one of each pls


a set for each inquisition companion ⤔ Dorian Pavus

“You let it keep hurting because you think hurting is who you are. Why would you do that?””


outside the surveillance room
pidge: what the heckie
hunk: are they stalking on them or something
coran: ah, the best way to bond

based on one of the headcanons in !!


MELODRAMA (2017)  song titles

I bet I’m not the only one, right ? ;)

NCT 127 as Characters in a Horror Movie
  • Winwin: got killed in the intro
  • Haechan: never shuts up. first one to die
  • Taeyong: leads the group. Stepped up to take control of the situation. ends up sacrificing himself
  • Johnny: a prankster who tries to scare everyone. got killed while trying to pull a prank
  • Taeil: was aware of the situation all along. knows everyone will be killed and no one believed him. already accepted his death
  • Yuta: is skeptical about everything. does not believe that they are being hunted by a killer. tries to explain the events scientifically
  • Doyoung: sets off to wander alone due to extreme curiosity. curiosity killed him
  • Jaehyun: was not even part of the group and just tried to help but then got killed
  • Mark: is very shy and is ignored by almost everyone in the group. ends up being the lone survivor
  • me with p4 characters: ok souyo is really good... chie and yukiko are super gay too... naoto and kanji are fucking perfect..... shit i ran outta good pairs.
  • me with p5 characters: all of the phantom thieves are in a poly relationship with each other and it’s good and gay and fluffy and also the cat’s there too.

lee woojin in his kang daniel’s arms ♡

great work and well done, our beloved maknae, woojin-ah ♡

hello! as of the 27th of june 2016, it will be officially 1 year since i’ve made this tumblr. i am so so happy for the amount of friends i have made in the past year. i didnt expect to gain so much support and followers during this period of time. i have truly enjoyed every moment i’ve spent on tumblr! i want to thank everyone who have supported and followed me since day 1. 

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