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Friends With Benefits: Bill Skarsgard... Chapter 5

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A few weeks had passed since the almost incident at Bill’s house and neither of us had mentioned it, it was like it had been completely forgotten about or both of us were just too nervous to bring it up.

Work had been pretty hectic but we both still made time for each other, infact there wasn’t a night that we weren’t together. We were still being intimate with each other, that definitely hadn’t stopped.

The sly encounters in Bill’s trailer, or me waking up to him beneath my sheets, working magic with his mouth. Life was better than ever and I didn’t regret this deal one bit, even if the almost kiss was playing on my mind.

I just couldn’t shake off the feeling that it was more than just a friendly kiss, or the type we share when Bill has me on his kitchen counter and his literally pounding away for dear life.

We were currently out for dinner, savouring our only day off of the week. Bill had driven out to Beverly Hills and made reservations at a nice restaurant, nothing fancy though, neither of us liked anything like that.

We had a cosy little table at the back of the restaurant, a booth with red leather seats that were an absolute dream to sit on.

“Kevin says we only have one more scene to touch on and then it’s a wrap.” Bill grinned, glancing at me over his menu.

“Yeah, he mentioned it to me. I can’t lie, I’m pretty excited to leave him behind.” I chuckled, breathing a sigh of relief at having some time off before someone else was asking me to work on their set.

“Time seems to be flying by, November’s coming.” Bill motioned to the scenery outside, there were a few trees that were shedding their orange leaves and the sky was getting darker at the year progressed before us.

“You mean, Christmas is coming. Speaking of Christmas, you heading to Sweden this year?” I asked, the question had been playing on my mind for a few days now.

“Nope.” He smiled, causing me to raise an eyebrow.

“Bill.. all your family is over there. You need to spend Christmas with them, it’s not right.”

“Yeah, and your here. I’m not leaving you alone at Christmas, it’s not like your waste of space family are gonna be knocking at the door bearing gifts galore. And correction, Alexander and Gustaf are over here for Christmas.” He retorted, closing his menu and causing me to let out a sigh.

I knew I wasn’t going to talk him out of staying and truthfully, I wanted him here. Last year he was in Sweden for four days over Christmas and it absolutely sucked not seeing him, even though he flew back over on boxing day and surprised me with festive flowers and a beautiful necklace from Tiffanys.

I was just about to thank him for his generosity and kindness when the waiter came over to take our orders.

“What can I get for you both?” He asked, his accent thick and I guessed he was probably from Italy.

“Just the pasta arrabiata, please.” I replied, handing him my menu as Bill did the same.

“And for you, sir?”

“I’ll have the same, thank you.”

The waiter left us alone in silence, informing us there would be a short wait for our food.

“So… wanna sneak out back?” Bill suggested, a mischievous glint in his eyes.

“You’ve got no chance.” I retorted, taking a sip of water that had been filled when we were seated.

“It was worth a try, maybe later.” He shrugged, causing me to roll my eyes.

“Do you ever regret starting this?” I blurted out, motioning between us.

“Not at all, it’s been great fun and I think it’s actually made us closer, weirdly enough.”

“I guess you’re right.” I smiled, poking at his hand.

Bill had a quick reaction and grabbed my hand in return and I admit it startled me for a moment, it also confused me when he didn’t let my hand go, he merely laced our fingers together like it was nothing.

It didn’t feel wrong at all, I loved the feeling of his skin against mine, it was my absolute favourite when we were being intimate.

His skin was incredibly soft, so perfect and so comforting.

Everything about Bill was comforting to me including his smell, the sound of his voice and even the small scar that lay on his cheek.

It was no secret that my life had been a shit storm these last few years, but becoming best friends with Bill had made me forget all that, he’d given me a purpose, a reason to strive.

I could feel his gaze on me and I watched his jaw tense, almost like he was about to say something but withheld from doing so.

I frowned, but once again as I was about to question him, the waiter delivered our food to the table, making us pull our hands back from each other.

Bill thanked the waiter and we both began eating, I picked at the food on my plate, suddenly finding myself without an appetite.

I pushed the food around my plate, not particularly aware of my surrounding anymore, only my thoughts.

“You okay?” He asked, finishing a bite of his pasta.

“Yeah, just tired.” I smiled weakly, putting my fork down, the thought of eating made me slightly nauseous with everything that was swirling around in my head.

“Mmm…” Bill’s eyes narrowed and I should have known better than to lie, he knew me better than I knew myself.

“Don’t start.” I begged, knowing that I was about to be the recipient of his twenty questions.

“Fine… for now.” He replied, taking one last bite of his food and wiping his mouth.

He didn’t mention anything more on the matter, even after we’d left the restaurant and were back in his car.

“Can I take you somewhere? I’m not ready for the night to be over.” He wondered, and I just shrugged.

“Sure, but where?” I questioned in return, only to be met with a devious smile.

“You’ll see.” was all he replied as he started the engine, turning out of the parking space he was in.

The journey was filled with the sound of the stereo. we only made small conversation.

We passed a few destinations, but not one of them was where he stopped.

Around half an hour later we were descending up a steep road, with tall oak trees on either side.

“Where are we?” I questioned, slightly anxious as to where he was taking me as it had gotten dark within the time of our journey.

“You’ll see.” He repeated, shooting me a look.

I rolled my eyes and slumped back into my seat, fiddling with the seat belt.

I was intensely distracted by looking into my lap and messing with the material of the seat belt, that I didn’t even notice we’d stopped moving and that Bill had pulled up.

I frowned at him before he nodded his head to the direction of the windscreen and I turned to face out of the glass.

What met my eyes astounded me, it was incredible.

We were parked ontop of a tall hilltop, staring out over the city, where lights illuminated the sky and revealed the stars to us.

I couldn’t help but basically throw my seat belt off and jump out of the car, closing the door behind me with a dull thud.

I walked round the front of the car and looked up, searching the stars for an answer to my problems.

“Sit.” Bill ordered from where he’d followed me out of the vehicle and perched onto his bonnet, patting the space next to me.

I complied and took a seat, leaning into his side.

We sat in silence for awhile, just taking it all in.

I didn’t want to ask how he knew this place  because I already had a pretty good idea and I had no interest in thinking about any other girls he’d bought here, but I knew this time with myself held a different purpose.

The view from the hilltop was incredible, the stars were bright and the dark sky was clear.

I was in awe but I still couldn’t focus on the scenery fully, I was too invested in my thoughts.

“You seem distracted.” Bill commented, hopping down from the bonnet, pushing my legs apart and standing between them with his hands on my waist.

I let out a sharp laugh and it was followed by a sigh, I placed my hands over his.

I knew he was searching me for answers but part of me wanted to withhold my feelings, like they were my darkest secrets.

“I’ve got alot on my mind, I guess.” I managed to reply, meeting his curious stare.

“Like what?”

I shook my head and let out a deep breath.

“This thing we have going on…” I murmured, motioning between us.

“What about it?” He pressed, frowning.

“It just doesn’t feel like friends with benefits anymore, it feels like friends with feelings.” I confessed and I heard him take an intake of air before he answered me.

“Is that a bad thing?”

“It’s an unplanned thing, Bill. When we started this I told you it’d get weird, and it has. That night at your place, when were having pizza… it was confusing.”

“Mya, are you trying to tell me that you have feelings for me?” He inquired, not letting his eyes leave mine.

There was a pause.

“I think so.” I finally admitted, not only to Bill, but to myself too.

“You need to stop being so afraid of your feelings, you might shock yourself if you gave them a chance.”

“It’s not that simple, Bill. I told you that I couldn’t lose you, you’re practically my whole world and I’m not ready to let go of that. It’s fucking terrifying to me, the thought of waking up everyday without you lying next to me or without a stupid message you’ve sent me.” I asserted, dropping my hands from his and into my lap, pulling on the edge of my smock dress that lay on top of my tights.

“And what if you didn’t have to lose me? What if in fact you had all of me… and I had all of you? What if I completely fancied the pants off you and wanted you to be mine?” He questioned, taking my breath away and make my brow furrow.

I was speechless, he’d left me without any words.

His hands tightened on my waist and he pulled me closer to him and I couldn’t help but drink in his warmth, my biker jacket not quite shielding me from the cold breeze.

“You know, I think your car is abit expensive to be sat on and not in.” I spoke,  motioning to the black vehicle beneath me.

“Your car cost way more than mine, and don’t change the subject.” He demanded, referring to my Audi Q3.

“Bill… I really can’t talk about this now, it’s too difficult and to be quite frank, it messes with my head.” I professed.

Bill let out a groan.

“Fine, if that’s what you want then I won’t push it. But I promise you that I won’t drop this, we’ll have to talk about it sooner or later.” He shrugged, moving his hands under my thighs and lifting me up, causing me to let out a squeal.

I instinctively wrapped my legs around his waist also hooking my arms around his neck, feeling the back of his hair with my fingers.

“Please don’t keep anything from me again.” He begged, looking up at me with an expression that almost broke my heart.

“I promise, and I swear we’ll talk about things soon, just not yet.” I replied, resting my forehead against his.

A heap of truth had been spilled out into the night and I was scared shitless for when the time came that we had to talk about it.

I was still processing the fact that Bill had basically just admitted that he liked me and it seemed like I never was going to believe it.

That night, once we’d gotten back to Bill’s place after our detour to the top of the hill, we laid in bed together in only our underwear.

We were facing each other, lay on our sides. One of Bill’s hands was lay on my thigh under the sheets and my head rested on his other arm that was under me.

I stroked at his smooth jaw, feeling it clench underneath my touch.

“I meant everything I said to you tonight.” He said softly, tickling the skin on my thighs, trailing down to the back of my knee where he pulled me closer, like he couldn’t get enough.

I nodded and bit my lip, running two fingers over his perfect pout.

“I believe you.”


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Three’s Company (Part 5): A Night Not To Remember

Title:  Three’s Company: A Night Not to Remember

Author:  Mimi @captain-rogers-beard

Summary:  After breaking up with your fiance, you’re forced to move in with your twin brother, Bucky, and his best friend and roommate, Steve. Living with your brother is one thing. Living with the man you’ve harbored a crush on for the majority of your life is another. What could possibly go wrong?

Master Post

Characters:  Steve Rogers, Female Reader (Y/N Barnes), James “Bucky” Barnes, Brock Rumlow (mentioned), Natasha “Nat” Romanoff, Wanda Maximoff, Sam Wilson, Clint Barnes,

Word Count:  2509

Rating: PG-13

Warnings:  lots of angst

Author’s Notes: This is my first Marvel series and AU. I write Supernatural on @deansdirtylittlesecretsblog. I drew inspiration from the television show “Three’s Company,”  the movie “What’s Your Number?” and a bunch of other things. Thank you to the amazing @mamapeterson and @climbthatmooselikeatree for helping me - beta work, bouncing ideas off of them, and overall encouraging me.

***My work is not to be posted on any other sites without my express written permission.***

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I’ve met a lot of really cool people on here over the years and a lot of the time I talk with someone for the first time it’s cause they need help. It could be gif questions, photography related, to really intimate and personal matters. At the end of the day, a few of you have trusted me, many of you without even knowing my name, to hear you out and reciprocate with some kind of feedback. I’ve grown to feel socially responsible for helping and enlightening others in any way I can. 

I’ll get right to it cause there’s no grand backstory to this. This is me somewhere just above 400 lbs. I think the one on the left is around 410 and that was taken spring 2010.

And this is me now around 190.

I’m making this post for a slew of reasons but mainly as an added source of encouragement for anyone that may need it. For anyone curious about the timeline, when I started losing weight, or rather, making an effort to lose it, I lost about 100 lbs. I managed to stay to around 300 for about a year, year and a half, then I was done with school and back at home looking for jobs. The market was pretty ass at the time so I wasn’t getting many replies. So I was at home, depressed cause I wasn’t getting call backs and turning to food for comfort. I must’ve put back on maybe 60 to 70 lbs in a year. My weight went up and down constantly, though. Half assed spurts to work out a week here, a week there, then right back to unhealthy eating habits wasn’t doing any any favors. 

The biggest chunk of progress since that initial 100 lbs loss happened in the last year. I don’t have a good reference for where I was last year this time but my weight and pants size has always been pretty consistent so I mustve dropped 110 lbs since last August, with about 80 of that happening since this March. It could be more but I try not to focus much on numbers they’re not what this has been about for me. 

Look, things take time. Nothing worth having is gonna come overnight. You’re gonna have to make up in your mind that you want something and commit to it. No amount of support from people will matter if you yourself don’t want it enough. I’m only here typing this because I made the best use possible use of all the free time I used to have on my hands. Countless mornings, evenings, nights, I’d be like “eh, I can skip the gym today and go tomorrow.” Nah, stuff like feeds into the mentality of putting off something for tomorrow that you’re fully capable of doing today, even right now. 

And don’t expect to see results overnights. This entire thing took seven years, and at one point I can wiped away almost all of the progress I made. This took sacrifices, as will anything you’re striving for. It’s not easy, and for many people, they simply don’t have the time or money to make the changes necessary in their life to take on healthier habits, and I’m entirely aware and respectful of that. But if this is something you’ve been wanting to do or thinking of doing, go for it. If you have the time and resources, go for it. Don’t worry about the energy, that’ll come. Progress is the biggest motivating factor. I continue to shoot because I think I’m better than I was a year ago, babies try to run right after they’ve learned to walk and they’re doing that innately. We’re wired to feed off of our own accomplishments, so that first 5 lbs or first pants size you drop could very well power you to levels of success you never thought you’d attain. 

Whatever you’re after, the second you can, the moment you’re in the right headspace to give it a shot, do it, and do it for you.


🔥⛺️ It’s a campfire kind of night ⛺️🔥

Now what’s a good camping trip without a proper campfire on some mild autumn night like this one? Right, no camping trip at all! There’s honestly nothing more peaceful and relaxing than such a good old sit around a warm little fire with friends.💛 @liamdenver made sure the guys don’t run out of beer and marshmallows, and @asherkeene made sure to add the ultimate romantic touch when he suddenly pulled out his guitar and played some romantic little acoustics. 💛 - So romantically that Lemmy and I even fell asleep at some point, until my little Allrounder talent of a goddaughter aka Holly started joining him and wanted to sing as well. 🙈 @helenavizzini already warned us how loudly and flatly she likes to sing but when Ash said “ssshhh sweetheart, you’ll scare all the little Bambis and rabbits and other animals around us if you sing that loudly”, she immediately went all quiet and waited patiently if she could spot a little friend somewhere, it was too adorable❣️ Then @liamdenver started showing Holly all the stars up in the night sky, while she started to count them all! 🌜✨ She wanted to show Lemmy some too, but my little magic was just too tired this evening and slept through it almost the whole time, even after the two got my self-made teddy bears that I knitted for them before heading out on this trip. @helenavizzini I love how Holly’s always trying to permanently keep everyone busy, it was definitely the most perfect night and best family time so far! 💛

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Elide gets a pet, much to Lorcan's displeasure

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- Elide gets a black cat and names him Batman.

- Lorcan becomes jealous, because Elide is constantly babying the kitten and taking it everywhere.

- When Lorcan tries to get near his girlfriend, Batman hisses. Every time he tries to kiss Elide, or give her a hug, or grab her ass, Batman brutally attacks him with his tiny baby claws.

- Lorcan is constantly showing Elide scratch marks all over his body, telling her it is a kitten from Hell. He has been sent by Satan himself to make my life miserable. 

- Elide thinks he’s being dramatic, which she blatantly explains to him every time.

- One night, after Elide comes home from a night out with the girls, she opens the door to their apartment to find Lorcan asleep on the couch, and Batman snoring, curled up in a ball on his chest.

- From that night on…..Batman begins to grow on Lorcan.

This picture is from friday, I was wearing my lucky exam jewelry (I have worn it for every exam, minus one, that I’ve had in the last four years). Also I look exhausted. I have not been great at posting the last few days, life’s been crazy busy. I played soccer on Sunday, but only four other people showed up and it was 90 degrees so we only played for forty-five minutes and then I couldn’t run because, you know, it was 90 degrees. I hung out with some friends and drank copious wine that night. Yesterday was better food wise, I’m thinking I should try and eat within meal plan 7 days a week for at least four weeks just to see what happens. 

Couldn’t run again yesterday because once again 90 degrees, but went to the gym and had a pretty good workout. Ran a mile on the treadmill, did some inclined walking, and some arc trainer and then did a little leg/ab stuff. 

Going to try and go for a 3 ish mile run today before it gets hot again, isn’t it supposed to be Fall????

Karma is a beautiful thing//Shawn Mendes

Dear Shawn,

I needed you at my most vulnerable state, I needed you to be there for me. But you weren’t. It’s okay though, you never were one to keep your promises.

I often wonder, what would have happened if you were to stay? Would my life be better or worse, would I be happier, of course not. I have him. He’s all I want, all I need. He is everything you couldn’t be.

Writing this letter, causes me a great deal of sadness not for me, but for her. Your new lover, I hear your songs on the radio and I know they’re for me, the endless nights you stayed up just to find the perfect lyric even when I begged you to come to bed. I know you still care, even though you don’t show it.

I know that she is better than me, she’s prettier than I am, stronger than I am and more talented.
But don’t let that fool you, for I am fire while she is gentle wind, I am harsh seas while she is calm water. I am everything she is not, she is everything you wanted me to be.

Though she’s not me is she?
She won’t make you happy like I do, you’ll never admit that though, when you kiss her you’ll imagine me. When you hug her it won’t be the same, for my hugs were warm and welcoming, She Doesn’t feel like home

When you make love it’s my name that’ll slip from your mouth, you can’t help it.
I know you think about me, probably more than you should. What would she say? If she knew you were still hopelessly in love with me.

She can see it in your eyes Shawn,
They don’t twinkle as bright for her.
Your heart doesn’t skip two beats.
She sees that you still love me yet she makes no effort to say anything

Why would she? When she has everything she’s ever needed? You love her, yes that true but you also love me, so much.

I moved on Shawn, and I feel sorry for you. You’re still pinging over me while I’m under someone new. I don’t mean to sound harsh, but what did you expect? For me to cry for you? No, you know me better than that. I moved on because you told me too. Now you want me back because I’m happy?

Isn’t it funny how we leave something behind to find something better, newer but when we get it we begin to miss the old thing, we grow so used to something just to let it go. Karma is a beautiful thing.

Klaine fic - “Time for Love: Chapter 1/4 - Midnight Rendezvous” (Rated NC17)

A few nights a week, Blaine comes to Kurt’s window and begs Kurt to let him in. After what Blaine did, after what he’s become, Kurt wants him to simply disappear so he can go on with his life. But that’s hard when Blaine is still his one true love, regardless of what form he’s taken. (1391 words)

A/N: I am going to add notes for this as the chapters go up and the story unfolds. But for this first chapter, just know that there’s a twist to what’s going on here, and thus, a mention of blood. It’s not gory, just, there it is. Proceed with caution. I will not take responsibility for someone being triggered because they felt unprepared. This is a re-write.

Read on AO3.

Kurt …”

Kurt hears the eerie hiss of Blaine’s voice through the closed window of his bedroom. It’s harsh and raspy, like the blood-chilling sigh of a cobra as it spreads its hood and mesmerizes its prey. Kurt lies completely still, the way he would if he were being pursued by a snake, in the hopes that Blaine will think he’s asleep and go away.

It doesn’t work.

It never does.

“Ku-urt … open the window, Kurt …”

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  • Isaac: If you hate me, tell the truth!
  • Isabel: I can't believe this.
  • Isabel: I'm the one who narrowly escaped with her life last night, lost one of her closest friends, nearly lost two others, got thrown under the bus by another friend, and found herself at the center of this stupid drama ball that has nothing to do with me while there is a BODY HIJACKER ON THE LOOSE WHO COULD BE TARGETING OUR FRIENDS and you want ME to make YOUR twisted worldview my priority right now??????
  • Isabel: Look, man, we all of self-esteem issues, but there's a time and a place for this pity party you're throwing yourself and it's NOT IN THE MIDDLE OF THE SCHOOL HALLWAY WHILE YOU'RE SCREAMING RUDE, UNFOUNDED ACCUSATIONS AT ME LIKE IT DOESN'T TAKE TWO TO TANGO.


Ok, so I had a serious case of insomnia last night and wrote till like 1:30 in the morning….so, yeah, I kinda banged out most of chapter one for Daddy….it will post within a couple hours cause I have no life and adulting sucks…..then I’ll get back to the real world for a couple days…..maybe….😂

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Hi, I'm 19 & have never been in a relationship. I don't go out and social a lot cause that's not my thing. I tried college party but it was just a horrible experience lol I feel there's no hope for me cause I don't put myself out there. Seeing ppl around me start having their second/ third relationship makes me even more frustrated:( I don't really know what I can do...

Hello There Love, 

Number one, gonna start out with, there is nothing wrong on this planet that makes it wrong to be 19 and not have had a relationship yet. I wasn’t in one till I was 25! And honestly, it was a person that I was friends with for YEARS and that I knew very well. So there is nothing wrong with being single. 

Also, you don’t have to go and be super social life of the party to meet someone. It’s not like going out and partying every Saturday night is going to get you a date, and on top of that, is that really who you are? Mind you, being a total recluse doesn’t work either lol but go out in small groups. Keep doing what you do, being yourself and the most important thing, hold on to your morals and principals. I was just reading an article about this and how INFPs are very likely to wait for a while because we want that right one. The right one, doesn’t come quickly. Nor does it always come with the first! Don’t compare yourself love, that is the WORST most self destructive thing you can do. Aside that, you are going to change in your 20s, trust me. Just give it time. So what if others are on their 2nd or 3rd relationship? They are not you. No one is. You will find that one, it just takes time. 

In the mean time, if you have a small group of friends, or you get invited to a small gathering, you may want to go every once and a while. It gets easier with time. Don’t force yourself but step into something new just to see. It never hurts so long as you keep your limitations in mind :) 

HERE is a link to the article. It’s a good read! 

-Best Love <3

dang I just realized that my life is literally one of those ~romantic~ YA novels I read as a middle schooler lol??? literally I’m hitting all the tropes

(hit that Read More for Drama™ and my midnight ridiculousness 😭👌)

  • TO START OFF, CRUSH IS IN FRENCH CLASS (✔ love me some clichés)
  • and of course I sit right behind him (✔✔)
  • and in french we’re studying romantic relationships and how to talk about them?? (why…..why……… literally the hugest trope why are the textbook writers like this. why ✔✔✔)
  • so anyway I’m like halfway decent at french & my crush is decidedly not haha so he’s like “im just going to text u if I have questions” and i’m like “ok” not really thinking he will
  • AND THEN OUT OF THE BLUE HE TEXTS ME AND IS LIKE “HEY HOW DO YOU SAY ‘IF YOU HAVE TRUST YOU WILL DEVELOP LOVE’” i nearly spat out my water / choked on my water it was a little bit of both!!!!! it took me two whole minutes to remember that our unit was on love and stuff aaaahhh i was like 🔍👀??????
  • anyway after that heart attack he kept asking me to help him translate different sentences and now i know he’s a closeted romantic and i was blushing the entire time and my mom was really suspicious but how do I even explain that situation??? (also all of my sentences were so sad in comparison rip he’s like “if i had taken you to europe, we would’ve been closer” and i’m like “if they took a break, they would still be together” lmao)
  • anyway he said bye by going, and i quote, “TY THO PALLLLLL” and idk if he’s overcompensating or like maybe he just normally talks to girl friends like that idk!!! idk!!!!! he’s so weird im still pining after him tho

thanks for reading hahaha bless ur heart ♥♥♥

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When i went to my first college party a girl asked if i was gay and i said i was pan (@ the time i was trying to reason myself into dudes when i couldnt even listen to a dude talk without falling asleep) and like the moment she rolled her eyes i felt the lie like hit me straight in the chest and i wanted to correct myself so bad but so many other people were like high fiving me about that (pt1)

(Pt2) i ended up doing the 2 jello shots in the fridge and spilling beer on myself behind the house the rest of the night by myself until my friends decided to leave. But like in all my interactions with people in my life that one still comes back to me like in that moment i shut a door that ive been trying to open back up since, idk its hard to find other lesbians where i live just a bunch of straight and bi girls who only ever talk about dick

You aren’t the first lesbian who’s tried calling herself bi or pan first. When you think of how much pressure girls have on them to be attracted to guys, it makes sense that a lot of lesbians have difficulty coming to terms with their attraction to women being exclusive.

Here’s the good news: you can start calling yourself a lesbian now and living authentically. It doesn’t matter if you came out as something different in the past. If anyone questions it, just tell them you realized you’re actually a lesbian. And take pride in that!

Also, and this is advice I’d like anyone who’s struggling with lesbian loneliness to listen to, if it’s safe for you to be out as a lesbian, it becomes so much easier to meet other lesbians. If you make your sexuality known, others who share it will be more comfortable letting you know they’re the same. When I came out as a lesbian in college, some of my classmates told me they were bi or gay, and another lesbian went out of her way to befriend me. I found out one of my coworkers is a lesbian in a similar way. There might be quite a few hidden lesbians around you, so if you can let them know they’re not alone, you won’t have to be alone either.

-Mod Noel

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*cough* acid by Emma pass *cough* the main character is so boring. Can't believe I enjoyed it. I think it's more to do with the actual setting. I wished she talked about it more. And it's a standalone. She also has this other book which makes me want to scream about zombies which doesn't even make sense. But they're both standalones so something to keep you busy

The year is 2113. In Jenna Strong’s world, ACID—the most brutal controlling police force in history—rule supreme. No throwaway comment or whispered dissent goes unnoticed—or unpunished. And it was ACID agents who locked Jenna away for life, for a horrendous crime she struggles to remember. But Jenna’s violent prison time has taught her how to survive by any means necessary.

When a mysterious rebel group breaks her out, she must use her strength, speed, and skill to stay one step ahead of ACID, and try to uncover the truth about what really happened on that terrible night two years ago. They have taken her life, her freedom, and her true memories away from her. How can she reclaim anything when she doesn’t know who to trust?

Strong, gritty writing, irresistible psychological suspense, and action consume the novel as Jenna struggles to survive against the all-controlling ACID. Seriously sinister stuff.

The evil police force is called ACID..? Wow… such nuance… such subtlety…

when your life’s a mess and you’re watching too many shows

and shipping too many ships but you’re done fighting it and decide to just go with the flow: