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Just curious, why do you hate the comics? And do you just hate the new team up series? Or all comics with them together or individually?

Oh! I loved their past team ups. Well, some of them. Why else would I be here? My all-time favourite spideypool team-up from canon is Avenging Spider-man #12-#13, which probably won’t come as a surprise to most. 

Identity Wars is one frequently forgotten, but is also a nice read. They hug. 

Sure, I’m not very thrilled with the current Spider-man/Deadpool series, or, honestly, Spider-man and Deadpool at all in their current roles in All New, All Different Marvel. I’ve kind of accepted it–– my enjoyment of 616 Spider-man and Deadpool is just stuck somewhere in the past. 


Happy MakoHaru week everyone! (/^▽^)/ 
Since I was only able to finish one fic in time for the week, I wanted to share some of my favourite screenshots of my MakoHaru sims with you!

Please check out all of the other amazing works that everyone made for the week!

What is/are your all-time favourite book(s)?

Yes, I know, it is a hard question. A very hard question. One that will bring any bibliophile to their knees… but I’m curious - what is your favourite book?

Okay, books. Because if you are anything like me, you have several.

Mine are Goodnight Mister Tom by Michelle Magorian and Invisible Monsters by Chuck Palahnuik. I have others, too, but when it comes to narrowing it right down, those are my two stock answers.

So, over to you - I want to know! Replies are enabled, and I’ll post a masterpost within the next couple of weeks with all of your replies!

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What is your least favourite ship in Danganronpa?

I dunno why I find this so funny, I don’t think I ever talked about shipping on here and when someone actually approaches me about it for the first time it’s about my least favorite one ahaha-

Just anything romantically/sexually incest. That’s literally all. Otherwise I haven’t seen any ships that I’ve encountered at least twice that I dislike tbh.
Shipping is such a weird experience in this fandom for me. There’s a lot of crack ships that I think are interesting and I just read whatever catches my eye on AO3 even if it’s some randomass crack ship. I like popular stuff too like, I personally gotta embrace it all, yanno?

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What's your favourite movie??

I actually have a list of favorite movies. A lot of martial art ones. Marvel movies. Even Japanese movies with subtitles. Space Heroes even came out with a movie.

Can’t really say I have a all time favorite movie. Much like asking me my favorite song.

Too many to name one.

@houroftheanarchistwolf asked me to make a playlist for her!

steph is … the baddest chick i know, so i put together some of my favourite female grungy rock songs. and one classic ska record as a s/o to antifa. luv u. x

1. long snake moan // 2. moaning lisa smile // 3. second skin // 4. shitlist

5. pennyroyal tea // 6. raising the skate // 7. i heard it through the grapevine

8. design desire // 9. youth // 10. racist friend

ask me for a playlist & i’ll make you one, based on how i see you.

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Here we go! *deep breath* avengers, iron man, hawkeye, scarlet witch, falcon, dr strange, Ms marvel, storm, gambit, shadowcat! Ps I see you likin Seb pics I'm so excited 😆

yay. Thank you @poe-also-bucky

Avengers: What superpower would you like to have?

Teleportation would be pretty cool. Preferably over long distances. Imagine going anywhere in the world not needing to buy a plane ticket. Skipping that dreaded morning and afternoon traffic to work. Getting to your loved ones in case of emergency in an instant!

Iron Man: What is your favourite piece of technology?

My cell phone, albeit me at times cussing out the constant iOS updates. I grew up during the 80s/90s, when we were still tethered to landlines and desktops and dial up tones, but at the beginning stages of shrinking devices like cell phones and laptops. I mean to this day, it amazes me that all those devices we had back then, all the things they did, now all fit into a tiny device; small enough to fit into the back pocket of my pants!!! Like how insane is that!  My tablet is a close second btw. …

Hawkeye: What is your favourite movie?

Like I have favorite movies in all the genres. So there’s a few. Love Actually, City of Angels, Jumanji, Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country, Star Wars TFA.. etc.. [I watch way too much TV]

Scarlet Witch: If you could change one thing in the world, what would it be?

The obvious answers I think. Equality for all, stop all wars, clean water for all, food for all. Happiness for all and not in a cliché always have to smile kind of way but a content type of thing. When you go home at the end of the day to feel that things are ok and that you’re loved and that you don’t have to be scared of anything or anyone trying to take things from you or take you away.  

Falcon: Which fictional character would you like to hang out with?

Oh man. SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO MANY. Molly Hooper. Going to leave the answer short like that.

Doctor Strange: Name a special talent you have.

I don’t know. What counts as special talent?  I mean it’s nothing wild really, but I guess the patience to do research when my interest is piqued. In general, I’m good at finding things for other people. Like if they want to find a picture or video or some random out of production item. I will go through hoops to find the thing.  I’d say 8/10 or 9/10 times, I’m successful.

Ms. Marvel: Who is your idol?

I have quite a few. Dr. Crusher as portrayed by Gates McFadden is one. I always quite loved watching TNG just for the fact that there was a female scientist. In general, I watched the show for the women more than for the men. It was amazing to me to see women in certain professions that have always been deemed a man’s job where I grew up. Science, medical [psychiatry/psychology], security.  [Ok so I’m like the biggest Star Trek nerd maybe].

Storm: What is your favourite type of weather?

Cold rain, almost freezing, gloomy, autumn feel. Or those days right before first snow. When you can feel snow is imminent!

Gambit: when is your birthday?

July 6th, a million years ago.

Shadowcat: Have you any pets?

I have two puppers. Little spoiled puppers…

Thank you, again @poe-also-bucky

And I might be low key Sebastian Stan fan. lol….

favourite song: it used to be okay i believe you. but now i think it’s maybe limousine 
least favourite song: i don’t have one but i think jesus christ is like so overrated
have i ever seen them live:  5 times with tickets for twice more this year (my second time seeing them we stood next to each other on barricade lmao tbt)
favourite band member: jesse my father
least favourite band member:  don’t have one i don’t know them all tbh
how many of their albums you have: tbh i haven’t bought all of them. i have deja cd and on vinyl, your favorite weapon on vinyl and the i am a nightmare single on vinyl. i don’t have physical copies of daisy or the devil and god yet but i’m working on it.
favourite album: deja entendu

send a band for this

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Supernatural or Teen Wolf. Demisexual panromantic. My ideal date would be spending time in a bookstore with my date talking about books.

You’re walking around your favourite bookshop, it’s an old little place on the corner. You love that place more than all the other big chain ones, it has a sense of home to it, and you’ve never felt more comfortable in your life.

As you are browsing through the fiction section, you see the most beautiful woman in the world, and whaddya know, she’s walking towards you!

You start to fumble around with books, making yourself busy, hoping to God she did not notice you staring at her.

“The cursed child?” She says, a quirky smile on her face.

You look up from the random book you had just picked up, and smile idiotically. 

Your heart is beating a little faster now that she’s inches away from you, “what the hell is she doing?” you think to yourself as she reaches over your head.

“I’ve been hiding this for myself, but I really can’t imagine letting those beautiful eyes read anything different than the hardcover version,” she says to you as she grabs a book from the shelve just above you.

She holds it in a manner like she’s showing it off, and you realise that you still haven’t said a word, “h-hi!” you blurt out, and she belts out a laugh so loud it makes everyone in the shop look over.

She clasps a hand on her mouth, and smiles, her eyes wrinkling on the sides, and you didn’t think she could look any more beautiful minutes ago, but she proves you wrong.

“My name is Y/N” you say, extending a hand.

She smiles at you and takes your hand before she points at her name tag, “Charlie’s mine. I’m the new girl,”

You realise she’s still holding the book out for you, and you immediately put down the soft cover book to take the other one from the girl, Charlie.

“Are you sure about this?” You ask her, hoping she doesn’t say no.

She smiles wide, “anything for my future girlfriend,” she flirts and that’s when you turn bright red, your face matching her hair.

Feeling suddenly confident you flirt back, “well aren’t you very sure of yourself!”

She looks at you with those beautiful green eyes, and you feel like you are going to melt.

“I get off at 5, and usually go to the coffee shop across the street. If you think I’m being overly confident, don’t show up. But I’ll be waiting.” She half smiles and turns on her heel walking away from you.

Your heart was no longer beating, you are so sure that you’re dead, because this has to be heaven and you just got asked out by an angel.

You hold the book close to your chest as you walk to the cashier and pay for it.

You leave the shop, look across the street and with a shy smile you walk over to the coffee shop.

blacklist luce does fancasts for ts

Want to fall in love?

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for the sensory asks, all the sound ones!!

~Thank you!!~


favourite band(s) or artist(s)?

I really like Kyray Pamyu Pamyu and Baby Metal, I also enjoy early 2000 pop music lmaooooooo I love that rich barbie girl shit 

 top five songs?

1 - Mondai Girl (Kpp) 

2 - Teen Idol (Marina and the diamonds) 

3 - Flawless (The Neighborhood) 

4 - All men are pigs (Studio Killers) 

5 - …I cant think of anything else sorry (im actually scared to share my music taste most of the time lmao rip) 

favourite instrumental track(s)?

literally hate me but Homestuck music is fucking nicccee

but i also love game sound tracks!! I really love Twilight princess, Undertale, ad Super Mario Galaxy music. 

favourite non-musical sound?

I HAVE SO MANY FAVE SOUNDS LIKE!!! Crunchy Leaves, crunchy ice, bloops of water, cheesy sparkle sound effects, pouring liquids, pew pew, bleeps!! when  my dog barks in his sleep, the jiggles of buttons and keychains on my backpack, scratching skin, cracking of knuckles, the sound of little ity bity bubbles popping, and rubber bands snapping and twanging. (I could go on and on)  

what are you hearing right now?

my fan and my sister talking to me about cartoon pigs


What was the meanest prank Chris ever played on you? 
Scott: Like I said before, there’s literally a million, but as a little brother I was like ‘that’s amazing.’ We were outside one time, playing outside, no toys, nothing, just imaginary games - and we both had to go to the bathroom. And he said to me, ’
Well, we don’t wanna go inside (obviously), it takes up too much time, why don’t we just.. go right now, like, in our pants.’ And I was like, 'What do you mean?’ And of course he could’ve said anything and I would’ve been like 'that sounds awesome.’“