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Freaking out– front row for the red carpet event for Trainspotting 2; met my favorite actor and one of my favorite people on this earth, Robert Carlyle, along with Ewan MacGregor and others; and were given tickets into the premiere itself, sitting a few rows behind Bobby. Holy shit.

I honestly don’t even have the words to describe just how surreal today was.

And the movie itself, Trainspotting 2, is absolutely perfect. On cloud 9.

Will post the full story and photos within the next day!

Kevin Smith gushing over Tom Cavanagh

Q. Who’s your favorite villain on the show so far?

Hands down, Tom Cavanagh as Eobard Thawne has been an absolute delight.

I mean, I liked his work on Ed, I always liked him, and he’s Canadian so I’m programmed to like him. But my appreciation for Tom as an actor grew when I watched season 1. I’m like, ‘This dude is amazing.’ One of my favorite spoken lines in any media ever is him in the season 1 finale saying ‘Run Barry run.’ His delivery is pitch-perfect. So much so that I stole that line and put it in tonight’s episode a few times.

So I think he’s fantastic, and that was when I just watched season 1. Now I got to work with him in this episode, and there’s scenes that we actually had to trim for time. There’s a whole scene with him and Henry Allen which didn’t make this cut, and they’ll probably put it up online or something like that. So there was a lot more Tom than is in the episode, but he begins our episode very dramatically, in the opening scene that dovetails right off of last week’s.

What I got to see in working with Tom is a 100% actor. A 100% dyed-in-the-wool, born performer. That dude is hysterical. On set, he’s an absolute livewire, he’s fun to be around, he’s funny, he’s quippy, and his quips aren’t like, well, 50% work 50% don’t. 100% he hits, he’s great. The moment they say Action, though *snaps fingers* gone. Absolutely gone. I don’t know if you ever noticed this, but he brings his performance here *draws hands toward himself*. He talks down here and brings you into it *Harry voice* ‘Allen, you don’t know what you’re doing.’ You have to lean in for that performance.

I was there on set and it was funny. I wouldn’t say he’s a loud person when he’s not playing the character, but normal voice and he’s making jokes so it gets loud. Moment they say Action he disappears and dives into character. 100% performer. Honor of the craft. Total wizard with the words and the flipping of character. Some people can do that, but they’re like, ‘I’m gonna go listen to some music and be by myself and get into the zone.’ Tom, man, you’re having a good time with him until you say Action and then suddenly he turns it on and you forget. You’re like, ‘God this guy’s an amazing actor.’

So yeah I love Eobard Thawne and I always loved the Backwards Flash when I was a kid, just by virtue of the fact that his outfit’s yellow! He’s the Reverse Flash! But Tom was a gift and I know that Greg had talked him into it, because Greg had worked with Tom previously. I talked to Tom when I was up there shooting, ‘How’d you wind up…?’ At first he was hesitant or resistant. But without him, how could they have done season 1? So much so that he wasn’t supposed to come back for season 2, but yet here we are with more Tom as Harrison Wells of Earth-2. Luckily they had a spin to be able to bring him back.

So I don’t know, I get to go up and direct another episode in August. I hope to God he’s there for season 3 as well, because I loved it, the whole crew was there, and I see no sign of him going anywhere. In fact, I asked him, I was like, ‘You ain’t going anywhere next season, right?’ I can’t give his answer, but I felt very positive.

Honestly, working with him was a great joy. They say people who play total villains are total sweethearts. Like Alan Rickman played one of the ultimate villains in Die Hard as Hans Gruber, but in real life that dude couldn’t have been sweeter. Same thing here. Tom Cavanagh played a fantastic, malicious, multi-layered, killer performance of what was essentially a comicbook character. Most people would deride it. This guy brought him to life, you understood his motivations. By that end episode, you actually felt for his plight. When he’s in the time sphere and he’s lifting off and he’s just like, ‘Home…’ at that moment you’re like, ‘I hope he gets there, he’s a jerkbag, but…’ And then the Flash comes and ends it all and then the big fight happens. I love Eobard Thawne, Backwards Flash.


I typed all this up, and holy cow guys, this is like a whole high school paper right here. Kevin talked about Tom for a solid FIVE MINUTES without interruptions. That’s the entire length of most star interviews. 

this year’s best actor race is so strange because four of the five of them are literally some of my absolute favorite actors and human beings in hollywood and it’s really looking like the oscar is going to go to the other one.


I totally forgot to post these on here!!

These were two Valentines I drew myself ^^

The first is Jyugo from Nanbaka for his English voice actor Daman Mills - Who is an absolute sweetie pie!!

The second is for my girlfriend Kuma. It’s one of our yaoi couples Koray and Zak cosplaying as MC and Seven from Mystic Messenger (which is currently my girlfriend’s favorite game XD).

All art and penmanship was done by me!

List 10 actors and/or actresses (or a mix of both) you would kiss and tag 10 blogs

I was tagged by my lovely friend @trinsghost to play :D

Since my inner fantasy life is way too prolific to be limited to 10, I figured I’d show you some of my favorite kisses…

This North & South one is my absolute favorite <3:  I could post 10 of these!!

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So, I’ll tag @bactaqueen and @lavitadelpaolini & anyone else who’d like to play (it’s fun! )  


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gallifreian-lady  asked:

hey your post about how good people are better actors for villans came up on my dash and I was just wondering how Jared Leto is a bad person? Sorry for my ignorance, i've only heard good about him

(Sorry for late)

Basically, during the filming of Suicide Squad he got a reputation for being an outright ass to his costars in a way that you might think was edgy and trolly if you had the maturity of a twelve year old South Park fan. The conceit was that he was either doing it to get into character as Joker, or getting into character had made him ~crazy~

One of my favorite stories to come out of it is when he mailed Harley Quinn’s actor a live rat. It also demonstrates my point about how good people know how to do evil properly, as it involves master of body horror Guillermo ‘Totoro’ del Toro being once again an absolute fluffball.

“As part of his preparation to play the Joker in the forthcoming film, Leto gave his fellow castmates various gifts, including a dead pig and a rat. It was Margot Robbie who received the rodent, and speaking to Jimmy Fallon on Tuesday night, the actress explained how she wound up keeping the rat as a pet.

“At first I was like this is disgusting. It jumped out at me, so I got a fright and got off to a rough start,” Robbie said. She explained that some people told her to kill the rat, but she declined and instead got the animal a “sweet little playpen, a slide, a hammock and all this stuff.” She even bought a leash to walk the rat to set.

But all things must come to an end, and Robbie is no longer the pet rat’s owner. “He found a really comfortable home with Guillermo del Toro,” Robbie said.

“The rat is living with us in Toronto and he, and his massive ballsack, provide the house with great cheer and joy! We have re-named him Venustiano,” del Toro told Collider last year about the rodent. ”

Like two of my favorite actors are dudes in their 50s, one who’s an absolute sweetheart to his fanbase and another who just started doing something that gives them great joy and I feel so inspired by these two dads to be a kinder person and to remember it’s never too late to find something you love that you want to share with others.

Yes, I play favorites.

In one of the comments from my students for teacher evaluations, I was accused of ‘playing favorites.’ Yes, I absolutely play favorites. Everybody does. That is real life. Art directors hire their favorite illustrators. Directors work with their favorite actors. Composers collaborate with their favorite musicians. Do you know why? Because their 'favorites’ are the ones who show up with a good attitude, do good work, and get the job done. As a student, you should do the same - it’s the least we ask, as your teachers. Tardiness, absences, stubbornness, poor or missed work, and a bad attitude in my class do not  entitle you to the same positive attention I give to the students who come on time to learn. Put that money you are paying for a higher education to good use and squeeze every last drop out of me, and every other teacher, that you can - ask questions until I can’t answer any more, show up early, draw your heart out until the last millisecond of class time, take notes, push me so I can push you, and you will be better for it.

Why I Think Adam Driver Is Attractive (And Why It Shouldn’t Be The Main Focus Of The Force Awakens)

Kylo Ren is quickly becoming one of my favorite characters of all time, and not because I personally find Adam Driver attractive, but because of how in-depth the character is and how he turned out on the big screens. Yet there is a widespread opinion among fans that is one of the most aggravating things I’ve ever had to witness a character go through, mostly because this opinion dismisses everything that actors strive to achieve in their on-screen portrayals, and because it has absolutely nothing to do with how the character turned out at all.

(Heavy spoilers below the cut)

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like, no offense, but anthony mackie is an incredibly talented actor with one of the most diverse bodies of work i’ve seen. don cheadle is FUCKING AMAZING, one of my all time favorites, and he can honestly do everything from drama to comedy to action and has delivered multiple oscar-worthy performances. chadwick boseman’s fine ass gets better and better every time i see him and he absolutely nails every role he gets and he’s so INVESTED in what he does that he did heaps of research to play t’challa the right fucking way and NONE OF YOU SEEM TO CARE ABOUT ALL THIS TALENT????

Enchanted April (1991): A film for MFMM lovers...

Hi everyone!  Just wanted to alert you to this film in case you’ve not heard of it before.  It’s one of my absolute favorites and I’ve seen it countless times…it’s basically my cinematic anti-anxiety medication.  :-P  The cinematography, scenery, and costuming are great, and it’s full of great actors.  It has the time period in common with MFMM, and Polly Walker’s Lady Caroline could be Phryne’s more moody, world-weary sister (she puts me so much in mind of Phryne it’s eerie, although of course the film came much earlier.)  And yes, it is on Netflix, and possibly Amazon Prime, too.

Just a friendly PSA, especially if you need something to cheer you up on a Monday. 

(Yeah, see, there’s definitely costume porn to be found here, too :-P )


One of my very favorite scenes of this season was the one with Franny, Frances Conroy, as the Angel of Death in the diner. That was one of those scenes that was just thrilling to do and I loved working with her. I absolutely adore working with her. Sometimes you just have an affinity with an actor that’s unspoken and on a very human level, you connect with them. And that’s how I felt working with Franny, both years. And that scene, to me, was one of my most powerful scenes that they’d written for me. That whole sequence, going from being fired from the band to that whole discovery, it was just a great run of scenes to play, culminating in those two scenes – the one with Franny in the diner and then, discovering from the family that this burden that she had been carrying around with her for years and years and years, it was false. It had basically ruined her life.


1. Gillian Anderson is an actual angel. She is gracious and wonderful and she puts up with a lot to make herself available to her fans. That’s a whole other level of selflessness.

2. David Duchovny owns my ass. Now and forever. Despite those fucking white pants.

3. This fandom is absolutely amazing. The talent, the kindness, the passion that you all have for our show and its actors is so jawdropping.

4. @noamchimpsky is the actual sweetest. Seriously. @perplexistan is one of the best people I’ve ever met. Bar none. @muldersgirl34 is a riot and she might tell the best stories ever. @crossedbeams should get a medal of some kind for being such a rockstar. @thethirstisoutthere is my new favorite person. Mel, you know why. @storybycorey is the most multi-faceted talent in our fandom. Just trust me on that. And she’s a delight. @2momsmakearight made a shirt Gillian proudly wore all day today. She’s dead because of it. RIP Liz. And @piecesofscully, my boo, my bae, my other half, is just as beautiful on the inside as she is on the outside.

5. I am floored by how kind and funny and wonderful and respectful you all are. It was such a pleasure to meet so many people who have this crazy phenomenon of a show in common with me. It was so great meeting David and Gillian for those few minutes yesterday. But the highlight of my weekend was spending all the other minutes with YOU ALL. Waiting in line for hours, giggling at the penis on Gillian’s table, ogling David in that gray tshirt, cringing at the questions during the panel, posting stories, spiraling with you all. It was such an exhausting, emotional journey, but dammit, you all made it worth it. So thank you. From the bottom of my heart. Til next time! 👽💋


Is there anyone on Earth that hasn’t seen this movie? One of my absolute favorites. Packed with stars and multiple story lines that move along as quickly as Santa’s sleigh on Christmas Eve.

Worth the price of admission just to see Alan Rickman and Emma Thompson doing their best to overcome a crisis in their marriage. Colin Firth, handsome and charming as ever. And let’s not forget Martin Freeman as a soft porn actor. I could go on and on. Every story and actor shine. Andrew Davies at his best since he produced Pride & Prejudice. The man is a marvel.

There are so many great scenes that the gifs will likely spill over.

Alright, so back in 2012 I made a list of musical actors I would like to see play The Phantom. And since then, ONE of these actors finally has: Norm Lewis. So time for a new list!

  1. Michael Ball - My first and foremost top choice to play the role. His voice is of course amazing and he would sing the absolute hell out of it. But imagine how he’d act the part! He’d probably be the scariest Phantom in the show’s history.
  2. Carlos Marín - This is my favorite kind of voice for the part, operatic lyric baritone. Carlos…good Lord. He’d kill it. His voice would make everyone faint from the beauty. I have no clue how he’d act it. But I can only imagine it’d be AMAZING. And HIS VOICE PEOPLE. HIS VOICE.
  3. Nathaniel Hackmann - The man who changed Valjean forever. I am desperate for him to play the role one day. His voice is beautiful. And I imagine his acting would be unique…I imagine it’ll happen someday, if not on tour or Broadway then once regional rights are released.
  4. Hadley Fraser - His Raoul made me convinced he’d make a great Phantom in both an acting and especially a vocal perspective. His incredibly aggressive acting style would make for an intense portrayal and his voice…Jesus he’d sing the hell out of it. Imagine his title song track! This is another one I think could easily happen in the next few years, knowing Cammack. And I am eager for it to happen!
  5. Kyle Scatliffe - Holy CRAP TALK ABOUT LYRIC BARITONES! Okay we all know how he redefined the role of Enjolras, so imagine what he could do with Phantom? We know he can handle it vocally and his voice would probably blow us out of our seats. He’d look absolutely AMAZING in the costuming and probably be one of the most intense Phantoms in the shows history, BUT, as we all know from aspiringenjolras, he is a big teddy bear and would probably break our hearts in the end. I just know I need this some day.
  6. Sean MacLaughlin - Obvious reasons. Amazing Raoul, great actor, great singer, would probably act the hell out of it and sing very well!
  7. Jeremy Hays - He reminds me a lot of Steve Barton vocally at times, which gets me to thinking: well Steve was an astonishing Phantom, so maybe Hays would too? I’m more curious than completely on board with it. Vocally he’d be amazing I bet!
  8. Jason Forbach - I mean, hell for the vocals alone! But he too is another Enjolras who is intense as hell, but also could be very tender and low-ley when necessary, I imagine once he’s older he’d make an amazing Phantom.
  9. Ben Lewis - All stupid eye jokes aside, Ben did have quite a voice and I’d love to hear him sing it. And I think his more intense acting style would lend itself nicely to the role in the original moreso than it did in LND. I’m actually surprised this didn’t happen in 2012 haha!
  10. Chris Murray - Holy CRAP. Vocals? Spot on. Acting style? Spot on. Look? Spot on. He’d be incredible and I have absolutely no clue why in the world this hasn’t happened yet. When regional rights are released in Germany in will. But until then. Heck he’d be amazing. He’s an incredibly intense and angry actor which would lend itself nicely to the more intense scenes, but I’m curious how he’d handle the more tender, sensitive moments.

Alright, add your ideas in reblogs! :D

Also, this is just a brief listing of some of my top choices. Some other people I’d love to see, or would be curious to see do it are: Philip Quast, Michael Arden, Ignasi Vidal, Drew Sarich, Reinhard Brussmann, Jérôme Pradon (don’t ask why), Stig Rossen, Fred Johanson, Ben Crawford, Christopher Jacobson, Jeff Kready, and KEVIN TARTE!!!


HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO THE ONE AND ONLY EMILIO ESTEVEZ! You are a whopping 53! You are one of my absolute favorite actors ever since I saw you as Two-Bit Mathews in The Outsiders Then, it was In The Custody Of Strangers, then St. Elmo’s Fire, then The Breakfast Club, then The Mighty Ducks, then That Was Then This is Now, then Tex, and so on. Still wanna see you in Young Guns but somebody (my mom) didn’t bother to tell me we have the movie. Love you Mam heart emoticon
I hope you have a WONDERFUL day and you’re very hot btw. I hope I get to meet you and your brother Charlie Sheen one day. I love you💓💓💓