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I dont get why tyrell is always used to labelled tyrelliot as unhealthy. To be fair every character in this show is unhealthy if you haven’t notice this then…umm…like…what kind of fucking show do you think you’re watching here, asswipe? Seriously every single character in this show is toxic. And to be honest I like that kind of dynamic they are doing with this flawed characters. This show shows us that no body is perfect.That this characters are just humans and very well damaged due to their experiences etc etc. Non of them are perfect but this thing about hating on one character because he /she doesn’t ship a ship is fucking ridiculous

Heres the list of each of the main character and their flaws/ unhealthy traits for you:

Angela: She lies that she broke chain of custody with the .dat file which she was warn by gideon that by doing that will put allsafe out of business and 100s of employees will lose their job in the process but despite of the warning she still did it. She also used ollie’s card and desk to install the cd which infected allsafe. She also took the job in e corp and try to manipulate price trying to get her boss in the pr department fire so she can take her place(which price didn’t grant) but she lacked the empathy to care how ones life will be affected after losing their job considering that she has been in that position. Also helping on hacking the fbi to cover herself up with what she did with infecting allsafe.

Elliot/Mr Robot: the brains of all the chaos in the show when it comes to the 5/9 and stage 2. Had a plan to erase all of physical data base of e corp by triggering an explosion which will cause a lot of lives to be lost in the process. Also mentally unstable and cant distinguish hallucinations from reality.Has a morphine addiction. Has another personality aka mr robot tends to be violent and impulse as well as not caring about big repercussions of his plan to take down e corp.

Darlene: She created a rootkit which was used to delete all digital files of e corp (aka 5/9). She manipulate cisco, trenton, and mobley to get what she wants and lies to them about information that may cause them to leave f society. Also killing susan jacobs and burning her body in a dog oven. Plus telling Cisco about not feeling bad about killing susan.

Tyrell: beats homeless people when mad. Uses sex to get what he wants (e.g with price’s secretary). Also encouraging adultery and killing sharon noels. Has bad temper. And can easily be controlled by mr robot and joanna. Also works on stage two that will kill a lot of people. Arrogant. Have a massive amount of ego and is run by it.

Joanna: do I even have to explain joanna…well she only stabbed herself with a folk while being pregnant to get tyrell out of the situation of getting arrested. also manipulates tyrell to getting what she wants(eg asking him to have sex with the red head and to give her the girl’s earrings after wards). Getting herself beat up by provoking scott noels about his dead wife and child. She shows her self up to derrick all beaten up so that she can manipulate him to be a witness and frame scott noels for his wife’s death. She asked mr sutherland to kill kareem and to make it look like a burglary, framing an ex-con who lives in the same floor. She forced and threaten elliot into helping her trace the phone number who she assumes to be tyrell’s.

But you get the point , right? That every single character in this show have fair share of flaws and have done questionable acts.It’s not just tyrell or elliot.

just  a  fun  little  character  game.   fill  in  the  below  categories  with  3 - 5  things  that  your character  can be identified by.  repost  &  tag away !  


01.   love
02.   kindness
03.   tenderness
04.   concern
05.   fondness

01.   grey
02.   blue
03.   white
04.   taupe
05.   burgundy

01.  sickness
02.  spices
03.  musk
04.  soap
05.  Rub . A535 / icy hot / pain relieving creams

01.   blankets
02.   long johns
03.   thin, gold chain necklace
04.   kleenex / tissues
05.   worn leather wallet

01.   wincing
02.   hand rubbing ( especially around knuckles ) 
03.   rubbing the back of his neck
04.   leaning to one side
05.   limping

01.  clean linen / unkempt bed / pillows & blankets
02.  steaming hot bath / quaint candles / old soaps
03.  pain-killers / ace bandages / housecoat
04.  bruises / frailness / fatherhood
05.  sun / warmth / relaxation

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46. sleepy hug hi i would like death

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thor  has  never  once  offered  uninitiated  touch  –  never  broken  any  boundaries,  never  dared  to,  lest  the  girl  was  exhausted  or  injured,  of  which  he’s  encountered  a  few  small  instances.  he’d  mumble  about  the  healing  pools  of  asgard,  and  tell  her  there  were  valkyrie’s  like  her  –  born  in  a  body  that  didn’t  align  with  their  spirit,  their  soul;  tells  her  that  women  are  women,  no  matter  what  shape. he’d  seen  the  gradual  relax  in  her  wiry  shoulders,  trust.  it  is  an  honor,  he  thinks.  she  possesses  magics  she  doesn’t  even  know  of,  the  wolf  buried  under  her  umber  skin.  that  reminds  him  of  a  nephew,  far  off  now,  pulling  his  chains. 

her  ferocity,  and  kindness,  however,  is  reminiscent  of  lady  sif.  he  thinks  she  would  like  to  meet  her,  and  he  tells  her,  one  day,  after  cleaning  dirt  and  leaves  from  his  hair,  squeezing  the  murk  out  of  gold.  he’d  watched  her  chew  her  lip,  bite  the  inside  of  her  cheek,  ask  if  he  would  wait  for  her – not  here,  not  now,  that,  he  gathered,  but  if  he  would  wait,  because  she  had  business  unfinished.  and  thor  had  nodded.  promised,  he  would  not  leave  unless  she  asked.  it  was  not  his  job  to  protect  her,  and  he  knows  well  she  could  do  as  much  on  her  own,  but – to  provide  her  comfort,  and  love,  and  a  backing  force… that,  he  could  do.  it  is  her  freedom,  her  justice,  she  is  claiming.  he  would  never  deny  her  of  that.  

arya  is  a  quiet  sleeper,  until  she  is  not;  he’s  seen  her  wriggle  and  twitch,  bare  her  teeth,  squeeze  her  fingers  into  whatever  her  unconscious  form  can  locate  (  dirt,  grass,  the  cloth  of  thor’s  cape  –  which  he  has  gifted  her  for  warmth,  proclaims  he  is  almost  always  impervious  to  weather  inclement,  let  her  huff  and  narrow  his  eyes  at  him  for  not  taking  care  of  himself  ).  he’s  heard  the  soft  rumbling  growls  in  her  chest,  pulled  too  taut  over  skinny  bones.  

her  eyes  flutter  open,  and  thor  is  watching  their  small  fire;  not  large  enough  to  garner  attention  through  the  brush  of  trees,  but  enough  to  provide  a  bit  of  additional  heat,  and  allow  the  thunderer  to  keep  his  eyes  on  the  tree  line.  arya  is  always  close.  thor  does  not  allow  otherwise.  the  giant  of  a  man  is  oft  a  deterrent;  too  big  and  fierce  to  challenge,  too  calmly  regal,  like  some  kind  of  lion,  to  merit  question  about  the  small  girl  in  his  custody.  

thor  feels  her  skinny  hand  splay  over  his  knee,  using  it  to  leverage  herself  onto  her  feet.  she  is  drowsy,  that  much  he  can  see.  he  turns,  gives  her  his  attention.   ‘  did  you  have  a  bad  dream?  ‘  

her  mouth  twists,  and  she  doesn’t  say,  but  thor  will  assume  the  unceremonious  flop  onto  the  edge  of  his  leg  is  a  ‘yes’.  can  you  tell  me  a  story?  she  asks,  worrying  her  lip  between  her  teeth,  like  it  is  some  great  burden  she’s  asking.  her  shoulders  move.  if  you  want,  i  mean.  thor  braces  the  back  of  his  forearm  against  her  lower  back  to  keep  her  from  toppling  back,  should  she  settle  into  him.    aye,  i  would  be  happy  to.    he  tells  her  of  dragons,  and  the  great  beast  of  jotunheimr;  the  frozen  river  sprites  and  the  ghosts  of  the  past.  he  tells  her  of  malekith  the  accursed,  and  of  his  battle  in  muspelheim  with  surtur,  and  how  his  defeat  echoed  across  time  and  space.  

her  interest  is  like  hunger  and  thirst,  and  it  is  curiously  relieving,  to  speak  of  his  adventures – many  of  which  had  greater  perils  than  what  he  describes.  her  widened  eyes  and  gentle  interjections   (  questions;  why’d  he  do  that?  what’s  muspelheim  like?  )   make  his  recounting  worth  it.  he  does  not  see  them  slowly  lower,  but  he  does  feel  the  weight  of  her  head,  gentle  against  thor’s  chest,  like  she’s  scared  of  pressing  into  boundaries,  or  scaring  him  off.  he  braces  his  hand  against  her  shoulder  blade,  feels  her  skinny  spinal  column  pressing  into  his  palm.  her  arms  cinch  around  his  midsection,  lazily.  his  stories  become  quieter,  until  she  becomes  relaxed. 

thor  cards  his  hand  from  just  below  the  knots  of  her  coiled  hair  to  the  blade  of  her  shoulder.  careful  not  to  wake  her.

I honestly don’t think I can explain how much Lincoln meant to me. In a world where Black men are often perceived as the villain before they even have a chance to open their mouths, Lincoln was a kind spirit, a great friend, a loving significant other and so much more. 

To watch this show and see a black man who defied so many of the “Scary Black Man” tropes, shot so graphically, on his knees and chained, by another black man. To see his body fall lifeless and watch the life seep from his body while a group watched. To know that he was killed with no friends, no loved ones near, it breaks my heart. 

I live in a world where it is commonplace to see promising lights like Lincoln’s snuffed out on a regular basis, and often for crimes that were not their own. Where black men are shot and killed on a regular basis, by the people they believe will protect them. Lincoln trusted Skaikru, he trusted Pike. I will miss you Lincoln.

And not, because like so many people have tried to say, because Ricky already had another job. Because Ricky choose to leave a show where the Showrunner was bullying him. Ricky was hired on for American Gods after this episode was filmed.  Jason still has not even given Ricky (a series regular) a goodbye tweet, like he did ADC immediately after L/xa’s death was broadcast on EST.