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nightwing1536  asked:

Mar'i Grayson D5? Or Pandora (trinity of sin) E3?

this is a millennia late but i hope you still like it…!

i blame @fishfingersandjellybabies​ for convincing me that everyone should be damian’s parent. everyone.

between resurrection and kryptonian-esque super powers and dick’s “death,” (preboot) kori stepping in just makes sense

and i was inspired by damian’s fussiness in wanting to keep his hair long, so here is the compromise

Favorite Warrior Headcannons

1)  Cats will look at their spotted clan mate and exclaim ‘Are you white with black spots or black with white spots!?’ which starts a clan argument about which it is.

2) Fat Hollyleaf and Lionblaze and tiny stick brother Jayfeather

3) Littlecloud constantly making little ‘hints’ about how he doesn’t have an apprentice to all the Shadowclan apprentices that slowly get more and more obvious and ends with him shouting from their clan’s announcement tree/rock.

4) Everyone in Riverclan is fat and whenever other cats make fat jokes at them, they just go over and sit on them.

5) Riverclam makes a ton of fish/river puns

6) Dark Forest Trainees will organize a support group night and will get together to talk about their experiences and support one another

7) Nightstar wasn’t allowed his nine lives not because of Brokenstar but because he didn’t believe in Starclan.

8) Starclan actually doesn’t have any real power, they are just kinda messengers for dangers that could happen and they give nine lives to leaders.

9) Windclan cats will roll around in flowers before their ceremonies or other important events.

10) Leaders will talk to cats from other clans at gatherings, especially the apprentices (although usually apprentices are much too intimidated)