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I need a minute to yell about a fic writer whose work I absolutely LOVE. @rhysiana produces some of the most amazing and moving pieces of writing I have literally ever read (and since I am a Nursey/Dex blog, this will focus on her fics for that ship). As you guys probably know, one of my favorite fics ever is her  huntsman piece, which is absolutely perfect in all ways and I read all the time, and time and time again. The writing flows so beautifully and all of the characters are so well described, the scenery she sets is absolutely gorgeous, and the plot is just oh my god amazing and stunning and wonderful (it follows a folklore tale, the Ballad of Tam Lin, but does such a wonderful job of using the Check, Please! Characters). Literally every time I read this fic it’s like the first time, I will never get tired of reading it. SHE ALSO just updated another fic, Sprezzatura, which kinda resonated a bit with my own experiences (read my earlier post) re private school and protecting oneself. This fic explores Nursey’s character quite beautifully. My favorite line of the first chapter is “In his mind, he touched the glass.” UGH. Such amazing writing. I absolutely love this fic.

Besides the Bard and the Huntsman, my all-time favorite 100% MVP GOAT wonderful beautiful tear-inducing gorgeous aaaaaa fic/series is the “Petals and Thorns” series. Ho. Ly. Shit. The first fic, “The Punk and the Florist,” is the fic that tossed me down the NurseyDex hole, and added a cushion at the bottom of my fall with its sequel “Isla Negra.” It’s an AU fic where Dex is a punk artist and Nursey is a florist and the author just molds absolutely beautiful characters who interact so wonderfully and they’re so relatable. The writing is just fantastic. I have no way to express just how much I love this series. GO READ IT. You deserve it.

And then there’s the wonderful Samwell Faculty AU series, in which Nursey and Dex a) adopt a daughter (aaaaa) and b) said daughter throws a fit. The characters are so well written and so true to themselves. Then there’s the cuticle care fic in which Dex shows an affinity for making sure your hands are healthy and takes care of Nursey, and the zombie fic which made me laugh soooo many times, and her collection of mini-fics which describe Nursey and Dex’s evolving friendship/relationship and is just so awesome to read.

So I think it’s pretty clear how much I love this author’s work. The writing is so wonderful, all of the characters just come alive and are written so well, and they stay true to themselves and most of all they’re really real, the interactions aren’t forced, nothing is too cliche, everything is just perfect. Her way of describing settings is just amazing and brings you directly into the situations. The plots are so wonderfully constructed, always original and they make you look at the characters in ways I’ve never read before. I am so blessed to have entered this fandom and support this ship and we have such wonderful authors and artists to provide happy feels and angst and fics and headcanons and illustrations and everything for us. Go follow her blog, @rhysiana!!! Read her stories (all her Check! Please fics can be found here!!! You all deserve good things, and she gives them to us.

this is my art for HQBB 2016, for @owlinaminor‘s fic The Lost Boys!

I’m so honored that I was able to work with Betsy, she’s one of my favorite writers, she’s so incredibly talented and this fic is absolutely beautiful and amazing! I can’t recommend it enough! This is the first time I’ve ever done anything like this, but it was such a great opportunity for me to improve! I hope I did the fic justice, and I’m excited to likely draw more for it in the future! c:

I was tagged by one of my absolute favorite people ever @permanentcross Thank you for always thinking of me, doll!!

Post one of your favorite lines that you’ve written and then tag some of your favorite writers to do the same! Let’s make each other feel lovely and maybe gain a few new readers along the way!

“I’ve met your great-aunt five times already an’ she still calls me ‘that boy’ like she doesn’t even know my name.”

“She just needs time to warm up to you. And don’t worry Harry, I definitely know your name,” you jokingly reassured, patting his shoulder gently as he pulled the car to a stop at a red light.

“Oh, I know y’know my name. Everybody on our block knows it too,” Harry taunted back with a suggestive eyebrow wiggle that was not at all appropriate for the family oriented holiday season.

“You better not let my daddy hear you say that or he’ll take you out in the yard and whoop your ass,” you scolded lightly.

“Thought I was yeh -”

“If you plan on eating dinner with me and mines you better quit it.”

“Just makin’ jokes, darling.”

- Christmas one shot

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acebeatriz  asked:

What tropes do you hate in fanfics? I mean besides the obvious gross sexism, racism, rape, etc that seems to show up in basically all fandoms.


I get weird about mind control sometimes, I guess, but that’s really a personal preference thing. 

Oh! I absolutely hate it when any aspect of a canon character’s identity gets erased. My friend was complaining to me about how one of her favorite characters of The 100 is physically disabled, and most AU fanfics just sort of ignore her disability for arbitrary reasons. That’s pretty shit.

I don’t mind fics that “bash” certain characters, but I DO hate it when said bashing is over reasons that make it obvious that the fic writer either didn’t read, or severely misunderstood the canon. The most egregious case of this i’ve ever seen was a fic called “A Very Alternate Yule Ball” which I will not link because fuck that fic, if you want to read it and make yourself angry on your own time then you can google it yourself.

And honestly? I wouldn’t say I hate them but I am getting pretty bored with coffee shop AUs. I know the point of them is to have clean wholesome low-stress romance, but they’ve all gotten a little samey for my taste.

Also don’t like fics that override happy endings. It’s fine if they’re like, continuations with new plots and new conflicts, but not if they just straight-up destroy the canon characters’ accomplishments.

Basically any needless grimdarkifying of the canon? I mean there are exceptions of course but for the most part it’s just annoying.

So I’m seeing a lot of negativity on my feed in this fandom, and that makes me sad, because I know some wonderful and talented people here.  So I just felt the need to do a quickie little gratitude to a few of my faves (certainly not all of them, but just off the top of my head).

@dorkinhighheels: She is one of the most talented writers I’ve ever had the pleasure of reading the work of.  I absolutely can’t put her fic down once I start reading it, much to my sleepy chagrin the next morning after a binge-reading until the wee hours on a weeknight.  She’s always so friendly, and was so welcoming when I first joined this community, and she’s beautiful and unique and I love her enthusiasm and absolute love of this franchise.

@winnyverse: Winny’s writing and musings always set my imagination on fire.  She’s one of my favorite people to headcanon and brainstorm with, and she welcomes people with open arms into the fandom.  And she also does really awesome action figure dioramas that I’m obsessed with.

@gladrial: Another blogger that I met early on in this community, who, like the previous two, was (and is!) very welcoming and talented and devoted to her turts and friends.  ^_^

@loonilum, @southernblossoms, @laced-up-and-honour-bound: Some of my favorite RPers to follow, who are super sweet and encouraging and just generally good people to have in the fandom.

@theycallmeraph @purpleproblemsolver @blueyesofjustice @orangecrushninja: Seriously some of my favorite (separate) RPers of the brothers.  They’ve all got the characters down pat and they’re super friendly and interactive.

@fear-the-antiverse @gladiatorsofelegaus: I absolutely adore these RP blogs, both of which are ridiculously interesting AU’s and are written SO well, and run by very nice people, based on the messages I’ve exchanged with them.

Obviously there are SO many more, but tbh I’m at work and being super sneaky about writing this anyway.  For anyone I missed, I LOVE YOU GUYS SO HARD and you’re wonderful and don’t let assholes get you down.  <3 <3 <3


Days 3 & 4 of the The Darkest Minds readalong

POC Character: June Costa in The Summer Prince, Bird in Love is the Drug - both by Alaya Dawn Johnson, who I cannot recommend enough! - and Jack from The Darkest Part of the Forest.

Well-loved: Fire, my absolute favorite book. Dark Fever, the first book in the series I’ve reread the most. And A Great and Terrible Beauty, one of the books that is most intrinsically tied to my decision to become a writer. All books I’ll love forever and ever. 💛

I will always love you, Clarke Griffin.

Clarke is an Ambassador, Wanheda, Mountain Slayer, and now Flamekeeper.

Clarke Griffin, Clarke kom Skaikru deserves so much more than what she has been dealt by these shitty writers. One of the single best characters EVER on TV, not just as a female/female lead/queer character… she is hands-down one of the best characters ever and I think anyone who has watched the show would agree.

And on top of the disappointment and pain and absolute disgust I feel at losing Lexa and then Lincoln, I also feel this deep sympathy and need to protect Clarke because I’ve always loved her so much and she’s always been my favorite but this show is flushing everything that was good about it down the tubes, and on top of that I feel guilt for not wanting to watch anymore because I would be abandoning the one single character on this show that is worth continuing to watch.

Clarke Griffin is the only thing about The 100 that is left to love. (Well okay Raven and Octavia too but lbr here Clarke is numero uno.) But I guess that’s not all-in-all surprising given that we always knew that Clarke was the one who could make it against all odds. Too bad that making it means she’s always going to have a broken heart and people who never fucking listened to her when what she said all along made more sense than anything to ever come out of Bellamy or Pike’s mouths.

I hope for the best for Clarke, though I’m not holding my breath. I doubt I will even watch past this season. Continuing through the rest of this one is difficult enough, but I want to see where she ends up at the end of all this. (Plus I want to see Lexa one more time.) 

Clarke Griffin’s fight will never be over, because I will carry it with me forever. No matter what happens to her from here on out, I will always be on her side and I will carry her fight forward. She deserves it.