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I was tagged by @crissy-blog-sucks, @hobikookie, @innohurry (maybe someone else too!) for a selfie bias tag and I’ll tag literally everyone who was in the first tag ! lov you have a great day

Also I tried jungkook, but we don’t have the same angles you ass

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Hello, welcome to my The Maze Runner / Newt / Thomas Brodie-Sangster blog! My name is Dinny! That me ^

I’ve been inactive a while but I just wanted to take this time to say hello! If you’ve been following me, yes I am back! I’ll mostly be reblogging things but I hope to write again soon. If you’re new, hi! I like to write imagines for the TMR fandom, mostly of Newt or TBS. I have a couple of series including In The Glade (completed), Love Actually (completed?), Behind Your Back (completed) and Thursdays (ongoing). I no longer take requests due to my busy life (welp!) but sometimes I like to draw as well! :)

I hope you enjoy this blog as much as I do running it! Again, just wanted to say hi, thank you so SO much for the support on this blog and wish you a great day! Oh, other places you can find actual Dinny, if you are interested - you certainly don’t have to be omg, is on Facebook & @thetinytrio !! 


hello tumblr

my name is meggie and i like to take dramatic™ selfies

that is all thanks bye


how did i manage to forget about blackout fuck