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Privileged (4/?)

Originally posted by mlchaelscofleld

“With the sudden loss of her best friend *yn* Kane finds her control over her emotions and temper slipping away from her at a rapid pace. Her violent feud with Murphy reignites and she again finds herself paired up with Bellamy to help save a young delinquent’s life.”

Warnings: ANGST, death, violence, swearing.

Notes: Based on 1x04 “Murphy’s Law” of the 100. 

Series Masterlist

Four freshly dug up sections of dirt. 

Four graves. 

Four of her people. Gone.

Wells, her best friend for as long as she could remember. Gone. 

Never did *yn* imagine that Wells would be lying in one of the unmarked graves before her feet.

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… :V….
I don’t know what to do with my life …. ~ F’CK ME OFF THIS PLANET ALREADY!! lel. I’ve been in existential crisis to 14 revolutions per second AAAAAND, the hell with that, just keep going :B * keep smirking as falls to the ground *

I love this dorks, beautiful dorks, corny dorks and i can’t help it >___> 

So yeaaah!!!, don’t waste time and repopulate the planet with more crosskids ~

Ray Of Sunshine

“What’s your favorite thing about Ichi-nii, Hime-chan?” asked Orihime’s young sister-in-law, Yuzu. Orihime blushed deeply. What was her favorite thing about Ichigo Kurosaki, the love of her life since as long as she could remember?

When she first met him, back in his clinic when her brother was dying, she admired his sympathy. He sat with her when she cried and said nothing. It was almost as if he understood what it felt like, to lose the one person you valued the most. And he did.

When she began talking to him, all thanks to Tatsuki-chan, she admired his indifference. He could’ve easily dyed his hair black or brown to avoid all the mockery, but he didn’t. Orihime thought the orange looked rather nice on him. And it did.

When they began fighting, side by side as comrades, to save Rukia-chan, Orihime admired his strength, courage and will to go on. No one inspired her to give anything her best shot more than Ichigo Kurosaki. His affection for his friends was deeply evident despite his attempt to show a cold demeanor.

When he saved Orihime from Hueco Mundo, she knew for sure that he was nothing less of a hero. He kept up his promise to protect her and one day, he grew to even love her.

His hair, his body, his scowl and every inch of him was deeply loved by Orihime Inoue. And he loved her too. She knew that because she was Orihime Kurosaki now, And she couldn’t be happier.,

The two girls watched on as Kazui Kurosaki began yanking his father’s hair and both father and son continued their play-wrestling. Orihime smiled inwardly as she saw Ichigo’s lips break into a wide smile. His smiles, something rare in the past, were becoming more often visitors on his face.

“I couldn’t settle on just one thing,” said Orihime, “but his smile is definitely one of my favorites.”


Missy : Say something nice.
Clara : No!

FT Angst Week: Day 7

Title: Burn the Pages. 

Prompt: END.

Pairing: Nalu.

Summary“Lucy, please wake up…” he said in a broken voice as tears began to run down his cheeks like rivers. “Lucy! Oh, Mavis, what have I done?” After the battle against Zeref and losing control of his demonic powers, Natsu has to deal with the consequences of his acts.

A/N: Hi, everyone! I’m Sil (myentropicmess) and this time I’m posting my submission for ft-angst-week alone. The first time I heard about the prompts, I chose this prompt all for myself, without co-writers, even if I had to die with this challenge. I was afraid to write some scenes, but I always had my lovely betas Sara (worshiperofunknownstories), San (onlywordswithoutsense) and Marta (mavis-118) by my side supporting me and making all of this possible… Is such a pleasure working with all of you. I also have to thank Sia and his flawless album “1000 forms of fear” for helping me in my moments of writer’s block (the songs are so inspirational *-*).

Disclaimer: I don’t own Fairy Tail Universe or its characters, they belong to Mashima sensei. 

You can also read this oneshot on and AO3… Reviews are welcome as always! ^^

Yesterday is gone and you will be OK

Place your past into a book, burn the pages

Let ‘em cook.

It was nearly noon and Lucy Heartfilia was bouncing her leg up and down on the ball of her foot as she was sitting beside the writing desk of her bedroom, showing her uneasiness. She tried to finish one chapter from the novel she was currently writing, as an attempt to distract herself, but words didn’t want to come to her mind. They’d never been late before and that was worrying her. What could have happened to them? Should she call Juvia and Gray to tell them about it? No, that only would put the ice mage in overprotective mode for nothing. Maybe the reason they were late was because classes had ended later than usual or because they had stayed a little longer with their friends. Yes, definitely that would be the reason.

While she was having those thoughts, she didn’t notice that the door of the bedroom she shared with her husband got open. Neither when Natsu approached her chair and softly put his hands on her shoulders in an attempt to reassure her uneasiness.

“You worry too much,” the fire dragon slayer said. “You know how they are. Maybe Haru and Ur got entertained on their way home and lost track of time. Moreover, they have their magic well mastered and they can overcome any danger. Have a little faith in them.”

“How can you be so sure? At this rate they could have been attacked by only Mavis knows who and we are here, not helping them…” As Lucy was clenching her fists and looking at the ground, Natsu kneeled to put himself at her height.

“Hey, don’t be so pessimistic.” Natsu caught her right hand and kissed it to reassure her.

“And you… You don’t be so relaxed about it!” she replied, retiring her hand and feeling how tears began to fill her eyes. The fire dragon slayer wasn’t to blame for her sudden outburst and it pained her to see a hurt expression on his face, but, at that moment, she was reaching her limit. “I’m… I’m sorry, Natsu… I didn’t want to… I’m just…”

“I know.” He brushed her hair from her eyes to look at her. “Now we are going to talk to Gray and Juvia to try to solve this, alright? I promised to protect our family, remember?” he added, putting a lock of blond hair behind her ear.

“Yes…” she whispered. Concern didn’t leave her just yet, but what she did know was that Natsu always kept his promises. And that occasion wasn’t going to be an exception.

As she got up from her chair with Natsu’s help and they went downstairs, they heard the bell of their house ringing. Thinking about the possibility that it could be Uria and their son, they looked at each other and ran to the hall, opening the door right after.

Even if she thought about the possibility and created different scenarios, Lucy freaked out when she saw the scene at the other side of the door. There they were. Haru and Uria. Harmed and covered in injuries. Without a second thought she rushed to their side with a concerned expression.

“Oh my stars! What have happened to you two?” Lucy said as she brushed Haru’s blond hair, which had stains of his own blood on it. She also noticed bandages around his forehead and that one of his eyes was swollen.

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“Let’s Talk Grandkids”

Kay, embarrassing headcanon time.

So Marinette and Adrien have been dating for a good four or five years now, so they’re in their very early twenties at this point. Sabine decides to give her daughter a call to ask if she and Adrien could eat over at their home some time, and so they schedule a time to meet with her parents and go over for dinner. Tom and Sabine have a good time catching up with their daughter and future son-in-law and then suddenly, Sabine decides to drop the bomb. “So, let’s talk grandkids!” Marinette almost chokes on what she’s eating and Adrien nearly spit takes his drink and tries to hold back some coughing. “I’d really love to have a grandchild sooner rather than later you know. You could probably make a kid surprisingly fast.” Sabine reaches across the table to put one of her hands on Adrien’s and says, “Give it your best shot, alright?” Adrien is bright red at this point and doesn’t really know what to do, so on impulse, he says, “I won’t let you down!” Mari hides her face in her hands while Adrien just blushes an even deeper shade of red. Sabine and Tom are just sitting there, darkly amused.

After dinner, the two of them go home and settle on the couch and watch some TV. Adrien cuddles Marinette and whispers, “You know, it’s like your mom said. We could make a kid surprisingly fast, right?”

(This headcanon sucks, I was in creative writing class and I decided to write down headcanons for ML, and this popped into my mind. I may end up writing a solid fanfic based on this.)

My Top Favorite Stydia Fanfics :3

Since we have another month at least till 5B, Lately I’ve been reading a lot of fan fiction. Mostly to distract myself and because some of the writers are quite amazing and very detailed. There’s a few on here that I follow, Mostly I find one shots but sometimes I find a nice lengthy one ^_^

One fan fiction writer I would recommend is @you-make-me-wander​, Her one shots and stories are probably some of the best I’ve seen thus far :3

Here’s a list of some of my favorite ones I’ve read as of late.  I may create a new list soon, possibly for other otps but here’s some that I found that some of you may enjoy(Warning of these contain smut in case you are not comfortable with that sort of thing, but not all of them do)  :

1. A Fantastical Stydia Wedding // Author : PurpleMuggle

2. With you I become again // Author : writergirl8

3. empty spaces of my body // Author  :   writergirl8

4. Savior //  Author : you-make-me-wander

5. Not a Valentine’s date  //  Author  :  you-make-me-wander

6. I’m your idiot     // Author  :   you-make-me-wander

7. Everlasting love    // Author  :   you-make-me-wander

8.  Not a Valentine’s date   // Author   :   you-make-me-wander

9. Lie to Me Again     //  Author   :  All.Is.Now.Harmed

10.  The Stydia Book   //  Author   :   The Assassin’s Son

11.  Old Friends  //   Author    :    sociallyawkardteen

12.  Cruel    //  Author    :  Lurker128


HOLY WOUNDS & HOLY WARS (WE CAN LET IT SLIDE) by @possibilistfanfiction. 5.1k. one shot. rated M.

‘you loved her as best you could, as best as you will ever be able to love another, and there’s something that healed a little in your chest when the person who took her away from you finally died. you finally killed that edge of the particular ghost of a knife.’

Happy - Prologue

Heyyyy everyone, so this is actually based after this fanfiction , a collaboration by nothingbutwordsstuff​ and giupear​. I was very heartbroken with how Mira-San decided to end this fanfiction, and therefore I wrote an after chapter in hopes to make Mira suffer like I did. Look what you did to Lucy. I wasn’t going to actually post this, but Mira wanted it so here you gooo.
So it makes sense to you, best read her original one shot first ^u^

This is for you two hehe

One year.

Who could have believed it? Even as she rubbed her hands together in the cool night, nothing could replace the warmth that had been missing in her life for so long.

In all honesty, she never liked visiting Natsu’s grave, it taunted her with regret and grief, her heart throbbing as to why she didn’t call the hospital, or ring the police. After all, what had gone down had been manslaughter- maybe yet…

murder. And they had taken it to authorities, but they just didn’t care like they used to. And either way, nothing could bring the boy back into Lucy’s life, he had already been taken.

None of that mattered now. Often she questioned why she didn’t ignore Natsu’s request; his body a bloody mess in the alley way; any normal person would have called for help immediately, but she knew now. She knew it was because she would listen to Natsu no matter what.

She could still remember the gentle tone of his voice as he began to drift away, that wistful smile on his face and all she could do now was blame and hate herself.

Lucy shook her head, holding her black gloved fingers to her mouth, the tears already trickling down her face, all she could see was that majestic smile plastered upon his face, and his voice telling her the three things she had always wished to hear. It took her a while, but she realised she had everything and it had all been ripped away just because of one thing.

She blamed herself because it was her fault after all, if only she had payed closer attention, understood him better… been talking to him, never mentioned the stalker… Anything?!

Why did she have to involve him!

She would never forgive herself, never ever. The worst part had been watching him fall lifeless before her eyes, that letter had been clenched in her fingers until she finally got the courage to give out a distress call.

She didn’t speak for weeks, to anyone, not even her friends that knew Natsu too. What was the point, they couldn’t understand after all, they weren’t there. She just knew now that something was missing, and it would never be the same.

Lucy thought perhaps she’d get used to it but apparently not, even now as she stared at the grave with wide and shaky eyes, she forced her hands to move, the opal flowers in her hands now a crumpled mush; but she placed it down anyway.

She wanted to join him, she wanted to join Natsu so badly. But she knew there was no point, but then she also couldn’t just forget him; Natsu was her everything.

She crouched gently, looking up at the engraved stone, his name across in in block letters.

“I know I say this every time I visit… but I’m so sorry…” She smiled gently, pulling the very old worn out letter from her pocket, folding the beaten paper out so that her brown eyes settled on the writing.

‘So, um…don’t laugh, but this is my first time ever writing a letter.’, she chuckled at the first line, it bringing a tear to her eye. She on the other hand had written thousands of letters, and today she had finally brought one in reply to him.

“I wrote you something…” She laughed out loud, a cold breeze causing her to shiver as she stayed in place; turning the page over.

On the back was her own handwriting, it much neater than Natsu’s and not a single mistake because she had re-written it so many times.
“I’ll read it to you… since it’s a little hard for you to read it yourself…” Perhaps she was crazy, talking to a grave stone. But it didn’t matter.

She cleared her throat, focusing on her words, ready to read.

“Dear Natsu.
I wrote you this letter, because.. I never got chance to reply to yours. I know it’s stupid… it took me over a year but I finally finished. And you don’t have to worry, it’s the last one you’ll ever get from me..
You’re not the one that needed to apologise. I was. We had each other’s backs and I should have been kinder… What you did was so beautiful and I misunderstood it… I love the cat by the way. Your brother let me see it. He was so nice to me, he misses you a lot.”

She sniffed, wiping her eyes as she continued.

“I always liked you Natsu. And for a better word, I would rather settle with l-love. Because I do, and it took me this long to realise that I am nothing without you. My heart it aches… with you gone I feel… so worthless and guilty, and no one…
So today, I want you to know that I am with you, forever and always. Because this is the last time you will ever hear from Lucy Heartfilia. She died along with you. I miss her very much, but I know she’ll never come back.
I am nothing without you and therefore I shall not exist. I love you so much. But this is goodbye. There is nothing else left to say. I just wish I got to see your smile once more.
Thanks for listening to this whole thing and I’m sorry if I wasted your time.”

She coughed slightly.

“Sincerely…” She silenced at that, for she had no name to say; her hand pushing into her pocket with a gentle sigh; a lightly protruding from the material of her coat.

She flicked it once, and twice, letting the flame eat at the letter, tossing it onto the flowers; them too setting alight.

That was it.

She had her bags, she burned her identity.

Now it was time to move on, and never look back at Magnolia again.