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beranica’s beronica fic rec

general/teen and up 

love me, love me, never let me go by colfield
The style of this one is so unique and beautiful. It feels like a poem where B and V are falling into each other. Oneshot.

A Cure for the Common Cold by shiphitsthefan 
Veronica gets sick and Betty brings her soup. I feel like this one captures Veronica so, so well. Oneshot.

Straight Girls Get Married on Facebook All the Time by Alsike
B & V being oblivious about their feelings in the way that only they can. Straight girl shenanigans turned realized feelings. Really fun read that includes Kevin referring to Veronica as Bi-ronica. Oneshot.

Sugaring Season by nimmieamee
This one is such a fun read. I love how all the characters are written and the quirky plot. A really good fic to lose yourself to for a bit and enjoy. Multi chap.

should have worshipped her sooner by oceanofchaos 
Veronica’s pining and Betty’s… Betty. This one feels infinitely warm and ends so sweet. Oneshot. 

i won’t say (i’m in love) by pizzaoctavia 
B & V kissing too much and talking about it too little. The tension that builds up in this one is almost tangible. One of my favorites. Multi chap. 

tangled up, so in love by guitarstrings
I love the straight, to the point style this one has. Betty, per usual, is overwhelmingly not straight. Great fic. Oneshot. 

Thaw by alanabloom 
This one hurts. A lot. But the best stories do. Veronica forms a sordid sort of crush. Oneshot. 

Crossing All the Lines by susieboo 
A glimpse into Veronica and Betty kissing and the emotions that ensue. Really good characterization in this one. Oneshot. 

everything so soft and still by Lint 
A glimpse into the beginnings of an iconic B & V relationship. Really sweet and really believable. I love the writing style a lot. Oneshot.

Gray-Colored Lenses by beranica
I wrote this one but what’s a fic rec without a soulmate au?

not rated/mature/explicit under the cut

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elirian  asked:

Every time I see a post going "Shiro can just pilot the castle!" or "The team can steal Lotor's ship and Shiro can pilot that! Problem solved!" I want to *scream*. All these people have literally missed the point about the entire s2 and all the Shiro/Black moments. Am I surprised though? No. They're always too far up their faves asses to think of plot consistency and satisfactory plot development. (pls let there be a white lion for Allura)

look. there is a reason why Blackashi is actually my number one OTP for this show. and it’s because no other Paladin has bonded with their Lion quite like Shiro has. the level of trust he shows in the Black Lion - even from very early on in their relationship - is really extraordinary. i have gushed at great length about this.

and i think the reason why people dismiss this is because they have their own fave and they want that character to get the Black Lion and be the leader - as if the Lion is just a prize or a trophy, just a vehicle you can sit in and control. and in order to explain how X-character “deserves” to be the leader or is the “true Black Paladin” they have to hand-wave away all the really significant bonding that went on between Shiro and the Black Lion over the first two seasons. 

these people are not paying attention to canon. they are ignoring it because it doesn’t fit with their personal headcanon that their own fave is actually the main character and true leader and the “rightful pilot” of the Black Lion.

the rightful pilot of the Black Lion and leader of Voltron is Shiro. the true Black Paladin is Shiro. this is not up for discussion. it is literally canon at this point, and in order to argue that that is not the case you have to wilfully and deliberately ignore several key scenes and storylines from S1&2.

no one else has battled Zarkon one-on-one on the astral plane for control of ANY Lion. let alone the Black Lion. no one else has done the Paladin Eye Glow like Shiro did:

anyone who wants to argue why so-and-so character is actually a “better fit” for the Black Lion than Shiro needs to explain how exactly Shiro did this. if he’s not the “true Black Paladin” - if he was just some placeholder pilot only there to prepare the way for someone else to take over - then explain this. explain why and how Shiro has done something that no other Paladin has done except King Alfor, the guy who made the Lions in the first place:

Shiro phased through space in order to steal the Black Lion’s bayard from the original pilot of the Lion. Zarkon was the OG Black Paladin who spent years bonding with Black - and Shiro defeated him and stole his bayard. how can anyone watch that happen with their own two eyes and conclude that Shiro somehow isn’t destined for this role? i don’t understand, fam.

and on the subject of Allura and the White Lion… i think that Lion will turn up eventually and Allura will pilot it, just based on her outfit: her battle suit has highlights of pink (because she’s the Pink Paladin) and highlights of blue (because she temporarily pilots the Blue Lion) but the overall dominant colour… is white. Allura will pilot the White Lion at some point. i’m sure of it.

So I convinced my dad to watch Clone Wars and Rebels with me, so I’m making a basic summary of all the noteworthy characters to help him understand it. Part 1:


1: Fab hair.

2: Secretly married to Goddamn Queen.

3: They have to keep the marriage a secret ‘cause of bullshit Jedi rules.

4: Really angry and stressed out.

5: Fucks everything up.

6: Seriously, EVERYTHING.

7: The Chosen One.

8: Complete and total badass.

9: Trained by Sassmaster, and then trains Bisexual Disaster.

10: Hates sand. And hutts. And Slavery. And Christopher Fuckin’ Lee.

11: Best pilot of his time, hands down.


1: The reason Legless Psychopath is legless.

2. As his name implies, the master of sass.

3. Lowkey knows about Problematic Fave and Goddamn Queen’s marriage.

4. Doesn’t say anything about it though.

5. Also badass.

6. Has an awesome beard.

7. Wears LESS armor as the Clone War goes on, WTF???

8. Rivalry with Sir Coughsalot.

9. In love with Actual Pacifist.

10. (Presumably) Unresolved sexual tension with Boss Ass Bitch.

11. Gets beat up a lot in later seasons.


1. Okay, so she’s not confirmed bi, but she may as well be.

2. Problematic Fave’s apprentice.

3. BFFs with Captain Badass and Goddamn Queen.

4. Holds her lightsabers backwards, don’t judge her.

5. Got lots of unfair hate at first, but by now she’s definitely a fan fave.

6. Does a lot of major spoiler-y things at the end of Season 5.

6. Also badass. 

7. Has a super boring love interest.

8. Proffesional Hutt-Sitter.

9. My daughter.

10. Good with kids.

11. Proffesional Eye-Roller.


1. Is very badass.

2. Problematic Fave’s right-hand-man.

3. Total Bae material.

4. May or may not be a natural blonde? No one knows?

5. Dual pistols, mothafucka!

6. Also a fan-fave.

7. Grows a nice Santa-beard in Rebels.

8. Total bros with Needs More Screentime.

9. Literally everyone’s favorite clone.

10. Almost got shot in the heart once, like seriously holy shit.

11. #Rext

Still Star Crossed

Now that the show is over I wanted to rank my favourite to least favourite episode of SSC(all of them were great in their own ways)

1st place goes to episode 5: rosvolio being all tropey™ like and building their friendship with a fragile trust. Rosaline peeking at her future man like: yaas guurl inspect before purchasing lmao The repeatedly mentioned trust throughout the whole seaon is killing me & also Isabella being all bad ass and having her sexual awakening?! *Helena says heeey* SIGN ME THE FUCK UP!!!

2nd place goes to episode 7: the finale was heartbreaking and so full of angst for Ben & rosvolio fans also poor boy Escalus and precious Livia. I choose to resolve their stories with my imagination. ALSO THAT ANTICIPATED ROSVOLIO SMOOCH THAT ALMOST SENT ME INTO CARDIAC ARREST!! It was so perfect(Lashana and Wade brought it home AND THEN SOME) We truly don’t deserve them. Sure I’m not thrilled about a cliffhanger that will never get resolved, but I still thought it was well done for a finale. We could have had worse, honestly. Just ask TVD fandom and they had 8 seasons lol But SSC was quality tv so I probably shouldn’t compare. (Yep you’re not wrong I’m bitter but lets move on lol)

3rd place goes to episode 3(oh look at that haha): again rosvolio being the ship of tropes™, shakespeare’s sonnet ANYONE?? I laughed so hard when Nurse offered her comments “Not very good, is it?’’. Damn Shakespeare needs this burn treated lmao, Livia and the snake having a moment(I carried a torch for #CountLivia back then) Benny boy kicking ass and being depressed while doing it(poor Benvolio) Lord Montague and his sass making an appearance: ‘’Don’t spend it all in one place’’ *facepalm* Also shit blowing up is always welcome in my book. Isabella telling Escalus how it is and that she could’ve saved the ambasador.Boss ass bitch!!

4th place goes to the pilot episode 1: It was one of my faves, but others were just a teeny tiny better. Getting to meet everyone was awesome. Romeo & Juliet being all precious and in love and then rosvolio meeting for the first time sealed the deal for me. Too little of Mercutio but what can a girl do, right?? The Prince’s decree for Rosaline&Benvolio started it all. Also shoutout to that makeout scene between Escalus&Ros it was hot as hell(Sterling and Lashana again were on point) and Benny boy be creping like: ‘’that’s my future wife pal’’ lol

5th place goes to to episode 4: Again rosvolio working together and lowkey flirting was gold!! Rosaline’s reaction to a brothel made me laugh so much that innocent precious cinnamon roll. To think one episode later she checks out Benvolio’s goodies lmao An amazing performance by Lashana in Rosaline’s childhood home that scene deserves freaking awards people!! and then Benvolio&Rosaline balcony scene *heart eyes* Romeo and Juliet who?? jk jk love my precious still-star crossed lovers haha(Clara and Lucien left us too soon) Also my boy Escalus beats up a trash can bc he insults his sister. ‘’My sister is a princess NOT a whore’’. You tell ‘em Escalus, you tell ‘em.

6th place goes to episode 2: It was interesting to see young Escalus and why he is the way he is(daddy issues) but heavy head that wears the crown Isabella would say!! We learned Benvolio was an art hoe™ and I’m living haha Also heartbreaking ending to roscalus romance(another great kiss)but Escalus brought it on himself. Like Rosaline says in the finale: ‘’You made me a friend of my enemy’’. The rosvolio cute moment and those synchronised looks?? just put me out of my misery already. *fans myself* Lord Damiano Montague and his savage sass making an entrance: ‘’Meet me outside with your dignity…if you can find it’’. BUURN.

and last, but not least 7th place goes to episode 6: I wasn’t really into the whole cathedral plotline if we had to spend almost all of the episode with the grown-ups they should’ve come up with something better *sorry not sorry* also the heartwrenching ros&ben moment. He came back for HER and she HAD to betray his trust. and those looks thy kept serving each other?? Escalus being stupid as fuck (I was done giving him the benefit of the doubt) The writers ruined Escalus tbh in the book he’s quite different and I love him! Also no Isabella?? I’ll pretend she rode back to Venice and had a quickie with Helena in that carriage lmao

That’s my thoughts but what were your faves? share with me ;) 

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Questions Tag.

Another one! Tagged by @its-an-isfp-yo @typologyindex and @enfjdude so I´ll do all in one

Rules: answer 29 questions and tag 20 blogs you would like to get to know better.

1. Nicknames: Val

2. Gender: Female 

3. Star sign: Virgo

4. Height: 165 cm

5. Time: 9:50 am

6. Birthday: September 14th

7. Favorite bands: twenty one pilots, Oasis, Green Day and One Direction

8. Favorite solo artists: Lana Del Rey, Halsey, Dua Lipa, Ariana Grande and Shawn Mendes

9. Song stuck in my head: Sofie by The Crookes

10. Last movie I watched: Legally Blonde, it’s one of my faves

11. Last show I watched: Genius, about Albert Einstein. I don’t watch many series/TV

12. When did I create my blog: August this year

13. What do I post:I mostly reblog things. MBTI + Enneagram and aesthetic

14. Last thing I googled: “why Rick and Morty is super scientifical” I wanted to know if people thought the same as I did (hint: they do :0 it sucks)

15. Do I have any other blogs: I discovered tumblr only a while back so this is my only one

16. Do I get asks: Not really, but it’s so much better than getting hate asks about why I agree with aviesaurum 

17. Why I chose my url: Because I have lust for everything in life, in every sense of the word. I also love Space a lot so… galactic. It’s a lust as big as the galaxies lol

18. Following: 400

19. Followers: 320

21. Average hours of sleep: 7 hours and 3-4 hours when I have a lot of homework

22. Lucky number: 7

23. Instruments: I only play the violin. I also know the basics of guitar but like who doesn’t. I want to learn more though! I just have to make the time for it…

24. What am I wearing: Sweatpants and a sweater, it’s a lazy day lol

25. Dream job: A commercial pilot! like I HAVE to get there and I’m going to work hard for it. But also a rocket scientist, I want to do a specialization on that when I finish my current career :”)

26. Dream trip: Skydiving in Dubai! But as I’ve said before, I basically want to travel all around the world 

27. Favorite food: uhh I love all food. But probably smoothies

28. Nationality: Colombian - South American

29. Favorite song right now: Mi Gente by J Balvin

Tagging:  most people I wanted to tag have already been tagged :( but @laurelradiance @gushas @sbluhm100 @aleydestone @sopranoentravesti @neon-lake @dulcetlips @nicetrytopredictme @myujikkuchan @ashtheisfp @kankhen @nonlinearfluctuations @zypdx @epiphanicwiring @seasons-of-stories @perfect-poisons @waxsimulacra @enfj-dreams and @infjingaround

Tag game!!

Answer 30 questions about yourself and then tag people you want to get to know better.

I was tagged by @lonelyangelstardis Thanks!!

1. Nicknames?


2. Gender

They/them and she/her

3. Star sign?


4. Height?


5. Time?  

2:14 pm

6. Birthday?

Feb 9

7. Favourite bands?

MCR, P!ATD, Fall out boii, Twenty One pilots, All time low,  Echosmith

8. Fave solo artists:

Alessia cara

9. Song stuck in my head?

Trees by twenty One pilots

10. Last movie you watched?

Harry Potter- deathly hallows part one

11. Last show you watched?

I hart food

12. When did you create your blog?

Idk… not long ago

13. What do you post?

random stuff, doctor who, Harry potter, bands

14. Last thing I googled?

Donuts in (Insert the name of my town)

15. Do you have any other blogs?                                                                

@useless-black-crayon  (my aesthetic blog) and @dateahufflepuffwho (which I share with @anxious-ace-annabeth-chase

16. Do you get asks?


17. Why did you choose your URL?

Harry Potter and Doctor Who are my main obsessions

18. Following?

187 blogs


299 (so friggin close!)

20. Favorite colors?


21. Average hours of sleep?

6 ish

22. Luck number


23. Instruments?

guitar, ukulele, and I used to play piano but I sucked at it

24. What am I wearing?

White t-shirt with the Converse logo on it, a dark green flannel over it, and jeans 

25. How many blankets do you sleep with?

one (I live in florida and it gets HOT)

26. Dream job?

Tattoo artist

27. Dream trip?

England or canada

28. Favourite food?


29. Nationality?


30. Favorite song right now?

Fall away by twenty one pilots

I tag: @fandomsandnonsense7 (I see you fren) @smolboy-phan @softboy-phan @dani-the-flower-bab  @myqueermicalromance (did I already tag you in this?) and @maradaisykat

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Would you be able to a jealous!Luke Skywalker x reader please? (p.s. your imagines are so good this blog is already one of my faves)

A/N: Thank you so much, you’re so sweet!! And thanks so much for requesting :-)

Warnings: None

Prompt: Luke gets jealous after the reader begins to spend time with one of the pilots on base. 

“You wouldn’t believe how fast this thing was going! I mean, I was spinning out of control; I was sure I wasn’t going to make it.” Chaz Siln, one of the many pilots you had met on base, was telling you another one of his many exciting stories. 

“Well, it’s a good thing that you survived; we would all be doomed without you, Chaz.” You smiled and lightly touched his arm. 

“Say,” Chaz began as the both of you headed down one of the long corridors. “Would you like to head to the cafeteria with me?” 

“I would love -” 

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a collection of my personal favourite tunes 

1hr & 18 min. // 18 songs => LISTEN HERE 

each one of these songs hold a story behind them that tug at my heart. they mean a lot to me, and one day, may mean a lot to you too. 

[8tracks sucks for not letting me put down more than 2 “high quality” songs from an artist.]

migraine (live room) - twenty one pilots // the take over, the break’s over (cuts off at end?) - fall out boy // up all night - owl city // sunset, 1989 - swimming with dolphins // paper tigers - owl city // moth’s wings - passion pit // a love like war - all time low (ft. vic fuentes) // suicide saturday - hippo campus // i’m not okay (i promise) - my chemical romance // sophomore slump or comeback of the year - fall out boy // pumped up kicks (tribute) - foster the people //  fast car - swimming with dolphins // captains of the sky - sky sailing // jesus christ - brand new // sex - the 1975 // ruby - twenty one pilots // flaws - bastille // can’t help falling in love - tyler joseph (ft. skeleton clique)

hi everybody! I decided to do a follow forever! I’ve had this blog for a little over a year now & I haven’t done one yet so I’d say it’s about time. 


here’s a list of my favorite blogs & I suggest you follow them all! (faves bolded)

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favorite clique artists :





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w - z


I enjoy Keyleth so much because I think that this kind of character in a scripted series would be probably relegate to the clichéd wise, graceful forest beauty who uses gentle magics to commune with nature. But Keyleth, while she IS wise, is also reckless and acts on her gut more often than not. She’s a hard-drinking, fun-loving druid who sometimes gets so excited about her spells that she uses them when she shouldn’t, but it’s endearing to us because magic is exhilarating and we can experience that with her! At the same time as all this she’s kind at heart, deeply compassionate and the group’s moral compass - yet she’s never just the wet blanket who has to stop the fun because she’s piloted by a real person. 

I just… keyleth man. keyleth 

safe; sane; honest. // for the late night drives. for when the white noise fades. for when the lights go dark. for the seven eleven breathing. for when the world’s in black and white. for being alone. for being in love. for being alive.

i lied | electric century + the edge of tonight | all time low +  mother and father | broods + flight of the navigator | childish gambino + stay together for the kids | blink-182 + robbers | the 1975 + far too young to die | panic! at the disco + wildest dreams | taylor swift + these four words | the maine + truce | twenty one pilots +  that’s the truth | mcfly + eyelids | pvris + night drive | jimmy eat world + sleeping with the light on | busted + nothing left to say / rocks | imagine dragons + future | paramore

listen here.