one of a few decent photos i took

My name is E.C. Miller and I run a store called “Thready To Go” which specializes in LGBTQ related bracelets, namely pride flags! The store has two goals, to help fund for a good chest binder and to give access to many LGBTQ people to show their pride for a decent price! Basically, this store is a win/win for everyone!

Below are a few examples of what I sell, they each vary in price so they fit every price range. Shipping is inexpensive and you get to pay in your own currency so there is no weird guessing with conversion rates!




**Also note, I will do all variations of the aromantic flag, just specify which one you want and I will do it! I didn’t realized that the flag colours changed till after I took the photos, but I will make any variations!**

If you are interested please check out the store, it’s always open for buisness. They ship internationally and are done in a fairly quick pace at an inexpensive price! Also on top of that you are helping a fellow LGBTQ person! So everyone wins!

Don’t see a pride flag of yours? Don’t worry, I also do custom flags as well! If you are interested please check out the store and its custom order information or contact me @apeskyhedgehog

Also for a limited time you can save 20% on all of these items with code “FUKTRUMP” because right now more than ever you deserve to feel valid!

And if you want to donate directly to my binder fund, I have a PayPal open for just that and the email is, if you have interest!

Thank you so much and have a great day!

//Store Link// 

today, i was at my parents’ house, my childhood home, helping pack stuff up. (they’re finally moving, the house will get torn down.)

today was book day. a myriad of books are getting donated, and many, many more are sadly of no condition to do anything with. (& we did quite a bit of value research on some. so many antique books *look* valuable… but are not.) my parents are keeping none, and i took home a scant few (including poe, dickenson, bradbury, & vonnegut.)

this is where the photo comes in. most of the books i took - the choose your own adventure books! i looooooovvvvvveddddd these when they first came out. i am so glad they are still in decent condition.

does anyone else remember these?

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What pictures that you've taken are you most proud of?

pretty much all of my Gerard ones! the MSI ones im pretty proud of too because for not knowing what i was doing i took pretty decent photos lmao Sleeping With Sirens was a big deal for me too and im proud that i did a good job even tho it was my first time photographing backstage and on stage with a band. also my Rise Against and White Lies and Taking Back Sunday photos because i love them. and theres a few other photos im really proud of like big deal bands like Motörhead or Slayer, Alice Cooper, etc. oh and i took some great shots of Machine Gun Kelly and for the first time i was like ‘wow im honestly not that bad’ hahaha

all my faves are on my portfolio on my website (bc i chose the ones i liked best for that) so if you wanna have a look there 

ps: the Gerard ones from his signings are on my flickr tho, i havent found a place on my website for them yet but flickr link is HERE

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hey! i'm a new up10tion fan so i dont know much about them :) mind telling me something about each member? thank you in advance!

Hey! Welcome to the fandom!!! Surely I don’t mind!
I’ll skip general facts though; you could read them here if you are interested!

Ordered by age >>>

JINHOO: Leader & vocalist (in charge of many falsetto parts in their songs)

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  • most of the time super sweet
  • but can be charismatic af if he wants to
  • has a Changwon dialect when he speaks Seoul dialect
  • his spiritual animal is Sally
  • in up10tion he is one of the shortest; he mentioned more than once that he is envious of Wei’s height
  • what I really appreciate about Jinhoo is how he always smiles; I can only imagine how hard it is to be an idol, so it is really important to have someone in your team who encourages the members and stays optimistic no matter what 

KUHN: Vice president, rapper, rising variety star

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  • is said to be the ‘discipline’ leader, but Xiao (maknae) said that he (and Gyujin) always take his jokes and pranks without getting angry, so…
  • he is often chosen to be the ‘manliest’ member; still I think what he once said in an interview describes him perfectly “There is a 17-year old girl living in me.”
  • likes shopping and it makes him happy
  • is mostly rapping in their songs, but his singing voice is super smooth; can beatbox and play the guitar too
  • uses a notebook to record his endless variety skills (bonus: beatboxing noh woobin)
  • introduces himself as weather-idol recently since he joined a regular weather forecaster program
  • As I said, I think Kuhn appears to be cool at first but is actually super soft on the inside hahaha I also think that he is the mood maker of the team

KOGYEOL: Vocalist, freestyle rap god, in charge of butt muscle

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  • he is kinda responsible for speaking during interviews X’D very charming u.u and when he smiles adfja DIMPLESDIMPLESDIMPLESDIMPLES
  • it might just be me but I often feel that his vocal skill is kinda overlooked
  • but that’s because his freestyle rap skill is no joke /seriousface
  • can play piano, and guitar 
  • his real name is Minsoo, but he was supposed to be called Beomdeuk, which is why you can hear members call him like that sometimes 
  • he seems to be close to Teen Top’s Niel, this legendary butt muscle moment will go down in history (at least in mine)
  • the term “flower boy” is made for him tbh, he has lots of charms and just like Kuhn, he appears to be cold at first, but I swear he is just acting ‘noble’(=the meaning of his stage name) to hide his super bubbly side ;3;

oh crap I just realized how long this is getting orz, so i ll do other members under the cut. oh, but wait, before I do so, please allow me to leave Wei’s gif here first u.u (his forehead can’t be stopped!)

WEI: Rapper, in charge of height, actual ‘nagging monster’ of the group

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Apologies if I'm coming across as rude, but are you able to show us what you look like Atticus?

I had this picture taken specifically for you.

I’m terrible at taking selfies (I think they are marvelous, I am 100% pro-selfie) but tech and I do not get along – every time I write a check to my tech team, I include a thank you card that they exist and they figure out things that make this all work.

(A non-corny photo can be found here, one of the few times I took a decent pic)


This past weekend I took an impromptu adventure to Mammoth Cave National Park.

The caves are amazing.  It’s a 400 mile and counting continuous cave system, the largest in the world - they add miles to it every time they explore, which they do once a month.  It’s one of the oldest tourist attractions in the US, they’ve been offering tours here since the early 1800s, before tourism was really a thing.

I took two separate tours (you cannot go into the caves without a ranger guide, on an official tour) and both were amazing.  I also went on a 12 mile hike in the park backcountry - the hike wasn’t the most fun hike I’ve ever taken but it was a personal best distance, so there’s that.  Anyway here are a few of the better photos (flash is not allowed, so it’s hard to get decent photos).


Here’s a few of the mugs that came out of the kiln today. These are the ones I took home and could get a decent (I’m being liberal with that term) photo of before the sun started gong down. I left more at the studio that need to be touched up or changed and re-fired. I’ve been trying glazes I don’t normally use because I want to expand my palate beyond essential the three glazes I normally use. If anyone wants to share their favorite cone 6 glaze recipe/formula, please do!