one of my favorite songs ever

every time I listen to Sign of the Times I remember staying up until midnight and listening to bbc radio 1 just to hear it play for the first time and crying uncontrollably when it finally did. I don’t think I’ll ever find the right words to express what this man means to me, but I’m so glad he exists and that I got to hear one of my favorite albums sung live yesterday by someone I look up to with every ounce of my being 💌

tay I’m rooting for you to get the cma for the song of the year!! you will always be my favorite songwriter & an inspiration for me to write my own songs even if no one will ever hear them. Love you forever 💋


Oh my gosh I’ve been waiting for this for weeks and now that its finally here it is everything I ever could have wanted and more. The song is kinda fast paced and its really dancey which is absolutely amazing! The message of the song is so inspirational and one that everyone can relate to. Nick has a fast rap feeling part in the second chorus and I’m living for it. 

Ugh this is so good and I’ve beyond excited to hear the new album from these guys. One of my favorite bands of all time!

I know everyone is talking about Mic Drop but

Go Go is literally my favorite performance ever LOL It legit had me smiling and giggling even after the 10th time I watched it

-rubs hands together- Perfect. A way to procrastinate

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a: age- 20 

b: birthplace- Chicago

c: current time- 5:09 am

d: drink you had last- water

e: easiest person to talk to- @bearensembles

f: favorite song- right now, Believer by Imagine Dragons. Makes me wanna punch someone lmao 

g: grossest memory- I can’t really think of one lol. Probably suppressed deep in my mind or something. 

h: hogwarts house- Hufflepuff 

i: in love?- not sure. I don’t think I’ve ever been. 

j: jealous of people- y ea h. I wish I could be normal and functional with a will to live. That’s all I ask. 

k: killed someone- Shhh, don’t call me out

l: love at first sight or should I walk by again?- love? No. Infatuation and lust? Daily. 

m: middle name- Don’t have one, but for my Chinese name, I guess it would be “family” 

n: number of siblings- 4 (2 sisters, 2 brothers, I’m the eldest) 

o: one wish- death, money, love, freedom 

p: person you called last - sister

q: question you are always asked - “Why?” “Are you here yet?” “Where are you?” 

r: reason to smile- Pettiness and Spite (me too Spades), dogs, my friends, cats, rusame, other people being happy, praise 

s: song you sang last- Praying by Kesha 

t: time you woke up- today, 10am, tomorrow, 1pm

u: underwear color- white today

v: vacation destination- Anywhere where I can get lost in nature 

w: worst habit- constantly peeling the skin off my lip because the tiniest bit bothers me, staying up late for no reason, uncontrollable impulsive lying, picking my face, repeating things because I forget I said them already, or not saying the thing because I imagined saying it so many times in my head, having zero grasp on time and relying on extremely specific schedules to function but also too lazy to follow said schedule 

x: x-rays- my arm when I was like 9. BUT LEMME TELL YA A STORY. When I had gotten the x-ray, I was in the car and I wanted to show my sister my fractured bone. I couldn’t see it well because there was a lot of glare from the sun and the x-ray picture was dark so I held it up to the window. My dad didn’t tell me that he was opening the window so when I let go of the x-ray (I was letting it sit on the window), the sheet just slipped out and flew away. So somewhere in this world, an x-ray of my fractured arm is there. I haven’t found it. BACK TRACK A BIT, the reason I had broken my arm was because I had gotten sick from eating cookie dough and was sleeping with my grandma after throwing up. And when I was asleep, I accidentally rolled off the bed and fell straight down, my arm landing on a fan. So I broke my right arm. This is actually one of my clearest childhood memories. 

y: your favourite food- potatoes and/or cheese!!! 

z: zodiac sign- Sagittarius 

I dunno who to tag. Like most of yall are busy with school? So uhhhh, @katsudon-and-klance @causeimamerican @snartalacarte @starkbucksss @kakiichoco tired and brain dead, you don’t have to do it lol. If we’re mutuals and u wanna do it, go ahead, and tag me so I can read it lmao


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NAME: Crystal 

NICKNAME: bitch, Edith call me milf, Tian calls me mom

ZODIAC SIGN: Sagittarius and rat 



LIPSTICK OR CHAPSTICK: on myself, chapstick. On others, lipstick. 

FAV FRUITS: fuckin WATERMELONS. And mangoes. Also durian is some gooooood ass shit

FAV SEASON: winter and fall when the bugs are dead and I’m not sweating 

FAV BOOK SERIES: right now, I’m reading Vampirates by Justin Somper. Other favs (from looking at my shelf): Artemis Fowl by Eoin Colfer, Cirque du Freak by Darren Shan, World of Watches series by Sergei Lukyanenko,  The Last Dragon Chronicles by Chris d'Lacey, The Heir Chronicles by Cinda Williams Chima, Bran Hambric by Kaleb Nation, Erec Rex by Kaza Kingsley, -inhales deeply- and The Unicorn Chronicles by Bruce Coville. I have… a book problem…

FAV FLOWER: sunflowers and anything purple. But all flowers are beautiful. 

FAV COLOURS: purple and black


LAST SONG LISTENED TO: Fighter by Monsta X (I think I’m falling back into a k-pop phase)

LAST MOVIE SEEN: Sing. It was actually pretty good. I had to watch it because my niece wanted to. 

COFFEE/TEA/COCOA: Coffee when I want sugar and energy, tea when I want cleansing, cocoa when I’m hungry 

AVERAGE SLEEP: Zero to a record 18 hours of sleep. On days off, I sleep average 9 hours, but on school days, usually 3 or 6


FAV FICTIONAL CHARACTERS: Alfred and Ivan are my top fave (same Spades)

THREE SHIPS: Rusame, Klance, Kawoshin (this ship will never die in my heart)

you know when you haven’t listened to a band that you used to love with all your heart years ago and you stumble upon some of their old songs and listen to them and you just remember all the small things, like tears rolling down your face when you first hear a song that soon becomes your favorite or staring at the night sky in the middle of the summer, while mouthing along the lyrics, it’s just small stuff like that that makes you think “wow, i really don’t know why i ever let this go”

My favorite part about listening or watching live TOP concert videos is when the audience just knows when to sing. Tyler doesn’t tell them what lyrics are next, and he doesn’t prompt them to sing. He just subtly goes silent and the crowd carries it on because they know where the lyrics fit in around the music. They’re just so familiar with these songs from late nights in their rooms, or long car rides, or while making art, that they just know how they should sound. 

And to hear it is one of the most powerful displays of unity I’ve ever experienced.


Here’s to the new me. The old me. The you-don’t-even-know-me. To the me that died twice before I met you: third time’s the charm. Been chewed up and spit out more than I’ve ever seen a sunrise, and I’ve only ever liked sunrises when I’m with you. I’ll become something you’ve never seen before, nothing borrowed, nothing blue. Set my head aflame, built a home out of the ashes, let the wind blow it away into the sun. The breeze sings, lo que está muerto no puede morir. And when there’s nothing left to burn, you have to set yourself on fire.

I don’t know that kid anymore, and maybe I never knew him at all.


Stars - Brendon Urie

It’s not that i love you, but whenever you look at me i feel fire bursting through my veins, i feel like the sun replaces my heart and bumps flames instead of blood. It’s not that i love you, but your laugh makes my soul tremble, it shakes my entire being like some goddamn hurricane, my god the sound of it is pure, it’s fragile like my all time favorite lullaby. It’s not that i love you, but one time you made me listen to your favorite song and you told me that you have always thought songs were nothing but a mere reflection of people, and that this song is yours, i have been listening to it ever since. It’s not that I love you, but I am willing to take all your pain, endure it, hold it everywhere in my body, breathe it in if that’s what it takes to see you happy, even for a day, even for a second. It’s not that I love you, but I’m willing to listen to you as you talk about how you believe in magic and miracles and second chances, I’m willing to listen to all your thoughts and beliefs,even if I can never understand them or agree with them, even if they go against every cell in my body. It’s not that I love you, but whenever I come across a picture of the sky,I can’t help but think about how you hold all the colors of it’s beauty inside of you. Believe me, it’s not that I love you,it’s that I would in a heartbeat if that’s what you want me to do.
—  atelophobiaxx  // Nada Toghoj

Get to know me: [1/?] Favorite Supergirl Relationships →   Kara and Barry

When it comes to buddies, pal, you’re the best. I love you more than the lightning bolt I wear on my chest. If you’re ever sad I’ll bring you flowers. And you can list soprano as one of your powers. If you’re ever broke. I’ve got the cash. On my couch. You’re welcome to crash. And if you ever need a hand… I’ll be there in a flash


buffyverse + lyrics  |  Slayers + The Sharpest Lives

You’re the one that I need / I’m the one that you loathe

Eyes Are Mosaics - A mix of dream pop old & new

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This mix features songs containing elements of or similar to the original themes of dream pop/’ethereal’ music (e.g. effect laden voices; manipulated guitar; emphasis on overall immersive atmosphere and (optionally) electronic, gothic and/or ambient elements). The phrase ‘dream pop’ has become a bit overused and loose recently, and on occasion made it too easy to forget the heights the music actually fitting the phrase has reached. Thus with this mix I wanted to channel the enveloping, lush sounds dream pop and it’s related styles were initially associated with. In addition to some 80s favorites, I included plenty of modern interpreters.

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