one of a kind solo concert


okay but listen

marching band au

  • Allura is drum major
  • Shiro plays Clarinet and is like that one guy who’s super obsessed with band and works out to drum corps music
  • Hunk is the very nice very kind sousaphone player
  • Pidge does all these techno effects in the pit
  • Lance plays tenor sax in concert band but does Color Guard during marching season
  • Keith plays trumpet
    • he’s really good and gets a solo
    • ahaha but guess what Lance does an accompanying flag routine right next to him to match his solo 
  • Coran is their super hype band director
SHINee Subbed turns 2!

Activity-wise, 2016 goes down as one of SHINee’s biggest years, with new music on a nearly monthly basis and international promotions up the wazoo. It was also a prolific time for personal achievements, with major film, drama, and solo album / concert debuts. More than 600 subbed video releases helped document the ride throughout, and I look forward to 2017 being just as busy and rewarding for both SHINee and Shawols alike! As always, thank you to everyone who follows and supports SHINee Subbed; I appreciate all the reblogs, kind messages, and help in spreading the word to other fans, especially those not on Tumblr! The more people that get to experience all these great subbers’ work and enjoy SHINee, the better! Let’s keep going! See you back here next year! ♥


Stacy Walker : “G-Dragon is very special.” “I never get nervous watching you.”

Travis Payne : “He’s a very gifted performer, artist, songwriter and producer." 

The tour will consist of 26 shows in 8 countries and 13 cities. We are looking forward to the concert. We are excited to show K-POP Star and BIGBANG leader, G-Dragon’s energy to the audience.

Am I really the only one who was kind of disgusted by Key’s solo stage at Shinee’s recent concert? I have no problem with sexual songs/choreo and I know companies and creative directors like to sell their idols as sexually appealing, but dressing him up like he works in a sex dungeon and giving him a whip to carry around during the act? That’s too far. I didn’t think it could get any worse than Internet War and I was wrong.

(Trans) Junjin’s Interview on Grazia Magazine October Edition

Saw one article wrote that you said, “Doing variety for life.” It may be a glimpse of the 17 years showbiz fierce life.

Junjin: If I released an album, I can’t say that I won’t do variety anymore. Doing TV broadcast is fun and because I enjoy it, I always do my best. I am also being serious on the stage when singing a song. That is why I like this kind of interview. I can be serious. 

Heard when SHINHWA members were drinking together, Junjin and Eric had a serious talk once before.

Junjin: We did last month after SHINHWA Encore Concert. I sat with Eric and talked for one hour (laugh).

What were you talking that time? Do you have any concern these days? Maybe about marriage…

Junjin: We talked for a while about marriage and girlfriend, but the biggest one is this album. Somehow because I didn’t have a solo comeback for a long time, I think I see it as a serious concern.

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