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Can you recommend some really angsty Danny phantom fics that are good plead and thank you


Okay so some of these kinda leave the angst category and go more into hurt/comfort or tragedy but YOU KNOW WHAT I do what I want

Masks and Plunge by Cordria/x (Plunge is the angstier one)

Lab Rat by AnneriaWings/x

Wondering by Phantomrose96/x (and literally anything else Phantomrose has written like it’s ridiculous how many angsty fics there are)

I’m Still Here by Cordria/x

Tortured Truth by Darth Frodo

Real Life by Cordria/x

Green Jacket, Red Sleeves by LunarMothim

Pits by Cordria/x

Empty Promises by Laora/x (BRING TISSUES)

Wasteland by AnneriaWings/x (sequel to Lab Rat)

A Jock and a Hard Place by AnneriaWings/x and Haikujitsu/x

Vulnerable by AnneriaWings/x and Haikujitsu/x (one of my alltime favorites)

Stargazing by EverAfterGirl

Disclosures by Me The Anon One

I’ll Be Here by HaiJu/x

Who I Really Am by Phantom Ice

Video Memories by Codiak/x

If I Let Go by AkoyaMizuno

After and Before by sapphireswimming/x

Rediscovering Home by Donteatacowman

Please by Cordria/x

Reality by Alexa Piper/x

Smokescreen by Nylah

Eulogy by sapphireswimming/x

Ghostly Lament by SummersSixEcho

Lament by Firefury Amahira

Just A Boy by Tay1019411

An Unlikely Alliance by Represent/x

Little Fires by Represent/x

No Choice At All by Chaos Dragon

Perspective by Chaos Dragon

Crashing and Burning by GriffinRose

In The Way by Cordria/x

Just a Night by CaptainOzone

Okay by CaptainOzone

One Thousand Years by Nylah

A Mother’s Mistake by Nimrod The Writer

Other Side of the Glass by HaiJu/x (companion piece to Phantom of Truth)

Lurking Shadows by QuickWren

Judge, Jury, Executioner by Cordria/x

Closure by AkoyaMizuno

Going Up by Danny Phantom SG-1/x

Phantasm: A Ghost Story by Donteatacowman

Drops of Jupiter by Her Misguided Ghost

Gone by Her Misguided Ghost

The Shooter by HaiJu/x

It was real, and I repent by anthrop/x

In the Name of Science by PuppetMaster55/x

Fourteen by YAJJ

Mother Knows Best by MayAnny

Morality by kkann

Project: Album Phasma by AnneriaWings/x

Deafening Silence by Sulky Shadow

Memory by Cordria/x

Eternity in a Moment by JustTeahPlease/x

Touch the Stars by Danny Phantom SG-1/x

Juxtapose by Shimegami-chan

Fatigue by DBack47

From the Ashes by Phantomrose96/x

What Am I? by jadedbluerose

Intent by A Perplexing Puzzle

Emerald Concrete by Sugerstars and Ice

Worth by SilverMoonPhantom/x

Blank by Alexa Piper/x

Rigor Mortis by sorenalice/x

Decadence by sapphireswimming/x and Danny Phantom-SG1/x

Fading Away by Amethyst Asheryn

wash away the darkest days by anthrop/x

Laughing Gas by CatalystOfTheSoul/x

Choking by sorenalice/x

Drabble:Analysis by One Hit Wonders Anonymous

Sticks and Stones by Sleepyreader13

Dissipation by sapphireswimming/x

Bad Morning by PuppetMaster55 (unofficial sequel to Dissipation)

thus they fly by sapphireswimming/x

Almost by Danny Phantom SG-1/x

Until the Last Dying Moments by MoonlightUmbreon

Shattered by Shining Zephyr

Just a glove by FallingNarwhals/x

Minus One by Hollyflash/x

Gone by SummersSixEcho

What Kills the Soul by Phantomrose96/x

Fixation by sorenalice/x

I also recommend looking at these authors’ other stories because I didn’t include every one if an author has like twenty angst fics

Now go read some fanfiction!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Appreciation Aesthetics | Day 7 | AU | The Monster in the Room by @thelastpilot | whirlwind

Nino had been human once, but the fact that such a simple sentiment became past tense terrified him. He thought the world was normal, simple, and sane, but he was wrong. However even in his lowest moment he is offered a hand and extended an invitation to Paris’ most unusual school, fit only for the weird and wicked.

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as much as i can’t wait for suju’s comeback, i think i only now realized that ryeowook and kyuhyun won’t be a part of it. i mean, i KNEW they won’t be, but you know how sometimes even when you know something in your head it doesn’t fully register, and then when it does you feel this pain in your chest as if you just found out for the first time?

it’s even harder after the whole insta live thing and a bunch of them being in icsyv - it’s like they’re slowly getting back together as a group after two years of individual activities… and only now i realize that ryeowook and kyuhyun won’t be a part of it for a while…

i barely got used to ryeowook being in the army, and now kyuhyun is going and it’s gonna break me completely… he’s one of my favorite members, and he’s my alltime favorite singer/vocalists. i think i’m gonna break when he leaves just as much as i did when heechul left, which was… a lot. (aka two years of breaking down crying in the middle of the night because i missed him so much. yeah, i’m that pathetic)

and i just can’t imagine suju’s songs without them??? like, obviously it’s hard whenever anyone isn’t there, and the rest are really good singers as well so it’s not like they can’t hold a song by themselves, but ryeowook and kyuhyun have such special voices, and they’re 2/3 of the main vocalists and just ?????? i mean obviously it’s gonna be fine and the rest will do amazing job and the album is gonna be great as always, but still. makes me sad that we won’t hear these beautiful voices for two years ;;

the only thing that i can think of is that in two years, it’s over. that’s it. all of super junior will be out of the army and THAT’S IT, we’ll get regular comebacks with full(ish) lineup and no more having to worry about someone going to the army!! i’ve been an elf since before kangin’s enlistment, so i’m used to waiting for members to come back. it’s hard and it’s gonna break me, but in two years it will all be over! 9 years of enlistments… and it will be over!

sorry, i didn’t think it will be that long lol i just needed to let out the feels ;-;

one of my alltime favorite vines thats lesser discussed is the one where the man is on the beach trying to spear one of a herd of rolling umbrellas with another umbrella and he fails and that run song plays as the umbrellas prove unstoppable in their destructive stampede

Happy Birthday Ianto Jones

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Okay, I don’t post a lot of Torchwood stuff, mainly because most of my followers are from the Voltron fandom, but I just had to say happy birthday one of my alltime favorite characters in the Doctor Who/Torchwood universe. Ianto Jones is the best. That is all. 

(also, hey, if you don’t watch Torchwood, give it a try it’s amazing)

Back from FanExpo!

Wow what a great year! EVERYONE WAS SO NICE! I was a little worried my Sheith print would create some friction but everyone was so great and I had a lot of joking spar matches instead. :) There was so much Voltron in the artist alley which was great for my heart and bad for my poor wallet and now I’m inspired and want to draw more.

Thank you everyone who stopped by and bought something, my new followers, and a special shoutout to the person who looked for me and came back and got my Emperor’s New Groove/Uncharted print because your kind words about that print totally made my day! 

Super duper special thanks to @thisissadcat, @noartificialfruitjuice, and @marielashlinn who all watched my booth at some point over the weekend which allowed me to meet the truly lovely Anthony Stewart Head. Buffy the Vampire Slayer is my alltime favorite TV show and he is one of my favorite characters on it and Giles was basically my TV dad and not gonna lie guys, I only held it together long enough to get a photo with him and then totally teared up after I was a safe distance away haha. There are very few actors I’d love to meet and he was one of them and it was thanks to these awesome friends that I could. They’re also all super rad artists so please go check out their stuff! 

Next up is FanExpo’s west-coast sister con, FanExpo Vancouver!

30 Questions Tag - Lana 💖

1.) nickname - lana {my real name is alana but you guys know me as lana}
2.) gender - female
3.) star sign - leo
4.) height - 5'0" exact
5.) time - 2:45 p.m
6.) birthday - july 24
7.) favorite bands - i’m not really into many bands, i used to be into pretty mainstream ones like sleeping with sirens and pierce the veil lol, but i was {crazily} obsessed with tokio hotel for 2 years so i’d say them
8.) favorite solo artists - dua lipa, marina and the diamonds, natalia kills, melanie martinez, rihanna, lana del ray, etc.
9.) song stuck in your head - blow your mind {mwah} by dua lipa
10.) last movie i watched - one of my alltime favorite movies, riding in cars with boys
11.) last show i watched - young and hungry
12.) when did i create my blog - idk ? i think we made it this past spring, maybe april or may
13.) what do i post - descendants content and reblogs, but mainly oc headcanons and aesthetics
14.) last thing i googled - “huda beauty desert dusk palette”
15.) do you have other blogs? - yes, my rp account for my oc jade is @princess-of-agrabah
16.) do you get asks? - mainly for requests, but we have been getting more questions lately
17.) why did you choose this blog name? - bc the isle of the lost lol
18.) blogs you are following - 327
19.) followers - 1,058 as of right now
20.) favorite colors - pink, turquoise, black, and white. does gold count?
21.) average hours of sleep - about 12 on weekends
22.) lucky number - 7
23.) instruments - none
24.) what i’m wearing - american apparel crop top and floral silk harem pants
25.) how many blankets do you sleep with? - one fluffy blanket
26.) dream job - ane$the$iologi$t, which is what i’m going to college for
27.) dream trip - trinidad or japan
28.) favorite food - sushi or literally anything involving pasta or seafood
29.) nationality - american
30.) favorite song right now - new rules by dua lipa

i tag @queendohertyplayfair , @asktheprincessofheartsooc , @daughterofqueenofhearts , and @malevielonnie 💖 you don’t have to do it, ofc!

[We all have a song we’d pick in a situation… when it’s time to get down. Do you have a song that you would use? You’re like, ‘come here, Snow’.] “It’s a bit, it’s upbeat, but I think it’s smooth and pretty sexy. It’s Prince, 'I wanna be your lover’. It’s one of my alltime favorites.” [When you play this, do you guys have on the costumes, when it’s going down, when it’s rehersal?] "It’s possible. It’s possible. You know, roleplay is all part of the effort, right?” ~ Josh on his choice of song for when it’s time to ‘get down‘

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anonymous asked:

I have read all the "hot TOS" recs, the are soo good!!! Thank you very much! Maybe you have some more?

Yes for TOS, yes for hot. Here are some. I hope that not all of them are already familiar to you.

5 Years Is An Awfully Long Time by AlexKingOfTheDamned, Dez

Kirk lets his crew take a 3 day shore leave as the five year mission is coming to an end. When he goes back to the ship to retrieve his ID that he carelessly left on the bridge, he discovers Spock doing something he shouldn’t be doing in the captain’s chair…

Balance by awarrington

Spock notices his captain seems to get a thrill out of being in danger and spends months closely monitoring Kirk before appoaching him about it.  Just about then, events in his life overtake him…

Anything by objectlesson

Sometimes Spock’s hands shake, and Kirk knows it means he wants him. It’s just a matter of whether or not Spock will let himself.

The Kiss by Amanda Warrington

Our two Enterprise heroes are sent on a mission. Events provide Kirk with an opportunity to discover he can respond to Spock sexually, and it’s reciprocated. Responding is one thing, acceptance of it, quite another…

plot and good sex scenes

Every Tuesday Evening by eimeo

Kirk slings the towel from his shoulder and rubs it perfunctorily across his face, deranging the hair on his forehead into irregular burrs and whorls. Alone with Spock now, his grin turns provocative.

Wrestling and the red gym shorts!

Dare by J S Cavalcante

“Good,” Spock grated just before he clamped his lips down on Kirk’s and took his mouth. He made it a real kiss, wet and deep and intrusive and utterly, utterly improper to force on anyone, let alone one’s commanding officer. He told himself it was necessary, a sign of sexual possessiveness that the remaining Tarkeethi and anyone else with designs on Kirk would both understand and respect.

WARNING: attempted date-rape by using drugs

Need by jemariel

“McCoy tells me your Pon Farr has returned,” he said.

Spock took in a deep breath through the nose. “That is correct, Captain.” He offered no further information.

Meat Dreams by J S Cavalcante

Spock’s physical desire for Kirk is forced to the surface by the dreams he’s having after partaking of meat—and sex—on Sarpeidon.

At the start of the fic there is Spock/Zarabeth.

This is one my alltime favorites, also kind of character study into Spock’s psyche.