one of my absolute favourite quotes to live my life by

  hey guys, just thought i’d whip together a list of some of my favourite authors most motivational   quotes. i especially love using these in bullet journal spreads. hope everyone is having a wonderful new year!            

          oscar wilde 

  “we are all in the gutter, but some of us are looking at the stars” 

  “always forgive your enemies; nothing annoys them so much” 

  “with freedom, books, flowers and the moon, who could not be happy?” 

  “to love oneself is the beginning of a lifelong romance” 

  “be yourself; everyone else is already taken” 

  “to live is the rarest thing in the world. most people exist, that is all” 

  “it is what you read when you don’t have to that determines what you will be when you can’t help it" 

  "you can never be overdressed or overeducated” 

  “yes: i am a dreamer. for a dreamer is one who can only find his way by moonlight, and his punishment is that he sees the dawn before the rest of the world”

          fyodor dostoyevsky

   "there is no subject so old that something new cannot be said about it" 

  “power is given only to those who dare to lower themselves and pick it up. only one thing matters, one thing; to be able to dare” 

  “happiness does not lie in happiness, but in the achievement of it” 

  “the cleverest of all, in my opinion, is the man who calls himself a fool at least once a month”

  “to live without hope is to cease to live” 

         james joyce 

  “i am tomorrow, or some future day, what i establish today. i am today what i established yesterday or some previous day” 

  “a man of genius makes no mistakes; his errors… are the portals of discovery” 

  “he found in the world without as actual what was in his world within as possible” 

  “life is the great teacher” 

         charles dickens 

  “the sun himself is weak when he first rises, and gathers strength and courage as the day gets on” 

  “there are dark shadows on the earth, but its lights are stronger in the contrast”“a loving heart is the truest wisdom” 

  “i ask only to be free. the butterflies are free” 

  “we forge the chains we wear in life” 

  “an idea, like a ghost, must be spoken to a little before it will explain itself” 

  “no one is useless in this world who lightens the burden of it to anyone else” 

         franz kafka 

  “start with what is right, rather than with what is acceptable” 

  “anyone who keeps the ability to see beauty never grows old” 

  “logic may indeed be unshakeable, but it cannot withstand a man who is determined to live” 

  “a book should serve as the axe for the frozen sea within us” 

  “believing in progress does not mean believing that any progress has yet been made” 

  “my ‘fear’ is my substance, and probably the best part of me” 

         ivan turgenev 

  “we sit in the mud, my friend, and reach for the stars” 

  “if we wait for the moment when everything, absolutely everything is ready, we shall never begin” 

  “time sometimes flies like a bird, and sometimes crawls like a worm, but people may be unusually happy when they do not even notice if time has gone quickly or slowly” 

  “don’t be ruled by others; to belong to oneself- the whole savour of life lies in that” 

  “we’re young, we’re not monsters, no fools: we’ll conquer happiness for ourselves” 

         george orwell 

  “happiness can exist only in finding acceptance" 

  "the essence of being human is that one does not seek perfection” 

  “freedom is the right to tell people what they do not want to hear” 

         victor hugo 

  “laughter is the sun that drives winter from the human face” 

  “music expresses that which cannot be said and on which it is impossible to be silent” 

  “curiosity is one of the forms of feminine bravery” 

  “to learn to read is to light a fire; every syllable that is spelled out is a spark” 

  “to love beauty is to see light” 

  “adversity makes men” 

  “our acts make or mar us, we are the children of our own deeds” 

  “there is nothing like a dream to create the future” 

  “all the forces in the world are not as powerful as an idea whose time has come”

  “perseverance, secret of all triumphs”

“There are towns and cities where groups of people who reflect you and your own inner beliefs and interests live, and there are communities in which you will thrive. There are people we’re related to physically, and then there are people we’re related to spiritually, emotionally, and socially. The road to your dreams is sometimes dark, and it’s sometimes magical, but The Wizard of Oz had one thing right: it’s ultimately about the journey and the characters who accompany you on it, not the about the destination.”

—Kelly Cutrone

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*stretches and gets ready for a long, polite response*

And you missed my points, but that’s fine, online miscommunications happen due to lack of tone and intent. I apologize if I sound defensive about Angela, because I immediately assumed that your problem was with the ship and her assumed (and now canonically proven wrong) involvement with Genji’s cyborg weaponization process. Possibly because of how hostile you sounded. I still get the hostile vibes but for the sake of clarification and explaining things as politely as possible, I will try to keep mine civil in return in hopes we all reach an understanding. 

And because this post is now super long, a readmore is actually required :>

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Oh, sleepovers. Nothing is better than spending a night with your bestfriends overdosing on junk food, laying around in your most comfortable and embarrassing pajamas and watching five movies in a row. Sleepovers can either be extremely relaxing or hard to recover from, but they are so funny and irreplaceable that I personally think there should be an international Sleepover Night. 

Movies, obviously, are a must-be according to the Sleepover Bible (made up by me right now), but sometimes it can be hard to choose what to watch. I guess one of the best ways to decide is having a marathon or establishing a theme: you can watch the whole Harry Potter/Pirates of the Caribbean/Star Wars saga, go for a tv series like Friends or Grey’s Anatomy or follow a fil rouge that links together a few films.

What I’m proposing you today is one of my favourite themes: teen movies from 1990 to 2000. Beside being extremely funny and unmissable if you are a movie amateur, they definitely left a mark in the filmmaking history, defining a generation not so far in time from ours. They can also teach you something about style or pop culture, so you have no excuses left not to watch them!


People worshipped them and cursed them, but everybody wanted to be them .

In Jawbreaker you have all the ingredients for a classic teen movie: a high school, a popular and mean clique of Queen Bees, a kind-hearted girl loved by everyone, a prom, hot guys - with the only exception that this is not a classic teen movie.

Jawbreaker is a dark comedy and (surprise!) it involves a kidnapping, a death and police investigations. Written and directed by David Stein, the movie revolves around the “Flawless Four” of Reagan High School, Los Angeles:  Courtney Shayne, Marcie Fox, Julie Freeman and Elizabeth Purr. They all rule the school with a terror regime, except for Liz. She is not as mean as her friends and makes no differences in relating with others - her beauty and honesty, then, make her the most loved and admired girl. 

Obviously, this generates jealousy in Courtney, Marcie and Julie, who decide to prank their friend on seventeenth birthday, by performing a fake kidnapping. They take her off guard early in the morning, binding her with ropes and pushing a jawbreaker candy into her mouth. The girls lock Elizabeth in the trunk of a car and drive towards the mall to celebrate their friend’s brithday with breakfast. However, once they open the trunk, the sight is definitely not what they expected it to be…

Jawbreaker is worth watching not only for the twisted, surprising plot and the iconic (and definitely realistic) language used by the girls, but also because it explores the dynamics of a group of girls with the voice of an outsider, Fern Mayo, who finds herself involved in the events against her will. This movie is gonna make you laugh, startle and maybe regret not living in 1999.

Cruel Intentions (1999)

In the game of seduction there’s only one rule: never fall in love.

Drugs, sex, a hot step-brother, games of seduction, classy and total black outfits, rich mansions. If you like this list, Cruel Intentions is the perfect movie for you. Beside having an incredibly attractive cast, a young Reese Witherspoon included, its plot twists the usual “mean clique” dynamics.

Set in a wealthy Manhattan, the film is about an oddly assorted couple: Sebastian Valmont and his step-sister Kathryn Merteuil. He’s well known for his countless sexual conquers and seductive manners, which perfectly match Kathryn’s inner wickedness and malice - but they always both manage to get away with it thanks to their fascinating looks and charming attitudes. 

The tight relationship between the two not only sees them accomplices in many misdeeds, but also gives rise to explicit sexual innuendos, as Sebastian’s not-so-secret fantasy is to sleep with Kathryn. Despite wishing the same, the girl likes to play it hard to get, so she decides to set up a bet: if Sebastian will be able to seduce Annette Hargrove, Kathryn will have sex with him - otherwise, she’ll get his vintage Jaguar. It’s not as easy as it seems: Annette is the daughter of their school’s headmaster and has recently written an article on saving her virginity for marriage.

As the time goes by and the relationship with Annette develops, Sebastian will find his controversial morals hardly tested. He’ll also have to manage the seduction of the young and naive Cecile, the new girlfriend of Kathryn’s ex, and he’ll be soon torn between his usual lifestyle and a wager maybe too hard to win, even for his unbeaten ego.

Cruel Intentions is weird, explicit, somehow shocking. It points out the differences between boys and girls as it comes to sex, providing a few interesting reflections under a chic, witty and dark atmosphere. Kathryn’s outfits are ICONIC and the movie will make you want more - and you’re lucky, because there are a prequel and a sequel.

Clueless (1995)

Dear diary, I’m more fabulous than five minutes ago.

I don’t even know how to start with this and if you’ve never seen Clueless before… oh my gosh, you can’t imagine what you’ve missed. This movie is p-e-r-f-e-c-t! 

Yes, we have a Queen Bee, Cher, with her sidekick Dionne. And yes, she’s vain and superficial. But she is funny, gorgeous, good natured, harmless and extremely relatable. You could easily make any quote from her character yours, really. She’s crazy wealthy and lives in a mansion in Beverly Hills, obviously being the most popular girl at school.

The movie explores Cher’s life and her attempts at making “good deeds”, showing how her attitude is more innocent than biased. She decides to give Tai Frasier, a “tragically unhip” girl, a makeover aimed at initiating her into the popular universe of their high school; she tries to act as cupid and match two professors (also to raise her grades); all of this, just for the sake of “giving back to the community”.

Cher’s hilarious adventures continue as she finds herself facing a new, attractive boy at school, her annoying stepbrother, the driving license exam and other teenage things we’ve all been through. I loved this movie because she’s fierce and self confident in a positive way, for once - and I won’t even mention the outfits of almost every character, which I’ve seen more than once reinterpreted in the latest collections of many fashion brands. And let me add that Alicia Silverstone’s facial expressions are the best thing in the world… In a few words: watch it. You won’t absolutely regret it.

The Craft (1996)

“You girls watch out for those weirdos” - “We are the weirdos, mister”

Everyone loves a bit of magic. Candles, chanting odd words, summoning the supernatural, meeting in the middle of the night - all things you probably don’t do but that still sound fascinating and attractive, especially if you are a young girl with a mysterious past in a new school where you know no one.

This is how it goes for Sarah Bailey once she arrives to the catholic academy of St. Benedict, Los Angeles. A group of outcasts, with difficult, gloomy lives and rumored to be practicing witchcraft, notices that Sarah is not as normal as she seems, thus luring her into joining their coven. The powers of the four girls reach a whole new level as they try to fix their messy lives and make up for any wrong that had been unfairly done to them.

However, nothing is easy when it comes to unearthly powers - the group will face difficult personal struggles and they will soon understand that everything comes with a price. 

This thriller will open your eyes on the hard life of social rejects in a surreal way, making you think twice before exposing someone not as lucky as you - you never know what may be their revenge. I loved The Craft because it explores a different side of the world depicted in the movies listed above - it gives voice to the unheard and shows things from a different point of view.

10 Things I Hate About You (1999)

But mostly, I hate the way I don’t hate you, not even close.

Sisters can be so different. Take Bianca and Kat Stratford, for example. One is popular, beautiful, admired and elegant, the other is a smart, casual, ironic bookworm. Cameron James (and adorable Joseph Gordon-Levitt) is head over heels for Bianca as soon as he sees her, but he’s warned by a friend that the girl’s father doesn’t allow her to date anyone. This doesn’t only upset Cameron, but Bianca as well - that’s why before the prom she quarrels with her dad until he agrees on letting her go at one condition: Kat has to find a boyfriend and go to the prom, too, causing Bianca to become furious since her sister will never want to be with someone.

Cameron finds out about the new rule and decides to find a boy who will date Kat, so then he’ll be able to go out with Bianca. The mission seems impossible, but of course we have Heath Ledger, in the role of Patrick Verona, who once again becomes the hero and (obviously with a heavy salary) agrees on trying.

Will the mission stay professional? Will Kat resist to Patrick’s charm or will she be trapped by the good-looking outcast as bitter as she is? Will Bianca go to prom with Cameron? You need to watch the movie to find out. This is one of my favourite ones, I’ve seen it at least three times and it’s just great - I always like watching the development of a romantic relationship, because each one is different from the other. And the singing scene on the bleachers? Iconic.

Romeo + Juliet (1996) - trailer

If love be rough with you, be rough with love.

Do I even have to say something?? I mean, Leo DiCaprio, Shakespeare’s most known masterpiece, love and death, Baz Luhrmann. This is enough, isn’t it?

Romeo + Juliet is the modernized and adapted version of the famous, tragic love story. It’s visionary, surreal, heartbreaking and it should be seen at least once a week because it’s just too much. It is set in a imaginary Verona Beach, where the adventures and deeds of two families in war intertwine with the forbidden love affair of a young boy and girl. The plot follows Shakespeare’s script, but you won’t find swords or horses. Guns and sportscars, gas stations and a swimming pool are just a few of the innovative twists Luhrmann has used in this dreamy and loud film.

What about you? What are your favourite 90ies/sleepover movies? Let us know by commenting this post, the Facebook page or sending an ask! x

March 2017 in Numbers

How oh how is it April tomorrow? I still have a very clear moment in my memory from when I was a kid, and my mom saying “in the year 2000,″ and I was all like “no way, that’s the future!” And now here we are, well into the future

March flew by, as has 2017 so far. Here are some of the highlights for me from March 2017. 

16  ⇨ The number of times I worked out this month

Which, considering there were 31 days in March, means I worked out 51% of the days.  Truthfully it feels like way more than that (any day I go to CrossFit and/or a run is still a big, big, BIG deal, ha), but I’m still happy with this number (especially when I hardly worked our a mere few months ago).  I’m also really trying to focus on balance; by this I mean not go to the gym six or seven times a week, but rather something normal and consistent. For example I missed CrossFit last night to hangout with colleagues in town from Toronto, and as I type this I feel sick (cold) so I’m skipping it… balance! 

5 ⇨ The kilometers I ran this month (okay, so I went on one run, but it was a great run through downtown Detroit). 

I definitely had a holy crap I’m running through Detroit!!!!! moment on my run. It’s absolutely amazing the wonderful twists and turns life throws; WHO WOULD HAVE GUESS I’D EVER RUN THROUGH DETROIT?!

Here some bright n’ fun wall graffiti murals I saw on my run. 

6   ⇨The number of white roses I received. 

They’re pretty, eh? Along with this theme, and to throw another number into this post; 8. Eight is the number of dates I had with 1 guy.  I don’t really know what I’m doing or why, but it’s new and fun and for lack of a better way of saying it, a very adult “relationship.” (In quotes because hey oh, it’s not that serious yet.)  

I get dressed up in high heels and red lipstick, and we eat at beautiful restaurants, and walk around the Detroit Institute of Art. He brings me roses(!) and candy and cooks for me. He opens doors and kisses my forehead and holds my hand. It’s all very movie-ish right now; including me taking to my blog to write about it.  He’s a Doctor, which is interesting to hear about; both his everyday and the American health care system. 

I’m currently feeling very Sex and the City like though; dating at 32 and enjoying the city a lot! 

68 ⇨ The percent of income I saved 

68% is a bit misleading; I received a bonus this month for my rotation in Detroit, so my income is inflated this month. And to be transparent I get a lot of perks living in Detroit (car is paid for, allowance, etc.) so I advise to not compare your budget numbers to the ones below!  

Remember when I did that do-not-buy-things challenge for myself for the first month of January 2015? well I still think it was the best thing I’ve ever done for myself; it completely broke my habit of buying clutter and things, and triggered my savings; I’d still highly recommend it.  

0 ⇨ the number of books I finished

Ughhhh. This was a bad reading month. I finished a book last month, and don’t have a new one; suggestions are welcome! 

5 ⇨ the number of Big Little Lies I watched (it’s, so, so good)

Have you watched it yet? Get, on, it.  It’s a short series (5 episodes total) with Nicole Kidman and Reece Witherspoon and it’s binge TV heaven. 

2.4 ⇨ the number of pounds I lost

Boooohiss as 2.4 pounds seems very little for a month of eating really relatively well and working out. 

That being said, my clothes are fitting SO MUCH BETTER. So much so, let me add a self indulgent outfit collage below. I really need to start looking at the camera and/or not parting my hair to one side, but let’s ignore those two factors for a hot second, because I am feeling pret-ty good in my own skin lately.  My bum is looking great (for me) if I do say so myself (s.q.u.a.t.s.), and I took a nap in my jeans the other day. I repeat. I TOOK A NAP IN MY JEANS (#youknowyourelosingweightwhen).

3  ⇨ the age Lily turned in March

On March 14th, my beautiful niece, Lily, turned THREE! Obviously I headed back to Toronto to help her celebrate her ladybug themed birthday!  The night before my sister and I put together ladybug loot bags, and prepared everything for her big day.  She played with her friends, blew out her candles, opened presents, and celebrated the milestone with a consistent smile on her face. 

That evening her dad asked her, “Lily, what was your favourite part of today?” and she replied, “Seeing Olivia and Adele and Mason and Audrey and Auntie and Grandpa…” and the list went on! It was so cute. 

1,800 ⇨ the calories I aim to hit each month 

I hit over 55 days on My Fitness Pal counting calories. True, March wasn’t the most perfect month; I’d often start recording breakfast and lunch and then forget / not bother at dinner time, but still, I tried and didn’t drop off. As I type this I hope to stay consistent in the month of April. 

4 ⇨ the number of times I went to the Detroit Institute of Art

I’m not sure why I enjoy the D.I.A. so much or why I put so much effort into heading to their exhibits; but I absolutely love it! I live very close too, so sometimes I walk there and then stroll around for an hour or two, or sit in their cafe and listen to the harp man play.  It’s all very adulty of me, or at least I feel that, and a nudge to embrace the art in Toronto when I’m back, as I hardly ever went to the Royal Ontario Museum (ROM) downtown, or Art Gallery of Ontario (AGO) when I lived really close to them too! 

8 ⇨ The number of new restaurants I went to this month

Okay, I actually have no idea how many new spots I went to in March, but I’ve been exploring the restaurants in Detroit, and have been so impressed.  Here’s the link to my Detroit Google Map (I’ve been to the red restaurants, and still want to go to the brown ones!)

213 ⇨ The days till Courtney’s wedding!

On the day of Lily’s birthday party I was triple booked! In the morning I zoomed to the west end of the city to meet the Bride-to-be Courtney, and her other beautiful bridesmaid to choose dresses!  

Here’s mine:

And with that, that’s a happy summary of my life in Detroit.  I started this post on April 30, and today it’s April 5, which shows how BUSY life has been! 

I’m slowly making friends and settling in and really enjoying the Detroit life. I’m still waiting to hear from work whether my stay here will continue on throughout the summer or not, but I’m really hoping it does; especially as I have so many Northern Michigan to-dos! We shall see :) 


wow, that episode was intense, wasn’t it? all those hallucinations showing people’s insecurities and also magnus being the biggest badass. i loved it a lot

- i was actually in tears when alec assured magnus that he wants them to be together, he doesn’t want it to go away, he’s serious about this. and magnus? the happiness on his face? that means everything to me

- when alec sees his mother for the first time, he might be different than in the past. but his body still goes to the ‘perfect soldier form’… this breaks my heart. cause when he’s around her, he’s a soldier first and then a son

- i’m done with shadowhunters calling magnus alec’s friend instead of boyfriend and trying to make their relationship invalid. they can all choke

- i’m still so emotional that max called magnus alec’s boyfriend. and alec’s reaction was just so pure? he was like 'yeah, i do have a warlock boyfriend. he’s amazing’

- ‘traditions change. especially those based on ignorance’
YES! preach it. i’m so proud of alec for saying this because it’s so important. shadowhunters think they’re just better than everyone else… they’re really not

- ‘me and magnus. together.’ & ‘thank magnus’
alec being a protective boyfriend is my everything. this was so beautiful and i definitely need more moments like those

- magnus being obsessed with cats and speaking french to them is my new aesthetic

- i was kind of afraid of that talk between magnus and jace because that 'hurt my brother, i’ll hurt you’ to magnus? just no. so i’m glad jace realised very quickly how serious magnus is and that he didn’t try to continue with it
although i am bitter that this is how we got confirmation that malec actually did have sex. because we deserved at least a conversation between magnus and alec, not something like this

- but magnus’ reaction when he thought he might’ve had an accidental three way with jace was kinda hilarious

- alec was so proud of magnus throwing this amazing party, even though magnus was very insecure. not about his skills to throw a party but that he might not be accepted by maryse or max and he wanted it to be perfect because this means so much to alec
and coming up with the theme and trying not to say too much even though maryse was acting like… well, like she always does. this isn’t something that magnus would do for anyone. and seeing both of them falling in love with each other more and more makes me so so happy

- magnus’ cat eyes are so so beautiful. i’m gonna write this every single time we get a chance to see them
and yes, i’d prefer if magnus and alec were alone for this but i still loved it. magnus felt comfortale enough to show his real eyes in front of max. max who is already becoming important to him because of alec.
magnus doesn’t like shadowhunters but he’s giving alec’s family a chance because he loves alec (yes, he does. fight me on this)
and jace calling magnus their friend? this was so important. it’s not just alec defending his boyfriend. it’s also jace being supportive because he knows magnus is an amazing guy and how much he means to his parabatai
i do wish max apologised for his behaviour… but i really do understand why he did that. yes, it was wrong. but he’s a kid who is constantly forced to watch his family hate each other, being forced to watch your family fall apart when you’re still a child… this isn’t good for him. i just love max so much. and i can relate to him so much.

- alec becoming more confident and speaking his mind is the best view. bit by bit he starts believing in himself and he doesn’t allow people to have power over him, it’s a very slow process but he’s getting there

- ‘this is an elegant affair, not an episode of the real housewives of idris’ has got to be my favourite quote from this episode haha

- magnus was in charge of this huge party, yet he still realised that people were hallucinating and that he needed to help them. honestly, who could ever do something like this? only magnus
everyone kept arguing around him but he stayed calmed and saved everyone’s lives. he is too good for this world
and as soon as his spell book was gone, he put his wards up in a sec without breaking a sweat. we got to see how powerful he is and i need more?
also, he figured out so quickly who the actual thief was. we really don’t appreciate him enough. he’s the most powerful and the smartest being and everyone would be dead without him

- magnus hearing the simple 'alec, no’ and running to actually save alec’s life? i’m just so emotional about this.
alec was ready to jump, he DID jump. yes, it was technically because clary said all those things but it’s so clear that he still blames himself for what happened.
if magnus hadn’t been there… or if he hadn’t cared… i don’t even want to think about this

- also, how incredible was magnus fighting? every hit was precise, his defence was flawless. and when he was finally done, he cast such a powerful spell, iris stood exactly no chance at all.

- fraywood moment left me in tears. i love that they’re becoming friends
even if it breaks my heart that no matter how many times clary says she doesn’t blame him, alec still blames himself for it

- alec supporting maryse… even after all she did, how she never supported him, he’s still there for her… telling her that she can count on him. i cried a lot during this scene

- WE NEVER ASKED luke dragging jace and clary is my everything. shadowhunters always think 'they know better’ or 'they’re doing it for the greater good.’ no, just shut up. listen to downworlders for once because they have a right to know such things
and luke was absolutely the best. true alpha. and also very concerned brother.
luke is the purest character on this show. his sister hated him, said horrible things about him. yet he’s still there, worried about her, trying to save her
we seriously don’t deserve luke

- raphael saving izzy was such a good scene. he really didn’t need to help her, last time they met, she was trying to kill him.
and he believed in her, he was really trying to make her get rid of yin fen out of her system

- and can we just stop with that izzy plot line tho… cause i’m done with it. izzy deserves better than almost dying in some alley trying to score. if it wasn’t for raphael…

- and i absolutely hate that izzy forced raphael to feed on her. he didn’t want this. he fought hard to stop feeding on human blood and shadowhunter blood? this is too much. he didn’t consent to this. this was so wrong.

- raphael telling izzy how magnus saved him left me in tears. he’s one of the very few people that actually feels grateful for magnus being there for him and helping him during the worst times.
i actually don’t have good enough words to describe how much i love magnus

- izzy telling maryse all those things is my aesthetic. she always needed her mum and maryse was never there for her. and yeah, you can explain some of those things but this is still not okay. and izzy was absolutely right to say all of those things

- i really loved a scene between maia and jace. yeah, they may not exactly… like each other but they’re clearly on better terms and their interactions are always interesting 

- i can’t even imagine what jace must’ve felt like when he heard that maryse wanted him dead. sure, she never actually said that but he still heard that and thinking of something like this is one thing. but actually hearing it from someone you consider your mother?

- jace and maryse finally having a talk made me cry a lot. they both really needed this. they mean so much to each other but because everything that happened, it was just too hard and complicated

- max’s ceremony and his oath was one of the most perfect moments in this episode. it was so beautiful

- i absolutely despise climon. just get those unnecessery straight couples from me. especially when they’re basically siblings
although simon trying to find courage was adorable 

- valentine needs to stay away from madzie. magnus is basically already her step dad so ughhh he’d better watch out because he really doesn’t want to piss the high warlock of brooklyn off

anonymous asked:

What are some of your favourite quotes in Old Norse and/or Icelandic?

Sæll (eða sæl), vinur,
(Hello, friend,)

Great question! Here are my three particular favorites:

First, the quote that I try my best to live my life by:

Hávamál, stanza 26, line 1 
(from GKS 2365 4to 3v, line 20):

“Ósnotr maðr þykkist allt vita.”
An unwise man thinks he knows all.

I find this quote of advice to be very important, especially for those actively seeking knowledge on a daily basis. Yet, it is important for everyone to understand, because the world is far too complex for a single person to know everything.

Next up is one of the most powerful statements I have read so far in a saga, partly because I feel that the author’s own words are reaching out to the reader through Njáll Þorgeirsson in this moment:

Brennu-Njáls saga, Njáll Þorgeirsson, chapter 70
(from Möðruvallabók, AM 132 fol. 25v, lines 29-30b):

“…með lögum skal land vart byggja en ólögum eyða.”
…with law our land shall rise, but it will be destroyed with lawlessness.

Lastly, there is the very emotional quote from Guðrún Ósvifsdóttir, which I recently posted about:

Laxdæla saga, Guðrún Ósvifsðóttir, chapter 78
(from Möðruvallabók, AM 132 fol. 194v, lines 32-33b):

“Þeim var ek verst er ek unna mest.”
I was the worst to the one whom I loved the most.

Not only do I find it to be deeply emotional and realistic, but I find it to be a glimpse into the genius and richness of the literary tradition seen in Iceland during this time.

I have a few others, but those are my absolute favorites at the moment. This one also comes pretty close, though, but context does help with its impact:

Brennu-Njáls saga, Höskuldur Hvítanesgoði, chapter 111:
(from Möðruvallabók, AM 132 fol. 39v, line 2a):

“Guð hjálpi mér en fyrirgefi yðr.”
May God help me and forgive you.

Anyway, thanks for asking! I quite enjoyed thinking about what my favorite quotes were so far, and I do hope others enjoy some of them as well!

Með vinsemd og virðingu,
(With friendliness and respect,)

anonymous asked:

What are your favourite things about Tom Hardy?

  • His humanity.
  • Seriously, he’s got one of the biggest hearts I’ve seen from an individual, celebrity or not.
  • His diligence. His work ethic. That man delivers what he says he’s going to deliver and gives every bit of himself to the roles he takes on, and you can see it clear as day through his acting.
  • His humility? I mean…not only does Tom not have an ego about himself or acting, but he completely gives credit where it’s due to those who are owed recognition just as well as himself. Have you seen the video of him accepting the award for Best Actor for Locke from the LA Film Critics Association? Like the guy fucking apologizes for taking too much screentime for an 85 minute film that relies ENTIRELY on Tom Hardy’s performance. And what does he do? He stresses the film crew and Steven Knight’s role in making the film happen and completely downplays his part in it. I mean, a large part of why I really love Tom is that he will give recognition to people beyond himself, who deserve it. Take a look at how Tom insisted on taking Jacob Tomuri, his stunt double with him for press junket interviews for Mad Max and insisting on him getting recognized? I really don’t see many actors do this, who really fight for the people behind-the-scenes, or people who don’t get as much recognition and give them a shoutout as to their success, any success, because Tom realizes he’s a cog in a machine. He’s part of a greater whole and that a film consists of many moving parts and many people slaving themselves day after day to make a film happen, and rarely do those people get recognition and Tom gives it. And I absolutely love him for it. Like truly, I fucking love him.
  • His support, love, and absolute respect for women. I’m not going to sit here and praise Tom for rising to the defense of women in light of the Mad Max film because that’s what anyone should do and goes without saying, but nonetheless I appreciate that again, he gives recognition where it’s due. He doesn’t deny the women in his life their agency or importance, and their significance in shaping who he is today or getting him to where he’s at, and I feel like it’s rare I see any man, celebrity or not, fucking acknowledge what their mothers, sisters, daughters, cousins, girlfriends, wives do, and that’s a damn shame. 
  • Lets also talk about all the numerous animals he finds on set and while working and nurses them back to full health or finds them a home or a means of getting adopted? I mean. There was the incident with him finding a cat, CJ, there are numerous times he’s found dogs and found homes for them or housed dogs himself while filming, and honestly…someone who absolutely cannot leave an animal alone, stray or not, until they find them a secure place to live is telling of the sort of person they are. Also all the causes he supports! I have admiration for his commitment to organizations like Help for Heroes, even though I (personally) take issue with the zealous support of military/police force but, you know. 
  • His honesty. I mean, have you seen the fucking quotes? No? You’re in for a wild ride. Every interview with Tom Hardy both in-person and in an article are absolutely fucking glorious. He’s not only a very, very, intelligent person, but he says the most ludicrous and hilarious things that somehow end up making sense? My personal favorite interviews recently are his Details Interview, Esquire Interview UK & US, his GQ interview, Tom’s interview with Vulture and being a huge fan of dogs, and Tom Hardy Life Lessons for Men’s Health, are some of my favorites just to name a few.
  • His ridiculousness. I mean, have you not seen Tom’s old myspace photos? Allow me to introduce you to the strangest motherfucker on the planet. And even though he no longer has a myspace, his ridiculousness lives on whenever Leila Shirazi gifts Tom with free things. I mean…I’m in love?
  • Tom’s brief love affair with social media. Listen, the week he had a twitter and facebook account was the week I tried not to combust. That week was a roller coaster from start to finish, and since I had subscribed to Tom’s twitter updates I had “fkn Legend” texted to my phone at a rate of 20 fucking tweets in five minutes. It was the best kind of experience tbh. Never forget.
  • Tom’s constant praise of others. I mean it. Like every time there’s been a rumor about Tom getting into a fight with a costar or a colleague, or some rumor of Tom not getting along or being difficult, he gets interviewed and he has nothing but kind, sincere things to say. He’s honest, but Tom being labeled as somebody who gives people a hard time is, I think, all about perspective and context. Ultimately I think Tom has nothing but respect for those he works with and those who have gotten him to where he is today.
  • And lastly? Tom’s response to my reddit AMA question I asked him in April 2014. One of my most favorite things is not only the fact I got a response, but that I asked someone I look up to greatly a question and I got a response better than I could have EVER asked for, and I will never forget it and never stop reading it for days I don’t feel like I’m good enough.

I love Tom. He’s human, he’s sweet, he’s goofy and a giant dork, he’s soft, he loves people, he gives and he gives and he gives, and I am just truly like…I’m truly a fan of how sincerely good of a person he is. I really do not care about celebrities, or care about many people, really, on this level of infatuation. But Tom? He’s really won my heart.

I absolutely adore the man that is Tom Hardy and everything he is. 

He’s one of the good ones.

hello everyone ! so im going back to school this week (omg) and i thought i’d share some of the things i learned and picked up last year in my first year of high school. i hope you enjoy ! :)

1. do your homework !

this one’s pretty simple. always do your homework so you’re caught up with what’s being taught in your class. i know it’s a lot easier said than done because realistically, im sure most of us won’t really want to do it after a long day of school. but it makes a world of a difference if you do what your teacher assigns you. you’ll understand the concept better and won’t fall behind ! 

2. don’t be afraid to ask questions !

for some odd reason, i was afraid of asking my teachers questions last year. i honestly don’t know why, but i regret it. i asked a lot of questions back in middle school, and i realized i did better those years than i did last year. your teachers are there for a reason, to enhance your learning and understanding. you’ll come out a better student, and it’ll help SO MUCH. also, don’t limit yourself to just your teacher. if they don’t help you as much as you would have liked, ask another teacher !

3. be independent with your learning

don’t be too dependent on your friends in class. aka don’t take all of their answers and/or ideas just to get your work done faster ya feel ? if you’re too dependent on your friends for answers, you won’t know what to do when a quiz or test comes up because your friend won’t be there to help you :( but there’s absolutely nothing wrong with helping each other !

4. studying and study buddies

study. studying is key my dudes. just think of a time you did great on a test, and think of the feeling you had. you know what feeling im talking about. strive for that feeling. because tbh there’s nothing better than being proud of yourself and knowing that all of your hard work payed off ! and if you struggle with staying focused, there are so many helpful studying masterposts here on studyblr ! also get yourself some study buddies ! it makes studying just that much better. it’s so fun. wowowow. 

5. online resources ! 

if your teacher didn’t explain a concept well enough, there are so many online resources. they’ve helped me a boat load my first year and i use them all the time now. my favourites are Khan Academy and CrashCourse, and there are so many masterposts on here specified to one subject ! bless the studyblr community bc y’all have saved me so many times ♡ 

6. goals goals goals

always keep your goals in mind. they’ll help you push through the year and the rough patches. i always think of this grey’s anatomy quote. “how’s the view? do you like what you see? are you living the life you pictured for yourself? or are you dreaming of something even bigger?”. so, think about it. if you don’t accomplish your goal, will you like the view ? so work hard my dudes. s/o the meredith grey for being oh so wise.

7. have a good mindset

im gonna keep this simple and sweet. don’t let yourself settle for anything less than greatness.

8. learn to love the sound of your feet walking away from things not meant for you

i saw that quote somewhere along those lines on here a while ago and man is it true !! if something isn’t meant for you, don’t be afraid of letting it go. it could be a class, or a person, anything. if the class just isn’t your forte, look into something else ! if a person isn’t enhancing your life, don’t be afraid or feel guilty for wanting out. at the end of the day, it’s your life. do what makes you the happiest person on earth ♡

9. sleep omg

i cannot even stress how important getting enough sleep is. your homegirl is working on that herself ya feel lolol. get enough sleep. you’ll be refreshed in the morning and you’ll be ready to go on with your day. your body and brain will thank you for it !!

10. don’t forget to relax

burning out is the last thing you want to do, so don’t forget to give yourself the free time that you deserve. let yourself recharge and destress with the things that you love to do. my personal favourites are colouring, reading, music, and watching grey’s anatomy lolol. after all of your hard work, you deserve it !!

♡ ♡ ♡

so, those are my ten tips for back to school ! i hope that this was somewhat helpful, i really enjoyed making it ! if you have any questions, my ask box is always available. and if you just want to talk, shoot me a message ! with that being said, i hope you all have an amazing year, and good luck ♡

with love,
lauraliestudies  ♡

Squad Sing Along Headcanons

I love musical movies and sing alongs and karaoke with all my heart and soul, and @kurtwxgners and I were talking about squad and movie musicals so this happened. This is Modern AU so there are more movies to choose from.

  • It’s an accident, really.
  • Kurt and Peter watch Dirty Dancing together one night because it was already set up and neither of them could be bothered to go and find a different movie
    • They both get really, really into it
    • Peter quotes ‘No body puts baby in a corner’ at every opportunity
    • He gets payed out for it big time, but that doesn’t stop him
    • Kurt can be heard singing in the shower, but no one has the heart to tell him because it’s really adorable
  • The next musical movie they watch is with Scott and Warren
    • It was a movie night and no one could decide what to watch
    • They flipped a coin to see who got to choose and Scott and Warren lost
    • So Peter and Kurt get to pick the movie and they watch Grease
    • Scott and Warren are skeptical at the beginning
    • ‘Musicals are really lame, and you’re both the worst for making us watch this’
    • But by the time ‘Greased Lightning’ comes on, they are s o l d (and everyone is going all in on the pelvic thrusts)
    • Warren basically busts every nut over Sandy in ‘You’re The One That I Want
  • The girls find out the boys have been watching movie musicals on the dl when they decide to crash a boys movie night and discover them all watching Mama Mia
    • Ororo and Jean lose their shit when they walk in in the middle of ‘Honey, Honey’ and Peter is all but standing on the couch as all of the boys are singing along 
    • Jubilee basically flings herself onto the couch beside Kurt and immediately joins in
    • Scott and Warren are super embarrassed about it at first
      • ‘We’re just watching. It was their idea’
      • ‘Don’t lie to me, Summers. I saw you singing along.’
    • Jean and Ororo pay them out endlessly about it, but they still join in, because musicals are really fun
  • The movie nights turn into movie-musical-sing-along nights and everyone loves it
    • They put on the subtitles and sing along and divide up parts for the big songs
    • Some group favourites are Chicago, RENT, and Hairspray
    • When they’re watching A Chorus Line, Jean practically falls off her chair laughing at Kurt’s reaction to ‘Dance 10, Looks 3
    • Peter almost breaks his ankle trying to imitate the tap dancing in Singing in the Rain
    • Jukebox musicals like Rock of Ages are super fun because they already know a lot of the songs
    • Everyone cries when they watch RENT, but no one brings it up and they’re all trying to be super lowkey about it
      • Warren also busts every nut over Mimi, for obvious reasons
    • There are a celebratory round of high fives whevever someone nails a particularly impressive high note 
    • They all get really hyped up for ‘One Day More’ because it is THE sing along song
    • With some of the favourite movies, there’s an unspoken agreement about who gets to sing which parts
      • Warren always takes Roger in RENT
      • Peter does an astonishingly good Amber in Hairspray (no seriously, it’s kind of creepy how good his version is)
      • Jubilee is always Joanna when they watch Sweeney Todd and it’s adorable even though Kurt is lowkey scared of that particular musical
    • When they watch West Side Story, they all literally clear the furniture to the sides and split up to do ‘America
    • Scott once sang Maria’s part in ‘I Feel Pretty’ and everyone was utterly flabbergasted because it was fucking hilarious and he was actually??? Really good??? Like??? His vocal range was kind of astounding???
    • Jubilee is the undisputed queen of mimicking the choreography from the film
      • She always takes the lead in big dance numbers
      • When they were watching Cabaret, she actually managed to do a pretty good version of the dance from ‘Mein Herr’ and everyone loses their damn minds
    • Ororo is the reigning champion of fast talking/patter songs and her belting is astounding
      • Out Tonight’ is her song and she always nails it and everyone always gets suuuper hyped listening to her sing it
    • They all discover that Jean has a talent for Liza Minelli impressions when they watch Cabaret and she gets the voice exactly right
    • Kurt always tears up listening to ‘Edelweiss’ and no one calls him on it, because he’s just such a sweetheart
    • Jean once decided she was gonna take on Sweeney’s part and everyone was scared of her for the next week
    • Warren rolls his eyes through watching the entire High School Musical series but he secretly loves it
    • Disney musicals are Kurt and Jubilee’s favourites
    • Everyone loves Robin Hood: Men In Tights even though it’s less a movie musical and more a spoof, because that movie is a gift
  • Eventually they decide to do an actual karaoke night
    • Someone (probably Peter) manages to source (steal) a karaoke machine and they set it up in the mansion
    • It’s a long, long night and everyone is more than a little drunk at the end of it
    • There are overhauls of everyone’s favourite songs from everyone’s favourite musicals as well as favourite songs in general
    •  ‘La Vie Boheme’, ‘One Day More’ and ‘You Can’t Stop The Beat’ all get pulled out early in the evening and there is absolutely a lot of standing on chairs and wild, uncoordinated dancing involved on all parts
    • Warren gets up and absolutely nails ‘It’s My Life’ and the entire group is lowkey turned on by it
    • All three girls and Peter do a tipsy, giggly version of ‘It’s Raining Men’ that they can’t finish because they’re all laughing too hard
    •  After some pushing, Scott does ‘One Song Glory’ and it’s so good that Warren doesn’t even resent him moving in on his turf by singing one of Roger’s songs
    • A very, very shy Kurt does a version of ‘Hallelujah’ and everyone gets emotional about it
    • Peter does ‘Ballroom Blitz’ complete with terrible excellent dancing and everyone is HYPED
    • The night closes with drunk emotional, shouted, enthusiastic versions of ‘Piano Man’ and ‘Living on a Prayer
The signs as my favourite movie quotes

Aries: ‘’Revenge is never a straight line, it’s a forest’’ - Kill Bill

Taurus: ‘’I guess every lonely girl would hope she’s a princess’’ - Anastasia

Gemini: ‘’You’re entirely bonkers but I’ll tell you a secret, the best people are’’ - Alice in Wonderland

Cancer: ‘’They say when you meet the love of your life time stops. And that’s true’’ - Big Fish

Leo: ’You’ve always been crazy, this is just the first chance you’ve had to express yourself’’ - Thelma & Louise

Virgo: ‘’No day but today’’ - RENT

Libra: ‘’Our lives are defined by opportunities, even the ones we miss’’ - The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button

Scorpio: ‘’Give yourself over to absolute pleasure’’ - The Rocky Horror Picture Show

Sagittarius: ‘’Keep Moving Forward’’ - Meet The Robinsons

Capricorn: ‘’The only way to get what you want in this world is hard work’’ - The Princess and The Frog 

Aquarius: ‘’You do what you love, and fuck the rest’’ -Little Miss Sunshine 

Pisces: ‘’People are afraid of me because I am different’’ - Edward Scissorhands

Mine to Take


So I’ve been sent here by @vminswiferay. I have a short fluff request. So imagine that you really love Taehyung/Jimin’s (you can pick) sweaters and they’re comfortable. But your bias wants it back and they take it and wear it. But you try to take it back by making out with them and getting them all hot and flustered and get into the moment and take their clothes off (including sweater) and once it’s off, you run off with it, leaving them confused, flustered, etc. idk if it makes sense

Thank you for your request!! Here it is. Its a fluff with a tiny bit of smut…not really. Hope you like it, because you know, a frustrated Jimin is everyone’s favourite Jimin  <3

                                                                                                 -Ray :)

Genre: a bit smut/fluff

Mine to Take

“You took it.”
“Its mine to take.”
“You know I wanted it.”
“Well then, take it back.”
“What do you want for it?”

You looked everywhere.
Anywhere at all where it could possibly have been misplaced. You searched high and low around your small apartment. The laundry room, the couch where things got heated last night, and then finally, you returned back to your bedroom empty handed. It was no where to be seen, absolutely gone. You collapsed on the bed and stared up at the ceiling in despair. This spoiled the rest of your perfectly planned out night. Everything was ruined. You were still in just your towel, fresh out of the shower, hair dried but your favorite sweater no where to be found.  Now you’ll fall behind on work; assignments, midterms, life. You won’t be able to concentrate. Your mind is off balance, your body uncomfortable, your soul yearning for a home to return to as it wanders around empty and unfulfilled. 

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30 questions to test your personality

Got those from @psych2go and they are a little deeper than most oft he other memes floating around so I decided to give it a shot. I’d love to see this done by @novemberhush , @sairyn-noc , @eva-eleanore , @aprilinparis92

If you could have one breakfast for tomorrow knowing it’s the last day you will live, what would that be?

I think I’d go for my favourite cheese breakfast at the restaurant down the street. They have everything from brie to cream cheese, some berries, grapes, gorgeous dark bread. That with cappuccino or chai latte. Hmmm.

 Given the choice of anyone in the world, whom would you like as a dinner guest?

Angela Merkel – to talk about the fact that it’s time for same sex marriage and that her own bad feeling does not justify inequality in a country that considers itself to be progressive and liberal.

 Before making a phone call, do you ever rehearse what you are going to say? Why?

Yes. Not to calm myself down or anything, I think it’s more of a creative process. I’m a writer, I constantly consider the “what ifs” in this world and enjoy that immensely.

If a crystal ball could tell you the truth about yourself, your life, the future or anything else, what would you want to know?

If it would be safe to buy an apartment now or too much of a financial risk.

 If you knew in one year you would die suddenly, what would you change about the way you are living your life now?

Travel to meet all of my family and friends all over the world in person one more time and spend some time with them. Visit some places I’ve always wanted to see before I die (New Zealand for example).

Do you think your name affects your personality or choice of career?

I’m not crazy about my name but I don’t think it has had any effect on me.

How old would you be if you didn’t know how old you are?

Sometimes 25, sometimes 35. In general I do feel my age.

If happiness was the national currency, what job would make you rich?

Writer. But I love my job, so I think I would be doing just fine.

Do you push buttons more than once and do you believe that makes it work faster?

I sometimes do – and no, I don’t really believe that.

Would you want to be friends with yourself?

I am friends with myself. We all should be, everything else is rather depressing. But I think I would want to be friends with myself, yeah. Even though I’d probably be annoyed by the fact how little time I have for the people I care about and that I can be unreliable and sometimes overwhelm people with emotions and then I’m a little cold for a while before I overwhelm them again. I tend to be 100 per cent and my brain needs constant stimulation, so that can be tiring.

If you won a million dollars (or some large sum of money) would you quit your job?

No, I wouldn’t. I love what I do. It would make me worry less about what happens once this job is over (there is a constant time stamp on my job because we always only think ahead five years at a time) but I would want to stay in this industry, even though it’s constant madness.

Do you feel like you’ve lived this day a hundred times before?

No, every day feels new to me.

Are you really wasting time if you’re enjoying it?

Absolutely not.

Would you rather lose all your money and valuables or all the pictures you’ve taken?

First I put that I would rather lose all the pictures but come to think of it: No. Money really doesn’t matter that much and to lose the pictures of the people I lost in the past – especially the wedding picture of my grandparents – that would be awful.

Would you rather have a horrible short-term memory or a long-term memory?

I’m quite fond of my memories, no matter of short-term or long-term. But I think if I had to choose, I’d rather have a horrible short-term memory, even though that’s a lot less practical in everyday life but to imagine that you forget about people you cared about that are gone now… Horrible.

Would you rather go back to age five with everything you’ve learned or live now with everything you’ll learn in the future?

Now. How awful would it be if a five year old had to know all the things you learn over the years? That would make you grow up in an instant. Childhood is too precious.

Are humans better at construction or destruction?

When I look at the current events, I’m almost bitter enough to say “destruction” but I would say it’s a 50/50 thing. There are times when we build and other times when we destroy and I guess, at the moment we are destroying a lot of the things that we built over the past 50, 100 years.

What is a year of life worth? What about a day?

As much as you make it worth. Some years are so intense that they feel as if they last a lifetime. Others go by at the blink of an eye. Or how The Doctor puts it: “Time is more like a big ball of wibbly-wobbly timey-wimey… stuff.”

Are emotions necessary for human survival?

I think emotions are what make us human. Without emotions, we would be reckless, that cannot be good for human mankind.

What is the TLDR version of your life?

I have no idea.

What should they teach in high school but don’t?

Taxes, renting and buying houses, everyday stuff that you need when growing up. There is so much I wish I had known. In addition, they should make sure that nobody stays behind and it’s not all about science, soft skills are just as important. Be good to one another, common sense, respect for other religions and ways of living. And, very important: What is homosexuality and how does gay sex work? So much harm could be prevented (I’m not talking pornography but biology).

What inscription do you want on your gravestone?

“When the day is done…” It’s a quote by Nick Drake and the song is such a perfect funeral song. Then again I don’t want a grave, so I don’t want a stone. I want to be burnt and buried on a forest cemetery.

If you had thirty seconds to send a message to the entire world, what would you say?

Respect everyone, treat people the way you wanna be treated, be nice to one another, make sure that nobody stays behind, give a little more, be generous, be as selfless as you can be – if we all stick together, the world would be a better place.

If you could ask a single person a question, and they had to answer truthfully, who and what would it be?

I would ask my ex girlfriend if she ran off when she did because she was afraid because she loved me too much or if she ran away because she didn’t love me enough. (I know… ‘Don’t live in the past’ but some questions were left unanswered and I’d like some closure.)

What is honor and does it matter?

I have a problem with the word “honor” because it’s often used as an excuse to do horrible things to horrible people. Maybe it’s the German in me, our country is traumatised by everything concerning the terms “honor” and “(national) pride”.

Do you see yourself as the hero or the villain in your story?

To be honest: Rather the hero. I like the way I am. I might not always be the best friend because I can be a little selfish but I’m feeling good about myself.

Is being open-minded a virtue if it allows destructive ideas to spread through society?

Being narrow-minded definitely isn’t the answer… I like to keep an open mind because nobody is impeccable and you learn something new every single day. Without open-mindedness, there is no change.

What questions would you ask your future self?

Do you believe in love? Have you been a good person? Have you been a coward or have you stood up for people? Have you written that book you’ve always wanted to write?

anonymous asked:

What are your favourite quotes or thoughts from HTTYD series?

Yas! Quotes!!! I will admit I absolutely adore quotes. I have the opening to the first How to Train Your Dragon book completely memorized, and the first two HTTYD movies are so quotable you’ll frequently catch me irl making some quotation from them. I’ll plop in some of my all-time favorite quotes from the HTTYD DreamWorks franchise, including quotes from the television series.

Previous favorite quotes posts:

Favorite funny quotes:

  • “Excuse me, barmaid! I’m afraid you brought me the wrong offspring! I ordered an extra large boy with beefy arms, extra guts, and glory on the side.” - Hiccup III (HTTYD)
  • “Now, you’re thinking about this all wrong. It’s not so much what you look like, it’s what’s inside that he can’t stand.” - Gobber (HTTYD)
  • “Thank you for summing that up.” - Hiccup III (HTTYD)
  • “Pain. Love it.” - Hiccup III (HTTYD)
  • “Thanks for nothing, you useless reptile.” - Hiccup III (HTTYD)
  • “Gobber, take off your pants!” - Hiccup III (LOTBD)
  • “But you can raise us a ‘spank his skinny ass’.” - Ruffnut (ROB: Dragon Down)
  • “Better stop him – last time the Changewing hypnotized Hiccup, we found him nesting in the rafters of the Great Hall.” “My favorite was when he kissed Tuffnut. I dined on that story for a week!” - Fishlegs and Ruffnut (ROB: The Legend of Ragnarok)
  • “He’s looked angry since the day I was born. But I’m sure there’s no connection.” - Hiccup III (ROB: Animal House)
  • “Oh yeah? Well you know what this is? The size of your brain! Oh wait… that’s better.” - Hiccup III (ROB: Thawfest)
  • “That’s it. Keep talking, Snotlout, as your winning streak goes up in flames… just like your Rings of Deadly Fire.” - Hiccup III (ROB: Thawfest)
  • “Hey Fishlegs! You need some help getting your nose out of Hiccup’s -“ - Snotlout (DOB: Worst in Show)
  • "SLARBLURG! SLARBLURG! NORK NORK NORK!” - Snotlout (DOB: A View to a Skrill Part 1)
  • “When am I not safe? Uhhh… don’t answer that.” - Hiccup III (DOB: The Eel Effect)
  • “We were so close uniting our people. We could have had it all, you and me. We could have been kings among men… and dragons! And now look at us. What have we got, huh? Nothing. Nothing!” - Snotlout (DOB: The Eel Effect)
  • “You broke my heart, Thor. You broke it right in two.” - Snotlout (RTTE: Big Man on Berk)
  • “And finally, the letter ‘s’ has been officially removed from the alphabet. So you’re going to want to avoid words like sword… Severed leg… severed head… cyclone!” - Ruffnut and Tuffnut (RTTE: Reign of Fireworms)
  • “Toothle! Plama blat!” - Hiccup III (RTTE: Reign of Fireworms)
  • “The chicken is not amused.” - Tuffnut (RTTE: Reign of Fireworms)
  • “You’re harder to get rid of than life.” - Ruffnut (HTTYD 2 deleted scene)

Favorite serious quotes:

  • “I know what it’s like to miss someone you love this time of year. But what do we do when they can’t be here for the holiday? We celebrate them.” - Stoick (GOTNF)
  • “No! You wish I was your sister. You think I’d be dragging you all over the jungle if my brother weren’t the most important thing to me?” - Ruffnut (RTTE: Full Moon Rising)
  • “That’s my sister out there, Astrid. And if this goes wrong and we don’t save her… I couldn’t live with myself.” - Tuffnut (RTTE: Edge of Disaster)
  • “They say there’s two ways to be fooled: one is to believe what isn’t true, the other is to refuse to believe what is. Maces and Talons. I began playing with my grandfather when I was just a boy. I always insisted upon being the honorable Viking chief. I could never understand how he bested me time and time again. For years I assumed his skill transcended mine. I believed what wasn’t true. But you see, in Maces and Talons, as in life, the line between good and evil is often unclear. Black and white can become gray so easily. What one soul considers evil another might consider righteous. The honorable chief who fails to see this is found to be the fool.” - Viggo Grimborn (RTTE: Maces and Talons)
  • “Unreasonable men cannot be reasoned with.” - Stoick (HTTYD 2)
  • The lyrics of “For the Dancing and the Dreaming.” (HTTYD 2)
  • “STOP!” “Son!” “Dad, NO!” - Hiccup III and Stoick (HTTYD 2)
  • “No, get away from him! Go on, get out of here! Get away!” - Hiccup III (HTTYD 2)
  • “May the Valkyries welcome you and lead you through Odin’s great battlefield. May they sing your name with love and fury so that we may hear it rise from the depths of Valhalla and know that you have taken your rightful place at the table of kings. For a great man has fallen, a warrior, a chieftain, a father, a friend.” - Gobber (HTTYD 2)    
  • “I’m sorry, Dad. I’m not the chief that you wanted me to be, and I’m not the peace keeper I thought I was. I don’t know…I - I was so afraid of becoming my dad, mostly because I thought I never could. How do you become someone that great, that brave, that selfless? I guess you can only try. A chief protects his own. We’re going back.” - Hiccup III (HTTYD 2)
  • “It wasn’t your fault, bud. They made you do it. You’d never hurt him. You’d never hurt me. Please, you are my best friend, bud. My best friend.” - Hiccup III (HTTYD 2)
  • “I won’t leave you. I won’t let you go.” - Hiccup III (HTTYD 2 deleted scene)
  • “Now do you get it? This is what it is to earn a dragon’s loyalty. Let this end. Now.” - Hiccup III (HTTYD 2) 
  • “We may be small in numbers, but we stand for something bigger than anything the world can pit against us. We are the voice of peace, and bit by by, we will change this world.” - Hiccup III (HTTYD 2)


I grew up watching things like Indiana Jones, having a crush on ‘young Indiana’,  watching Stand By Me with my mum and being absolutely heart broken when Gordie says Chris got stabbed. Seeing films like My Own Private Idaho and feeling an unknown connection towards Mike and feeling sorrow towards the character. River, you created truly amazing characters and I can’t thank you enough for blessing this world with your talent. Not just acting either, you were a passionate musician and the songs you wrote and performed with Aleka’s Attic were works of art. You once said in an interview that you weren’t trying to get a message across with your music, you were just speaking your mind and hoped that someone would maybe listen. I listened. Blue Period speaks to me in a way I can’t describe. I am so utterly grateful that you can speak to so many of us without actually being face to face. Lots of us love you more than we can say. One of my favourite things about you is how much you loved life. All kinds of life from dogs, birds and human life, you loved all of it. You were such a careful, beautiful, soft and mysterious human being and maybe that’s why it’s still a massive shock that you’re no longer with us. Personally, I’m not a great believer in 'if it’s your time to go then there’s nothing you can do about it’ and maybe that’s why this is so hard for me. I suppose if you have a faith then it’s easier to know that someone you love is in a happier place. I’m sure lots of people will be at The Viper Room right now, holding your memory close to their hearts. I will hold many memories of you close to my heart today. I wasn’t alive when you died but it still hurts me deeply and makes me sit in my room and cry for hours when I think of it. Your work and memory has been passed on through to the next generation and I sincerely hope that carries on. You are a true angel, River, and although it’s a hugely solemn occasion, lots of us will be respecting you with happy thoughts and I know for sure that blasting Aleka’s Attic, spouting quotes, watching interviews and watching some of your greatest works on film will be enough for me. Right now my keyboard is getting dangerously wet with tears but I’ll have you know that they aren’t just tears of sadness they’re also happy tears. I am so happy that you existed because you’ve brought a lot of light into so many people’s lives; young and old. Only true legends can do that and you are no doubt, and will always remain, one colossal legend.

I love you, River Phoenix.

Rest In Peace x

(1970-1993…22 years today)

story time

so when I was in denmark earlier this summer, near the end of my stay, my brother and I went to the grocery store around the corner from our hotel in copenhagen and decided to load up on strictly foods we could not buy at home in canada. 

this might be a good time to add that I had previously lived in denmark for a year as an exchange student, and this trip that my brother and I were on was a “bro-out” as my brother called it, but it was a chance for me to see all my old friends again and show him around my second home. so, I was already quite familiar with the kinds of things I was craving to bring home and knew that no matter how much we bought, it would be a long time before I would ever get to taste it again.

anyway, back to the story. so, we arrive at the grocery store and spend nearly an hour walking up and down every single aisle, stocking up on foods to bring home - the majority of which was Marabou chocolate (aka my favourite chocolate, hands down). 

finally after what seems like an eternity of trying to decide what was important enough to take back and share with our friends and family (and also keep for ourselves), we lined up at the checkout to pay for our goodies. it was about mid afternoon on a weekday so the store wasn’t busy, but there were enough customers that the cashier was kept busy. 

now, our cashier was a young guy, maybe early twenties, but he looked gloomy. he didn’t say a whole lot to any of the customers, nor did any of the customers say much to him. which, when you think about it, it isn’t that uncommon. when you’re only buying a handful of things, your time at the cash register isn’t long and therefore you don’t and can’t really make small talk. which of course for some people is fantastic. some people don’t want to make small talk, and I found in the danish culture, a lot of people are like that. 

so anyway, it’s now our turn to get our stuff rung in and the cashier just looks at the conveyor belt literally filled with chocolate and his eyes go wide. like he’s in complete shock. so of course the first thing that comes to my mind is “oh, it’s not what it looks like, I promise! we fly home.” without even realizing it, I just sent curve ball number two right at this guy because BAM I speak english. which usually isn’t a big deal because the majority of danes also speak english freely, but in this case he didn’t seem to expect it at all. 

by now he’s just kinda smiling a bit to himself as he rings in all this junk food, shaking his head as our total keeps jumping up. that’s when I notice his sleeves are pushed up and on his forearm he has charizard tattooed there. now, I’m no pokemon expert or anything, nor do I really know anything about pokemon, but I certainly know who charizard is! and honestly the tattoo was beautifully done with smooth lines and the colouring was fantastic - so I gathered up enough guts and commented on his tattoo telling him how cool it was and how well it was done and his entire face lit up. in the short span of maybe 5 minutes from when we queued up to when he started ringing in our groceries, this guy went from looking absolutely dismal to grinning from ear to ear and eagerly spilling about his tattoo! I couldn’t believe it! 

after we’d finished bagging our groceries and paying for them we said our goodbyes and he wished us (mostly me cause I was the chatty-kathy) a safe flight home and my brother and I were leaving the store, it hit me: “No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted.” sure, buying out the store of their chocolate broke the ice and made him smile a bit, but that would’ve just been an interesting story to go home and tell his buddies about. no. what really made him smile and open up was my compliment on his tattoo. I didn’t have to do that, but I did. 

I guess what I’m saying here is, no matter where you are, who you’re with or what you’re doing, take a minute to be kind to someone. you never know how it’ll effect them or how it’ll effect yourself. 

“Your life does not get better by chance, it gets better by change.”  be that change and be kind.

If I stay, You stay

my emotions are all over the place tonight, i feel so at peace with myself and my life. I’m happy and feeling very blessed and grateful. I decided to do some writing tonight about my thoughts and why I’m feeling grateful and i wanted to share it. whether it gets read or not I’m glad to be sharing this :)

We all feel like giving up at some point in our existence, whether its because you’ve simple just had a bad day or something in your life occurred and made you want to give up for days, weeks, months or even years. We all deal with this kind of thing in our own way some better than others. Some people may take a small negative occurrence and deal with it like its the end of the world, some people might take a huge negative occurrence and just brush it off like it was nothing. There is going to be a point in ever single persons life where they just want to give up.  Me personally I want to give up on a regular basis, sometimes ill have so much negativity thrown at me all at once and I just bottle it up and all it takes is the tiniest occurrence to happen and I snap, I go in to melt down, I WILL WANT TO GIVE UP! But then something positive, bright and amazing will happen and it puts everything in to prospective. I am here for a reason, the people that are in my life are in MY life for a reason, the things that happen in my life negative and positive happen for a reason. There’s a whole world out there for me to experience, there are so many more adventures waiting for me, so many more opportunity so many more people for me to meet yet. My time isn’t up, even when I feel like it should be its not. In my life right now I have an amazing support system, my family that including my friends. I am surrounded by the people and things I love the most. Music and positive company is all I need in life, I would not survive without my music and my family.

Everyone has that one unique thing in their life that makes them the happiest person alive, it could be absolutely anything But its the only thing in your life that you truly connect with and only you and that one thing can feel that connection.  For me, my true happy place is music, now I know most of my friends, their one unique happy place is music as well but I know for a fact they don’t have the connection I have with music and they don’t feel what I feel when I’m surrounded by music. They will feel something just as strong and powerful as I’m feeling but that’s their personal connection, not mine. My Biggest music influence when it comes to my own happiness is my favourite band Sleeping with sirens and their front man Kellin Quinn. As a band those guys have given me a connection to music I’ve never had before. 5-6 years ago when I first came across them I connected to their music on such an insane level. I discovered them when all this started, when I wanted to give up for the first time, when I was so unhappy I started my journey to rock bottom. And I truly believe if I hadn’t discovered sleeping with sirens at that moment in time I would of hit rock bottom a lot quicker than I did and I truly believe I would of hit rock bottom a hell of a lot worse than I did if I hadn’t discovered them. Musically they just made my heart happy and took me to a place id never been before. Lyrically they hit home, they spoke the words I was trying to get out but couldn’t find, they gave me a place to go where I was truly happy, they gave me hope and a light that I never thought I would have again. Sleeping with sirens saved me.

Kellin Quinn as an individual brought a separate kind of hope and light in to my life. He gives off a message of encouragement, hope, strength and love. During the guys shows kellin has given some incredible speeches before certain songs, the one that I love the most, the one that really hit home and stuck with me was a speech from a show in 2013 where he said “I want you to know you can do anything you fucking want with your life, don’t let anyone tell you different. And I wanna let you know it doesn’t matter how bad things are right fucking now, they will get better. Live your life. Don’t let anybody beat you down so hard that you would take your own life. You live your life and stick your middle finger up and you say “I’m gonna live!” and a very recent speech he gave, he said “ I don’t know why I’m up here sometimes. I tell you one thing; I’m transparent, I’m not good at hiding my feelings, I’m not good at smiling or faking it. If I’m not in the mood, I’m not in the mood, and that’s OK. I wanna tell you something: you’re not alone. If you feel like you’re the only one who understands you, that’s not true. Even the people that are here, that you think are the most confident motherfuckers in this world go through not knowing why they’re here or why they’re alive. I tell you one thing, you know what? I’mma stick it out. And the reason why I’mma stick it out is because I feel like there’s a reason why I am here, other wise I wouldn’t be here. So I’ll make a promise with you, If I stay, you stay. Don’t give up on yourself”  I know for a fact Kellin has saved lives just from those speeches and all the other times he’s given advice. Those speeches to me helped me, they gave me that push I needed at those two separate times. Those two speeches will stick with me forever and I will always live by them and thank Kellin for his words. Along side Kellin’s insanely powerful yet simple words, his song writing and sharing his personal life past and present is so inspiring. Knowing that someone I look up to and so many other people across the world look up to has been through/ is still going through the same depression, anxiety and or life events that are similar to Kellin’s is in a way comforting. It shows you’re not alone and having kellin open up to the world like that is something I and all the other fans will cherish and appreciate forever. He’s shown us it does get better, there are bumps in the road, things will be rocky for a while but there’s another side to this rut and we can get to the other side in one piece.  

Sleeping with sirens and that whole scene of music bring awareness to all these heavy subjects through their lyrics, events, warped tour etc. To the bands that have played warped tour and supported all the incredible sponsors and workshops there and helped push the message of saving lives I am forever grateful and wish to fly over to the US to attend one year. This scene of music is why a lot of people who listen to their music are clean from self harming, seeking help for their depression and or anxiety. This scene of music is why people choose to live! Bands like sleeping with sirens who bring the message of your life is worth living to each and every show is why people believe they are worthy, they are brave, they are strong and they are capable of getting over this obstacle in their life. And I am forever grateful for that. I am forever grateful to them for saving my life. This scene of music is why i am still alive. To music in general it is one powerful, beautiful thing I call my happy place.

To be continued……

Rory/Jess Recs #3


- Old Friends by Moonrays and fridays:
No-one really thought much of it when Jess Mariano finally moved on. He’d given it his best shot, really he had.
Some pieces of fic evoke a very visceral reaction in me. This is one of them. Songfic done exactly right.

- immortal stars awry by TrappedInPast: She looks up at him, her eyes like bedroom eyes, dazed, confused, lethally beautiful. He tells her to forget about the car. Everyone has a car. They’re nothing. Just pay attention to me. Just gorgeous.

- Burn by Andra-ggfan: Jess and Rory don’t get in a car crash that night. Instead, they go back to the diner and start talking about a book. The rest just rolls from there. Garcia Marquez and Neruda inspired two-parter. Intense and with a great use of poetry.

- Crazy Random Happenstance by Meghanna: Jess goes to a wedding and runs into an “old friend.” What will be seven chapters that follow three times Jess and Rory are thrusted together. It doesn’t always have to be hard and dark. This is a lighter version of the post-series reunion, but it still rings true.

- Final Boarding Call on Track Twentytwo by fulfilled: Jess, a book tour, and a latenight train ride. Funny and extremely cute.

- The End Of The Road by open hearts catch dreams: “you were right; it is what it is, you- me. What it is, is never over.” - Post Series One-shot: Three years since Jess last saw Rory. How much could things have really changed? Not that much, if they still always come back to each other. Emotional with gorgeous imagery.

helaluvE’s Future Fic Quartet:
# Ridiculous: The effect they still have on each other. An original writing style, which makes the story feel immediate.
# Pulling Out A Mondler: Sequel to ‘Ridiculous’. Escapades and gossips.
# Red Shirt And Apple Pie: She wants something, he’s reluctant to give it to her. Their lives together. I love the sense of family between RJ and LL here. Even though I have no inkling to read pure LL fic, I need a LL backdrop in my RJ fic. Other pairings involving Lorelai or Luke feel wrong. I love the sense of togetherness when both couples are involved in a story. They feel like an extended family.
# A Good Man: When they’re not careful, the past creeps back in. Angsty!

- The Kid by dirao: Jess comes back to Stars Hollow with a kid in tow. Will the town be able to deal with it? What happens when your past comes back to bite you… dirao describes this as fluffy angst and it’s a fitting description. The premise is a painful scenario, but I love how mature Jess steps up to the plate here. The emotional and hot reunion with Rory is great bonus.

- Absolution by Andra-ggfan: Rory can’t let him leave without saying something so she leaves with him. But can they really change anything in just one night? Rory gets in Jess’ car after his ILY. Emotional and beautiful.

- Kitchen Rendezvous by Great Clone: “You know, my third husband had a fetish for doing it in kitchens. Maybe Jess, too…he does work in a diner.” Hilarious!

- Your Cologne by Sharon Bible: He wear’s your cologne now… Very short but very poignant.

- Building Bridges by LiteratiAngel: Silence is golden? Ha! That’s what they tell you but it’s not true. It’s a big, fat elephant of pressure in a room…but the worst silences are the ones that last over long distances. I wanted to quote the entire first chapter. Two examples: “Ever since that Dodger came into my life, my soul has been slowly tearing itself apart. Little frayed pieces that could only be stitched together by a smirk. A crooked, knowing smile.” and “Did I… do something? He always thought it was his fault. He was always waiting, thinking he was on the brink of screwing up because he’d done that with everyone else, so why not me, right?” The story has a lovely circular form and a great immediate writing style. P.S.: Feel free to “huh” now. ;)

- Because Nature Favors Disorder by Molly Larch: He thought apologizing was supposed to make things easier. Neither one of them expected this. A slow road to reunion over the course of Rory’s time at Yale. A good plot, painful at times and nice characterizations. I loved Jess’ relationship with Lily, Jimmy and Sasha here.

- The Machine In The Ghost Within by missgoalie75: He wishes that his life could be a little less pathetic and not resemble a popular classic rock song that was briefly resurrected by a Scorsese film. I finally found my fic dealing with Jess’ transformation between 4x21 and 6x08. And it’s a great one! Bleak but believable and ultimately uplifting.

- Lady.of.Victory.Rising’s Episode Rewrites, especially:
# Turn The Car Around: Last Week Fights, This Week Tights. Rory finds that she can’t bear to watch him walk away again… I’ve always had the feeling that Jess would have said something more rational to Rory, had he not been spooked by Dean’s presence at her dorm. This fic shows his thought patterns before panicking. And of course the outcome is a bit different as well…
# Breathing In Tandem: Balalaikas. Jess and Rory’s shouting match outside the pub takes an unexpected turn… “Of course I’m not the same! How could I be?” “How can I be Rory if there’s no Jess?” *cries*
# Freefall: The Real Paul Anka. Before she goes, Jess has a question. And Rory’s answer isn’t one he’d ever expect. One question by Jess leads to a torrent of emotions.

X.Hardys and Horcruxes.X’ Series of connected Oneshots. Together they form a great future fic. My favourites:
# Apology: Jess never apologised to her. So it was time. Jess and Lorelai, at the end of S7. I loved the way this went down.
# It’s Not The Champagne Talking: “I mean seriously, six or so years of unresolved sexual tension and we’re only missing for an hour or two? That definitely seems like a weekend long journey full of room service and long showers.” One fabulous and really hot Literati hook up at Lorelai and Luke’s wedding!
# And a bonus mention for No Fights, It’s The Firelight because the idea of Jess writing bedtime stories for his little sister is just too adorable for words.

- The Orange Soda Will Get You Every Time by Wonderlandleighleigh: Jess and Rory reconnect under some interesting circumstances… If only because I’m totally in love with little Dan.

- Passing The Torch by Wonderlandleighleigh: Jess passes on a little something to the next generation. Too cute.

- House Hunting by Wonderlandleighleigh: Jess and Rory look for greener pastures… A very funny piece of meta-fic.


- What’s A Soulmate? by UnicaNumb

- Gotten by mccann16fan

Both these videos show why these two are so suited for each other.

- Just A Little Girl by Luvtheheaven I always love Luvtheheaven’s videos. This one is painful to watch, but it really packs a punch and it shows why both of them needed time to develop before they were ready to embark on a mature relationship with each other.

- The Right Move: Jess Mariano and Luke Danes. “And I want to thank you for everything you did for him.” “Well, it never hurts to take a shot. At least you know you tried.” “Sometimes things take a while before they sink in.” Perhaps it’s blasphemy to say so, but I think I may be more invested in the relationship between these two than in the one between Lorelai and Rory. This video made me tear up a bit.

Recs #1 / Recs #2