one of a kind art doll


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Royal Nebula Manticore is an artificially created intelligent creature which was created by magic to serve the royal family as a guardian.
This doll was fully designed and made by me. 100% One of a kind.
Made of super sculpey, resin, faux fur, wire+plastic armature, primer, acrylic paint, varnish. Its head is casted in resin so its horns are very solid and wont broke so easy. Its neck and spine have a plastic ball and socket armature inside so it can turn his head. The tail and legs have wire armature inside. Tail is fully posable, legs are partially posable.

* Size: It stands about 20 cm/7,9 inches and about 30 cm/11,8 inches long


Skelita Calaveras.
Mega Post.

Here are some of the fan arts I have made of her trought the years, she is one of my favorite characters not only because Im proudly mexican but because she represents a big community of hispanic heritage in Monster High, and she is totally amazing!!!!
I think its a good time to share the best of them all together. Thank you so much for  your support and kindness!!!!


“Nimbus” one of a kind polymer clay sculpture. He was made over a wire and foil armature and painted in acrylics, with fur for his mane, tail, and leg feathering. He is my favourite kirin that I’ve ever made, and has recently sold, so I figured I’d get better photos of him before I have to let him go. 

American McGee fan?
Here’s a sneak peek of Alice Madness - work in progress!  
She will have custom boots, leather arm buckles and of course she has her signature necklace and vorpal blade ;)  She’s over a year in the making but she is happening!

Recently I had a dream in which I was swimming through a sea of matryoshka dolls, and I thought it would be a nice idea to draw Ivan in a pool of matryoshkas ^^ I really love these dolls. When I travel to Russia one day, I’ll buy a ton of them a put them all around my house, because they are simply beautiful!

I’m content with the result of the drawing, which is kind of unusual for me, heh ^^“ It’s funny how a picture of my favourite character smiling makes me happy, especially if I was the one who drew that picture. Am I a weirdo in her adolescence or simply a fangirl?


Bisque Dolls | Mariko Wakatsuki

Mariko Wakatsuki may be Japanese, but her work is quite similar to that of Western artists. She opened her studio, Atelier La Lune, in Japan in 1989 and has produced lines of porcelain fairy dolls in large editions. She also exhibits one-of-a-kind or small-edition porcelain dolls at solo exhibitions. Before studying dollmaking at Ecole de Simon, Mariko did not have any experience with dolls. She was inspired by Pre-Raphaelite and Symbolism paintings, and she decided she would create works in three dimensions, rather than two. She believed dolls to be somehow similar to paintings because they express the world through imagination. Mariko is a bibliophile, and books are the root of her creations, so she seeks literary essence in her dolls. She is especially fond of Danish author Hans Christian Andersen and Japanese author Ogawa Mimei. Through their tales, she learned about good will and the meaning of happiness. Through her dolls, Mariko hopes to deliver love, dreams and hope to all who enjoy them.


This is my piece included in Ladies of Literature, an art book celebrating the amazing fictional (and some real!) ladies of books. Please back the project if you can! 

I picked Genya because she is such a layered, inspiring character. She seems like a stereotypical pretty face, but she goes from being used to being powerful  in one of the most tear-jerking story moments. Genya is many things: a tailor, a grisha, a doll, a servant, a soldier, a traitor, a survivor - the kind of strong, multi-faceted character writers should aspire to.

I chose to depict her shielding herself from the groping hands of her admirers and the powers that seek to use her. The red kefta she that would make her a true Grisha appears as a bloodstain on her white servant’s uniform. Despite this, a halo of Heartrender power blossoms behind her head, and she will see it when she pulls herself from her tormentors’ hands. 


Nokki the tundra cat mixed media sculpture OOAK art doll

Avaliable on ETSY:

Nokki is a young representative of a rare species of cats that inhabit the far tundra wasteland. She is not a cub, but not an adult yet. As soon as they get older, they lose their stripes on coat.
I was inspired by different animals, but most of all by cats.
Made of super sculpey, faux fur, wire armature. Althoug her head is casted in resin it’s absolutely one of a kind work and it wont be reproduced.


Yōkai!AU I blame @criscura

Once we were talking about various possible AUs and the “Saitama inherits old, traditional tea house” was dropped. Then I went “WHAT IF IT WAS HAUNTED”

And it somehow went there. What if Genos was the annoying ghost/demon haunting that house. I kind of wanted him to have a ball-jointed-doll-like  body, to keep with the theme of Genos not having hormal, human one body.

He’s probably surprised that Saitama not only can see him, but isn’t even scared. 

Nyo Nordics as Young Children Headcanon

Nyo!Sweden: The girl that loves animals. Has a stuffed dog/cat that she has a particular soft spot for. Melts over all things cute and fluffy. Likes to give hugs and kisses. Can be stubborn and will stomp her feet in protest if she doesn’t like something.

Nyo!Finland: The girly girl that doesn’t care for rough housing. The kind that loves Princesses and wished she was one. Would rather make a bracelet with sparkly beads or play with her dolls than get dirty. Cute and stays out of trouble for the most part.

Nyo!Iceland: The kid that is obsessed with drawing or finger painting. So many pieces of “art” that no refrigerator door could ever hold them all. Not usually very talkative but becomes a little chatter box if she is comfortable with the person. Opinionated for someone so young.

Nyo!Norway: The girl that is really into Disney movies and stuffed animals. Usually has one or two with her at any given time. Giving them each names and ever increasing her stuffed animal “family”. The kind that if one single stuffed animal went missing, she’d know and not rest until it was found. Quiet and observant of her surroundings.

Nyo!Denmark: The rough and tumble tom boy. The kind of girl that has to one-up the boys no matter what. The one that brings home and sandbox of sand in her shoes, mud on her clothes and on more than one occasion a frog in her pocket. The kind that doesn’t cry over her boo-boos or scars, rather thinks they are pretty cool. Sweet and very independent.

Custom monster high bjd

I’ve read in places that having one makes you cheap.. But what about a custom one? They certainly aren’t cheap.. And some are so modded I’m not sure I could even consider them a monster high doll… In fact, most of the re done face ups look like a whole different doll! And all the work put into them does make them a one of a kind art piece (when they’re modded/custom)

Anyway.. I caved and spent a little bit on a monster high doll to try my hand at customizations and face ups.

Cute bird arlert! These are crafted with glass eyes, faux fur, epoxy, and foam. No casting is used, each is sculpted from scratch and so is 100% one of a kind. These will be available at my dealer’s table at Anthrocon this week, table G19!

Top tier:
Raven trio,
Barn owl
Golden Eagle

Middle tier:
Lutino cockatiel,
Dark-eyed junco,
Southern ground hornbill

Brown owl,
Secretary bird,
Shoebill stork,
Harpy eagle,
Rainbow finch,
Barred chicken,
Easter egger (chicken),
Ruddy duck