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There's this drarry fic I read but haven't been able to find again. Harry and Draco have a potions mishap in hogwarts and they have sex. Fast forward to adulthood and harry is bitten by a werewolf/something and is very protective over his 'pack' (people he considers family/pack also people he's slept with). That's all I remember. Can you help me find it?


The Light More Beautiful by firethesound (81k)
Thirteen years after Draco accepts Potter’s help escaping the horror of his sixth year, he returns to England where he makes the unfortunate discovery that Potter is still as obnoxious as ever. And worse, more than a decade overseas hasn’t been enough to dim Draco’s obsession with him.

Now, for anyone who hasn’t read this, I wouldn’t peg this as a werewolf fic so even if you usually aren’t into that, chances are you’ll like this anyway. This fic is written by one of my absolute favorite writers and it is in my top 10. I’ve read it many times and I will rec it until everyone on earth has read it.

Why you should read it:

• Auror!Harry
• Harry has a motorcycle
• there’s sooooo much pining it is beautiful and amazing I can’t
• Draco has an owl who hates delivering mail
• it’s also all in Draco’s POV which is awesome
• clever!Draco too!
• The Noble and Most Ancient Game of Drinks
• side-pairing Pansy/Luna which is perfect
• “Pots and Pans”
• the entire fic is HILARIOUS, in the laugh-out-loud kind of way
• it is also packed with cool world-building details such as how the Floo Network works and how it’s handled by the Ministry (AGNES!!)
• Harry is an adorkable idiot that I love oh so much
• really he is super precious™
• he’s also POWERFUL yes
• Harry has an on-going battle with the NAME (Name And Moniker Establishment) at the Ministry, he has such a gift for “offensive” acronyms that they dare not speak his name
• also quite a bit of case!fic in there

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favorite fic?

hello hello, i don’t have like an ultimate fave fic but a few so here they are (no order i adore every single one):

You don’t even know me by @cuteandtwisted 

It’s not done yet, but i -no lie- read this 3 times in the past week. but i recommend the whole “in every universe” series. i read every fic in there and they are amazing!!! absolutely adore her writing style. the dynamic is so beautiful. and i cried a lot…

I didn’t mean to kiss you (you didn’t mean to fall in love) by @tarjeiandhenrik

Also not finished but viki writes isak and evens dynamic amazingly, i highly highly recommend reading it. i love the whole idea of the story.

And if in that moment by @littlespooneven

this is not like a fic it’s more of an one shot. and i also reread this a lot of times! ciara is hands down my favorite fic writer. i adore every single thing she writes and i think EVERY fic that she has on ao3 (and on tumblr) is worth the read!!! 

Sideways and Slantways by @westiris

this fic will always have a special place in my heart. it’s so so so beautifully written. there is so much emotion in it and you feel everything. the words are so captivating. and cee cee is also an amazinggg fic writer!!

In better light, everything changes by @isakevy

oh this fic. this is like one of my absolute favorite things in the whole world. i never ever laughed so much while reading a fic, and just the whole dynamic between isak and even is so so beautiful and breathtaking. if you haven’t read this one, i highly suggest you do!

Half Blade and Half Silk by @supermansplaining or smokeshop on ao3

i only just started this fic but it’s honestly so amazing. i reread it 3 times in 24 hours. it’s that good. it can maybe be a bit rough, but hand to my heart it’s so damn worth reading. 

those are some of my favorite fics but if you want more here i have like a bookshelf with fic recs (this isn’t updated and for some reason i can’t add more so i just gave up but those are also amazing)

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can you share some favorite larry fics? sorry if youve answered this before xx

I have answered this before but I literally never ever get tired of talking about my favorite stories!!!! Here are some of them in no particular order. 

1. My all time favorite story ever is Wild and Unruly by @gloriaandrews and @100percentsassy, though literally every single thing they write, together or apart, is amazing and on my favorites list. I love Wild and Unruly most though probably because I’ve worked on dances before and am a massive horse person and Dolly Parton fan and can’t believe a story exists where Harry serenades his cow named Jolene with Beyonce because like…that’s what the inside of my heart looks like all the time??? Also it’s just so real and romantic and I fucking love every second of it. 

2. Hush. by @wankerville is one of my favorite works of all time and space, too. It was one of the first fics I read in the fandom, and it stuck with me so intensely and so powerfully, like…I really feel this story so close to my heart, on such a profound level. I remember the first time read it at work and I just wept and got choked up the whole time, eyes just burning for hours. Once I finished it I felt this insane comforting warmth wash over me, like all the trauma I experienced in high school being in love with a girl who suffered from debilitating internalized homophobia had somehow been soothed or dislodged. There’s something so intimate and tender and soft about her characters, but also about just the way she writes, and it really moves me in a way I can’t accurately describe? I don’t know I just love it. I love the way she choose not to write technically perfect, and instead invents words of breaks rules to convey a feeing or tone which exists  beyond the constraints of technicality. It’s so inspired. Like, I often talk about how fan fiction as a genre is inherently reparative and restorative for queer individuals, and when I talk about that, the careful love with which @wankerville writes is exactly what I mean. 

3. My heart is breathing for this moment in time  by usedtothebeach, otherwise known as the Time Travellers Wife AU is another favorite of mine…it’s so fucking gut-wrenching and painful and REAL, and it’s SUCH a clever play on canon that I legit almost forget Louis isn’t a time traveler sometimes?! As a canon writer I just really admire how she wove the real story into her universe, it’s absolutely masterful and aside from it being well-crafted, it’s just so emotional and evocative and makes me FEEL SO MUCH. Like wow Harry pines so hard for so long and it’s so aching and ugh. I just love it, even though I hardly ever reread it because it fucking devastates me. 

4. we can take the long way home by @eleadore is one of my all time favorite stories, which is crazy because it’s literally about fertility kink and I hate mpreg and ABO as a general rule? It is seriously one of the sexiest, most intimate, most intense reads off my fucking life though, and I don’t say that lightly. I reread it ALL the time. I actually had a really really hard time choosing one of @eleadore‘s fics because every single one of them is scorchingly hot and very high on my rereading list, but the fact that this is one of the hottest stories ever and it specifically deals with a kink I usually won’t touch with a ten foot pole is a huge testament to how amazing it is. so. Honestly though, read everything she’s ever written though…her TXF fic is fucking remarkable and so is her cabin in the woods fic and the one where they play truth or dare by the pool? Help. 

5. Fuck, so @mediaville is another author I love every single thing from, but again I’m gonna pick a favorite based on the fact it has things I usually don’t dig but I’m still obsessed with it and say One Day to Believe In You. As you all know I lOVE canon fic but I tend to have a pretty strict window in the timeline where I can believably imagine them getting together….like basically anything after week two of TXF I’m like “this is canon compliant but not CANON” and have so suspend disbelief lmao. This story features a SUPER late tension break, and it still manages to be so fucking amazingly hot and believable and the confession scene leading up to the sex? Holy shit it’s hot. Like too hot to think about in public. Anyway I know you asked for larry fic but @mediaville also cowrote an AMAZING bressie fic with balefully that’s FIRE if you’re into that sort of thing. 

6. I also absolutely love To the Ends of the Earth by  @alienproof, it was one of the first canon fics I read where everything seemed really real? I also love the remote cabin love confession trope and I think it cab be a hard one to pull off. I love the tension in this story and the masturbation scene and that Harry has a cat named Neon and spends time making food for his middle aged neighbors…it just seems like a very true and tender hiatus characterization of them. And the sex scenes? Damn. 

7. I sort of feel like @mizzwilde personally wrote Young and Beautiful for me, even though she has no idea who I am, lol. I am just such a sucker for bratty private school boys doing drugs until they fall apart, and Velvet Goldmine is my all time favorite movie…fuck. it’s just so tailored to my interests that I don’t even mind that it’s 100k build with no smut lmao. It’s just a beautifully written dramatic luxurious story and everything about it is absurd and wonderful in the best way. 

8. I adore everything @loadedgunn has written (her sex scenes changed my life?) but my favorite is May We Stay Lost on Our Way Home, otherwise known as the fairy fic. Again…as a general rule, I hATE fantasy fic or stuff with magic/supernatural elements in it, but this story is so unbelievably sweet and hot and funny and real that it transcends it’s genre. I love every second of it and Louis LITERALLY HAS WINGS? Like it’s just such a gloriously written fairytale, but still manages to be distinctly Harry and Louis, which is one of my favorite things about this author: her AUs manage to be SO true to their canon characterizations that it almost feels like reading canon fic. There are parts of this story it that really touch and move me, and then it also has one of my all time favorite sex scenes in it, and then this fucking scene where like…Louis uses root bondage to hold down Harry while he magically tattoos him and the sadist/tattoo artist in me LIVES FOR IT. Basically, this fic has everything and I fucking love it. 

God this was so hard, I keep thinking of more I love! I’m gonna leave it at this though, since most of my other favorite stories are by these authors, who are all phenomenal. 

DISCLAIMER  :  the text is a joke.   stay off my ass.

this blog was created in  FEBRUARY  but wasn’t active until march,  so in three months’ time,  i’ve accumulated more followers than i’d ever anticipated  ( the number of which i don’t feel comfortable disclosing ) .   my only hope through this blog is that it entertains,  inspires,  and lives as proof that i strive to make my cult film father  ( aka quentin )  proud.   and because of you all,  these things are possible.

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Author Spotlight: June 2017 - just-call-me-mrs-captain

This month’s spotlight is someone who has written stories for Chris Evans as well as his characters Colin Shea and Steve Rogers. It is Kris at @just-call-me-mrs-captain​!!

If you would like to Nominate an Author, please send in an ask with  ‘Author spotlight nomination’ in the ask and specify if they are on tumblr or if they are on another website.

Kris took the time to answer some questions and you’ll find them below the ‘keep reading’.

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I need a minute to yell about a fic writer whose work I absolutely LOVE. @rhysiana produces some of the most amazing and moving pieces of writing I have literally ever read (and since I am a Nursey/Dex blog, this will focus on her fics for that ship). As you guys probably know, one of my favorite fics ever is her  huntsman piece, which is absolutely perfect in all ways and I read all the time, and time and time again. The writing flows so beautifully and all of the characters are so well described, the scenery she sets is absolutely gorgeous, and the plot is just oh my god amazing and stunning and wonderful (it follows a folklore tale, the Ballad of Tam Lin, but does such a wonderful job of using the Check, Please! Characters). Literally every time I read this fic it’s like the first time, I will never get tired of reading it. SHE ALSO just updated another fic, Sprezzatura, which kinda resonated a bit with my own experiences (read my earlier post) re private school and protecting oneself. This fic explores Nursey’s character quite beautifully. My favorite line of the first chapter is “In his mind, he touched the glass.” UGH. Such amazing writing. I absolutely love this fic.

Besides the Bard and the Huntsman, my all-time favorite 100% MVP GOAT wonderful beautiful tear-inducing gorgeous aaaaaa fic/series is the “Petals and Thorns” series. Ho. Ly. Shit. The first fic, “The Punk and the Florist,” is the fic that tossed me down the NurseyDex hole, and added a cushion at the bottom of my fall with its sequel “Isla Negra.” It’s an AU fic where Dex is a punk artist and Nursey is a florist and the author just molds absolutely beautiful characters who interact so wonderfully and they’re so relatable. The writing is just fantastic. I have no way to express just how much I love this series. GO READ IT. You deserve it.

And then there’s the wonderful Samwell Faculty AU series, in which Nursey and Dex a) adopt a daughter (aaaaa) and b) said daughter throws a fit. The characters are so well written and so true to themselves. Then there’s the cuticle care fic in which Dex shows an affinity for making sure your hands are healthy and takes care of Nursey, and the zombie fic which made me laugh soooo many times, and her collection of mini-fics which describe Nursey and Dex’s evolving friendship/relationship and is just so awesome to read.

So I think it’s pretty clear how much I love this author’s work. The writing is so wonderful, all of the characters just come alive and are written so well, and they stay true to themselves and most of all they’re really real, the interactions aren’t forced, nothing is too cliche, everything is just perfect. Her way of describing settings is just amazing and brings you directly into the situations. The plots are so wonderfully constructed, always original and they make you look at the characters in ways I’ve never read before. I am so blessed to have entered this fandom and support this ship and we have such wonderful authors and artists to provide happy feels and angst and fics and headcanons and illustrations and everything for us. Go follow her blog, @rhysiana!!! Read her stories (all her Check! Please fics can be found here!!! You all deserve good things, and she gives them to us.

Guys, it’s happening. Tomorrow, I get to meet my favorite author of all time: Robin Hobb. This is a dream come true for me! If you’re wondering why I love her so much, she is just incredibly full of talent and skill…Her world building, character development, and plots are all spectacular, and have rekindled my dream for writing my own fantasy book one day. I do believe she’s the only writer to ever have me go from absolutely loathing a character to utterly adoring them. All I can say is that I am so, so thankful for this opportunity. After much debate, I’ve decided on bringing only one book for her to sign- my original little Assassin’s Apprentice paperback that started it all.

2k follow forever

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in honor of reaching over 2,000 followers on my blog, i want to say something to my best friends on Tumblr. i wouldn’t have ever thought this is where i’d be and i have these lovely ladies to thank for the constant support i’ve received from them! i love  you guys more than you know, so this is for you!

@girlmeetsworldedits: fiona! you’re so sweet and just wonderful! you were the first person to tell me they were a fan of my blog and i will carry the moment i read that message for the rest of my life, because that made me so happy!

@mf-despair-queen: malissa, i love you! she tags me in stuart twombly things all the time and if you know me than you know i love stuart twombly with my whole heart! you’re also a spectacular friend and have some seriously great writing! you kill it everytime you write something!

@sabrinas-wolves: ashley! you are an amazing friend! you’ve been following me for as long as i can remember and i am just getting to know you. you, my friend, are just amazing. simple as that. i’m glad to call you someone i can talk to, thank you for everything ash!

@writing-obrien: chlo, you are by far, one of my favorite people that i see on my dash everyday. you have amazing fics and you’re such an inspiration. you are one of the people who encourage me to write, i can’t wait to see what else you come up with and what content you put out in the future!

@minhosmeanhoe: camille, we don’t talk as much but you’re a great person. everything you’ve written is amazing. you’re amazing and i’d like to know you better!

@dylan-ohbrien: bekah! i love you so much! you are in my top favorite authors list and you’re in my top friends list as well. you are so talented. a place to call home was where i found you and i’m so glad i followed you and started speaking to you. you have the kindest heart and you’re such a great person. i’m beyond happy to call you my friend. and i can’t wait to get to know more about you!

@thelittlestkitsune: #HERCPAL! lau, you are certainly one of my best friends! you and i will make hercules references and it’s amazing. you’re gorgeous, a makeup goddess as i like to call you, but not only that! you’re so talented. you’ve got an amazing personality. the saltiness about your personality is one of my favorite things! however, i will never understand how you stay up so late. love you, lau!

@dumbass-stilinski: when i first got in tumblr, you and a few other people were the first i followed. your fics and you in general were just great. you have never ceased to amaze me and i’m completely impressed every time you post something you’ve written. then we started talking and you instantly became one of my friends. you’re caring, you’re hilarious, and so sweet. you’re helpful and i know i can always come to you for advice, steff. much love!

@stilinski-jpeg: nia! hi, sweet thang! nia, you’re so sweet and i love talking to you. when you followed me i freaked out because you were and are one of my absolute favorite writers. you’re beautiful, you’re skilled in writing and if you ever do become a published author, i would love to read whatever you wrote. the best part about our relationship is that you live down the street from me. i’d love to talk more, babe!

@sincerelystiles: soph! you are one of my best friends! you and i did a thomas collab and i was still getting into writing smut and i was hesitant to write it, but you encouraged me and supported me to try new things, so i thank you for that! you are so sweet and you’re just a grand person. i love you, soph!

@ninja-stiles: britt! where do i start? let me say that you are so beautiful! inside and out. i get so happy whenever i see a message from you or you’ve sent something to me! you are truly an amazing friend. i have talked to you on many occasions and i’m glad i did because you are amazing. you have a heart of gold and you are so sweet!

@sarcasticallystilinski: oh my god, hay. i truthfully don’t know where to even begin. let’s start with when when you and i first started talking. i woke up to a message from you about how you listened to music while reading and it made the reading let enjoyable. something as simple as a habit i’ve had for years got me a best friend and someone who i could talk to every single day. you kill me with gifs of dylan and tell me how i started it, but it’s true. i do start those little wars, hehe. and you were the first person to tell me that ‘memory found’ was good and we were total strangers then! let me just say, that everything you’ve ever written is pure gold! your latest fic, ‘it ain’t me’ killed me and i was crying on my couch, so thanks for that, babe! it’s crazy to look back and think i didn’t have a friend named hayley. hayley, you are my best friend and i can’t imagine life without you sending me messages in all caps. i’m honored to have you as my sweet hay! i love you to the moon and back! ALSO STAYLEY (STILES AND HAYLEY) IS CANNON EVERYONE! SO IS STENZIE (STUART AND KENZIE)!

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30 - favorite line you've written, 36 - A spoiler for the sequel to LIYA (not sure if we know the title yet XD) <3. thank you!!

Oooh, fun ones! :D

30. Favorite line

Oh, dear. This changes so frequently, I have to admit. Although really, any line that Blaise Zabini says in We Are Young is one of my favorites. Foul-mouthed, Malcolm-Tuckeresque Blaise was a JOY to write. I sometimes think about sequelling that fic just so I can write him again. He’s my absolute favourite Blaise that I’ve ever written and I love him so much. (And believe it or not, I toned him down in editing since he got a bit too raunchy in the first draft. LOL.)

So let’s go with this Blaise line from the end of the fic (and believe it or not nothing he says here has anything to do with sex itself): 

Blaise walks back into the room, Hermione’s mobile pressed to his ear. “You have entered the amusement park of fuck, Finch-Fletchley. This is Fuck-Me-Land Paris, and you are on the proverbial helter skelter of ball sucking, my friend.“ 

You have no idea how many times my wife and I refer to situations  in our daily life as Fuck-Me-Land Paris now. When we actually found ourself in Disneyland Paris this March we spent more time than was appropriate laughing over this line, six years from when it was originally written. Ah, Blaise, you are my favourite. Always.

36. A spoiler from the LIYA sequel

Right now the working title is Secret In Me. I think it’ll stay that, but I keep going back and forth with @noeeon about it. I have until Saturday to decide. :D There aren’t a lot of lyrics in Can’t Get You Out of My Head to work with, dammit, Kylie. La la la doesn’t work as a title, I’m afraid. Unless there’s a land in it. :|

Spoilerwise–oooh. Hmm. *looks at plot outline* 

I can tell you that a large chunk of the middle will be set outside of Britain as Our Heroes go after Dolohov.  But possibly not in the places one might expect. *looks innocent* And we’ll get to meet more of the team’s extended families, which I am SUPER-psyched about.  And there are tensions in the team with their new member coming on board. I’ll be playing a lot with the theme of trust and with post-war dynamics as well as politics not only in Britain but also in other countries. Things are starting to get complicated! :)

Also, atm, Harry’s naked in the first sentence of the book. LOL.

From the Writer Asks meme

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Are you a "one song on repeat" or a "writing playlist" kind of writer? <3

One song on repeat :) absolutely. once I’ve found the song that fits the mood of what I’m going for that’s it for me. Throne In The Hall had a 10-minute song, which was fantastic for writing that fight; the latest Star Wars AU update had a 2-minute thing I threw on repeat for hours (and that iTunes now thinks is my Favorite Song Ever based on how often it repeated). listenonrepeat is my FAVORITE thing. What a gift. <3 great question!


I’m broken. So broken. The first episode was perfect. I loved it. And the second episode I was fine, thinking “oh this isn’t that bad.” I REFUSE to believe Rowena is dead. I ABSOLUTELY REFUSED TO BELIEVE THAT. And then Crowley. The dear King of Hell. I can’t. He is one of my favorite characters. I REFUSE TO BELIEVE HE’S DEAD. BUT THEN CAS. NOT CAS. I sobbed. I’m still sobbing. What the actual fuck? I can’t, this has truly broken me. Seeing Castiel’s wings on the ground has broken me. I don’t know how I’m going to make it through hiatus. No televison show has ever affected me the way Supernatural has, so bravo writers. Way to rip my fucking heart out and stomp it in the dirt.

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That makes me genuinely fucking sad that you got that hateful ass anon. That probably one of the worst messages I have seen come across my dash like ever to an undeserving person and not even gonna lie... it made me cry and it enraged me so fucking bad. I love you and you're absolutely amazing. You deserve nothing but good things, pal. Besides your blog, I read tcc-imagines. If you havent checked my mom out you should. You both are literally my favorite imagine writers!

Tysm!! Getting hate doesn’t really bother me though, in general I’m a pretty chilled out person. Have a great day sweetie xo

Why Chloe Bourgeois Should Not Be A Hero: An Analysis

I see a lot of posts about Chloe becoming the bee Miraculous holder in Season 2, and probably becoming a hero. And I, honestly, hate the idea. Yes, I can see the hints the animators and writers are dropping, but that still doesn’t change my feelings on her becoming a hero. The thing about Chloe is that some people consider her a “Queen Bee” and, if she ever gets a redemption arc it is going to be absolutely heartbreaking. But, when you really look at the show, or at least the way I do, it seems like a very poor choice to ruin such an interesting character.

 One of my favorite tropes, if not my favorite trope, is the “Mean Girl Fall from Grace and Redemption” trope. I love the idea of these mean, cruel, and often selfish girls owning up to their mistakes and realizing they have lasting consequences. If Chloe were going to get a similar arc, I assume it would be something similar, with her father losing his position of power and being forced to deal with no longer being rich or her being usurped by someone richer/prettier then she is. Both are possible and both would probably open the door to Chloe’s psyche. We’d probably get some sort of absentee mother, low self-worth story line that justifies her behavior as something she did because she didn’t know any better or was a cheap way to momentarily build her own self-esteem.

But giving Chloe this heartbreaking redemption arc would probably be not only counterproductive to the plot, but would rob the show of a really great villain. There’s a post floating around I’ll link here that lists all of the shitty things Chloe has done in the episodes that have aired so far. Chloe has been directly responsible for 10 akumatized villains, not to mention becoming the target for most of them, and taking her out of the way, changing her personality or replacing her role as the main-akumatizer would ruin the character.

 The thing about Chloe Bourgeois is that she isn’t a Queen Bee, she’s a Head Bitch. Head Bitch’s and Queen Bees are fundamentally different in the fact Queen Bee’s are usually popular and Chloe may be a lot of things, like pretty, selfish, vain, and insensitive, but, despite the fact she seems well liked in the fandom, she is not popular. We see it in nearly every episode. People, usually Adrien, may tolerate her, but they don’t like her. She’s not popular, people don’t want to be around her, save Sabrina and I’ll get to that in a moment. Chloe’s looks and selfish attitude don’t make her desirable, they make her despised and Queen Bee’s aren’t usually despised by anyone who doesn’t want to take power away from her.  But, Chloe is a bitch and that’s what her character is based around. Chloe’s personality isn’t based on keeping her popularity, like say Regina George is, but based on being the biggest asshole to everyone around her. She’s the Head Bitch, because she is solely responsible for the torment of everyone in her class as well as anyone she deems unworthy or her attention. 

But, she can’t just be a bitch with no substance, can she? There has to be more under this character the writers and animators clearly have plans for, as evident by the mysterious honeycomb pattern on her walls as well as her yellow, black and white outfit. And yes, there is more to Chloe, but not what people want to hear. People want to say that her meanness comes from somewhere, whether it be from low self-worth or a heartbreaking loss, because even Mean Girls have a back story and no one is really born mean. And yes, I doubt Chloe was born and just suddenly started being a gigantic asshole to everyone, but Chloe has proven herself to be a fairly competent antagonist almost to the point where Hawkmoth should probably go out of his way and make her his sidekick already or at least begin to fear her.

 There’s a scene in Origins Part 2 where Stoneheart literally hurls her off the Eiffel Tower into a police blockade and, while zooming to her doom like a fabulous bullet, she starts praying, saying she’ll be nicer to everyone and change her mean ways only for Ladybug to save her at the last minute. While safely in Ladybugs arms, Chloe gleefully shouts “I didn’t promise,” while Ladybug rolls her eyes. This is one of the most important scenes, in my opinion, that give insight into Chloe’s character, because it shows that she knows what she’s doing is wrong. She knows she’s being mean, she knows she’s hurt people, she knows she’s a bitch, and she doesn’t care nor does she really want to change. That’s what makes her so interesting to me, that fact that she wants to be mean, that she enjoys being mean. She knows it’s wrong, but that doesn’t stop her from doing it anyways. And you can argue it’s because she’s was born with a silver spoon in her mouth and she’s a teenager who maybe doesn’t understand her actions have consequences. But, let’s be real here, she has caused 10 akumatized villains and has been attacked more times than anybody in Paris. She’ll never, ever admit to it, but there’s no possible way she can’t know that she somehow responsible deep, deep, deep down somewhere in her psyche.  She knows she’s bad, she’s been a bitch for most of her life, but she won’t change because she doesn’t want to. She’s happy this way, she likes being mean so why would she want to change?

 But the best look into Chloe’s character comes from Sabrina. Sabrina and Chloe’s relationship seems like your typical “Mean Girl with an Unattractive Female Lackey” trope until you really look into their relationship. Sure, Sabrina follows Chloe like a lapdog, but she’s also Chloe’s only friend. She’s the only person who hangs out with or even talks to her in a way that’s not condescending, spiteful, or dismissive, and that’s all Chloe really needs. She doesn’t need friends, she doesn’t need people to like her, she needs someone completely devoted to her, someone who will validate everything she says with a “yes, Ma’am.” Chloe doesn’t need friends, she needs a servant, and that just so happens to be Sabrina.

 The thing about Sabrina and Chloe’s relationship that separates from other Mean Girl/Lackey pairs is that Chloe has completely broken Sabrina to the point where Sabrina cannot have what we consider “normal” friendships. In Evillustrator, when Sabrina and Chloe get into a fight, thanks to Marinette, Sabrina declares herself Marinette’s new BFF and proceeds to do her homework for her, not because Marinette asked to her, but because Sabrina genuinely believes that’s what a best friend does for someone. Sabrina’s self-esteem is so low and so broken by what Chloe has done to her; she feels the need to do someone else’s work because they treated her like a friend.  She cannot function as her own person, because she doesn’t know how to be anything but someone’s servant. To Chloe, Sabrina isn’t worth anything to her. She doesn’t care about Sabrina outside what she can do for her. And nowhere is that more evident than in Antibug

Chloe’s akumatization, which I waited so long for, is not because of Sabrina, but because of Ladybug and the fact she didn’t listen to Chloe about something. Chloe’s akumatization is directly the result of Ladybug, not Sabrina, which speaks volumes about her character. Chloe does not care about Sabrina. To her, Sabrina is expendable, she can get another Yes-Woman, she could care less her lackey turned invisible and tried to destroy her stuff, but she can’t make Ladybug like her and that’s what draws Hawkmoth to her. Chloe is so selfish that Ladybug not listening to her and doing what she says turns her into a villain.

Even at the end of the episode, Chloe doesn’t really learn anything. She only lets Sabrina back in because Ladybug asked her too and even then, that smile at the end of the episode isn’t because she’s happy to have Sabrina back as a friend, it’s because she still has control over her. Despite everything she’s done, Sabrina still needs Chloe to feel any sort of self worth and Chloe knows that.

I can see why the desire to give Chloe a redemption arc is so strong, because there has to be a reason for all this meanness, but why redeem what, in my opinion, cannot be redeemed. She’s caused akuma attacks, destroyed her only friend, and refuses to change her bitchy ways because she genuinely enjoys being mean. So why try to make what is clearly the beginning of a great villain a hero? Why not bring her to the dark side and make her the villain she was always meant to be?

 So, no, I don’t want a redemption arc for Chloe Bourgeois nor do I want her to be a hero, I want a straight up villain arc. I want her to make Hawkmouth tremble, I want Ladybug and Chat Noir to fear her, I want her to watch Paris crumble beneath her manicured finger nails and laugh because she enjoys watching things crumble and burn and fall. I want all this because Chloe Bourgeois is a villain and that isn’t a bad thing.

laelior  asked:

For the writers ask meme: 3, 6, and 20.

Bless you for even asking! <3

3. What is your absolute favorite kind of fic to write?                

Well, I wrote a book in fact, and it’s about vampires. Guilty as charged. I’ve always loved reading vampire novels and watching movies with them and put that love into a book I’m rather proud of :) I’m really into a lot of other things too, all sorts of otherworldly things, high fantasy, SPACE, lol. But my first and one true love is with urban fantasy/vampires :p With regards to my fanfictions, I do love the angsty drama/sad romance.

6. First fic/pairing you wrote for? (If no pairing, describe the plot)              

Talking of fanfiction, it was Elera (Lavellan) and Solas I believe. Otherwise…HA, I’m not sure I can remember anymore. I’m almost 33 and have been writing since I was maybe 13 or so? I was really into Buffy about that time and I’m fairly sure I made up an OC for that verse and wrote all sorts of silliness on paper, long before I taught myself to type.

20. 4 sentences from your work that you’re proud of               

THIS ONE IS HARD!!! Honestly, it might be too hard for me. I actually went and skimmed like 3 stories looking for something that stood out. I don’t want to sound like an arrogant ass, but honestly, I’m pretty proud of most of the writing I’ve done lately. I feel like I’m in a good place with my style and skill. It could always be better, but it’s nice to know people like it :)

oriigami  asked:

Hello! I just want to inform you that I'm currently working my way through your backlog of Daredevil fanfic on AO3 and holy shit, I think you may be one of my favorite fic writers ever. (I also love love love your Voltron stuff ok bye.)

Aww, thank you! I’m so glad you like all my works! I’m absolutely flattered you consider me a favourite writer. =)

Also thank you for sending this message - you’ve brightened up my mad dash to finish an essay by the due time. 

anonymous asked:

Hey I noticed you read a lot of stydia fanfiction (I did some lurking haha) and I was wondering if you could make some recommendations? I just started watching Teen Wolf last month and even though I'm all caught up I'm still relatively new to the fandom so I just need some where to start! Merry Christmas

Hi there anon! Welcome to the agonizing-ly wonderful world of stydia! If I’m being honest, I’m actually quite honored you came to me for help, but you came to the right place because 99% of the time I’m reading fanfiction lol

I love a lot of fanfiction writers but here are absolute favorites:

@you-make-me-wander is amazing! Susana is wonderful at writing fluff and it’s all super in character. My favorite fics by her are Not a Valentine’s Date (honestly probably one of my favorite fics ever and I cannot wait for it to be finished!), Bluff (hilariously filled with buckets of sexual tension and has an awesome ending), and A Knight in Shining Armor (which involves Stiles saving Lyds and her being a badass bitch, need I say more?)

@panicattackkisses is literally the best angst writer ever, and my trash-loving ass is always a slut for angst. I seriously believe she totally underestimates her ability with words, all of her writing is so beautifully written it makes me want to cry. The best ones by her are to me: Slow Burn (this one hurts me in the best way possible and it’s angsty and beautiful and sad and excruciatingly hot and just FUCK!1!1!), Skin (another super hot fic that involves a thunderstorm and stydia combined with rain makes me weak af), and of course Make Me (which is the perfect balance of fluff and comforting goodness)

I also have a ton of other fics that I’m obsessed with so here are just a few of them:

Start Over- If I had to pick one thing to read for the rest of my life, it would probably be this. It’s so amazing and a lot of it is how I imagined Stiles saving Lydia would be like. I hope to god that it ends up being similar, but we all know that’s not gonna happen.

Worth More Than What We Were- A super fluffy AU in which the king of assholes (aka Jackson, duh) comes back to Beacon Hills while stydia is dating and Lydia is less than impressed. This one makes me so happy!

Lazy Lover- Basically an inch of plot wrapped around a shit ton of smut, but whatever I love it and I regret nothing. Disclaimer: This is super NSFW and is very, very, very desciptive so read it your own risk (my best friend olivia still is mad at me for making her read it LMAO)

Also, if you like head canons, you should check out @rongasm Rachel is a wonder at writing them!

Merry Christmas, Have a fantastic Day!

Fanfic Author Appreciation Day

 So, I’m a little late to the party and I just got off from work so I’ve decided to do a fic and author rec list for Appreciation Day.. (Disclaimer: This is gonna get long because I am multi fandom, multi shipping trash, so bear with me please)

So let’s start:

Author Recommendations:

Fairy Tail

snogfairy - One of my fanfic writing senpais to be honest. Everything Philine writes is golden (especially the smuts, *cough cough*). Read everything of hers you won’t regret it, I promise.

immortalpromise Same for Carly. Like she’s soooooo good. Her writing has the ability to make you ship anything, so beware, lol. Also, A++ smut. Read all the things.

toxineena - *incoherent fangirling noises* What can I say about Neena? I hope to one day be able to put together beautiful stories like Neena’s. (Three words: SMOKE. AND. PEACHES. *fans self*)

absent-angel - Another writing senpai. My senpais are so beautiful and wonderful I swear. Her stories are absolutely fantabulous, and you lose yourself in the worlds she builds and every story is so expressly unique, I just…have no words (cries 5ever about Ignite and To the Flame).

mslead and rivendell101 - THE QUEENS OF ANGST!!! My angst writing senpais. I hope to be able to destroy emotions as beautifully as they do one day.

One Piece:

aerle - THE QUEEN OF MARCO/ACE!! If you ship MarcoAce even a little bit, go follow, now. Stop what ever you’re doing and go follow.

authenticaussie - I love her writing to death. Nari’s writing is just too awesome for words, I’m usually drowning in feels after I’ve read something she writes.

lunarshores - Another of my absolute favorite Marco/Ace writers. Go read the things, all the things.

beyondkailani - ASL trio. ASL trio. So many beautiful brotherly stories. Do yourself a favor and go bingeread all the stories.

ssjsky59 -  EPIC AUs. ASL trio. BONDS OF SEA AND FIRE. Literal literary perfection.

undanewneon - ZOSAN. ZOSAN EVERYWHERE. And I love it. It’s so beautiful.

Shingeki no Kyojin:

lyssala - ALL OF THE EREMIKA!!! Beautifully written Eremika, too. Lyssa’s fanfics are probably what moved Eremika to OTP status for me.

eremikadefensesquad - MORE EREMIKA!!!!! Perfection, literal actual perfection. A cinnamon roll that doesn’t deserve the hate she gets. 

cupofdaydream- Ok, I’m pretty much Eremika trash so you’ll have to excuse me that my third SnK rec is also one of the most talented Eremika writers as well.

Other fandoms:

fortunatelylovelytyrant - this poor smol creampuff is one of the only writers for her fandom, but her writing is really lovely, so if you like really weird crossovers, go check her out.

Naruto (really NejiTen):

aquariusgaluxy - My first introduction into the world of NejiTen and I fell in deep and never looked back. The reason why NejiTen is my only (well, one of two) Naruto OTPs. Also, Eyes Like Pale Thistle. *fans self*

Sleepy Hollow:

sneetchstar and creepingmuse - The first ever Ichabbie fics I ever read were by these two lovely people and when I tell you I fell in love, I fell in love. Ichabbie is my OTP because of these two.

jwab - SHE. AND. HE. That is all. All I have to say is go read Point of No Return. Now.

(EDIT: She and He was written by creepingmuse. My other favorite Ichabbie fic Point of No Return was written by the lovely jwab. Curse my misremembering brain!)

Wow. This is already longer than I thought it’d be. Anyway, on to the fic recs:

Keep reading

anonymous asked:

Do you know any fics which are focused on pansy? :)

My absolute favorite Pansy and the characterization of her that I’ll go to my grave defending is from Greenwich Mean Time by @provocative-envy. She’s absolutely exquisite- she’s so raw, defensive, sarcastic, vulnerable, and scared. Envy develops her so beautifully while never shying away from her flaws, and it really helps you understand Pansy and sympathize with her.

Envy is hands-down my favorite Pansy writer, so I really recommend reading all of her writing for a complex, nuanced Pansy. I particularly love:

  • Chrysalis- a Pansy character study
  • Spare Parts- a post war Pansy character study
  • Pansy Parkinson; Of Consequence- a Pansy character study 
  • Afterword- this is a study of post war Slytherins in general, but it’s honestly one of the best things I’ve ever read and I recommend it to anyone who wants to understand Slytherins better

Read and revel in the gloriousness that is Pansy Parkinson! 

this is my art for HQBB 2016, for @owlinaminor‘s fic The Lost Boys!

I’m so honored that I was able to work with Betsy, she’s one of my favorite writers, she’s so incredibly talented and this fic is absolutely beautiful and amazing! I can’t recommend it enough! This is the first time I’ve ever done anything like this, but it was such a great opportunity for me to improve! I hope I did the fic justice, and I’m excited to likely draw more for it in the future! c:

stydia fanfiction appreciation!

themartinskis started this and I wasn’t even tagged but I wanted to make a fic rec anyways and this seems like a SIGN TO DO IT NOW. The rules as posted:

Talking with people, I’ve noticed just how many of us think that the fanfic for the stydia fandom is severely unappreciated. So I thought I’d do a little tag to try spread some love. All you have to do is write a review (it can be as long or as short as you like) for each of the following categories. If your fic is mentioned in any category you’ve been tagged! Continue the chain by making a new post and answering the questions. Try and use fic that you haven’t seen tagged before to try and spread the love as much as possible. Read the fanfic recommended under the third topic and write something nice about it (and check out the other fics they mentioned while you’re at it too!). Here are the categories:

1) Three of your favorite Stydia fics from three different authors

you swoon, you sigh, you deny it- kamikazehearts ( clinton-natalia . Want some achingly beautiful stydia fics?? I’ve gotchu. This writer is seriously amazing and I recommend every single one of her stydia works, although sadly she doesn’t write it anymore. This one I’ve linked is a post-Motel California fic. Just read it-This writer GETS Stydia, they write them SO DAMN WELL. I can’t deal.

Lasciviousness- Take this to Heart ( [can’t find their tumblr] . Lydia #thirsts after Stiles while studying, Stiles is oblivious. It is seriously HOT and simultaneously adorable and in character and awesome in general. I reread this fic all the time. This author also wrote a stydia date fic which is fuckin amazing, so read that too. You won’t regret.

so take your chances with romances- satellites (ao3)/ [can’t find their tumblr]. Stiles tries to ask Lydia to prom, she’s not impressed. BUT SHE WILL BE. It is the cutest thing ever. Read it.

2) Two fics you think are particularly underappreciated

the sun began to rise when you came my way- safeandsound13 (ao3)/ (CANT FIND) The classic friends with benefits, Stydia edition. I can’t get enough of this fic seriously, it’s amazing.

Fourteenth Time’s the Charm- perfectpro (ao3)/ helpless-in-sleep . THIS IS THE ONLY STYDIA PROPOSAL FIC YOU WILL EVER NEED. It is one of my favourites, this writer is absolutely amazing and I will never understand why her fics have so few hits. This cute-ass fic is also a companion to the way you like it which is 11k of incredibly steamy well-written STYDIA SMUT in case y’all are into that.

3) Your favorite fic you’ve written

witched- me? lol. Shameless self-promotion. It’s the only Stydia fic I’ve written. And I’m still writing it. check out the link for the blurb if you’re really desperate lmao. People seem to be liking it so far though, which warms my soul ;)