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stars on her skin, flowers in her hair
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    The sun was in the perfect position, causing the trees to cast a shadow in just the  R I G H T  way. Maddison had been so quick to pull out her phone. It wasn’t as good as her standard DSLR but it was what she had on her at that moment so it had to do. Crouching down & leaning forward in an attempt to get the perfect angle, she snapped a few shots before looking up at the other. “Could you just like, move a bit to your left?? Just a smidge.

In 1977 the Chicago Field Museum had a Tut exhibit. Despite the fact that, as far as we know, my late grandmother was nowhere near Chicago that year, we found a thick envelope full of photos of the exhibit when we were going through her things. Some of them are Tut, but there’s photos of a good handful of kings, with notes scribbled on the back in handwriting that looks half like Gramma’s, half not. (One of her siblings maybe?)

Since the photos are pretty good quality overall, I’m gonna post a few. Like this yearbook-photo looking guy. History side of Tumblr, have fun!

Do you still believe Madeleine is the traitor?

I was asking myself and I’ve came to a conclusion. Madeleine is guilty, but not entirelly.

I believe she knew about the photos, but it wasn’t her the one leaking it. Maybe the queen vould have done it because why not? One suitor is a daughter of traitors (Olivia) and the other one isn’t even cordonian (MC) then who is left? Madeleine, the Countess who was already chosen to be queen once also, a friend to the queen.

When we ask her about receiving a letter she says she didn’t get one, but what of she did? Maybe she did get a letter about what was about to happen wat before Olivia and MC.

She said to MC to be careful because she could never know what might happens at the coronation (this was in the Beaumont Bash). So either she planned it or she just get to know what was about to happen.

I believe she is guilty somehow, but she isn’t alone in this.


Currently, there are a ton of possible theories about the mysterious masked figure in the latest episode of RWBY.  I’ve been thinking about it and decided to try and go through each one.

The first one—lots of people want to believe it is Adam, either for fun or seriously.  It is not Adam.  Their outfits are completely different styles, their weapons (well, semi katana styles, but still different….yeah.  Not Adam.  That was easy :)

Next Up–Big Bad-ass leader of the White Fang.  There is some merit to this one.  So far, we have seen the various types of mask.  The new recruits, who have half masks with no sides.  The goons, who have half masks with fang-like sides.  Neither of these have embellishments.  Then there is the half mask with designs—so far, we have only seen Adam wear this and there is a slight indication that he may have started this trend.  then there are full masks with designs, indicating top positions of some kind.  And then we have the new mysterious figure, who is basically all out in Grimm Wear to the point where you think she is part Grimm.

But there is some conflict in this.  Why would she protect Yang like that?    They were trying to stop the train and the operation, so it should have been right to eliminate them.  Also, back in Episode 16 of Volume 1, we were shown the silhouettes of the so-called Leaders of White Fang…she certainly doesn’t match with any of those….  

Blake’s Mom– this is a common one springing up and kind of connects to the White Fang theory.  If she is White Fang, she is Faunus and thus must be Blake’s mom.  And really, that is the only justification they have.  Anyone who is Faunus and female with seemingly dark hair must be her mom.  Outside of the 1+1=4 reasoning, she protected Yang, not Blake.  So I think this theory is kind of dead on its feet.

Connection to Neo–now this is interesting, and I would have missed it if not for someone on the FB group.  The woman and Neo are wearing the same necklaces.  This could have a number of reasons—from the mysterious woman being the head of the same organization as Neo is in, to them being related by blood.  I am more willing to go with the first than the latter.  The mysterious woman was aiming to kill—who would do that with their child, even if they were protecting another child?  And we can not be sure that Neo even recognized her.  Neo seems to be the type of character that analyzes a situation, then only attacks when she knows she could win.  It doesn’t take much analysis to realize that she would have had to be very lucky to get within range to land any kick on the woman with a sword that big.  But still, the necklaces are a strong indicator that there is *some* link between these two.  We do not know who Neo is or where she came from, but wherever it is, this lady was there as well.

The Mom–and this is where things get difficult.  It is a contest between being either Yang’s mom, or Ruby’s mom (blood I mean).  The first thing everyone sees is her color pattern and “hair” and say that this is Summer Rose…..
But….something very important is missing.  The white cloak.  We have gotten a glimpse of Summer Rose already,  it was a disembodied floating cloak before the grave—but I think that cloak is very important.  Unless my long-ago theory about the cloak being the only thing recovered and given to Ruby is true, then this person can not be Summer Rose.  A lot of people made the same mistake about Cinder just because Cinder wore a red dress.  We have already found that color scheme doesn’t automatically equal relations.  That being said, there is a lot to say about eyes and clothing style.
In this, we seem to come to a strong possibility that this person is Yang’s mother.  Her outfit is extremely similar—right down to the feather hip flap with feathers that are opposite colors to Yang.  There are obvious deviations—the Japanese style top (that is not a Yukata, by the way folks.)  It is very Samurai/Ninja style that has been somewhat adopted in the Gothic Lolita fashions.  Not only is the fashion style very similar, but the lady has blazing red eyes.  We already know she is pissed and attacking to defend Yang, so we can see why she is angry.

People are mistakenly thinking that the black spiked hair is her own.  It isn’t.  As I said earlier, it is fake hair attached the mask.  You can see that pretty clearly in the picture here.  The underside also shows black, but that could as easily be a flap to cover her hair and secure the mask in place.  The front of the mask would be heavier and would need such a strap to keep things from falling off.  This simply means that her hair color is a mystery.  It could be anything from pink to green, blond or brown, and we can’t tell until she removes the mask.

The one problem with this theory is that…how would Yang know what her Blood mother dressed like?  She never met nor saw her—well, maybe there was the one photo shoe saw in the flash back….

Another point for connecting her to Yang is the soft, sad music that plays while she looks down at the unconscious girl.  Music cues are extremely important hints, and I think that was the grand-daddy of them all! ^_^  

Transient Princess– Others and myself have pointed out the similarities to the Transient Princess used in the Yellow trailer.  We still can not be sure that this image is Yang’s mother or someone who knows something about her mother.  In any case, the design of the mysterious figure can sort of match up with many elements.  The fact that her hair is hidden, though, makes it difficult to make a definitive match.

The Black Orb– This is one I would have missed for a while if not for another poster.  Yes, the black orb seen in both openings match pretty well with the coloration and behavior of the Portal the woman opened.  What this could mean is hard to say.

Connections with each RWBY member–  So here is something interesting.  You can find some kind of connection to each of the girls.  The revolving dust chambers in her sheath would be a mimic of Weiss’ chambers on the hilt of her sword.  The color scheme would match with Ruby.  The style and eyes would match with Yang.  And the Grimm mask (denoting possible affiliation with White Fang) could be Blake.

A final, interesting theory.  We have all pretty much accepted that Ozpin is pulling the strings for a lot of things, but now I am not so sure.  In the beginning opening credits, the Girls seemed to be protecting the orb that matches the portal.  I am just saying, what if she is the Red Queen?  And no, i am not mixing up my games.  Red was the official color of the opposing side in Chess long ago.  White is only a recent thing.

Anyways, this is all we can do until we get more information in the next volume.  Or two….they still haven’t brought Adam back yet :P

Again I couldn’t resist to a great photo (which I’ll link back to as soon as I can find it again…) of Lydia Fairen as Eponine. 


Malai Sukapatana 

Malai was the slayer before Buffy, and only active a scant three months. She was born in Thailand to a white mother and a Thai father, December 4th, 1980. She is a middle child, with one older sister and a younger brother. As a girl she loved to read, and paint, and idolized her older sister. When she was sixteen she began having odd dreams, young girls killed by monsters. On Feburary 6th she was called by her watcher, Anthony Dyer. The two never had a chance to grow close, as Malai was killed during patrol in the middle of May. An unknown vampire delivered the lethal blow, killing the young girl. 

ok so i dont think Nathan/Jefferson meant to kill Rachel when they drugged her. i think they planned on just drugging her and taking the pictures and being done with it. but when you look at the pictures Max comments how in one of the photos Rachel has something coming out of her mouth.

so maybe Rachel either had an allergic reaction to the drug or maybe they gave her too much and she ended up dying so they buried her in the junkyard. cause Kate didn’t die and those can’t be the only victims so i don’t think killing Rachel was ever part of their plan. 

Don't be afraid to take chances. To take risk. To try.

Take it even if it will cause a heart break or a break down. Take it because he or she maybe the one. Take it because you will learn something after that.
Or else you will wonder for the rest of your life that “what if I tried”, maybe I am the one next to his or her wedding photo. That what if I tried, maybe I knew what to do now. That what if I said yes, maybe we’re still dating until now.
It doesn’t have to be a good one. We don’t know anything about the future. But life is about taking risk so you can make a good story.


“Any time, any place, or anywhere you know that I’ll always be there*.” One choice, one decision, one wish from deep in her heart at Christmas time has led Riley to this time and place with Lucas. *This Gift, 98°

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Author Note: Sorry it’s been a few days since I posted the first chapter. I can’t wait to hear what you all think so far.

Chapter Two:

“Are you okay, I can’t believe the horse got spooked like that, Jasmine is normally so calm.” He caressed her face lovingly, “What else besides your head hurts?”

“Nothing, I don’t think. You know the name of the police horse?” She still couldn’t believe it was him.

Lucas looked away from her, “Calliope go and call Doc Evans, tell her your Mom got thrown from a horse and hit her head.”

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