one of his best looks


here’s our best and most adorable birthday boy, jackson wang 🎂🎈🎉🎉🎉😚💓

I like to imagine that whenever the press ask Otabek & Yurio what their relationship is 5y down the road, Otabek just gives them a Thumbs Up

joshua dun

late night doodle, pen/highlighter 



tired babies comforting on each other ❤️️❤️️

Sebastian realizing that he’s not the only person in the world who knows Romanian is literally one of the best things ever. Period.
…. look at the alarm on his face. It’s amazing. 😂

now they’re less ready for battle™ and more casual

Bet On Me

Reggie x Reader

A/N: This is my first ever fic and I hope you all like it!! Requests for all other Riverdale characters are open!! (This is my first fic because Reggie is bae)

Word Count: 3369

Warnings: Swearing, slight angst, violence, heavy make-out session (is that even a warning?)

Summary: Reggie is dared to date Y/N, the sweet and popular untouched cheerleader. He does so, although not expecting to fall for her in the process.

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Patrick Kane gets ‘too jacked up’. (x)

“Can’t you see why I want nothing to do with that life?”