one of his best looks

I like to imagine that whenever the press ask Otabek & Yurio what their relationship is 5y down the road, Otabek just gives them a Thumbs Up

But Percy singing ’How Far I’ll Go’ from Moana.


Patrick Kane gets ‘too jacked up’. (x)

luke skywalkers gayest looks: 

  1. gay ass yellow leather jacket. i mean come on………………..with the floppy ass hair. easily one of his best and gayest looks.
  2. farmboy chic tatooine look. to add another layer of gayness add the poncho and bucket hat. simple yet gets the vibe across.
  3. twink ass green dagobah tank top doing nightmare crossfit. even yoda needed a closer look. need i say more

You’re pretty well trained as an actor —
That’s exactly right: pretty well. Because I am a trained actor, but every time I start a movie I ask myself, Do I know how to do this?

                                                                                — Miles Teller for Playboy Magazine (2016)


“It is not so that the good detective should act, eh? I perceive your thought. He must be full of energy. He must rush to and fro. He should prostrate himself on the dusty road and seek the marks of tyres through a little glass. He must gather up the cigarette-end, the fallen match? That is your idea, is it not?”

His eyes challenged us. “But I - Hercule Poirot - tell you that it is not so! The true clues are within - here!” He tapped his forehead. “See you, I need not have left London. It would have been sufficient for me to sit quietly in my rooms there. All that matters is the little grey cells within. Secretly and silently they do their part, until suddenly I call for a map, and I lay my finger on a spot - so - and I say: the Prime Minister is there! And it is so! With method and logic one can accomplish anything!”

- Agatha Christie, Poirot Investigates: The Kidnapped Prime Minister


“Is this room exactly as it was then?”
“The curtains were drawn, sir. And the electric light was on.”