one night with onerepublic

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» for the nights when it feels the world is falling apart «

tuning out - bastille // bravado - lorde // the city - ed sheeran // secrets - onerepublic // bleeding out - imagine dragons // some nights (intro) - fun. // falling - haim // slow and steady - of monsters and men // never tear us apart - inxs // coloured stones and walls - matt corby // daniel in the den - bastille // kiss me - ed sheeran // major minus - coldplay // why am i the one - fun. // your bones - of monsters and men // if i could change your mind - haim // a year ago today - bear’s den // slow dancing in a burning room (john mayer cover) - jacob whitesides


OneRepublic performing Truth To Power on Late Night With Seth Meyers.

DANCE LIKE YOUR IDEALS STILL MATTER - an emiya mix to dance to

aint no party like an emiya party because an emiya party don’t stop until the world is on fire and everyone you love is dead

| Promises - The Presets | The Nights - Avicii | One Foot - Fun. | Counting Stars - OneRepublic | There Might Be Coffee - Deadmau5 | Emiya (Avalon Remix) - Silly Walker | 555 (demo) - Mystery Skulls | Mercenary - Crystal Castles | Rat a Tat - Fall Out Boy |

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a call to arms; a set of songs for three boys who stood together against the forces of fate and foretelling; songs about being brave and holding fast in the face of the inescapable.

c'mon - panic! at the disco ft. fun. //the edge of glory - lady gaga // kickass - mika vs. red one // some nights - fun. // drumming song - florence + the machine // marchin on - onerepublic // save rock and roll - fall out boy // i’m gonna win - foreigner // radioactive - imagine dragons // carry on - fun. // notion - kings of leon // iron - woodkid // invincible - pat benatar // ready, aim, fire - imagine dragons // a call to arms - 30 seconds to mars




Well, it’s difficult but I think I have to write it. I’m sorry that I haven’t posted anything for so long. I have depression and I hope that the worst time is behind me. I was like an empty box without feelings, my (fake) friends left me alone and I started to cut myself. I know, it was so stupid. And I haven’t listened to music. But then I realized that I have to be strong, even if nobody cares. So I started to listen some bands. But I was very, very unhappy. This music was… empty? Wrong? I don’t know. I tried to listen OneRepublic but it was one of those nights when you wanna die. So yeah, it was wrong decision. I couldn’t do this to my favourite band. But… In some way they saved me, because I was very close to suicide. And today I realized how much I need someone to talk, hug or something. And I realized how much I need OneRepublic. Maybe it’s silly, cuz they don’t even know me but now I see how many times they saved my shitty life. And now I hope that one day everything will be alright. Even if I don’t deserve it. 


And here you got super cute Ryan’s selfies. ♥