of images. I couldn’t be happier with the way this came out. More to come.