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As I was re-watching one piece film z I remembered why Brook is one of the most beautiful Strawhat members:

he’s protecting his captain from the rain, but he’s so tall and the umbrella wouldn’t reach Luffy, so he BENDS DOWN IN ORDER TO COVER HIM.



He’s already dead tho… yohoho

And then they just walk off like that, with Brook holding up the umbrella for the future pirate king like nothing, because he’s such a wonderful skeleton and HE CARES FOR HIS CAPTAIN HEALTH, GOSH NO DROP WOULD DARE TOUCH HIS CAPTAIN’S FAIR SKIN FIGHT HIM !!!!



happy birthday victor nikiforov!! here’s a present for you: a cute japanese figure skater slash fiancé! 🎁✨

I’m so glad you loved both of the pictures! Like seriously, this was how I felt when I saw them posted and your reaction.

I’m also really happy about how many notes they’ve racked up. I was expecting like 60 to 75 notes, but both the first attempt and the full message have racked up 112 and 94 notes total as of now!

Everything about this is really big to me right now, with this being the first time I’ve ever put up my art on the internet. This was literally my debut, and I’m happy about how it’s turned out (yes, even despite the first setback).

So, I’d like to thank both you and also everyone who’s liked/reblogged The Unofficial Boneheads Family Portrait. All those nearly five months it took to complete it has been worth it.

And this won’t be the last time I submit art! Expect more in the future! I know I’ve got plans for a Mini-Bendy plus other things…

Thank you,

Jack Anon

((Before you ask, yes, I decided to add a little Jack Skellington decoration to my top hat since I go by Jack Anon. I figured it’d be a fitting touch!))


Originally posted by sam2119931

Honestly, seeing those posts get as many notes as they did made me really happy, too. I’m so glad you decided to share them,because I think they came out looking really great! I hope the next time you post artwork online, that you’ll share it again. I’d really like to see what you do next. Especially if you’re planning on drawing Mini-Bendys at some point. XD

Thanks again, and keep up the good work! ^^


u know most of the selfies i have posted on here are of me wearing hats and u know what i realized ,,,, i wear hats to cover up the fact that i am Depressed and can’t be bothered to do anything with my hair lol oopsie

ML Requests: Jealousy- Adrienette

Requested by: @animatedsuperchick19

Still finishing these up, plugging away at this and a new art request I received. Love all your requests. Thanks for keeping me busy :)

“Duuude!!! She’s wicked hot! Damn I wish I could hang with models like this all the time!” Nino oogled the picture of the girl on his phone. One of Adrien’s older model friends was coming to town and well the guys had practically been drooling over her arrival all week.

“Excuse me?” Alya narrowed her eyes at Nino.

“I mean- uh- you know- she uh- she’s really not THAT hot,” Nino spluttered.

“Uh-huh.” Alya nodded skeptically.

“You know Marinette, Azalea works in fashion design sometimes too, I could introduce you if you like,” Adrien offered up to Marinette who at this point was absolutely seething. Oh great, Marinette thought, Another thing she’s perfect at!

“Yeah that would be great,” Marinette said through her teeth. Alya raised an eyebrow at her. Adrien didn’t seem to notice her barely contained rage.

“Great! I’ll bring her by the bakery sometime,” Adrien beamed at Marinette.

“Peachy,” Marinette muttered in response.

“When are you taking your hot model friend to the bakery Agreste? I think it only fair that you introduce me to her,” Kim sauntered over to Adrien’s desk. Marinette gripped her hands into fists to resist the urge to slug Kim. She was really tired of hearing about Adrien’s beautiful, perfect, amazing model friend! This had been going on for nearly two weeks and Marientte was on the edge of her patience. The girl was everything Marinette wasn’t, conventionally beautiful, able to speak to Adrien in complete sentences, tall, brunette, stunning, exotic, a model, and apparently a fashion designer.

“I looked her up online and it says here that she sings, is she doing a concert in town?” Max interrupted. Oh and apparently she was a singer. Great. Just great. Marinette was fairly certain steam would rise up from her ears any second. She hated feeling jealous but after two weeks of this she had lost her a majority of her willpower and cheeriness.

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Get nerdy, hand-made, one of a kind hats from Thirty7s Custom Apparel!

The maker just informed me that the final patch for this hat has arrived so it will be available for purchase soon!


The thing about Ania is, she is not actually a rogue. she works in a used book store, and is into urban spelunking, and minutes after finding this pike that is not sized for her, a series of misunderstandings and wanting to avoid interpersonal conflict got her added to an adventure party in what turns out was a dungeon? now she’s way too far in to stop the lie, she’s taken time from work off to go off on this big quest, and she cannot imagine this ending any way other than disaster.

also, there are a couple things in that bottom row that I full on forgot about, huh? Creative liberties or whatevs

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Cancer Planetary Placements

•Cancer Sun• You are emotional, intuitive, have deep connections with people, are easily trusted, manipulative, and empathetic. You are good at giving advice. You are caring. You wear your heart on your sleeve but secretly it is bound by thorns. If you are walked on, and you realize it, you aren’t going to let them get away with it. You let emotions run your life at times. You are prone to depression and anxiety due to the extreme role your emotions play. Prone to mood swings.
•Cancer Moon• Cancer in the Moon, which rules Emotions, Intuition and the sign Cancer, you tend to display lots of the same qualities a Cancer Sun does. You are empathetic, caring, sacrificial, and you give good advice. You are also intuitive and probably have some sort of psychic ability. Though, this is where that ends. You are not manipulative, nor naive. You do not enjoy change and tend to have abandonment issues.
•Cancer Mercury• Cancer in Mercury, ruler of Intellect, Learning and Communication, you tend to give even better advice than Cancer Sun’s or Moon’s do. You learn by relating to things, which happens more often than you think! How you communicate changes often, and you go from the funny ecstatic one to the kind hearted mom-friend in the drop of a hat.
•Cancer Venus• Cancer in Venus, ruler of Beauty, Relationships, and Friendships, is a sign that usually has a Daddy Kink. (Sorry). You are submissive. You tend to rely on your relationships. You’ll probably be a MILF. Your needs in a relationship tend to be communication, always. I mean 100% of the time. Like connected by the hip.
•Cancer Mars• Cancer in Mars, ruler of Sex, Anger and Physical Instincts, you tend to always get very caring, and very submissive. When a fight breaks out, you tend to try and manipulate your way out of the situation, or just scrunch away. Sexually, you probably have a Daddy Kink. You like being “owned”, dominated. Your best match in this aspect is a Capricorn Sun/Venus/Mars, but only because of how they will please you sexually. You will always become attached to those you have sex with and do not believe in one time flings.

*Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto are not included due to the fact they are basically generational, with the exception of Jupiter*

Still windy out! But also River and dresses, man.

Fallout 4 Headcannons

Just compiled a list for fun of things I’ve either seen and liked, or I think would fit myself, plus some stuff I’ve put in my fanfics. There are TONS more of great headcannons that are equally as amazing and valid, this is just for fun. Yes I also did rearrange some things in game (ie. MacCready left handed) but they were little so shhh. Took major liberties with Strong. Non specification of culture/gender/sexuality/etc just means I haven’t decided or don’t care. I tried not to include many things that are already canon or everyone knows about.


·         Fell in love with Jackson – Pygmalion


·        Trans

·         Irish

·         Hairy

·         Totally plays on playgrounds when no one is looking

·         Smacks your ass to show she likes what she sees

·         Hates kids – never wants them

·         Pregnancy fear

·         Likes to climb trees

·         Getting dirty or hurt is all proof that you did some awesome shit

·        Really good at rapping

·        Cannot read/illiterate


·         British

·         Tries on assaultron blade attachments when no one is looking

·         OCD about the specific order of things

·         He is the Alfred to Sole’s Batman


·         French

·         Ambidextrous

·         Speaks 4 languages

·         Sometimes forgets tact in favor of scientific opinion

·         Trivia fountain. Would win bingo night

·         Always reading

·         Huge worrywart. Always thinks that if something can go wrong, it will.

·         Carries around a special med kit just for Sole

·         Not just science nerd but also HISTORY nerd!

·         Likes bugs/reptiles (after poison glands removed!)


·         Latino/Italian

·         Has PTSD

·         Likes butts

·         Sleeps naked (he gets too hot)

·         Won’t admit he likes the subtle fragrance of flowers

·         Returns to his room on the Prydwen to conceal random boners (too obvi in BoS suit)

·         Feels inadequate/awkward without his power armor

·         Falls in “pull your pigtails” kind of like with someone

·         Lifts weights while Sole is away. Works out a lot.

·         Afraid of spiders


·         Non-binary - Demiboy

·         Loves roleplay

·         Insomnia/irregular sleep patterns

·         Nightmares

·         Has a tattoo on his right butt cheek that he doesn’t remove no matter how much he changes his body

·         Doesn’t even know why he lies anymore

·         Halloween is his favorite holiday

·         Frequently depressed

·         Knows everyone at the Atoms Cats Garage

·         Loves it when Sole laughs at his jokes


·         Barks at nothing

·         Has traveled across the United States

·         Immortal


·         Pansexual

·         ADD - Fiddles with things a lot. Cannot stop. Knife is his favorite

·         Can’t cook for his life

·         Has fantasized about doing Sole in a Pulowski Preservation shelter during a radstorm on numerous occasions

·         Will wear anything Sole gives him and will cut you for making fun of him

·         Covers up mirrors/doesn’t like them (doesn’t want to look at his own face)

·         Will not go to Diamond City with Sole – McDonough

·         Drugs help him escape

·         Literally does not see how much he has done for people

·         Incredibly harsh on himself


·         Left handed

·         Likes: video games, comic books, anime

·         Gets excited when he hears about McDonalds. Pretends there’s an ‘a’ in the middle

·         Being called ‘Bobby’ is his Kryptonite

·         Competes with Sole’s high scores for their pip boy games

·         Babysitter for Shaun when Sole is away

·         Eventually brings Duncan to live at Sanctuary with them

·         Fooling around/touching one another turns him on

·         Kind of likes it when Sole takes his hat

·         Worries a lot – nervous

·         Self-conscious about his fluffy hair


Nick Valentine

·         Coffee addict

·         No dick Nick

·         But his metal hand does for some amazing manual stimulation

·         Knows ballroom dances

·         Refuses to go easy on you in card games. You need to earn the win.

·         Finding the Mysterious Stranger is on his bucket list

·         Pre-war Nick was a devout Catholic who prayed every night

·         Knows that his glowing eyes do things to Sole. Loves it.

·         No longer has the capacity for addiction but continues to smoke because Pre-war Nick did

·         Old fashioned is his favorite alcoholic beverage

·         The Godfather is his favorite movie


·         Jewish

·         Self-conscious about her weight

·         Great with kids

·         Loves “do not enter” or “do not push” signs. Rather, she loves ignoring them.

·         Baseball is her favorite sport

·         Has collected erotica throughout the commonwealth and reads them at night.

·         Always chewing bubblegum

·         Very flexible – stretches every morning

·         Jogs for exercise

·         Afraid of clowns

·         Loves photography. Always takes pictures of her and Sole, flowers, the sky, etc


·         Stress related anxiety

·         Vegetarian

·         Always has clean nails

·         Really good at art – sculptures (wood/metals/etc)

·         NEVER lies

·         Rule follower to the very last drop

·         First one to suggest they build a school in Sanctuary for all the kids

·         Organizes everyone’s schedules around Sanctuary

·         Very concerned about health and nutrition


·         South American – Argentinian

·         Speaks Spanish -> barely knows English

·         Wrestler

·         Was a college student when he was abducted for experimentation of the FEV

·         Also 200+ years old


·         Likes cats

·         Perfect at everything he attempts/Perfectionist

·         Plays strip poker – takes off no clothes

·         Doesn’t hate classical radio, especially when brutally murdering things

·         Is a dick to everyone but Sole

·         Special profound knowledge about armor/weapons, their parts, and how they work

·         Can fix anything

·         Fear of heights

·         The only courser that dreams

·         Was dispatched to the Wastelands to kill Harkness

·         Hates dirt/uncleanliness


·         Doesn’t always think the choices he’s made were the right ones

·         Drinks himself to sleep frequently/alcohol problem

·         Children are scared of him (scar/beard)

·         Self-conscious about his age


·         Went through many depressive phases throughout his life

·         Didn’t tell anyone that synth Shaun was a test to see if Mother/Father cared about him

·         Has a Dr. Volkert come see him secretly in his chambers to consult him about his cancer


·         Loves animals

·         Had a husband who died

·         Miscarried once and doesn’t want to try ever again

·         Workaholic


·         Obsessed with guns. Collects them

·         Cuts her own hair

·         Was the first to bring makeup into the RR. Showed it to Desdemona, who started wearing it as well


the good wife + zodiac signs