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Meeting the Avengers family; Chris Evans x teen reader

This request was my first ever Chris Evans request that I had ever written. I hope you guys enjoy it, not really any warnings except for utter teeth rotting fluffiness, sparks of first romance and the Three Leaders of Team Cap picking on a small Tom Holland. 

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It was the beginning of May and my dad Chris Evans and I have just arrived at the first location spot for the upcoming Avengers: Infinity War film. Now I have been to all the premieres and heck I have all the DVD’s but I’ve never once gotten the chance to go with my dad to see him on set as Captain America (I blame school for that) but now since I’ve finished my finals and am currently done with school, I have bargained with my dad to allow me to go with him on set to see Avengers: Infinity War and here we are now.

“Okay (n/n) we’re here” my dad said as he patted my knee which made me take out my earbuds and shut my music off and I got out of the car with him and we were guided by some of the Marvel staff into the studio where we were welcomed by the entire cast and crew that were there.

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BigBang Merch I Own Arranged by Release Date.

This isn’t a complete list of items. Many items didn’t make it here because I have no idea to which date or promotion cycle they belong. These are the main items in my collection only.

2006 Aug to Nov - BigBang First, Second and Third Singles [X]

2006 Dec - BigBang First Album: Volume 1 [x]

2007 Feb - BigBang First Concert CD: The Real  [x]

2007 March - BigBang First Concert DVD: Since 2007 [x]

2007 Aug -  BigBang First Mini Album: Always [X]

2007 Nov - BigBang Second Mini Album: Hot Issue [x]

  • Seungri - BigBang x BSX Limited Edition Hoodie -  [X]
  • BigBang x BSX Hoodie - [X]

2008 Jan - BigBang For the World [x]

2008 Feb - BigBang Second Concert CD: The Great [X]

2008 March - BigBang Second Concert DVD: The Great [x]

2008 Aug - BigBang Third Mini Album: Stand Up [x]

2008 Oct - BigBang First Japan Album: Number 1 (Cd/DVD) [x]

2008 Nov - BigBang Second Album: Remember [X]

2009 March - BigBang 2008 Global Warning Tour DVD Green [x]

  • Seungri Strong Baby Full Story Photobook [X]

2009 April - BigBang 2009 Concert Big Show CD: [X]

2009 Sep - Seungri - Why did you come to my House [x]

2009 June - BigBang Japanese Single: My Heaven [x]

2009 July - BigBang Japanese Single: Gara Gara Go! [x]

2009 July - BigBang 2009 Concert Big Show DVD: [x]

2009 Aug - G-Dragon Heartbreaker original version [x]

2009 Nov - BigBang Japan Single: Koe Wo Kikasete Cd/DVD [X]

2010 Mar - G-Dragon Shine a Light CD: [x]

2010 Apr - G-Dragon Shine a Light DVD Japanese version: [X]

2010 June - BigBang Japan : Tell me Goodbye Cd/DVD [x]

2010 June - BigBang 2010 Concert Big Show CD: [x]

2010 Aug - BigBang 2010 Concert Big Show DVD: [X]

  • 2010 BigShow Facemask - Seungri [x]
  • 2010 Bangs Cartoon Book [x]
  • 2010 Electric Love Tour Photobook (Japan) [X]
  • 2010 Seungri n T.o.P. movie Nineteen [x]
  • Seungri n T.o.P. movie Nineteen Publicity - Japan [X]

2010 Aug - BigBang Japan Single: Beautiful Hangover  [X]

2011 Jan - Seungri VVIP CD silver version [x] [o]

  • Seungri VVIP Key Necklace Silver version [x]

2011 Feb - BigBang Mini Album: Tonight [X]

2011 Feb - GDnTop First Album Japanese version [X]

2011 Mar - Seungri VVIP V World DVD [x] [o]

2011 Mar - GDnTop Play with GD & TOP - Japanese Version [X]

2011 April - Official Lightstick version 3 [x]

2011 April - BigBang Mini Album: Tonight Special Edition [x]

2011 May - BigBang Japan Album: BigBang 2 (Blue +Black) [X]

2011 May - BigBang 2011 Concert Big Show Making DVD: [X]

2011 May - BigBang The Ultimate International Best [x]

2011 June - BigBang 2011 Concert Big Show CD: [X]

2011 June - BigBang 2011 Concert Big Show DVD: [x]

  • 2011 Official Desk Calendar [x]
  • 2011 Big Show Paper Toys (Medium): [x]
  • 2011 BigBang X Uniqlo Collab Hoodie (Blue) [x]
  • 2011 BigBang X Uniqlo Collab Hoodie (Black) [x]
  • 2011 BigBang X Uniqlo Collab Hoodie (Gray) [x]
  • 2011 BigBang Star Collection Card Vol 1 [X]
  • 2011 Seungri Tonight Music Video Making Film  [x]
  • 2011 Seungri Face T-Shirt [x]
  • 2011 BigBang Star Collection Card Special Edition [X]

2011 Jul - GDnTop First Album Repackage version [x]

  • Seungri Dazed Korea Magazine [x]

2011 Dec - The Best of BigBang Japanese version [x]

2012 Feb - BigBang Mini Album: Alive metal case Seungri: [x][o]

2012 June - Extraordinary 20’s Photobook Korea version [X]

  • Vogue Magazine (BigBang in the Boxing Ring) [x]

2012 June - BigBang Mini: Alive Spec.Ed.- Still Alive Seungri: [x]

2012 Aug - BigBang 2012 Concert Alive Making Collection: [X]

  • Alive Tour Official T-shirt Black [x]
  • Alive Tour Official Hoodie Sweatshirt Black [x]
  • Alive Tour Japan Dome Vip privilege Watch [X]
  • Alive Tour Phone Accessory [x]
  • Alive Tour Goods Notebook set [x]
  • Alive Tour Goods Necklace Seungri version [x]
  • Seungri BigBang Mini Notebook  [x]

2012 Nov - G-Dragon One Of A Kind Bronze & Gold versions [x]

  • G-Dragon One of a Kind Knee Socks [x]
  • G-Dragon One of a Kind Choco Pies [x]
  • G-Dragon One of A Kind Strap for BigBang Lightstick [x]
  • G-Dragon One of A Kind Ring set (Gold) [x]
  • G-Dragon One of A Kind Fan Picket [x]
  • G-Dragon Ring Notebook [x]
  • G-Dragon Leather Tattoo Wristband (white) [X]

2012 Dec  -BigBang Special Final in Dome Memorial [x]

2013 Jan - BigBang 2012 Concert Alive CD: [x]

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2013 Mar - Daesung Japanese Album D’scover CD only [X]

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2013 Aug - Seungri Let’s Talk About Love Red & Orange [x]

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2013 Sept - G-Dragon COUP D’ETAT red version [x]

2013 Oct - Seungri Lets Talk About Love Japn Cd/DVD [o][x]

  • Seungri Esquire Magazine [x]
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  • Seungri Magazine Clippings - Various [x]
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2013 Nov - G-Dragon COUP D’ETAT Japan CD/DVD [x]

2013 Nov - T.o.p The Commitment Special Photobook [x]

2013 Dec - G-Dragon COUP D’ETAT collection Korea version [x]

2013 Dec - T.o.p Special Edition Doom Dada Korea [x]

2014 Jan - Official Lightstick version 4 [X]

2014 Feb - GD 2013 World Tour OoaK Final Seoul (Taiwan) [X]

2014 Mar - BigBang 2013-2014 Japan Dome Tour DVD  [X]

2014 Mar - T.o.p Doom Dada CD/DVD Japan [X]

  • BigBang 2014 Stamps + Postcard Set - Korea [x] [o]
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2014 Nov - Best of BigBang 2006-2014 3cd + 2 dvd Japan [X]

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2014 Dec - GD x Taeyang - Good Boy [x]

2015 Feb - BigBang 2014 Japan Event Fantastic Babys DVD [X]

2015 Mar - BigBang 2015 Welcoming Collection DVD Japan

  • Seungri [X]
  • Taeyang [o]

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2015 June - BigBang Made Series: A (Black & White) [X]

2015  July - BigBang Made Series: D (Black & White) [X]

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2015 Nov -  MADE in Japan Vip Seat Bracelet [X]

2016 Feb - MADE Series - (Deluxe Edition)(Jpn vers) [x]

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2016 Mar - BB Welcoming Collection (Japan/Korea) [X]

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  • BB Times Magazine- Vol 11[x]

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2016 Aug - BB 10th anniversary light stick (Japan) [x]

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2016 Sep - Dazed Korea 100 x BigBang (Seungri) [x]

2016 Oct - BigBang 10 The Collection: A - Z Photobook [X]

2016 Nov - BigBang10  The Movie DVD (Korea) [x]

2016 Dec - BigBang MADE The Full Album 

  • Daesung [x]
  • Seungri [x]
  • BigBang x Nongfu Spring Tea (GD) [x]

2017 Feb - BigBang MADE (Jpn Deluxe Edition) [X]

2017 Mar - BigBang Welcoming Collection (Japan) [x]

2017 Apr - Daesung - D-Day (cd+dvd) (Japan) [x]

Monthly Volleyball 2014 - March Issue - Haikyuu!! Feature - Interview with Furudate Haruichi

– so 1. stage play and interviews has wrecked me 2. hq s2ep24 has worsened my condition this might be my permanent state of crying
anyway, so because of the above stated reasons, I started trawling through tumblr and digging up stuff about haikyuu, and I chanced upon this magazine interview posted here by aerobird. Yes it’s kind of (very) late considering it’s a publication from 2 years ago (wow), but I really liked what I read so I decided to translate it out of personal interests (plus I haven’t been translating stuff lately so this is good). there’s also another haikyuu feature in a magazine called DaVinci which was also found on tumblr, it’s a little longer than this one I might translate it if I have the time. I can’t remember who posted it but I will put up the link if I ever do get down to translating it. for now, please enjoy!

– So I understand that Furudate-sensei has been watching the Spring High Volleyball tournaments every year! First of all, please share with us your thoughts on this year’s tournament.

Furudate: Well, this is something that strikes me every year, but the cheering is really intense! The very moment I step into the gymnasium, I’m overwhelmed by the cheers of each school. They really raise the atmosphere by a notch. Hearing the cheers also make me think of the players who must be so full of pride, to be able to play a match with so much support behind them. At the same time, I also recall my high school days, when I thought that it was so unfair, because only the baseball team got the whole school to support their matches! (laughs)

– This year you were allowed on the benches to collect material for your manga. How was it witnessing the matches up close?

Furudate: I was allowed to watch the matches from the reporters’ bench which was situated at the end of the court, and the balls were always rebounding in my direction! I was able to once again relive that feeling of ‘closeness” with the ball.

Other than that, I was able to see the match from the serving player’s line of sight, which gave me a very realistic view. And when I was down on the courts once again, I remembered how high the ceiling was and how bright the lights were. The players must have felt dizzy every time they practiced and had matches in the gymnasium. It must have taken them a while to get used to it.
Though I couldn’t enter the court, I was really happy that I got to witness the match at such close proximity.

– Were there any plays or scenes that left a deep impression?

Furudate: Since I’ve been watching the matches from the audience seating until last year, the behind the scenes work which I was able to catch a glimpse of this year definitely left a lasting impression.

I was definitely able to feel the players’ anxiety while they waited for the previous matches to end and for their own team’s matches to start. And when the matches end, witnessing the reactions and feelings of both the winning and losing teams also left a deep impression.

– Were there any teams in the Spring High Tournament that left a deep impression?

Furudate: I was able to watch Seijoh High School and East Fukuoka High School practice in the sub-arena before the semi-finals. Seijoh had a more mild and quiet playing style, while East Fukuoka was intense and impactful, it was quite an interesting contrast. Each team’s unique personality also really shines through during the few moments before the start of a match.

– Were there any players who left a strong impression?

Furudate: To be honest, it’s quite hard to find someone who stands out as “The One” from first glance. I’ve always longed to stand on this kind of platform but I never had the chance to, so everyone who has made it to this stage is an existence above me (laughs)

Also, while collecting material I tried to focus more on the off-camera action, as the actual matches can still be watched on DVD. Bearing witness to these little details, the number of players that left a strong impression could only increase.

Haikyuu!! Is a story revolving around volleyball. What inspired you to create a series like Haikyuu!! ?

Furudate: I was part of the volleyball club in middle and high school, and I still feel a strong sense of attachment to the sport. At that time, club activities were the only thing driving me to go to school. Even so, I wasn’t able to accomplish anything of much result. The feelings of frustration and regret, and the things that I wanted to do – I channeled them all into my manga and created Haikyuu!!

– What is the charm point of volleyball to you, personally?

Furudate: “Entrust”, and “to be entrusted with”, are foundational concepts in volleyball. Without understanding them, the game will not fall into place. For any team sports, it might be a given that teamwork and “connecting” is necessary for each play to work, but in volleyball such concepts form the roots of the game. Other than serving, even a simple offense cannot be done alone. That is precisely why the joy we share with our teammates, the frustration we feel when we can’t do anything on our own, are the charming aspects of volleyball.

– While reading Haikyuu!!, I noticed that there were many “speedy” scenes. Is “speed” also an aspect of volleyball which you find charming?

Furudate: I haven’t been consciously thinking about it, but the “speedy” feeling from these scenes may have actually been a result of trying to depict the “rigor” of the sport. Volleyball is different in the sense that continuous running is not involved, but as long as the ball is in the air, one must be constantly on the move and have their senses honed in order to stay focused in the game. I might have been trying to depict the rigor and anxiety felt in such scenes. Even though I’m the one drawing it, I’m analysing it as if it’s another person’s work (laughs)

– Within the manga, I noticed that a size 4 ball was used during middle school years, and the designs of the coloured balls changed with time as well. I feel that sensei has put in a lot of effort into these minor details. 

Furudate: When transitioning from middle school to high school, we also upgraded from using a size 4 ball to a size 5 ball. The thought of “It’s big!” that I had at that time Is still very fresh in my mind, so I decided to put in such details in the manga as well. In the manga, I wanted to add in a scene where Hinata was thinking, “The ball’s different from the one in middle school!” but sadly, due to the limited number of pages, I had to cut it. When I was playing volleyball in high school, we also switched to coloured balls (we were still using white balls at the time when I entered high school), which left a deep impression on me. The designs of the balls keep getting more and more intricate, it’s getting tougher to draw (laughs)

– Are there any volleyball players you like?

Furudate: Aoyama Shigeru (former Japan National team member), and for currently active players, I like Torray Arrows’ Yoneyama Yuta.

– There are many unique and fascinating characters in Karasuno High School. Are there people in real life whom the characters are modeled after?

Furudate: Personality wise, I thought of the different aspects of the people I know, my own shortcomings as well as my own ideals. I have yet to create any characters who are modeled after real-life players.

– Why did you choose to set the story in Miyagi?

Furudate: Karasuno is located in Sendai City of Miyagi Prefecture, and may give off a sort of countryside image. In the beginning, I was deciding between Miyagi and Iwate. I lived in Iwate until high school, so I thought of modelling Karasuno High and its surroundings after my hometown in Iwate. However, my hometown was so far into the countryside that not even trains passed through, so it was kind of impossible to encounter students from other schools. I also rarely walked around town, so I actually didn’t know as much about my hometown as I had expected, so I gave up in making Iwate the setting (laughs)

I spent about 8-9 years in Miyagi after graduating from high school, so it’s like a second hometown to me. I feel a great sense of emotional attachment to the place and I’m also familiar with the area. Furthermore, it’s also the hometown of my editor-in-charge, so in the end I decided on Miyagi for the setting. But thinking about it now, having characters from a rural countryside with no trains saying things like “Ey we’re gonna go to the Tokyo Gym!” would be kind of interesting to see (laughs)

– Were there any scenes that were particularly difficult to draw?

Furudate: The rules and explanations of the different plays. Majority of the Jump readers do not have a prior interest in volleyball. I didn’t want to bore the readers with the explanations, so I try to incorporate them as parts of the story. The rotation of the players is also another issue. When I think that, “Hey! The protagonist can shine in this scene here!” in the next rotation, he would be shifted to the backrow. But the rotation itself is an interesting concept that can be expanded on in the manga.

Other than that, sometimes it’s just the scenes and frames where I have to continuously squeeze in the characters. When I’m drawing in a half-asleep state in the middle of the night, I’ll carelessly draw a character who was supposed to be in the backrow jumping to block the ball, or drawing right-handed players spiking the ball with their left. When I realise I’ll be like,  “Uwaaaa!” and then I’ll have to redraw the scenes. Sometimes they get published without me noticing so then I’ll be like “Uwaaa!’ and I’ll have to redraw those scenes for the comics publication. (laughs)

– Volleyball terms such as direct and indirect delivery, break, etc. were also all very well-explained in the manga. I can tell that sensei has put in a lot of effort in explaining these very daunting volleyball terms…how was it?

Furudate: Conveying these terms to readers who are not familiar with volleyball in a straightforward manner has always been my top priority, so I always try to use words that leave a strong impression or simple explanations. Especially for foundational rules (the ball must be sent back to the opposite side of the net after three touches, player rotation etc.), the names of the different positions and the basic attack strategies, I hope that the reader can remember them in order to fully enjoy the manga. However, unlike the basic terms that appear very frequently, the specialised volleyball terms are rather difficult to understand and commit to memory. The technical terms might sound cool to someone who’s never heard them before (at least that’s what it’s like for me? How about you?), so even if they can’t remember their meanings, just by filing them into their memory as “something cool”, when they come across these terms again while watching a match on TV, they’ll think, “Hey! I think I read about that term in a manga before!” It’ll be great if they can slowly familiarise themselves with the terms in this way.

Also, for a shonen Jump manga like Haikyuu!!, there still hasn’t been a special move with a cool name yet (due to the author’s lack of naming sense), so the use of these specialised terms actually helps to shoulder some of the burden (laughs)

– Are there any characters whom you especially like?

Furudate: If I had to only choose one, it would be the protagonist Hinata. I put in a lot of effort to arrive at the Hinata that’s in the serialised version right now, so I have a really strong emotional attachment to him. Other than that, from Karasuno I like Tanaka, and from the rival schools I like Aone of Date Tech and Bokuto of Fukurodani. Basically, I like characters who don’t think about the consequences before acting. I’m someone who tends to overthink the consequences, so I really admire characters like them.

 I think it’s a really amazing concept to have someone small like Hinata who only stands at 162.8cm to be a middle blocker. Please share with us your thoughts and inspirations for this idea.

Furudate: I wanted to make quicks the main weapon, so I decided on middle blocker. Before Haikyuu!! started, I wanted to draw a story about a super amazing setter who could send the perfect tosses to his spiker. Following such an idea, I thought, rather than being “taller than the block”, why not be “faster than the block”? In the first chapter, we see that Hinata makes up for his lack of height with his amazing jumping power, but yet he realises that such ability is insufficient. I wanted to make Hinata reach the “peak” before his opponents, to triumph over those who are bigger than him, so I gave him an extraordinary jumping power to contrast the handicap his overwhelming lack of height gave him.

I also played middle blocker during my school days, so I really wanted to convey the feeling of touching the ball when making an awesome quick!

– I feel like the names of many of the players in the story are kind of uncommon or unconventional…is it just me? (laughs)

Furudate: I don’t think it’s just you (laughs) At this juncture, the surnames of the players from Aoba Johsai were taken from the names of hot springs in Iwate, and the surnames of the players from Date Tech were taken from the names of hot springs in Miyagi (for most of them). When more characters are introduced, it’s also really difficult to think of names for them. Now I’m still using the names of hot springs in the Tohoku region, but in the future it may expand to the whole of Japan. For the teams that have animal motifs, I think of their names by relating them to their respective animals.

– Hinata and Kageyama are indeed the epitome of yin and yang. I’m also looking forward to their individual growths in the future. Please tell us more about the future developments!

Furudate: As to how Hinata and Kageyama will change from now on, to be honest, I’m the person who knows the least. I’ll work hard to create a progression that the readers would be excited about.

Right now we’re at the Spring High Preliminaries, but there will be teams that will lose their third year players, and there will be teams that will completely change too. I also want the readers to also look out for teams that will be competing once again. Nekoma High and the other rival schools of the Kanto region will also be facing off in the preliminaries at the same time. I haven’t drawn these scenes yet, but I definitely want to do a good job portraying the matches between the other schools.

– Last question, what is the one thing that you want to convey the most to the readers through Haikyuu!! ?

Furudate: The fact that volleyball is fun and cool! I hope that Haikyuu!! can become a gateway for people to become truly interested in and pick up volleyball. I want it to be a story which both people play and do not play volleyball can enjoy, and I’ll work hard on that. Please look forward to it and thank you for your support.

My 5 Favorite Movies

As payment for the lovely Patreon contribution of Alice, I agreed to provide a list of my top 5 favorite movies (horror or not) and whatever film quotes I remember that I love. So, here we are:

5.  Kill Bill (Yes, Both Parts)

Any real fan of Quentin Tarantino knows that Kill Bill is not two movies–it is one movie, split into parts because that’s how the studio wanted to deliver it. Don’t say you don’t like part two as much as part one; Kill Bill is one movie. 

Why is this on my list? To tell you the truth, it doesn’t really seem to make sense considering who I am and what I do… except that it 100% is a Nick Nocturne kind of film.

There are no major psychological mystery elements, there’s no major abstract symbolism to decode or puzzle to break, and while the story of Kill Bill is horrifying, it’s not strictly horror.

And yet, Kill Bill is extremely valuable to me. So much so that I have the physical DVD copies of both parts and my own Hanzo sword replica, given to me during a past Christmas from someone who knew me better than I had realized up until that point.

Quentin Tarantino is a role model for me and anyone who believes in the Night Mind mission statement. An independent creator who taught himself, did his own work, and fought his way into the industry on his own terms making original work that challenged the field and broke the mold, Quentin Tarantino is revered for a very good reason. He told us unique, engaging stories that spoke to him and never bowed to the entertainment field’s requests to make “more of what sold last summer.” 

Kill Bill is probably the bravest, boldest movie Quentin Tarantino could have ever made before Django Unchained, and I don’t think anyone else could have ever gotten away with doing this. Outrageously violent, over-the-top action sequences, and oozing with charisma that’s equally cool and absurd, this world doesn’t follow cinema rules of the time it came out. Kill Bill stands alone, much like The Bride herself, and it takes no prisoners.

And the story? That awesome story! You cannot get a more badass, engaging revenge tale than the bloody path of The Bride. And let’s face it: you never, ever imagined a movie involving a woman punching her way out of a coffin, did you? And you probably never expected to enjoy seeing that as much as you did.

4 - Trick ‘r Treat

Let’s get something straight here, mmkay?

Michael Dougherty is brilliant and cannot make a bad movie.

Trick ‘r Treat is one of the best Halloween movies I’ve ever seen. I love it so much, it shares the same treatment I gave Kill Bill–I have the DVD, and I bought a Sam Hain Pop Vinyl figure. If I can get more Sam stuff while browsing geek merchandise stores, I absolutely will.

A short story collection horror movie on Halloween that feels like Halloween and celebrates a bunch of different Halloween monster and horror characters and situations is so valuable. I enjoy every aspect of this movie, and it just keeps surprising you. It’s fresh, it’s exciting, it’s fun, it’s disturbing, and it just brings so many different pieces of what Halloween is for people into one film. And like Quentin Tarantino, Michael Dougherty kind of had to fight his way into the field, too. 

Trick ‘r Treat began its life as an animated short film by Micahel Dougherty in 1996 called “Season’s Greetings.” It was a traditional animation by the actual director and writer! And he had to hold onto his idea for about ten years before he could make it. The film was was originally intended for wide release in theaters in October of 2007, but got pushed off the theatrical release plans for that year and sat in limbo. Trick ‘r Treat was only given screenings at festivals after this and, after buzz was created on the festival circuit, it was given a DVD & Blu-Ray release in 2009. 

Michael Dougherty waited about ten years to make his idea into the movie. And then it took another two years for a wide audience to actually see it.

But now, Dougherty’s having the last laugh—Trick ‘r Treat is a cult classic with so much love and merchandising success behind it that he was given the power to make Krampus, a movie I gave my first glowing review for on the channel last year. I even bought the DVD this year and watched it again on December 23rd.

3- The Matrix

The Matrix was the first film I ever saw that really opened up my mind and shocked me with ideas and imagination. It’s not just a sci-fi action movie, it’s a classic and potent revelation film.

The entire idea of the Matrix is shocking, startling, and so enticing to explore. Conspiracies, secret societies, breaking cages around the mind built by the world–this movie will do so much for you.

Again, you can make jokes about my reverence for his movie like you might with my respect for the quotes of Tyler Durden, but movies like The Matrix become huge success stories and stay in the public consciousness for years for major reasons. This is a movie that opens up your mind to see so much more than meets the eye and really think about a lot of things.

2 - The Wall (Pink Floyd)

The greatest tragedy of Pink Floyd’s “The Wall” is that not many people know this movie exists. Before I found David Lynch, before I found Donnie Darko, before all of other movies I can call Night Mind material, there was The Wall.

I can never properly express how much love I have for the entire creation of Pink Floyd’s The Wall. The album, the movie, the concert, the concept… this is a piece of my heart.

You want to talk about an abstract, surrealist art film that gets under your skin and generates a form of empathy you’ve never felt? This movie will do that. It’s tough for people who can’t even fully get into David Lynch’s more accessible stuff, but for those who know how to walk through the weird side of film, this movie will do incredible things to you.

Taken entirely from the perspective of a rock star character named Pink Floyd, we explore the inner thoughts, feelings, and guarded memories in the brain of a superstar musician who stumbled his way into fame after a life of suffering, loneliness, and disconnection with human beings. If you ever wanted to dive headfirst into the psyche of a troubled celebrity with a major artistic bend, this is your chance. And it is, of course, all set to the awesome music of the classic concept album.

If I were going to hand you guys an official Night Mind challenge, it would be tackling The Wall and coming back to explain it to me. If I’ve managed to teach you guys anything at all through my investigation methods and explanations, you’ll be able to show me the result by interpreting this masterpiece.

1- Mulholland Drive

How did I react after watching Mulholland Drive for the first time?

I did something I never do after watching a movie:

I thought to myself, very seriously, “I think I finally watched a perfect movie.”

And that feeling has never left me.

Mulholland Drive is the most accessible David Lynch property besides Twin Peaks. If you watch it, you’ll understand it, even if you don’t fully get it. If you pay attention watching the movie and feel what’s coming across, even if you have no idea what the ending actually was or what it meant, you’ll still understand perfectly what it’s trying to convey, and that’s a flawless victory for a David Lynch piece.

I’ll warn you now: if you watch this movie, it’s going to hurt you. It will do things to you that you don’t expect. Watch it alone if you can, and watch it entirely, seriously, with full focus and an isolated atmosphere. Don’t let anything get in the way of your experience or interrupt your viewing.

Like The Wall, this is a Night Mind challenge movie. And like The Wall, it’s not an emotionally or mentally easy piece to experience. But if you want to inject art straight into your brain and give yourself emotional heart palpitations, this is the film for you.

And yes, it’s a puzzlebox, because it is a David Lynch piece. But even without putting all the pieces together, you’ll see enough of the picture to feel the weight of what it represents. 

If you’re a crying kind of person when it comes to certain movies, then get the tissues ready and a pillow. Hold on tight.

Mulholland Drive is an important film–one of the most important films I’ve ever seen. And after seeing Eraserhead as my introduction to David Lynch, which pissed me off entirely and made me think Lynch was just some overly artsy hack, Mulholland Drive made me fall in love with the man’s brain and revere him.

Hate and laughter against a director to love and ultimate respect in a single movie–that’s the power of Mulholland Drive.


And those are my top five! I have a lot more movies I love and respect, but these are the ones I feel deserve to be shared and given their positions here.

And… wow, I’m seriously bad at thinking of quotes. I’m sorry, haha. Hope the list suffices!

The Video Store (Minicat) College AU PT 4

For a campus video store, it was surprising well stocked. You could find the newest releases, old school classics, and obscure indie titles, all in plain white cases. They even had a small selection of adult films, well, if you knew who to ask.

Tyler knew.

It was the second day of the semester, and he was already sick of classes. He had no desire to go to any parties, and his best friend was off fucking his boyfriend for the night.

Thanks a lot, Evan.

So, what’s a single guy to do? Take advantage of his single room, of course.

He entered the store and noticed it was fairly empty, only two occupants inside.

“Yo, Marcel!” He shouted. “What’s up man?”

A light-skinned black man turned from where he was opening boxes and grinned, arms stretched wide. “Wildcat, my man!” They slapped hands. “What’s up?”

“I decided to spend the night in. Figured I could come pick up a quality flick.” Tyler responded with inflection.

“I got you, bro.” He nodded to the back room. “Help yourself.”

Tyler clapped him on the back before heading towards the door. He chanced a quick glance at the other shopper. He vaguely recognized the man as one of the residents on his hall. Chris, maybe?

He was kind of cute with his shaggy, blond hair and wire framed glasses. Maybe a little too nerdy for Tyler’s taste, but he could picture him writhing underneath him.

‘Steady, bud.’ He thought to himself. ‘It’s only the second day. Pace yourself.’

Tyler shook his head and walked into the back room.

The collection was small, maybe only 20 different DVDs of different varieties, all in the same discreet packaging as everything else in the store. He’s seen most, if not all of them. He glanced around to see if there was anything new, before settling on a old favorite. The man in the main store had him in a particular mood.

Marcel was at the counter on the phone when Tyler approached. He put the white case on the surface and Marcel held up a finger.

“No, we do not have Pluto Nash: 3D.” He was saying. “Why? Because that movie sucks, Delirious. You’re with Evan, aren’t you? Yeah, well fuck you both.” He slammed the receiver down. “If he calls and asks me that one more goddamn time, I’m going to kill them both.”

Tyler laughed loudly, wheezing slightly.

“Shut the fuck up, Tyler.” Marcel whined. “He’s your best friend. Can’t you tell him to keep his boyfriend on a leash?”

“Trust me, Jon is the one holding that leash.” He shuddered. He loved his friends, he did, but thinking about the specifics of their relationship was something he did not want to think about.

Marcel cringed, probably thinking along the same lines, and quickly picked up the case to change the subject. He scanned it and Tyler handed over his student card.

He noticed that the bespectacled man had gotten in line behind him. Tyler had trouble concentrating on Marcel. Holy shit, he smelled good.

“You’re good, bro.” Marcel handed him both items, derailing his thoughts. “Hey, party at mine on Friday. You in?”

Tyler shrugged. “Sure. Got nothing else to do.”

“Thanks for the enthusiasm, dude.” Marcel rolled his eyes. “I’ll catch you later.”

Tyler saluted before moving away. He checked the other man out. He was taller than he originally thought, but not nearly as tall as Tyler. And he had some muscle definition in his arms and legs.

Yeah, he would look good naked, Tyler was sure.

But he could be straight for all he knew, not bisexual like himself. Maybe he was gay?

He would find out sooner or later.

“Sup, Mini.” He heard Marcel say. Mini? What kind of stupid fucking name was that? This guy was anything but mini.

But Tyler knew that if he loitered any longer, it would be suspicious as hell. So he finally pushed the door open, and walked out into the quickly approaching night.

He was halfway back to his dorm when someone jumped on his back with a whoop of glee. He would recognize that fucking accent anywhere.

“Brian, get the fuck off of me, you piece of shit.” He growled.

“Oh, Tyler,” the Irish man laughed. “I just missed you is all.”

Tyler elbowed his stomach, and the resounding grunt left a smile on his face as Brian slipped off.

“Now that wasn’t very nice.” Of course, Brock would be right behind him.

“Moo, control your boyfriend.” Tyler told his friend, playfully.

Brock ruffled Brian’s hair affectionately. “Nah, he’s too cute.”

Tyler mocked gagging. “You’re worse than Evan and Delirious.”

Brock laughed loudly. “No way.”

Tyler rolled his eyes. “I’ll see you guys later. I got shit to do.” He turned and continued his walk.

Not five minutes later, he was walking into his dorm hall. He took the stairs two at a time, his long legs getting him to the third floor in half the time. He made it out of the stairwell when his phone beeped.

He looked down, seeing that it was an email from a professor, and crashed directly into another person.

Both men fell to the floor hard, possessions flying in all directions.

“Oh fucking hell.” The other man said, his arm clutched tight to his chest.

Tyler was surprised to see that it was the same man from the video store. He must have walked right past him while he was talking to Brock and Brian.

He stood, and offered his hand. “I’m sorry, dude. I wasn’t paying attention. What’re you doing just standing out here anyway?”

“Debating on whether or not to kill my roommate.” He replied with a nod to the adjacent door. Tyler wasn’t sure about his accent. The guys sounded like he had six rolled into one slightly British one.

It was then he noticed the red sock on the door handle.

“I was gone for 10 fucking minutes.” The man muttered, obviously annoyed.

Tyler took a look at the names on the door. “Oh shit, you’re Nogla’s roommate? Good luck, bud. You must be, Craig.”

“Thanks.” Craig said sarcastically. “It’s Mini by the way.”

“What’s mini?”

Craig rolled his eyes. “My name. Everyone calls me Mini.”

Fucking duh, Wildcat. He could’ve hit himself. “Right. Well, good luck with…that.” He gestured to the door before bending down to grab his DVD. He had plans, and while future plans may include Mini, tonight was not that night.

Mini picked up the other case. “Again, thanks.” He turned to yell at his door. “Daithi! Lui! Are you fucking serious?”

Tyler chuckled before heading down to his own room.

Mini smelt even better up close, and his broad frame would definitely be helping in his fantasies tonight.

'Stop being fucking creepy.’ He scolded himself. 'You just met the guy.’

Once in his room, he locked the door, turned down his lights, and distractedly popped the DVD into the player. He was unbuttoning his pants, shoes and socks already gone, with his back to the TV, when an unfamiliar tune rose from the speakers.

“What the fuck?” He’s seen this movie at least twice, and he’s never heard the sound of birds chirping and a guitar playing a gentle melody.

He turned, and what he saw on the screen was not the opening sequence of 'Chopping Wood’.

“What the fuck is this shit?” He asked the empty room.

Shit. His eyes widened and he hurriedly rushed from the room, pants halfway on and barefoot, hoping to God that Mini hadn’t opened the other case.

Which, knowing Tyler’s luck, of course he did.

He looked up from his spot on the floor in front of his room, cheeks flushed, and an open DVD case in his lap.

Tyler groaned. “Shit.”

“Chopping Wood, huh?” Tyler saw the mischievous glint in the other man’s eyes and didn’t miss the way they roamed his body.

Oh. So that’s how he wanted to play?

“You’re gonna judge my movie choices? Who the fuck watches Adam Sandler romcoms anymore?”

Mini blushed, but his eyes narrowed. “Hey! He’s still relevant!”

Tyler huffed. “Right.”

Mini got to his feet and approached Tyler.

Tyler resisted the urge to step back from the challenge. Mini’s eyes flicked to his lips. “Is it any good?”

Huh? “Is what any good?”

Mini held up the case as an answer, his eyebrow raised.

Tyler grabbed it, their hands brushing.

“What do you say we watch your movie first, then mine?”

anonymous asked:

donut hole through berliner !

Donut hole: Do you collect anything? I collect DVDs and stuffed animals☺️

Maple iced: What do you like to do on rainy days? I like to stay in my jammies and watch movies or if I have to go outside I like to wear my cute blue polka dot rain boots and do little splashes

Beignet: What kind of things do you tend to splurge money on? Underwear and delivery food

Maple bacon bar: What’s a favorite food of yours that tends to make other people cringe? Pineapple on pizza💖🍍😁

Berliner: Post one of your favorite outfits? A Very Fall/Winter outfit

I don’t wear these shoes like At All because I work at a daycare so I usually wear one of my one hundred pairs of vans so when I get the chance to wear these it must mean it’s a special day. Also my big ass coat that goes down like to my knees and a faux trimmed hood, my light pink cashmere sweater, and my light pink infinity scarf with little flecks of rose gold!

Thank you!!



an English-language edited version of a Taiwan-made puppet show called Pili. The show aired in the US on Cartoon Network’s Toonami in February 2006, but was taken off the block due to poor ratings and various complaints.

The show had a total of 13 episodes, but only two episodes aired in the US before the show was cancelled. 


Boy howdy, you want to talk about the “cartoon” that time forgot? If so, look no further than this  butchered 2006 Taiwanese import that has been considered by many a fan to be one of Cartoon Network’s biggest boneheaded moves.

Until this that is–

This show, Wulin Warriors is an enigma, it came and went in less than a month, probably even less than that, and so few people knew it existed. Those who did sounded like absolute lunatics when they described it to other people who would listen. I didn’t even know it existed since I had long grown out of watching Toonami. I wouldn’t even know about it had I not randomly stumbled across it one night. I watched about 5 minutes of puppets meandering about amidst a lot of rapid cuts and scene splices, and they were making really obnoxious wise cracks and observations before I had enough.

What did I watch?

For the longest time I didn’t know, nor did I really care.

I care now because I tell you this show is something else, something horrible, terrible, bad… terri-bad even.

I’m of course talking about the dub and localisation.

As far as the overall idea and execution of the show is concerned, ehh, I can’t really comment as I don’t know much about puppetry and never really cared for it. I didn’t grow up with Sesame Street and didn’t really see anything starring The Muppets until I was older. To the show’s credit, the puppetry being used in this production looks pretty dang robust. The puppets all have some really dynamic and fluid movement, and have really interestingly choreographed fight scenes.It looks like a live-action wire-fu Asian movie which I’m almost completely certain was the whole intention  of it.

Research into the original series shows that it’s one of Taiwan’s most popular productions and has been in production and shown on television since.

Bringing it to America however– this was one of those situations where there was no victory for anyone involved. If they played it seriously nobody would care because, being 2006 we were  fairly spoiled by the advent of computer generated animation. There’s also the fact that it was premiering on Cartoon Network, and times were rough since this was around the Age when they were heavily incorporating Live-Action programming into their line-up. Of course technically, you could maybe count puppetry as a form of animation but by and large, this show was dead on arrival.

Nothing I say could properly describe how much everyone involved in bringing this to the States completely boned the whole thing. It’s so bad, and so forgotten that nobody’s uploaded any kind of content besides promos and the opening, at least as far as I know.


  • In 2000, the Pili movie Legend of the Sacred Stone was released. It was released on DVD in Taiwan and Japan
  •   In March 2008, Wulin Warriors appeared out of the blue, but the episodes are only available online at AOL’s Kids Online channel and were not shown on TV
  • A company called Animation Collective was responsible for this mess.


I suppose there’s one silver lining to this maddening black colored cloud of the Great Older Ones is that if you ever see someone whining and complaining about how bad their favorite anime’s localisation got botched or screwed up because name pronunciations or music cues are wrong just point them to this.

They’ll shut right up

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5 things you’ll find in my bag:

1. ChapStick
2. gum
3. sunglasses
4. tissues
5. wallet

things you’ll find in my bedroom:

1. Blu-rays/DVDs
2. collectible figurines
3. pins
4. posters
5. stuffed animals
(the toy kind, not the ones you’d find in Norman Bates’ basement, lol)

things I’ve always wanted to do:

1. attend San Diego Comic-Con
2. check out the Bates Motel and Psycho house at Universal Studios Hollywood
3. learn a new language
4. try acting
5. visit/move to California

things that make me feel happy:

1. being able to cross something off the to-do list
2. being with friends and family
3. listening to music
4. summer
5. watching a good movie/TV show

5 things I’m currently into:

1. Bates Motel
2. collecting posters
3. cosplaying
4. Wonder Woman
5. X-Men

5 things on my to-do list:

1. Finish my cosplay costumes (All-New Wolverine and Wonder Woman)
2. Find/obtain an internship
3. Save up money for a new camera
4. Finish making my new Tumblr theme
5. Declutter my desk

I tag anyone else who wants to try this. :)


So I’m selling pretty much ALL of my kpop albums at a reasonable price! There’s a long list, so please check them out. 
These are MOST of my albums, I have more, so if you see some you want, or wonder if I have an album I’d be more than happy to let you know. 

Payment through paypal, send me a message (not anon) if you are interested in any albums.

NOTE: If you ask about albums you are interested in, I can hold them for you for 24 hours and then the album(s) will be available for the next person in line.
If you tell me you want them, and you want to buy them, I can hold longer. 

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Back to Basics Pt. 8 | Rucas Fanfic (AU)

Riley Matthews lived in NY for the majority of her childhood. That is up until 6th grade when her father was offered a job in sunny California, which he accepted. Riley was forced to leave behind everything she knew, her school, her teachers and her small group of best friends. Fast forward 5 years where Riley and her family decide it’s time to move back home. Now a junior in high-school Riley has to figure out where she belongs after being gone for so long.

Chapter 1 [X]
Chapter 2 [X]
Chapter 3 [X]
Chapter 4 [
Chapter 5 [X]
Chapter 6 [X]
Chapter 7 [X]

Chapter 8 - “Riley Can Speak For Herself”

Everything was slowly going back to normal. Riley was no longer grounded so she could see her friends again, her parents were finally in the know about what really went down with Sam and her and Josh were on good terms. Everything was looking up. Especially with Lucas.

It was simple, really. She liked Lucas. He liked her. The problem was she still wasn’t allowed to see him. Her parents were still sensitive to the ‘breaking curfew/spending the night with him’ issue. They didn’t want her dating anyone, let alone him. She understood their concerns but she didn’t want to be crippled by ‘what ifs’ anymore. So she and Lucas started sneaking around.

The good news? Nobody knew but Josh. Which meant she had someone to cover for her if need be. After hearing about what Riley went through with Sam, Josh just wanted his sister to be happy and he could tell by the look on her face that Lucas was the one for the job.

The bad news? Nobody knew but Josh. It’s hard enough to keep a secret from two people, let alone seven. Maya suspected it but never asked. They had this unspoken rule where the less they knew, the better.

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Carol of the Bells

an: I honestly can’t help myself with Christmas fic. I’ve been up since 3:30 this morning taking my dad and broha to the airport and this is what happens to me when I have to be up this early. I drink WAY TOO MUCH COFFEE and write xmas humor fic.

Carol of the Bells

The first text from Henry reads:

Just landed. See you soon.

and then, time stamped twenty minutes later, as she glares hard at the Range Rover trying to poach her parking spot and laying hard on the horn of the Bug until Rover moves on to less pissy pastures, she gets another one.

Don’t be mad.

Oh hell. It’s been a long day. Very long. The longest. Traffic has been awful, people are miserable in the way they only truly get when the holidays force them to spend time with family, and Emma has had it about up to HERE with Henry’s father - a weekend trip to visit Neal in New York had turned into nine days (“Hey, Em’s, I hope you don’t mind, I upgraded Henry’s ticket home so he could see some more of the sights - New York at Christmas, you wouldn’t want him to miss anything, right?”) - and it just figures.

A million and two worst case scenarios emerge from the depth of her ex-husband memories, and she has a mild panic attack as she veers into her parking spot, cutting off a stretch limo that has no business driving through the upper levels of the parking garage.

She crosses tattoo off the list in a hurry, and prays Henry has the foresight not to request a lip piercing or any other appearance altering “bonding experiences” her dick of an ex might have come up with. (She’d spent the year before Henry was conceived trying out the entire ROYGBV spectrum on her hair because “Your boyfriend’s in a band, Em, you gotta look the part.”)

Then come the worries that Henry decided to drop his cello for a bass guitar, or he wants to quit school and join the circus or -

Her mind shuts that down in a hurry. Neal may be a horrible influence, but she’s got a good kid. The best.

Which can only mean…

We have room for one more, right?

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ONE OF A KIND THE FINAL in Seoul DVD Release Information

Release Date: February 12th, 2014 (Japan)


11.A BOY







source: DCGD


Summary: When things get hard, the one song you want to hear is Flashlight by Jessie J.
Member: Jungkook x Reader
Type: Fluff/Angst
Length: 1,009 Words

This is for someone’s birthday. Again, I can’t remember if it was an anon or a specific person, but their birthday was on the 17th. Because that is a Sunday and we don’t post on Sunday, I wrote it for today. Happy late birthday. I hope you enjoy this scenario <3

-Admin Kat

Originally posted by shitjeon

The rain tapped against the glass of your window. The darkness outside reflected the darkness you felt inside. You were cold. You were sad. You felt empty. The sky was almost completely bare, the stars missing in the black obis. The silence of the night just amplified your lost feeling. You listened as your parents screamed at one another in the room next to yours. You closed your eyes, trying to escape the sound, even if for just a brief moment. But your mind was as empty as your heart felt. Just blackness. Like the sky. You let the tears fall down your face.

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     “There’s a materialistic side of me. I like to collect collections—coin collections, book collections, rock collections—but I’ve been trying to cut down on that by getting rid of most stuff. I just like tangible objects in general, mostly out of curiosity. When I was a kid, for example, I was into taxonomy. I remember I had a photo album, and I went around the yard collecting one of every leaf and seed I could find. It started as a science-based interest, but then expanded into technology with DVDs of movies and shows.”
     “Are there things you want to keep because they have special meaning to you?”
     “My rock collection has a lot of sentimentality to me. One of the best things in it is a piece of fossilized dinosaur dung. My mom and I were driving in Arizona when I was in fourth grade, and we saw these amazing red rocks, so we pulled over because I wanted to grab a few. A car had been following us, and an official-looking guy got out. I was afraid we had broken some kind of law, but he turned out to be a paleontologist—he had followed us because he was happy to see a kid interested in geology. To encourage me, he gave me petrified dinosaur dung—a polished turd—with a card of authenticity.”

xslatte  asked:

In your opinion, what's the best site to buy authentic Studio Ghibli merchandise? I just recently bought a "17 DVD collection" set of the Ghibli films, but I don't believe its actually approved by Studio Ghibli, and I'm feeling kind of guilty. I like to show my respect for theirs works, so I hate buying fake and unapproved knock offs :/

Unfortunately, every single one of those DVD collections that you find on eBay are unauthorised fakes that simply put money into the pockets of criminals. They come in hundreds of different variants and designs. As for where to get the genuine releases, usually I’d say Amazon, but believe it or not, one of those unauthorised sets actually made its way onto Amazon US once. And it wasn’t from a seller, it was “dispatched and sold by”. Quite disgusting really. Amazon do however sell the genuine releases, you just have to be careful. If you see an entire Studio Ghibli collection for $30, then that is clearly too good to be legitimate. I’m not advocating downloading, but I’d rather people did that than buy those sets and put money into the pockets of criminals who are profiting massively from the theft of Studio Ghibli’s works. xoxox

"Comforts Of Home" - Will/Mia

Will’s bad day changes date night plans.  H/C and sexy times with Mia.

Poly!verse Masterpost

The kitchen looks like a fish market had exploded inside of it.

Will stands in the middle of the carnage, covered in flecks of rice and bits of flesh and strips of nori, apron-clad and gloves up to his elbows, and he’s forced to accept that after an hour and a half all he has to show for his efforts are a few rolls that look like a four year old had made them. He doesn’t have a back-up plan, Mia is on her way, his phone won’t stop buzzing, and he is about ten seconds away from having a meltdown. He’s been counting down to said meltdown all day, so he doesn’t even know why he’s surprised; how silly him to think that the day might have improved at some point.

And then Mia lets herself in, shouting, “Will?” because she has a key and he obviously hadn’t heard the bell go off because he’s drowning in his own ineptitude, duh.

She walks into the kitchen, stopping just past the threshold. She looks gorgeous—jeans splattered with color and sparkle, a layered tank top and off the shoulder sweatshirt combo wrapped around her torso, and her hair fluffed up and dyed neatly back to its original color, minus two streaks of magenta framing her neck. She has a brown bag in one hand and her purse in the other and a curious look on her face.

“Oh,” she says. “Shit, babe, what’s up?”

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Unlikely (pt. 5)

A/N: God, the mush is strong with this one. Sorry, I just couldn’t put up with the angst any longer. Hope it sweetens studying for finals a little bit. Writing it sure helped me! ;)

He was absolutely, completely, head-over heels, hopelessly in love with this project. He loved everything about the story and his character. When he was on camera, he felt like he was doing the best work he’d ever done. The team was phenomenal. The director was wonderful, he and his costar had been on the same page since day one, and even the rest of the cast and crew were a dream team. For once, he couldn’t wait to start promoting for the film, because it would mean getting to talk about it.

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