one note selfie


how did i manage to forget about blackout fuck


I was tagged by @crissy-blog-sucks, @hobikookie, @innohurry (maybe someone else too!) for a selfie bias tag and I’ll tag literally everyone who was in the first tag ! lov you have a great day

Also I tried jungkook, but we don’t have the same angles you ass

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My names danni and I’m the host of this meetup!! Some of my favorite musicals are into the woods, phantom of the opera and les miserables and I played Edna in my school’s production of hairspray and some minor roles in other plays before that.

real quick shoutout to @dickie-gayson  @solis200213 and @the-annoying-and-the-useless for constantly liking/reblogging my posts and making me feel like I have a quality blog I’ve never talked to any of you but seeing your urls makes me smile now so thanks