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Raven Eclipse - One of  Kind Commission

My latest commission is finished in all of his feathery glory! This smiling troublemaker was a really cool request, and is completely one of a kind. He was made without any molds or patterns, using hand painted epoxy sculpt and glass eyes for the face, layered felt for the feathers, and needle felted wool with a wire armature for the body. He sits 8" tall and is about 11" long with that big fluffy tail upright. He’s also equipped with several super strong magnets that allow this little familiar to sit securely on his keeper’s shoulder and explore the wider world!

This doll was made on commission and is not available for sale. There are still a few other dolls in the shop, as well as magnets and postcard prints!

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Sometimes it’s hard to make decisions. With seven evolutions to date, that’s certainly true of Eevee. But if you like him just the way he is, then you can bring him home today.

This Eevee is a fully handmade posable art doll. No molds or premade patterns went into his creation, so you can be sure he is an entirely one of a kind creation. He features a sculpted face and feet, hand flocked details, and is supported by a mixed plastic and wire armature for strength and posability. A great gift for yourself or the Pokemon fan in your life!

The Signs As Texts I’ve Sent

Aquarius - “I reported all the comments, deleted them and blocked him but not before screenshotting everything.”
Pisces - “That’s why I said gayer - I was originally going to say the gay version but it’s so gay anyway”
Aries - “I’m sorry that my art is so bad it made you cry, may I suggest a handkerchief?”
Taurus - “And you thought I wasn’t any good at dirty lines”
Gemini - “It’s not very easy to get "kindly ageing hippie” and “bloodthirsty vampire” in the same moodboard but I think I managed it"
Cancer - “Help I think the Urinal Mints guitarist plays naked”
Leo - “I meant I feel like you could be the kind of person to collect mutilated dolls limbs”
Virgo - “You know that pencil I lost last week? The one that I said definitely wasn’t in my school bag because I emptied it all out completely? Yeah well I just found the pencil in the outside pocket of my bag”
Libra - “Sndehich”
Scorpio - “What Frank was going to do to basically make Gerard come in his pants I will never know”
Sagittarius - “I’m in a group chat with like ten other people and 98% of the weirdest shit I’ve ever witnessed happens there”
Capricorn - “What do you mean "out of context”? There WAS no context"

A new Portrait

There is really no need to apologise. It’s quite kind to create art for this blog in the first place. Thank you very much for doing so - it looks amazing!

Let’s see what the little ones say…

They can’t believe their eyes!

They say thank you as well. They like it very much.

you know that one kind of artist who only draws little girls with big eyes and its very doll looking and theres always really edgy undertones to it? yeah its a bad and boring art style and usually the people who are into it are annoying and creepy and i hate it a lot 

Toy Story 4 at D23

Just got out of the Animation panel, so here’s what we were shown/told in regards to Toy Story 4…

• John Lasseter introduced Josh Cooley as the new director (he was formerly co-director), but said he will still be very much involved with production.

• Josh Cooley came on stage, and introduced Jonas Rivera as the new producer (which replaces Galyn Susman).

• A fun video was shown of the production team at Pixar, where we got a few sneaky peeks at things…

• Tons of concept art was on the walls, and most noticeable was a beautiful painting of Woody and Bo. It was very hard to catch it all! The original characters are coming back, though, along with new ones.

• Several new toys were shown in work-in-progress test footage. One was a doll named Lulu, kind of in a similar style as Dolly (round face, big eyes). All the toys shown looked like they would belong to a young child/girl - perhaps we’ll meet them wherever Bo is found.

The big news was the change in director and producer. Add that to the new writer, and it makes you wonder how much the story might have changed. Does it still relate to John Lasseter’s wife, with him stepping down as director? At least the main characters - Bo included - are still present, so that makes me happy. And the fact that it was featured in the presentation is a reassurance that things are still very much moving forward.

American McGee fan?
Here’s a sneak peek of Alice Madness - work in progress!  
She will have custom boots, leather arm buckles and of course she has her signature necklace and vorpal blade ;)  She’s over a year in the making but she is happening!


Hawaii’s Finest –in more ways than one– Steve McGarrett.

…and tumblr is going to blur the crap out of the photos on my dash, so yay for that.
But, never the less, here he is in all his 12inches of poseable glory.

More photos on my facebook page ; Threadlingz, if you’re into that kind of thing. ^_^

Her she is! My version of Apple White in Ballet class! I couldn’t be any happier with the way she turned out! What did I do? I used a Dragon Games Apple head and placed it in a naked Apple body. Then, I changed her lip color from pink to bright red to match her dress. I gave her a basic ponytail hairstyle I saw on some ballerinas online and decided it was perfect. Can you believe there aren’t any Apple dolls with ponytails from Mattel? That will make her stand out from the others! I placed one of the headbands with a crown that came with the Getting Fairest Apple, pierced her ears and added some cute apple earrings. I found the necklace in an accessory drawer I have and painted it gold (it was red). I added a gold bracelet from that same drawer and I painted a bow belt gold. I added basic fishnet leggings and painted the Maddie’s budget ballerina shoes from gold to black and red. As for the beautiful dress she’s wearing, I got it from Haunt Couture! Such beautiful detail, fantastic quality and overall an amazing work of art! I recommend you check their shop for one of a kind outfits for your dolls. And there she is! The complete look. I hope you guys like how she turned out! Now she’s definitely worth of being part of my Apple White collection! <3


For Auction! Auction link is on blog page under “Live Auctions”   Auctions ends May-26-17.
Sorry I cant include the link here, tumblr is hiding posts with links on them  

This Marble fox is a one of a kind posable art doll.
It is11 inches tall.
Its fur is a soft fluffy synthetic fur and his face and feet are sculpted from sculpey. Both the head, arms and tail are posable

(Sorry the photos are a bit blurry, my camera doesnt like the white apparently >>)

anonymous asked:

ok where would the hosts take someone they like on a date?

Tamaki: He’d like to take his s/o on an adventure, so it would have to be something where they can walk around and participate in a lot of things. It could be anything from a cultural festival or garden walk to taking them to Paris for a weekend. If his s/o was a commoner, he might take them to the super market (much to their dismay).

Kyoya: Dinner date at the fanciest, most expensive restaurant in town (or out of town if it came to that). He’d plan everything, from the food to where they were seated to what music that was playing and so on. He might even plan his date’s outfit. If they were of good social standings (I’ve resigned myself to the fact that he’d probably only have a serious relationship with someone his daddy would approve of), he’d invite them to a fancy rich people party he’d been dragged into, if only to make the night a bit more enjoyable.

Haruhi: She’d do something that they wanted to do, not really being one to make the decision herself. But she’d be less inclined to do something super fancy. It’s just a bit out of her comfort zone. But if her s/o reeeeaaally wanted to go on a fancy dinner date or something, she’d do it, but she’d get the cheapest meal on the menu.

Honey: That’s easy. A bakery. Or maybe a lot of bakeries. The two of them would go around on a sugar spree, doing taste tests to decide which was the best, only to come to the conclusion that all sweets are amazing. He’d use the opportunity to learn all of their favorite desserts and make an effort to serve them at the host club just to see the look on their face when they took that first delicately sweet bite.

Mori: He’d take them some place more traditional, with a calm, quiet atmosphere. Perhaps a nice candle-lit dinner or a trip to an art museum. He’d try to make a conscious decision based on their interests. If they liked to read, he’d take them to the library. If he had become very comfortable with them, he might take them to the dojo one day to teach them some basic kendo techniques.

Hikaru: He’d probably take his date shopping. Any kind of shopping. His preferences would probably be clothes and video games, and boy would he have fun dressing his s/o up like a doll (believe me, they won’t be having any say in the matter). Eventually he’d get bored and ask where they wanted to shop next and indulge them in whatever they choose. 

Kaoru: He’d want to do something spontaneous and fun. Maybe rent a car (even if he doesn’t have a license) and go for a drive, blasting their favorite music through the speakers. He might take them someplace scenic, like the beach, where they can just sit and talk. He’d want to get away from the world, if only for a moment.

This was really fun to come up with. I’d certainly be happy to go on any of these dates ^.^ I hope you liked it!


Take a trip to Alola with Rowlet!

This Rowlet is a fully handmade posable art doll. No molds or premade patterns went into his creation, so you can be sure he is an entirely one of a kind creation. He features a sculpted face and feet, hand flocked details, and is supported by an aluminium wire armature for strength and posability, allowing him to freely stand. A great gift for yourself or the Pokemon fan in your life!

Please be aware that this doll is intended for gentle handling and display, and is not a children’s toy. Made in a smoke free home with no animals.

Thanks to a marathon work session last night during which I got the entire tail done, Birdbeast is almost done! I hope to finish up on stream tonight, but if that doesn’t happen I should be done tomorrow and be ready to have him accompany me to FaerieCon this weekend. I love having you guys to hang out and chat with while I work, so come check out the steam if you can! I’ll be live on Twitch Creative in about 15 minutes.

I’m happy to chat and answer any questions you might have, or you can just hang out and watch.

Come join me at
I’ll be live from 5:30-7:30 eastern!


Skelita Calaveras.
Mega Post.

Here are some of the fan arts I have made of her trought the years, she is one of my favorite characters not only because Im proudly mexican but because she represents a big community of hispanic heritage in Monster High, and she is totally amazing!!!!
I think its a good time to share the best of them all together. Thank you so much for  your support and kindness!!!!