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Pokedex Holders Bio: Yellow The Healer

I’m one of the many Slytherites in my group of friends and it feels great to be with many like minded individuals with different personalities. Unfortunately, I often feel like I’m the ‘one with the book smarts’. It’s gotten to the point were my friends have started calling me “Head Girl”. I’ve got pretty mixed feelings. It’s nice that people think that I’m intelligent, but it’s starting to feel like no one things of me of anything more. At least I make my house look good.

Flamethrower Fanpoetry Masterpost

Yep I’ve decided that @deadcatwithaflamethrower ( Flamethrower ) gets a dedicated masterpost.

After all I have written poems for:

Qui/Obi across multiple fics (listed in the poem tags)

Pipes Play and Choirs Sing



Re-Entry (+ Re-Entry Journey of the Whills)

We Exist
Veils and Masks (What Lies Beyond)
A Quiet Love
No Words Needed
Best Kept Secret
Ironwood Blue

Not a Chosen One (submission)
Not a Chosen One (art version)
Kenopsia (submission)

Swung by Serafim

Restorative Draught
sense  (art version)

AU: What even is this (an Ending Scene) (ficlet)

Ashlesha (Awaken the Stars #1) 


Euan Debates His Life Choices (fic)  (AO3)

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Is Blair Normani's personal photographer? I see him tagged in every valmani picture

I’m fairly certain he doesn’t have like an official contract with them. Blair’s a good and loyal friend of Normani. He’s taken a lot of photos of her over the years. Plus he currently lives in LA and is from Houston so him being with ValMani and taking photos right now isn’t too much of a stretch or surprise. He is a real life photographer though so this isn’t like some hobby or I want to be around famous folk sort of ordeal

Archie is nowhere close to being my favourite character (I think we all know who is), because I find him boring, one dimensional and stereotypical to an extent too.

However, I can’t fault his attitude towards Jughead this episode. He didn’t judge at all, he kept it a secret like Jughead wanted him to and he didn’t force him into anything, he just made him aware that Jughead could stay with him and Fred. 

Archie is many things and one of those things is a great friend.

Yellow like Star

The flowertown is strong in this color au fic.

The existence of close bonds between friends allowing people to see a very small part of the color spectrum wasn’t a new thing for Luke. He had plenty of close friends in his life. Hanging with Hidden Block in their club room allowed him to see more color than before, probably because he had so many great friends in one place.

The world painted in yellows, greens, and blues. A real helpful palate when it came to them designing their patch. He enjoyed it.

More than that he enjoyed making new friends.

So when Hana joined Hidden Block he was ecstatic.

Now he had two friends in class with him it was great!

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So I hit 800 followers today! I feel so blessed to have made so many wonderful friends on this site. When I first started my blog, I never expected to reach this milestone, especially 3 days before my birthday! The blogs that follow are ones that are run by great people. Many are friends and others are those I wish to know better.

I’m thankful for each and every follower, for sticking with me and liking the content I post. Each of you, even if I haven’t followed back, hold a special place in my heart.

Bolded are mutuals, new and old.

Italics are those that make me smile every day

*** are my friends who have been there for me, made me smile, and deserve so much.















~If you aren’t on here and you think you shoulder be, just let me know and I’ll change it!~

to be completely honest as happy as i am for the boys to finally get a well deserved break i cant help but feel hella melancholic right now like 1d has been such an important part of my teenage years and it’s had such a big influence on me and im honestly so glad that i got into these beautiful boys because otherwise i wouldn’t have met so many amazing people and made so many great friends like that is only one of the many things that i owe to 1d.

BIGBANG has made the past four and a half years the absolute best ones of my life. I’ve met so many great friends and have had such a positive outlet. They inspire me to keep going and striving to accomplish new things. I’ve done so many things I never thought I could do because I was inspired by them. There are no amount of words or thanks that I could give. 10 years is a long time, I wish them so many more. This time being a fan of theirs has been such a blessing. Congratulations boys. <3